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					January 23, 2007

Mr. Patrick J. Fitzgerald
219 South Dearborn Street, 5th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60604

AGREEMENT” (11(b)(3) Inquiry Notice; Due Process Complaint)

Dear U. S. Attorney Fitzgerald:

Please read the letter to Chief Judge, District of Connecticut, Robert Chatigny dated
12/4/06, which is also attached with your letter and the letter to the Conduct Committee
attached to the Application to Disqualify Circuit Judge Jacobs (2d Cir.).

The reason I am writing you again is because your U. S. Attorney’s Office had
jurisdiction pursuant to the “Operating Agreement” when Statutory and Civil Rights
harm was committed against me, my co-plaintiff and our affiants.

Please take notice on page 4 of the Chatigny letter dated 12/4/06; I make reference to two
letters dated April 9, 1996 and March 2, 1998. Local 230 officers sent both those letters
to your U. S. Attorney’s Office and the Department of Justice, one letter March 2, 1998
was read out to the membership (Third party taped evidence). Both letters accused me of
extortion, assaults, shooting out windows of cars, extortion in a N.L.R.B trial and murder.
Present when the letters were read out to the membership were two investigators in the
meaning of 18 U.S.C. 1961(7) who were signatory with your office and the D.O.J. Also
present was 1st V. P. Vere O. Haynes, who was signatory with Robert D. Luskin to the
self-policing agreement with the D.O.J. RICO Defendant Haynes has always been used
by the Coia’s as a stooge who will sign anything put in front of him without
understanding or realizing what he is signing, see “Public Visibility” cite
[www.laborracketeeringusa.com click on Standing Order pages 17-21], take special
notice on page 18 and 19 excerpts from RICO defendant Haynes deposition. After
reading said excerpts there will be no doubt RI CO defendant Haynes was a stooge in a
signed agreement with your office and the Department of Justice.

I realize the “Operating Agreement” is over and you no longer have jurisdiction, but, the
18 U.S.C. 371 crime itself, the corrupt procurement and administration of the Organized
Crime Control and Safe Streets Act 1970 (RICO) was committed under the jurisdiction of
your U.S. Attorneys Office and facilitated by your U. S. Attorneys Office. It has become
very obvious that Robert D. Luskin by reason of his former D. O.J. position, General

Counsel O.C. Division, has corrupt influence on your U. S. Attorney Office. As for a
quick example click on www.laborracketeeringusa.com click on “Standing Order” at
page 34, and you will see copies of two affidavits concerning your U. S. Attorney Office
abandonment of the protection of Federal Affiants and Witnesses.

Immediately after the 29 U.S.C. 530 assault and multiple Hobbs Act violations all caught
on tape by witness/affiant Manos because he wanted his vote recorded not knowing he
would tape his own assault and Hobbs Act violations, the abandonment occurred. Even
though they came from your office to Connecticut multiple times over a two year period,
Special Agent Ernest Luera and Special Agent Peter Wax and your U. S. Attorneys,
David Bouvinger and Gregg Oswald were taken off the 18 U.S.C. 1961(1,4,5)
investigation and Robert D. Luskin with his I.G. Office, took over the investigation
pursuant to your office and the D.O.J.’s Office signing the following Racketeering
Protection paragraph of the “Operating Agreement” [Page 6, “Operating Agreement
1995”; Page 7 Revised “Operating Agreement 2001”]:

“Anyone including a union officer, representative, member, contractor
  or vendor, or [law enforcement organization] may refer a complaint
against a union official or member by filing it with the G.E.B. Attorney.
 [The G.E.B. attorney or the Inspector General will investigate it and
 decide whether charges should be brought”] (Brackets are for clarity).
Robert Luskin and his I.G.’s Office investigated the extortion and assault of Manos by
the defendants and found no charges should be brought. Another one of our other
affiants, Mr. Gene Julian, also signed an affidavit stating he was threaten to be shot (6)
six times in the head by a LeConche Steward. Robert Luskin also, directly and with his
I.G.’S Office, investigated and found no charges should be brought. Manos took early
retirement for fear of his financial and physical safety and Mr. Julian left union
membership after 12 years for fear of his financial and physical safety.

