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Multimedia Interface - PDF


1. Field of the Invention This invention relates generally to computer systems and more specifically to user interface that manages user-selectable icons and content icons. 2. Description of the Related Art Computer systems are changing the way we live. They give access to a tremendous computing power. Now everybody can own and operate a computer system. The evolution of computer systems and software happens quite rapidly. Thirty years agocomputers were huge mainframe units with less computer power than today's small calculators; now we have small and powerful computer systems that are relatively inexpensive. Because they have become sufficiently powerful, computer systems are now part of our everyday communication tools, allowing their users to store larger and larger quantities of data (i.e. information). Given the ever-increasing scale anddiversity of information and applications on the Internet, improving the technology of information retrieval is important. Information on every form (i.e. data, audio, picture, video . . . ) is now easily accessible like never before with the Internet. Therefore, the data quantity the computer system user has to deal with is growing at an accelerated rate. The volume of information is already so high that the time necessary to deal properly with it is often unacceptable especially for professionals,scientists and business people. However, in order for that information to become actually usable knowledge, it needs to be easily accessible and understandable. Evolution of computer science over recent years has allowed nearly all types of information to be digitized and transformed into a computer file. The sources of information are numerous, therefore it is difficult for prior art computer systemsto store information in a manner that: A) allows retrieval through a common process/presentation, B) allows the storage structure to be adjusted to his/her thinking process, C) allows the user to create links between the elem

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