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Description: This invention relates to new methods of playing solitaire, and more particularly, to an electronic method of playing solitaire incorporating new features which allow the game to be played on the Internet in a tournament format and also increaseplayer enjoyment. Solitaire is a popular card game which is designed to be played with conventional playing cards by a single person. The object of solitaire, in most variations, is to play all of the cards in the deck according to the rules of the game. To setup the conventional solitaire game, sometimes referred to as the Klondike version, a series of seven stacks are created in a row, with each stack containing a progressively larger number of cards. Typically, the stack on the far left side of the arraycontains a single card and the remaining stacks have an incrementally increasing number of cards. Thus, in the foregoing arrangement, the seventh stack contains a total of seven cards, the sixth stack contains six cards, etc. The top card of each stackis positioned face up and visible to the player. In the event any ace is revealed during play, the ace may be used to begin one of four additional stacks, with one additional stack for each of the respective suits. The rules of the game require the player to play cards in descending order on the seven stacks with alternating colors (red and black) on the seven stacks of columns. Cards are revealed one at a time from the top of the play deck containing theremaining unrevealed cards, or in another version of the game, every third card in the play deck is revealed. The newly revealed card is either placed on one of the seven stacks, one of the ace stacks or placed on the discard stack. The bottom cardfacing up on the stacks, with the remaining face up cards on the stacks, may also be played from stack to stack. In the event all face-up cards are played from one stack to another stack location, if there is an unrevealed card under the stack fromwhich the cards are moved