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Centralized Streaming Game Server - Patent 8154553


S The present application is related to U.S. patent application Ser. No. 12/118,999 entitled "Method and System for Optimized Streaming Game Server" filed on May 12, 2008.FIELD Embodiments of the present application relate to the field of 3-D scene control of interactive graphical applications. Exemplary embodiments relate to 1) the systems and methods for graphical rendering and processing of video frames generatedby interactive graphical applications, 2) the compression of the generated frames, and 3) the streaming process of the compressed data through communication channels.BACKGROUND Computer animation refers to a computer generated image sequence, wherein a set of pre-defined three-dimensional (3-D) objects which constitute a 3-D world scene are projected into a virtual camera at a fixed sampling interval, resulting with acamera view of the 3-D scene through projected frames. Examples of computer animation products are video cartoons in which the cartoon objects and their behaviors (e.g. position, motion, interaction etc.) in the scenes are defined by a fixed, deterministic program. More sophisticated applicationsare computer games in which some parts of the objects' behaviors are controlled by users through hardware game controllers, and some other parts are controlled by software programs which simulate the behavior and interaction of these objects. In computer-generated image sequences, the entire information on the state of each object in an image scene, such as position, motion and texture, is known. Furthermore, the state of each object is controllable, enabling full control on theprojected image of each object. Examples of computer graphics methods that affect the visual details of projected image are: the vertices LOD at the 3-D representation level, and the mip-map and anisotropic filtering at the texture level. In a multi-user game, the objects in 3-D game scenes are controlled by more than one player. Each user controls a specific set of obje

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