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Q:     In the morning I often have sore jaws and                          Q: I’m looking for a motorcycle now that
       sometimes a headache.What can I do?
                                                                                 it’s spring. What can I do to keep the
       Headaches and muscle soreness are conditions that are                     cost down?
                                                                                                                                                          Q: What’s in that Big Yellow Bag?
A:     often related to how your teeth and jaws work together.
       85% of people show signs of tooth grinding (bruxism) or                                                                                            A: Great efforts have natural garden Greenhorizons over the yearsall-
                                                                                                                                                                                been made by
       clenching. These are non functional used of your teeth             A: Wethis a lot of calls regarding motorcycle insurance
                                                                                    time of the year. Obviously, there are not
                                                                                                                                                             to find premium,                   ingredients. The mixture of
                                                                                                                                                                natural, organic products in the garden soil make for an excellent
       and jaws (that overstress you chewing muscles) and often
       happen only at night. In today’s world there is a great deal       as many insurance companies that insure motorcycles,                                  growing product.
       of stress and anxiety and this, as well as caffeine use and
       some medications can ll lead to these destructive and
                                                                          as do cars but there are enough to be competitive. As                                 Though Greenhorizons won’t disclose the exact formula, they
       painful muscle activities. The result is tension, headaches        with car insurance, your age, type of license (M1, M2,                                will say that GreenThumb™ Black Garden Soil is comprised of
       and excessive wear and destruction of your teeth. The most         M), driving experience and the type of motorcycle have                                a combination of black loam, peat loam, very well decomposed
       common way to treat muscle pain caused by clenching or
                                                                          direct bearing on your premium.                                                       manure and a touch of mineral soil. It is really quite fantastic for
       grinding is to have a “nightguard” made. This is a custom                                                                                                growing flowers and vegetables.
       fitted acrylic appliance usually worn at night that takes           You will pay more if you are 16-25 years old. If you
       the stress off your jaw joints and will safely prevent tooth                                                                                             GreenThumb Black Garden Soil is the all-natural way to enrich your gardens.
       wear. It is designed for the way your teeth fit together. Every     have a motorcycle training certificate you will benefit
                                                                                                                                                                There are three different products you can have delivered right to
       person has teeth that fit together and function in unique           from a lower rate of insurance. To keep the cost down                                 your home: GreenThumb™ Black Garden Soil, Nature’s Blend™
       ways and this is why the simple grinding appliance available       avoid super sport or high performance bikes as they
       at drugstores cannot accomplish the same protection and                                                                                                  and GreenThumb™ Premium Bark Mulch.
       pain relief.                                                       are usually surcharged. Your clean driving record for
                                                                                                                                                                For more information contact Greenhorizons ONTARIO SOD
                                                                          motorcycle and car will also benefit you.                                                                   division at; 2376 Royal Windsor Drive,
       I have found that this kind of conservative therapy has
       helped many of my patients reduce or eliminate their               It’s always best to discuss your insurance needs with                                                       Oakville, (905) 849-1915. Order online
       muscle and headache pain.                                          an independent broker.                                                                                      atBigYellowBag.com For lawn & garden
                                                                                                                                                                    TK259             TIPS visit: GrowWithGreenThumb.com
    Great things star t with a warm healthy smile.                          “For past questions and answers in Ask the Professionals,                                                      Enrich your garden naturally.
         the dentist@dentistry4.com www.dentistry4.com                                         please contact us.”

                                                                                                                                                                                         TRAFALGAR RIDGE
                                                                                                            Making Lives Better One Visit At A Time™                                        OPT0METRY
                                                                                                 Nurse Next Door Home Healthcare Inc.

                                                                                                 Office: 905.257.3452
                                                                                                 Website: www.nursenextdoor.com                                                              2387 Trafalgar Rd.
                                                                                                 Nurse Next Door’s services range from a 3 hour a                                                 Oakville
Q: What Makes a Great Basement?                                              Lori Paton          week concierge service to an onsite 24 hr per day
                                                                                                                                                                                           (HomeSense/Winners Plaza)
                                                                              RN, RRT            Registered Nurse.

