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Description: FIELD The embodiments discussed herein are related to a library device that includes plural cells each containing a storage medium, a medium drive accessing the contained storage medium, and a medium-transferring unit transferring the storage mediumbetween the plural cells and the medium drive.BACKGROUND In recent years, as information technology has progressed, techniques related to storage media that store information in form of electronic data have advanced rapidly. Among the storage media, a large-capacity storage medium such as amagneto-optical disk and a magnetic tape is often used for data backup by using the large storage capacity. In particular, when data on ever-changing information such as transaction information of banks and securities is continuously backed up, theamount of data for backup (backup data) to be generated is enormous. In such a case, generally, large-capacity storage media are used, backup data is written into the storage media, and the storage media storing the backup data are kept. Here,conventionally, a library device has been known as a device suitable for managing such a large amount of backup data, and various kinds of library device have been proposed in Japanese Patent Laid-open Publications No. 2000-222039, No. H10-64144, No.S61-292262 and No. S61-73267. The library device includes: plural cells each containing a storage medium, a drive accessing the contained storage medium (writing and reproducing data), and a robot transferring the storage medium between the drive and the cells. The robotincludes a housing section that houses the storage medium. The robot retrieves a desired storage medium from the cell and houses the storage medium in the housing section. Subsequently, the robot transfers the housed storage medium to the drive, andreturns the storage medium to the cell by transferring the storage medium again, after the storage medium is accessed by the drive. In this way, in the library device, a large amount of data