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									                                     ADVOCATE                                               Spring 2012

  Calling all families, aspiring naturalists, and dog-lovers!
                                                                                           In this issue:
                                            J    oin us for our first-ever Children’s
                                                 Concert, The Goods on the Woods,
                                             on Friday, April 20th! Chris Rowlands,       •	 The Goods on the
                                             a naturalist, musician, and puppeteer,          Woods Children’s
                                             will take us on an exciting adventure           Concert
                                             through an interactive show of nature        •	 3rd Annual TK
                                             and animal life in the woods. Recogniz-         Hausfeld Ride for
                                             ing the beauty and significance of hu-          Life
                                             man life involves an appreciation for        •	 October Baby a
                                             all forms of life…and we will experience        pro-life movie
                                             just that at this fun performance. Be        •	 Mother’s Day
                                             sure to arrive at 6:00pm to meet sev-           Flower Sale
  eral of “man’s best friends” and the Chick-fil-A Cow! The concert will begin at         •	 40 Days for Life
  6:30pm and will be followed by an ice cream treat from Dairy Queen at 7:30pm.              Update
  The cost of the event is $10.00 per family and will be at Fairhaven Church in           •	 Baby Pantry Wish
  Centerville. More information can be found at our website,             List
  Call the office for tickets or make a reservation 937.461.3625. Join us for some        •	 Creative Contribu-
  fun and the story of life in the woods on Friday, April 20th! This is a perfect event      tions
  for your pre-schoolers and young elementary age children. You won’t want to             •	 Did you Know...
  miss this entertaining evening for the whole family!                                    •	 Save the Date

                               TK Hausfeld Ride for Life
 Viva la Vita!
                               I  t’s coming! 3rd annual TK Hausfeld Ride for Life
                                  is right around the corner. Join in the fun again as
                               300 to 350 riders are expected this year on Saturday,
                               July 28, 2012. Riders will again be putting the FUN
September 29,                  in FUNdraising in a huge festive way. This Ride of-
                               fers six different distances (6, 13, 21, 33, 63 and 100
    2012                       miles) on the “out and back” bike paths that start next to the Life Enrichment
                               Center at 425 N Findlay Street and head towards Xenia Station and then down as
                               far as South Lebanon. For the pleasure/family rider or the advanced/competi-
Nicole C. Mullen               tive rider, one of these distances is sure to meet your needs. Many school teams,
                               clubs or organizations are planning to participate! Six high schools will again be
                               located at the six turnarounds to ensure safety, good nutrition and passionate
  First Baptist                motivation!
                               Live music, food and beverages will be plentiful. Also, local radio personalities
Kettering Church,              will emcee our Celebration of Life, with many door prizes (expecting to exceed in
                               value from last year’s event) from over 50 sponsors. Ride participants and vol-
  Swigart Road                 unteers will receive a treasured TK Hausfeld Ride for Life t-shirt.
                               Mark your calendars for this event of the summer, July 28, 2012. Registration
                               both by mail and electronically, will be available in our next issue .
New location!
                               Thank you for helping us to fulfill our mission through this event.

October Baby                 Producers will       Mother’s Day Flower Sale
                                      donate 10% of the profits to the
                                      Every Life is Beautiful Fund to
                                      distribute funds to frontline orga-
                                      nizations helping women facing
                                      crisis pregnancies, life-affirming
                                      adoptions and those caring for or-
                                      phans. Here are some of the com-
                                      ments already being released by
                                      those that have seen it:

                                      “An incredible story Wow…just
                                      Wow”                                    O    ne of our most popular out-
                                                                                   reach opportunities is com-
                                                                              ing May 13th: the Mother’s Day

A   special showing of October
    Baby will be held at the Greene
on Sunday, March 25 at 7pm. This
                                      “I laughed so hard & cried so hard
                                      and healed” -Gianna Jensen- abor-
                                      tion survivor and speaker
                                                                              Flower Sale! This is a great way
                                                                              to help Dayton Right to Life while
                                                                              honoring people who know the
event is being sponsored in part                                              blessing of being a Mom. It re-
by Far Hills Community Church         “A must see for all families in 2012”   quires very little of your time,
and the Life Resource Centre.                                                 just contact us to make sure your
You won’t want to miss this new       “Will leave you celebrating life”       church is on our list. Send your
and very special pro-life movie.                                              name and contact info to Cheryl
To watch a trailer of this upcom-     “A Blessing to the Pro-Life move-       Mahoney at or
ing movie go to: http://www.octo-     ment” -Father Frank Pavone-             call 937.673.3428.


40 Days for Life Spring 2012

                                                               T   he Spring 40 Days campaign consisting of
                                                                   prayer, fasting and peaceful vigil has had a
                                                               dynamic kickoff---256 babies saved by the half
                                                               way mark campaign wide. Here in Dayton, at
                                                               least three couples have decided against having
                                                               an abortion due to our prayer efforts. There may
                                                               be more! Come be a part of the largest pro-life
                                                               mobilization in history! In addition to Dayton,
                                                               257 cities in 44 states and six countries are spon-
                                                               soring Spring campaigns.

                                                               Go to and also
                                                               friend us on Facebook for more local informa-
tion. Check to see if your church is sponsoring a day to come out and keep prayerful vigil. If not, sign up when
convenient for you---bring a friend. The closing rally will be 2PM Sunday, April, 1st. The featured speaker will
be Rev. Arnold Culbreath, from Life Issues Institute. An Open House and celebration will follow. All events
will take place outside the Women’s Medical Center 1401 E. Stroop Rd, Kettering.