A: In a word, design. Design is truly what makes or breaks the
     basement you will either choose to spend time in or not.             Hospital to Home: Making the Transi on Easier                                     Dr. Lesley Naumowich             905-338-0377
     The design of the basement should be an extension of the
                                                                          A hospital stay can be a turning point in anyone’s life, especially if they
                                                                          are aging or experience a decrease in their ability to func on at home.           Question:
     rest of the home. Thus providing a continuous flow from              When preparing to leave the hospital there is a lot to consider. Below            Why do my children need an eye exam if a
     the main floor carrying it right through to your unfinished          you will find 5 ps to make the transi on to home easier.
                                                                                                                                                            vision screening is performed at their school?
     storage space in the basement.                                       1. Have a discharge day plan: You may feel weak when leaving the

     The process begins with the expertise of a professional
                                                                             hospital. Plan to have assistance with transporta on home, medica on
                                                                             pick up and preparing your first few meals.                                     Answer:
                                                                          2. Arrange equipment: Depending on your condi on, some specialized                A vision screening does not replace a comprehensive
     structural engineer who will aid you in the elimination of
                                                                             equipment might be necessary such as a raised toilet seat, grab bars in        eye examination by an optometrist. According to the
     some, if not all of those annoying jack posts, or load bear-            the bathroom, a walker or an emergency response system.                        Ontario Association of Optometrists, as many as 43% of
     ing walls. It is from this point that the great room of the          3. Follow instruc ons: Once we return home many of us forget some of the
                                                                                                                                                            children with vision problems are able to pass a vision
     house begins to unfold. Open concept basements, that                    instruc ons given to us regarding medica ons, diet, exercise etc. You will
                                                                             o en receive wri en discharge instruc ons from the hospital but take           screening. Secondly, considering that 80% of learning
     begin at the foot of the stairs, allows for multiple uses in            your own notes as well. If you get confused, call your doctor’s o ce.          is done through the eyes, it is important to have your
     one large space. Home theatres, bars, gyms and spas are              4. Monitor progress: As you recuperate at home, be sure to track your
                                                                                                                                                            child’s eyes examined before they start school in order
                                                                             progress. Let your doctor know of any challenges you are facing or if you
     just some of the ways people are utilizing their new found              are feeling any unexpected discomfort.                                          o
                                                                                                                                                            to give them the best opportunity to succeed. As wellwell,
     living space. Basements are no longer the cold un-inviting           5. Consider a caregiver: Everyday ac vi es can be challenging when                vision screening programs are no longer as common as
     storage spaces they used to be. The basement has become a               returning from hospital. If a spouse or family member is not an op on,
                                                                             call Nurse Next Door. We will do whatever it takes to bring the peace
                                                                                                                                                            they once were and it is possible that they aren’t even in
     new dynamic living space in its own right.                              of mind you need. Be it personal or medical care, cleaning, cooking            place at your children’s school.
                                                                             or shopping, all levels of care are developed and supervised by a              In Ontario, OHIP covers children 19 years of age and
                                                                             Registered Nurse at no
                                                                             addi onal cost.                                                                under for an eye exam every 12 months. It is in your
                         The Basement Space.com would be                                                                                                    child’s best interest to see an optometrist and have a
                                                                          Please contact Nurse Next Door
                           more than happy to assist you in               for more useful ps on an easy
                                                                                                                                                            comprehensive eye exam.
                         planning your basement renovation.               transi on from hospital to home                                                   To schedule an appointment for an eye exam call
                          Please contact Ashley Trapman at                or to speak with a Registered                                                     905-338-0377
                                                                          Nurse about developing a plan
                                    905-338-6179                          for care                                                                           NEW PATIENTS & WALK-INS WELCOME
                                                                                                       Making Lives Better One Visit At A Time™

                                                            If you have any questions these professionals can answer, please write to:
            “Ask the Professionals” c/o The Oakville Beaver, 467 Speers Road, Oakville L6K 3S4 or fax to: 905-337-5568

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