List Building Tips to grow your Online Business

					                      List Building Tips to Grow your Online Business

 Building and maintaining a high quality list of subscribers is vital to any marketers success. Let’s
go over some of the most important steps you need to take to ensure you build a profitable list:

1)First, make sure you put up a good landing page. It should be well-designed and professional
looking. If you don’t have any design skills then hire someone to do this for you.

2)Next, put a web form on your landing page and offer your customers the opportunity to opt-in to
your mailing list. Give something away free to encourage them to opt in.

3)Make sure any freebies you give away are of the highest quality, because the subscribers on
your list will judge the worthiness of your products and services based on the freebies they get.

4)Include a lot of professionally written content and interesting information for your visitors. Your
customers will want to read interesting things and want to look for more than just a sales pitch.
Content sites are a great way to build trust and loyalty. You can build a content site jam-packed
with articles and helpful information, then link to your sales page from your content site.

5)Make sure you keep your customer’s information private. If you tell your customer’s you will not
share his or her personal information, then don’t share it with anyone. You will ruin your reputation,
and word spreads fast on the Internet.

6)Take some time to try the product you offer yourself. Make sure it is something you consider
worthy of buying. If you are selling a book you wrote, make sure it has mass appeal and will
benefit the target audience you plan to market it to.

7)Provide top-notch customer service. This is THE number one way to stay ahead of the game. If
your customers are happy and you resolve their questions and complaints immediately, then you
will win their loyalty and trust.

8)Reward customers that refer others to you. This is a simple way to build trust and loyalty.

9)Respond to your customer’s complaints or inquiries immediately, with the goal in mind always
being to satisfy your customer.

10)Remain truthful and honest in all you do. A customer will sniff out a scam faster than a dog will
a bone. Don’t lie, don’t trick and don’t steal. Be honest and be who you are, and you will do well
working on the Web and building your opt-in list.
3 Quick And Easy Ways To Build A Profitable opt in list

You finally realize that you need a good opt-in list. After reading countless articles and sought
expert advices and have read many success stories of people creating a small fortune with opt-in
lists you finally decide to have one of your own. Then it happens, you think you have known
everything there is to know about opt-in lists and have followed their advices to the T and you still
weren’t able to make a profit.

In fact, you may be losing money. You maybe hiring writers to help you out, or there are some
expenses incurred, even if you have a big list, but only a very small percentage actually buys from
you, your still losing profit. You’ll realize that after a few months when you see your statistics and
sales figures.

So what could have gone wrong? Why have others succeeded where you have failed? The most
common mistake is that you dived straight right in. You chose a topic where you think could be
quite popular and would earn you money. This just not the case. Just because you wrote people
from the list doesn’t mean they are going to buy instantly.

Here I will offer more advice, for those who have started an opt-in list and have failed, you can
rejuvenate your failed venture. For those who are starting, here are three quick and easy ways to
build a profitable opt-in list.

1) Get your customers to trust you and your products first. Just launching your opt-in list would not
make you an expert and a believable seller. Put many articles first before you start an opt-in list.
Write about the topic you know and have started and used for your site. Try to put forums first to
gain knowledge about your customers about their wants and needs and target those wants and

Join forums from other sites as well. Provide expert advices and recommendations. When you feel
that people trust you already, you will be able to start your own opt-in list. You can build a base as
well with other forum users. You can ask them to join your list. Friends are always good
customers. Put up a link to your site so that they may be able to see what you're business is all

The certain truth is, the money will only come in when the consumers and subscribers believe and
trust in you. They want a product or service that could be a good exchange for their money.
People are not going to buy something out of your recommendation if they don’t know you.

2) Find a product or service that people want and need. Although it may not be your forte, if you
provide a service and product that you have researched and learned about well, you can carry it
on forward. Invest your time, effort and money that you could sell as well as the buyers or
subscribers of your opt-in list can use.

While it is true that it is best to sell something that you have interest in, there are not many people
who have the same interest as you if you decide to sell something that is not entirely popular or
profitable. Do your research well and you would see the profits come in. Also provide your
subscribers with promotional material that they could actually use and spread around.