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Baby Pantry Wish list                   •	 Sippee cups
                                                                                •	 Used Car Donations
                                        •	 Pacifers
                                                                                •	 Gas cards for our Bus that pro-
                                        •	 Baby shampoo/wash                       vides transportation for our
                                                                                   parenting classes
                                        •	 Toddler summer pajamas
                                                                                •	 Buy a book of stamps for mail-
                                        •	 Newborn diapers and pullups             ings
                                                                                •	 Gift cards from Staples or Of-
                                        Creative Contributions                     fice Depot for office supplies
•	 Similac isomil soy, powder or                                                   and toner.
   liquid                               •	 Copy Paper for office, white or
                                           colored 8 ½” x 11”                   •	 Use
•	 Similac alimentum liquid                                                        as you favorite browser which
                                        •	 Gift Cards for Pantry needs             automatically donates to The
•	 Similac advance, powder or                                                      Life Resource Centre. On your
   liquid                               •	 Volunteer Monthly in office or          first visit choose Greater Day-
                                           baby pantry                             ton Pro-Life Education Foun-
•	 Baby spoons                                                                     dation as your charity.
                                        •	 Join an event planning com-
•	 Toddler socks and toddler un-           mittee to support the Life Re-
   derwear                                 source Centre

•	 4oz bottles                          •	 Dorothy Lane Market-Good
                                           Neighbor Program #130

Did You Know?

     D     id you know… The Eliza-
           beth Yox Scholarship has
assisted 28 young women with a
                                        cebook page, http://www.facebook.
                                                                                newsletter via email to save post-

$1,000 college scholarship? If you
would like to help a young, single
mom realize the dream of a college
                                        or contact Elaine at 937.974.6120
                                        for more details!                           D   id you know… You can
                                                                                        create a baby registry on
                                                                                line and help your friends, family
education, send your tax deduct-
ible donation to: The Life Resource
Centre, 425 N. Findlay Street, Day-
                                            D   id you know… Check out
                                                this website for a trailer to
                                        a new movie coming out in March,
                                                                                and coworkers or your church to
                                                                                buy and donate baby items for our
                                                                                baby pantry.
ton 45404. In the memo line please      October Baby http://www.octoberb-
list: Elizabeth Yox Scholarship. We
are 34% toward reaching our goal of
                               It is worth the time
                                        to watch.                                   D    id you know… Attn:
                                                                                         Teachers-The Abstinence
                                                                                Resource Centre offers free fe-

    D    id you know… Cans For
         Cans continues to give
                                            D     id you know... The Baby
                                                  Pantry served 48 fami-
                                        lies with 83 children in February,
                                                                                tal development classes for your
                                                                                pro-life group, religion classes
                                                                                or health classes. Contact Telana
back to the Life Enrichment Cen-        2012, giving out over 600 diapers       Lee-Montgomery
ter! Over 15,000 cans have been         and 16 cans of formula and 240
recycled and $500 given to the          outfits for children.
LEC’s food pantry. Won’t you join
this recycling for “good” project?
Drop your empty and clean alumi-            D   id you know… You can
                                                send us your email ad-
                                                                                    D    id you know… We are in
                                                                                         the process to redesign-
                                                                                ing our newsletter to bring you
num cans off at the LEC, join the fa-   dress and we can send you the           four issues each year.
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                                                   Save the Date

Children’s Concert with Chris Rowlands, Friday, April 20, 2012, 6-7:30pm, Fairhaven Church, Whipp
Road, Centerville, OH. -RESERVE YOUR TICKETS NOW!-

Mother’s Day Flower Sale, Sunday, May 13, 2012, Call Cheryl Mahoney to order your flowers today!

Yox Scholarship, awarded, Monday, May 21, 2012, please donate to this worthy scholarship!

Third Annual TK Hausfeld Ride for Life, Saturday, July 28, 2012, start and finish at Life Resource Cen-
tre, followed by Celebration of Life

Viva la Vita, Saturday, September 29, 2012 at a NEW location! First Baptist Kettering Church, on Swigart
Road, Kettering, OH, featuring Nicole C. Mullen, Contemporary Christian Artist

Life Chain, Sunday, October 7, 2012, Stroop Road, not too early to start getting your church involved

The Miami Valley Down’s Foundation, Collaborative Charity Concert, tentatively scheduled for
second half of 2012--stay tuned for more info!

Life Advocate is published by Dayton Right to Life, a non-profit organization. Contact us at or 937.461.3625
Chairman: Sherry Shelley • Executive Director: Paul Coudron • Website: • 425 N Findlay St., Dayton 45404

                                                 Celebrity Quote:

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of
that missing drop.”

-Mother Teresa-

                                                  Circle of Life

                                          “Remember our Circle of Life for your estate planning, this is
                                          a way for your legacy to live on.”

                                          -Paul Coudron-

                                                   List of Contacts

Paul Coudron, Executive Director                                      937.461.3625 -
Maggie McKenna, Operations                                            937.461.3625 -
Elaine Bonner, Parenting Education                                    937.223.9227 -
Telana Lee-Montgomery, Fetal Development Speaker                      937.461.3625 -

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