Going back to the April 9, 1996 letter and the March 2, 1998 letter. Take notice the
letters also accuse me of extortion in an N.L.R.B. trial click on “Public Visibility”
website www.laborracketeeringusa.com pages 40-41 RICO Defendant Cheverie

Take Notice RICO defendant Cheverie informed your office and the D.O.J. that he and a
Federal Judge (Hon. Wallace Nations) needed U. S. Marshals for their protection from
me during an N.L.R.B. trial. The membership of the union was also informed of that
personality profile lie and other out loud at union meetings [Third party taped evidence].
In addition, as part of a brazen 18 U.S.C. 1962(d) conspiracy, in November of 2005 a
Federal Jury was told that same lie by RICO Defendant Cheverie [for reason of extorting
Membership Rights], orchestrated by lead OCCA/RICO Defendant Robert Luskin as part
of a line of witness perjury meant to extort Membership Rights.

Two years of an investigation by your U. S. Attorney Office 1995-1997, pursuant to
Robert D. Luskin’s direction through our attorney at the time, [Marc P. Mercier, Esq.].

First Federal Complaint [LMRDA] filed May 15, 1997, 10 years of litigation [multiple
complaints] and the 18 U.S.C. 1962(d) “Objectives of the Conspiracy have been
Accomplished” LMRDA Membership Rights were extorted8. In addition to the
Constitutional harm I just facially illustrated to you, of great concern to me now is the
fact that U. S. Marshals questioned my daughter, wife and others about whether or not I
am capable of violence against Federal Judges [see also attached companion submission
document to Chief Chatigny from Wall dated December 4, 2006].

Also in support of my concern I direct you again to the “Public Visibility” website
www.laborracketeeringusa.com click on Standing Order Page 41 through 46 under the


After reading pages 41-46, you will see I clearly expose and illustrate the defendants’
criminal scheme to extort my membership Rights by labeling me a barred criminal9.

One of the facts I learned from this serious corruption matter is – this is the meaning of a
Culture of Corruption. This 18 U.S.C. 371 conspiracy started with a multi million-dollar
buy-out of a 212 page OCCA/RICO Complaint engineered by Assistant General Counsel

  In November, 2005 under your jurisdiction, Signatory Lead OCCA/RICO Defendant Robert D. Luskin
came to Connecticut and testified using his credentials of public trust as former General Counsel O. C.
Division of The Department of Justice, explaining to a federal jury that he was now by agreement with the
United States “G.E.B. attorney”, “In house prosecutor” in charge of removing Organized Crime from
Laborers International Union. In collusion with said 18 U.S.C. 1961(1,4,5) Scheme convicted federal
perjury and pension racketeer Dominick Lopreato testified he fired me off a job for shacking down laborers
and making them play numbers. The exact opposite of the truth and finding of an NLRB trial (Hon.
Wallace Nations) affirmed by Circuit Judge Walker on Wall, Cooksey v. Local 230 224 F3d 168. Luskin
also testified that if a member does not pay his dues for more than twelve (12) months he could never be
readmitted in the union. All the officers of Local 230 in collusion testified in support of the Luskin/Coia
scheme. In addition, making the Constitutional harm more degrading and of a corrupt Third World Style,
said 18 U.S.C. 1961(1,4,5) 1962(d) Schemes were insidiously facilitated and abetted by former D.O.J.
official, Judge Nevas through his corrupt judicial puppet, Judge Janet Hall, in his corruption controlled
Bridgeport Division. Read the 351, 455 Complaints on www.laborracketeeringusa.com. Take notice of
very serious criminal averments against the cited Judges who just stick their heads in the sand rather than
protect their integrity. Your U.S. Attorney Office corrupt protection of Luskin/Coia’s 18 U.S.C.
1961(1,4,5) Scheme for reason of violation 18 U.S.C. 1962(a,b,c,d) is the causation of this magnitude of
corruption. Luskin and Coia did not fix a parking ticket; they fixed an OCCA/RICO Complaint by and
through the corrupt procurement and administration of a Congressional Act in collusion and signatory with
your U. S. Attorney Office.
  Discovery supported is the fact that this scheme by the defendants was committed in collusion with
Federal Treasury Agent O.C. Division, Department of Justice, Gilbert Heitert, who at the time worked out
of the Boston U. S. Attorney Office and in Connecticut reported to [at the time] U. S. Attorney Alan Nevas
and reported to Robert Luskin in his General Counsel capacity in Washington, D. C.