3) Make friends with other opt-in list users. This is basically beneficial especially if it is someone
who has already launched a successful opt-in list. These are people that have the experience in
this venture and experience is still the best teacher. While there are many articles available for you
in the internet to use, there is nothing like getting a first hand account from someone you trust.

Experienced opt-in list users will be able to tell you what to do and what not to do because they
have gone through it. While different situations occur for different people, the general concept can
still be very helpful. There are many things to avoid and these people will be able to tell you which

Building a profitable opt-in list don’t just happen overnight. There are many preparations and effort
to do. Opt-in lists are built from scratch, as your list grows, you should also maintain the quality of
your list. Keep it organized and manageable. Get or hire help if need be, just make sure that your
subscribers are happy and satisfied and they will be willing to buy from you.

3 Tips To Building A Responsive List

I just bought a product after being on a list for over two years. I hadn't spent one red cent with this
guy for two years, but like clockwork, his e-mails just kept coming.

Day after day after day. Week after week.

I finally gave in and purchased his product recently (it's in a field WAY outside marketing).

Why did I stay on his list for so long? And why did I finally pony up the cashola for his product?

It's because he had taught me to respond. Just like he taught everyone on his list to respond.

How did he do it? Lucky for you, I'm a sharing guy.

Here are three things he did to build a responsive list...

1. He Built Rapport With His Readers
2. He Created Excitement And Anticipation

3. He Expanded His Line Of Products

Let's look briefly at each one

1. He Built Rapport With His Readers

The guy told stories. He made it personal. Over the two years, I got to know him through his
emails. And here's the clincher...

I look forward to getting his emails! Even though I get hundreds a day, I read his first.

That's powerful. If you can get your readers to look forward to getting your stuff, you can tap into
that monee tree like a faucet.

So, build rapport with your readers by making your stuff personal.

2. He Created Excitement And Anticipation

It never failed. He told me all the time...

"Hey, watch out for what I've got planned next Wednesday."


"During the last week of this month, I'm gonna do something really special for you. Watch your e-

He got his list excited about things he had planned. I caught myself always wishing the day would
hurry up and get here so he'd uncover his surprise for me.

My buddy Jeff Walker does this brilliantly. If you're not on his list at...

... you should be. Read the e-mails you get from Jeff. You'll know EXACTLY what I'm talking about
When you build YOUR lists, try to excite and ignite them by making 'em look foward to your stuff.

3. He Expanded His Line Of Products

One thing that always made me envious about this guy is how fast he created products for his list.
The dude was like a machine!

It seemed like he was coming out with something every couple of weeks for us to buy.

Now, this is important, so listen up here...

If you want to teach your list to RESPOND, you have to give them something to respond to over
and over.

Read that last sentence again.

Give your list something to buy (either your products or affiliate products). Give them something to
do (fill out surveys, tell you what they want, tell you where to stuff your latest product).

Then, do it over and over. Train your list to RESPOND.

Last Thoughts

Building lists is great. But, if you build a dead list, you're just wasting your time.

You have to build RESPONSIVE lists. You want people to WANT to buy your stuff. You want them
to look forward to buying your stuff.

I have a friend who makes more moolah with his list of under 1,000 than other knuckleheads make
with lists of 100,000.

I'm serious.

A responsive list can support your entire business.

5 Steps To Generating Your Own Passive List Building Machine!
How do you build a list building system that funnels subscribers passively into your database day
in and day out?

Well, this one question is one of the major questions I get from many of my subscribers who are
interested in building a responsive email list. The majority of my subscribers say that they built a
marketable email list by using various tactics like ad swaps, articles, and solo ads. But their major
problem comes in the area of sustaining their email list growth.

A lot of my subscribers shared with me that they are actually losing more subscribers than they
are actually gaining. So how do we avoid this?

Well, that is the focus of this article.

Now let me start off by saying that you will be deceiving yourself if you just think that you can
overcome this problem of constantly losing subscribers without any work.

Sitting on your butt and doing nothing is the hogwash approach to online marketing!

It really frustrates me to even think that there are actual individuals who believe that success can
come with no work at all!

