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                                             LA Possibilities Term 2 Week 1
                                          Literacy Learning Intentions
  Writing – Persuasive text
  Word Study – Persuasive language
  Writer’s Notebook
                                        Numeracy Learning Intentions
  Number operations–Skip counting/Addition/subtraction/addition & subtraction with decimals/Algebra

                                        Non-negotiable-MUST DO
                               MAKE SURE YOU DATE and LABEL YOUR LEARNING
  Have the learning agreement document signed by a teacher by Friday and signed at home in the weekend.

                                          Learning Possibilities
 Word study: Choose three words from your spelling log and in the back of your spelling log book, use the
 look, say, name, cover, write, check strategy to learn these words. Look at writing handed back from
 your teachers and find the correct spelling of underlined words and add these to your word study log

 Inquiry Investigation 1: Attend one of the viewings in the Cinema Imaginarium. As a reviewer, write
 what imaginative thoughts you had as you viewed the film. Add this to the review book.

 Inquiry Investigation 2: Create your own photo and an original caption using the art form of calligraphy in
 order to express your thinking. Read the suggestions carefully in order to choose your font and style of
 presentation. When completed, have your photo and caption added to the Photo Exhibition Wall. Follow
 the instruction on how to record your thinking of your photography using a recording device in the
 writing area.
 Inquiry Investigation 3: Think About It – The World’s Most Challenging Questions. Examine the book
 with the examples of some challenging questions in the reading area. Do you have a challenging question
 that you feel you can explain? Create a page and have it added to the book.
 Inquiry Investigation 4: Dr Seuss said “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the
 thinks you can think up if only you try!” Read some of Dr. Seuss’ books and think about what issues
 he raises in his stories. What opinions does he hold? What are important issues for you? Create your
 own Dr. Seuss-styled book, based on an issue important to you. Use the information on how to draw
 characters in the art studio to develop your own illustrations.
 Inquiry Investigation 5: Investigate the Da Vinci Wall and Da Vinci Scrapbook of Ideas. Create your of
 design scrapbook. Attempt some of the experiments and record this process in your design scrapbook as
 well your imaginative ideas.
 Investigate the ACME storyboard generator (
 Can you see how you can use this site to connect this to other areas of your learning.
 Select a book from the library for your take home reading. Make sure it is included in your reading log
 when you finish it.

 Complete your kenning poem and insert this in the portfolio section of the Ultranet.
Complete your inquiry investigation. Create a document to go with this that describes what you did and
how you achieved it. Include photographs of your investigation if it is not in a format that can be placed in
your portfolio. Your presentation should explain all the important aspects of your investigation.
 Home Learning: Be tested on your three spelling words at least three times during the week. Go onto
 Mathletics and complete activities assigned to you. Read independently for at least 15 minutes a night.
 Continue to develop your writing through your Writers’ Notebook.
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