to President Clinton [In October 1994], insidiously engineered by Harold Ickes10.


First, I employ you again, to require Luskin and LIUNA to adhere to their signed
agreement with the United States, specifically in this instant matter, the agreement
forbidding the use of membership money in any Civil or Criminal case [violation of 29
U.S.C. 501(c)] embezzlement of union funds under the “LIUNA Ethics and Disciplinary

Quote “LIUNA Ethics and Disciplinary Procedure” dated 4/01: in its relevant part:

---in order to accomplish more fully the purposes of LIUNA Ethical Practices Code, and
the LIUNA Ethics and Disciplinary Procedure, it is hereby declared to be the policy of
the General Executive Board that union funds may not be used for the payments of the
legal fees or expenses for the representation of any officer, member, or employee at any
stage of a criminal matter or at any stage of a civil action claiming a breach of fiduciary
duties prior to the resolution of the allegation or charge”.

Arthur Coia controls [insidiously through his Luskin protected “associates in fact”] in

the meaning of 18 U.S.C. 1961(1,4,5) legal funds. Any court action including the

multiple cases filed by me is a very PROFITABLE, Sub Rosa 18 USC 1961(1,4,5)

Racketeering Scheme that embezzles membership money (millions (29 USC 501(c))

being racketeered on the multiple cases filed by the plaintiffs and no one tries to stop it.

The membership can’t say a word, they know by example if they speak or ask

   Harold Ickes was first proposed by President Clinton to be General Counsel to the President but Clinton
was informed by the D.O.J. that Mr. Ickes could not pass the F.B.I. background check, because of his
known ties to Labor Racketeering Organized Crime figures [Arthur Coia inter alios]. So Luskin used his
corrupt influence in the D.O.J. and a Sub Rosa Deal was made, and Mr. Ickes became Assistant General
Counsel to the President. The change of title did not stop the corrupt use and procurement of a
Congressional Act. See again www.laborracketeeringusa.com at pages 64-70 under the heading “Time
Line Showing of Conspiracy to ‘Interfere’ and ‘Obstruct’ by Corruptly Administrating and Procuring the
Corrupt Administration of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 (RICO). Now look at the 28 U.S.C.
351 Complaint [on same website] against then Chief Judge John Walker, Jr. Walker is the uncle of
President Bush. He is also a former D.O.J. official protecting his former General Counsel’s private practice
racketeering scheme “Operating Agreement”. This is a “Culture of Corruption”. If it is not stopped, this
country is what it is by its actions, a Culture of Corruption where individual Rights will be lost not from the
left or from the right but from the center [Corruption protecting Corruption] rather than individual Rights.

questions, they will never work again (Blanket Hobbs Act). See U.S. v. Local 560, 581

F. Supp. 279 at 333

---“aided and abetted by the defendant officers and business agents of Local 560
unlawfully affected commerce and the movement of articles and commodities in
commerce by extorting certain, intangible property rights, rights to union
democracy under 401 of the LMRDA – from the membership of Local 560, in
repeated violations of 18 U.S.C. 1951”.

Next, realize the serious crime that has been committed against the United States and
do something about it (Enforce the Laws of the United States). You have (4) years
from the date the termination of the “Operating Agreement” that being in or about
September 14, 2006. Both the termination of the “Operating Agreement” and the
objective of the conspiracy (18 USC 1962(d)) to Defraud the Lawful Functions of the
United States were accomplished on or about September 14, 2006.