So before I move forward, make sure you get the lazy approach to online marketing out of your
system as soon as possible. If you do not extract laziness from your life and your business, you
won’t see any improvement in your life and online business.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me begin describing a legitimate way to passively
funnel fresh responsive subscribers into your database.

I will list a series of steps that you can follow below:

1. Generate a content site for your niche

The goal in this step is to generate a website full of useful content that is related to the niche you
are trying to build an email list for. A good content site, when organized well, can actually send
repeat visitors to your website.

2. Place a Tell a Friend form at the bottom of the pages on your content site

A tell a friend form is a form that allows a visitor to recommend their friends to your website if they
find the information on your website useful. A good content site with very valuable information will
be virally recommended to a visitor’s friends and family if they find the content enjoyable and full of
high quality information.

Therefore, make every effort to select or add the best quality content you can.

3. Add a popup note to every page of your content site

Adding a popup note to your website is an easy way to instantly grab the eyeballs of your visitors
and force them to sign up to your newsletter or ezine. The type of popup notes I am referring to
have been known to increase the responsiveness of website visitors to a certain offer just by
describing the offer in the note.

Just make sure you put a popup note on every page of your content website and you should see
some consistent list growth. Also, make sure the popup is advertising your newsletter or ezine.

4. Write an article or press release about your new content website

Writing an article or press release is just a way to jump start the traffic to your website. Just one
press release can send you hundreds of links to your site as well as some media publicity.

5. Generate another content website by repeating steps 1 thru 4...or just continue adding original
content to your website.

Now this is all it takes to produce a passive list building machine that consistently sends streams
of subscribers to your newsletter or ezine. The more content sites you have, the more subscribers
you will be able to passively generate.

7 Ways To Make Money Using Nothing More Than Your List

An opt-in list can be quite crucial to any site or internet based company. Even for a small venture
such as a niche profit site an opt-in list can make a world of difference and also add some extra
income for your pocket. Rarely would you see an e-commerce site, big or small, that is without an
opt-in list.

An opt-in list allows for a company to market their wares and site via an e-mail. With an opt-in list,
a site and a subscriber consents to sending and receiving a newsletter from your company.
Through this, you can keep your subscribers abreast of what is currently available in your site as
well as whatever is coming out.
And because there is mutual consent between the two parties, any mail sent to the list is not
considered as spam mail. There is a great number of successfully read promotional materials such
as catalogs, newsletters and such that are sent because the subscribers themselves have signed
up for them, meaning, they do want to be sent those items.

Building a list is crucial, only a small percentage actually subscribes for an opt-in list. Many people
find promotional mails annoying but of you provide a good newsletter or promotional material, you
will see your list build up and grow. You can also achieve this by having good content on your site.
If people like what they see and read on your site, then they surely would want more. Newsletters
would be a way to attract them back to your site. A little teaser or appetizer if you will.

But other than marketing your wares and your services, an opt-in list can also be used to earn
extra profit. Not all lists can be used though. It would be good to first build a successful list with a
huge number of subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the more money you can get. Here
are seven ways to make money using nothing more than your list.

1) Place advertisements. There are many corporations who will be willing to pay to put their
banners and ads on a list with many subscribers. Selling or renting out lists is not a good idea so
rather than doing that, many companies would just rather place ads with lists that have a huge
subscriber base. Your newsletter could be placed with many ads and each one spells money.

2) Have affiliations with other companies that have at least a semblance or relation to what your
site is about. Here other companies will provide links and brief descriptions of what they offer,
products and services. With every click made on the link that directs or leads a subscriber from
your list to their site, the company will pay you. This P4P or pay for performance.

3) Make deals with other companies by asking for a small percentage of sales done through your
list. With every sale done by customers that have come from your list and have gone there
because of your newsletter, the other company will pay you a small percentage of your sales. The
more people who buys from them, the more earnings you get.

4) You may also get products from other sites on a consignment basis and sell them to your list via
your newsletter. Place descriptions, articles and photos of the product in your newsletter. There
will be those who will buy from you and when that happens, you can order the product from the
other site and sell it to your buyer.

5) Sell e-books or a compilation of your articles on your list. Manuals and how-to articles are in
great demand. Many people will be willing to shell out money to gain knowledge about a certain
topic and subject. With your existing list trusting your expertise in that area, an e-book could be
offered and sold or used as an incentive.
6) Create a network out of your list. Get people to invite more people to view your site and
subscribe to your list. The larger your list is, the more people will be able to click on your links and
affiliate links as well as make your advertisement rates higher.

7) Subscribers are willing to pay for information if they know that it can be trusted and relied upon.
Use your list to get more and more people to subscribe to you as well as browse your site. Lastly,
you can use your list to earn money by making them your partners. Your list will be the bloodline of
your growth and increase.

A Simple Way To Create 7 Effective Autoresponder Messages

Email is the Net's most powerful marketing tool. And autoresponders are the best idea yet for
marketing with email.

There is an old saying that the first ad rarely sells. You have to put your product, service, or idea in
front of a prospect several times before she buys.

Autoresponders are designed specifically to get your message back to the same prospect over
and over. That's why most autoresponder packages come in groups of 7 messages--from the 7
message marketing rule that has been the rule in advertising since our grandparents were in

But what do you say in your 7 messages? We've written autoresponder series for hundreds of
customers. Here is one method that always works.

This method is called REMIND 'EM. People don't read your sales letter as carefully as you think.
They tend to skim. They read the first message, but miss the second and third message. The
prospect may not tune in again until message five. It's so easy for people to completely miss your
main points intended to lead to a sale.

It's important to *repeat* your main message over and over. Say it once, twice, three times in your
first message. Say your main message in a different way in the second message. Re-cap your
main point again in the third message. That way, people who aren't paying attention still get your
important ideas.

Here's an example of how the "remind 'em" formula works for a 7 letter series promoting personal
security products.
Message (1) The world is a dangerous place. You need new innovative security products to insure
your protection.

Message (2) More details on how and why the world is a dangerous place. List places or situations
that are especially threatening.

Message (3) Recap how the world is a dangerous place. Give more details on the key new
security products that have come out.

Now start the middle section of messages. Note how they become more instructional telling
people how to use the products.

Message (4) Protect yourself from the dangerous world with Product A. Here's how to use Product
A. Here's why you would use it. Here's where to use it.

Message (5) Protect yourself with Product B. Here's how to use it. Here's what happy customers
say about it. Tell a hair raising story of how Product B saved a customer's life.

Now comes the wrap-up and reminder, especially important for people who never got around to
reading your earlier messages.

Message (6) Go back to your main sales letter used in numbers 1 and 2. Start all over reviewing
your main points and highlighting your most popular products.

Message (7) This is the final follow-up email. I usually have it come two weeks to one month after
message 6. It's designed to scoop up all the people who weren't ready to buy in the beginning, but
may be ready to buy now.

It can start with "For the past few weeks I've been sending you important information about how to
protect yourself in threatening situations. I know you are busy and may not have had time to
consider how these products could improve your life and confidence." At that point, you again
review your main points.

Repetition is the key to advertising success. Find creative ways to keep the main message going
week after week and you will have as many customers as you can handle. Busy prospects simply
need time for your message to sink in. As we used to say when I worked in media, it's just when
you and your staff are sick to death of a commercial that the audience is just beginning to notice it.

A Successful List Means Profit Increase
It is a tough world out there, especially in the world of cyberspace. The internet has brought with it
many technological innovations, yet with it came along an influx of websites. The opportunities to
make money online are there, but the competition is tough. The best option for survival is to have
a solid relationship with your subscribers.

Internet marketing is obviously different than offline marketing. In order for your website to stand a
chance against all the million websites that are out there you need to know how to generate traffic
. This may sound like an impossible mission but the answer clearly lies in opt-in list building.

It is understandable that most first time visitors on your website will not make a purchase. That is
why you have to be willing to give them something that will make them want to fill in their email
address. This in fact is the concept of an opt-in mailing list.

Many marketers have come to understand that a well built opt-in list is the key to profit margin
increase. Clearly that is why so many people are using their freebies to increase their opt-in list.
The key concept is that the more people that sign up for your free stuff, the more able you are to
reach like minded people. It is a time tested marketing strategy that has great impact.