SEE: Bankers Trust v. Rhoades 859 Fed. Rep. 2d 1096 United States Court of Appeals

Second Circuit at 1102

--“statute of limitations which runs – where a substantive violation is alleged pursuant to
subsection (a)(b) or (c) – from the time of the last predicate act of racketeering activity
by the defendant, or where a conspiracy violation is alleged pursuant to subsection (d) –
from the time the objectives of the conspiracy have been accomplished”---

“Accomplished” in the meaning of [18 USC 371(a,b)], a conspiracy to defraud the
Lawful Functions of the United States by and through the corrupt procurement and
administration of the Organized Crime Control and Safe Streets Act. The effect of the
18 USC 1961(1,4,5) crime “accomplished” is (inter alia); this letter being one of the
Submission Documents in a 28 USC 455(a) Application for Disqualification of the
present Chief Judge Second Circuit who by fact fraud, rule fraud and docket fraud
protected the former Chief Judge Walker who protected district Judges in the
corruption “Influenced” Bridgeport Division. Former D. O. J. officials now Federal
Judges protecting their former D.O.J. colleagues now in private practice doing
business (pension racketeering) with their former top echelon criminal informant’s 18
USC 1961(1,4,5) criminal enterprise.

In order to show you how arrogant Robert Luskin and Coia are after the
accomplishment (September 14, 2006) of their objective 18 USC 1962(d) to defraud the
Lawful Functions of the United States 18 USC 371(a,b) for reasons of “interest in and
control of an enterprise” violating 18 USC 1962(b,c). On September 14, 2006 at the
Parris Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada at the Laborers’ International Convention sitting in
the front row were Arthur Coia, Terrence O. Sullivan, Sr. and Robert Connerton, all
barred pursuant to the “Operating Agreement”. They sit there and attend the
convention arrogantly knowing their criminal attorney and partner now “associate in

fact, Robert D. Luskin insulated them from RICO violations by intentionally extending
the “Operating Agreement” past the 10 year 18 USC 1961(5) pattern requirement. Now
see a letter dated February 28, 2000 from Bruce G. Ohr, Chief Organized Crime and
Racketeering Section Department of Justice to Alex Corns, Business Manager, HOD
Carriers Local 36, 6229-A Mission Street Daly City, California 94014.

Relevant Excerpt:

        “Chief Ohr: “Finally you should be aware that the guilty plea agreement
filed in the United States District Court in Boston, bars Mr. Coia from participating
in any manner in the affairs of LIUNA for the remainder of his Life”---

I am aware that the Grand Jury (US Attorneys) that drafted the 212-page OCCA/RICO
Complaint was in Boston by agreement with the United States “Operating Agreement”.
It was transferred to the Luskin controlled U. S. Attorney Office in Chicago. After
Luskin did his investigation of Coia’s 18 USC 1961(4) Enterprise under the supposed
watchful eye of your U. S. Attorney Office. The RICO Complaint was then transferred
back to the U. S. Attorney’s Office in Boston on a minor non RICO charge, the key
racketeering phrase of the “Operating Agreement” was put into effect; That being, “the
GEB Attorney or the Inspector General will investigate it and decide whether charges
should be brought”.

I am not telling the government who can or cannot be protected as a “Top Echelon
Informant”. That is not any of my business. What is my business is that no one
violates RICO by themselves because one man cannot commit a conspiracy by himself
18 USC 1962(a,b,c,d). When Luskin and your US Attorney Office fraudulently
concealed (prosecution memorandum) 18 USC 1961(1,4,5), 1962(a,b,c,d) charges that
would have to be in a 212-page RICO Complaint; otherwise, the OCCA/RICO
Complaint could not have been drafted. Luskin and your US Attorney Office also
protected the “associates in fact” of Coia’s 1961(4) Enterprise (defendants inter alios)
Embezzlement of union funds 29 USC 501(c) [millions see Standing Order pages 57
LeConche deposition] Embezzlement of the plaintiffs’ pensions 18 USC 664; Federal
assault charges 29 USC 530; multiple Hobbs Act violations 18 USC 1951, retaliation
against witness victim 18 USC 1513; Tampering with a witness victim 18 USC 1512;
Obstruction of Justice 18 USC 1503 [Luskin, Haynes] and most importantly under
your jurisdiction a conspiracy to defraud the Lawful Functions of the United States
[Luskin, Haynes, Coia inter alios] by and through the corrupt procurement and
administration of the Organized Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1970(RICO).
The government can’t do that and call itself a free society, the combination of the
Boston’s U. S. Attorney Office Top Echelon Informant Program and millions in
membership money and your US Attorney Office facilitating and abetting the 18 USC
371 conspiracy caused this level of contamination of the Lawful Functions of the
United States.

The only flaw in RICO defendant Luskin’s, Coia’s, perfect RICO crime is the Standing
Order judicial obstructed in the district, now pending in the Second Circuit 06-
2810CV. Read the Standing Order on www.laborracketeeringusa.com and you will see

illustrated multiple predicate acts committed within the 10 year 1961(5) pattern
requirement and in addition you have jurisdiction for 18 USC 371 charges against
Luskin, Coia and Haynes. If your U. S. Attorney Office does not pursue 18 USC 371,
1962(d,b,c), 1961(1,4,5) charges documented and illustrated against Luskin, Coia,
Haynes and the associates in fact cited in the Standing Order, then you will have
facilitated a RICO Enterprise making a mockery out of the United States Lawful
Functions Executive/Judicial Branch and Luskin/Coia have Columbianized the Legal
System of the United States and by your non actions have Columbianized you.

I do not trust you at all by reason of the fact that your office does not respond to my
letters. Two years of multiple visits by U. S. Attorneys from your office and F.B.I.
agents (1995-1997) directed and controlled by Luskin. The investigation proves both
co-plaintiff Cooksey and I committed no crimes and therefore should not be labeled
Barred (See Wall, Cooksey v. Local 230 224 Fed 3d 168 background). 224 Fed. 3d
Supra was remand in 2000. Five years later RICO defendant Luskin (November 2005)
directly participated in a 1962(d), 1961(1,4,5) Scheme to obstruct and extort 29 USC
402(o) Membership Rights by engineering a line of perjury in a Federal trial
(companion case 3:97-00942(JCH) Now 06-1264CV on one issue only Membership
Rights. Directly involving himself in order to cover his 18 USC 1961 predicate
violations in the RICO case and to protect Coia’s “associates in fact” enterprise
members. This is why (inter alia) I call this Third World litigation. I am a respectful
man; ask your U. S. Attorneys and FBI agents from Chicago who have met me. But, I
cannot respect you, your U. S. Attorney Office and the Federal Judges cited in the 351
Complaints or the United States itself, by reason of the fact, the Lawful Functions of
the United States are criminal not lawful. Carl Rove must have had knowledge that
Luskin has D.O.J. Sub Rosa influence on you and your U. S. Attorney Office. I am
going to quote Senator Kefaufer again, and again, I am going to ask you to refer this
corruption matter 18 USC 371, 18 USC 1962(b,c,d) 1961(1,4,5) to a local Connecticut
Grand Jury.

    “See Third Interim Report of the Special Committee to Investigate “Organized
    Crime and Interstate Commerce”, Senate Report No. 307 82nd Congress, 1st
    Session (1951).

       PAGE 3. “The Kefauver Crimes Investigating Committee warned Americans
       not to rely upon the central government to control Organized Crimes, but to use
       their local Grand Juries to attack the problem in their own communities”.

If you do not answer this letter you will become a defendant in a Civil Rights Act suit
Action In Equity for protecting the corrupt procurement and administration of the
Organized Crime Control and Safe Streets Act 1970(RICO), you, Luskin, Haynes,
Judge Hall, Judge Nevas and Judge Walker (and Wrongdoer Judges). If you don’t
answer this letter immediately, it will confirm my other thoughts about you and the
Federal Judges DOJ (Group); that being, the (Group) picked you for a high profile,
easy win case against a foreign enemy of the State once you get an integrity reputation

for that, the group then moves you into covering corruption (Chicago, U. S. Attorneys
Office). Over 10 years of illustrated and documented facts support that conclusion.

Answer this letter and refer this matter to a Connecticut Federal Grand Jury or you
will become a defendant in a Civil Rights Act Complaint filed in Connecticut (and not
in the DOJ RICO corruption control Bridgeport Division) take away my Civil Rights
and Liberties and I take away your integrity. Let us see if this is still the United States
or a Third World Nation over its borders into its Courtrooms. Answer immediately or
stick your head in the sand like the criminals under Black Robes do. Excuse my
directness. My directness is very appropriate to protect myself from Luskin’s corrupt
influence on the Department of Justice that has contaminated the Judicial Branch
(Reason for Submission Documents Jacobs Disqualification). My directness is also
very appropriate by reason of the fact that I am also aware pursuant to the signed
agreement (“Operating Agreement”) with the United States that information obtained
by Luskin and his I.G. Office can be used as Grand Jury material.

It is time for me to protect myself with another Civil Rights Act Complaint involving
Luskin, Federal Judges and your US Attorney Office. The last Civil Rights Act
Complaint involving the D.O.J. was dismissed by Judicial Docket Fraud (fraudulently
post dating the Complaint 11 days late then calling it untimely not knowing I had the
original date stamped Court Copy) see Standing Order 28 USC 351 Complaints against
Judge Hall and Circuit Judge Straub. The causation of the Hobbs Act has always
been and is the motto of the Coia 18 USC 1961(1,4,5) Enterprise “WE OWN YOU” (See
Standing Order at page 23-24). If you don’t answer this letter then [Luskin, Coia and
their associates in fact] are the “WE” in the “WE OWN YOU”. They don’t own me.

Anyone that compromises your integrity owns you. They don’t own me; don’t let them
own you no matter who is protecting them. If they own you, then they own the
Membership of an International Trade Union and the consequences of 29 USC
401(c)(4) are inevitable: “401(c) necessity to eliminate or prevent improper practices”
(4) causing diminutions of employment and wages in such volume as substantially to
impair or disrupt the market for goods flowing into or form the channels of commerce”

30 Billion in Fund Money the target of racketeering schemes with no fear of RICO
Sentencing Guidelines unless you use the 18 USC 1961 predicates and 1962(d)
Schemes illustrated and documented in the Standing Order, the inevitable will happen.
For background on Coia regarding President Reagan’s Crime Commission – Mr.
Eugene Methvin is the only Chairperson alive. Judge Hall would not allow Mr.
Eugene Methvin to testify in the Federal Membership Trial November 2005, by reason
of the fact that Mr. Methvin would have exposed President Reagan’s Crime
Commission’s objective “A Case Waiting to be Made”, against the Coia’s. Then a
Federal Jury would realize Luskin and Coia defrauded the Lawful Functions of the
United States – instead the Jury was a victim of an 18 USC 1962(d) Racketeering
Scheme, judicially protected by the Bridgeport Division (See Standing Order page 69,
President Reagan’s Crime Commission).

Mr. Methvin can tell you from President Reagan’s Crime Commission perspective
what you are protecting. If I am granted Grand Jury access, Mr. Methvin would be
one of the first people I call and that’s one of the reasons the corrupt Federal Judges
(Nevas and your former colleagues (Mukasey and Walker S.D.N.Y.) committed
Judicial Obstruction and Fraud. Mr. Methvin’s address is 8111 Georgetown Pike,
McLean, Virginia.

GARY R. WALL, 60 Carriage Hill Drive, Wethersfield, CT. 06109 (860) 529-2651


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