Opt-in list building is about getting your internet business the publicity it needs. It is clear that the
word free does in fact allow people to let go of their precious email address. Therefore you do not
have to opt for the illegal warped version of opt-list building - SPAM. List building is indeed a
wonderful and perfectly legal way of website promotion.

An opt-in list is the evidently the most powerful tool that you can posses in order to make your
internet marketing a serious success. It gives you the opportunity to make your subscribers aware
of what your product can do for them without actually saying so.

Internet marketing through opt in list building is about building a relationship with your subscribers.
You need to understand what it is that your subscriber wants and you have to be willing to part
some of that information along.

This way you can give your subscribers what they want while at the same time wetting their
appetites to what you have to offer. A more effective relationship is thereby built this way and your
profits will start seeing their way to the sky.

Building a Highly-targeted opt in list

Are you successful with your Internet business? Better yet, do you think you are successful with
your online business? When most online entrepreneurs are asked with these questions, they often
brush it off. This is because most of them, who have not yet realize the right way to succeed in
Internet Marketing, continue to believe that the mere fact that they have a website is already
enough to succeed on the Internet.

The truth is, they all end up very upset because they fail to realize the secret behind the success
in Internet Marketing.

Having a website is not a guarantee that your online business will succeed. How will you succeed
if people will not realize that your business exist online? The key to Internet marketing is to get
your business noticed.

An effective way to do this is to build an opt-in list. In fact, most of the people who are already
experts in Internet marketing will tell you that building a highly targeted opt in list is the most
effective and important tool in Internet marketing.

Basically, an opt in list is a list of email addresses of people who have agreed to obtain any kind of
information from online businesses like you. The term “opt in” means that you have their
permission to send to them whatever newsletters, brochures, or promotions that you have in your
online business.

It is extremely important that you have their permission first before you send them information
because unsolicited emails will be regarded as spam, and spamming is an illegal activity in the

Because of the feasibility of building an opt in list on Internet marketing, most of the online
entrepreneurs consider it as the most treasured tool online. They need this list in order to get the
consumer’s attention and sustain interest.

By creating an opt in list, you will be able to maintain solid contact with your previous buyers at the
same time boost your sales because of the fact that you have a sure target market always ready
to purchase items from you.

opt in list is considered to be the most important item in an Internet marketer. In fact, if in case
something bad happens like emergencies and catastrophes and they could only save one item, it
would be their opt in list saved on a backup disk.

Just imagine how these people value their opt in list. If this is the case, then it must be really
something, right?

So, for people who are not yet aware of the importance of building a highly targeted opt in list and
would like to know how to build them, here are some tips that could be very useful.

1. Decide on your niche market or your target market.

It is extremely important to know your target market in order to focus on something. It would be
really confusing and time consuming if you will build an opt in list with no particular market in mind.

Moreover, having a niche market would bring more focus on your marketing campaigns and would
derive better results because you have direct you emails to people who would most likely be
interested in them.

2. Be sure that your selected target market is available in the Internet.

The mere acquisition of a niche market is not a guarantee that you can already start building your
opt in list. Since, the concept of opt in list is specifically generated to aid in the growth of the
Internet market of a particular entrepreneur, it is important to have a niche market that is available
through the Internet.

The concept is basically simple, how can you promote your online business if your niche market is
not available in the Internet? Therefore, it is extremely important to verify if your target market is
available online.

3. Verify if your chosen target market is income-generating market.

Building a highly targeted opt in list will just go to waste if your niche market is not generating any
income at all.

Try to verify their income-generating potential through the search engines, wherein you will find
some paid ads related to the keywords you have searched. This would only mean that if
somebody is willing to pay to advertise focusing on the same target market that you have in mind,
chances are, you will be able to reap positive results on your target market.

4. Generate solutions to the problems of your target market by using Internet forum.

Creating this type of forum will initiate the underlying solutions that will answer to most of your
target market’s problem.

Through their posts and threads, you will be able to identify your target market’s problem and will
be able to come up with a great solution. In turn, it will be very handy when you make your opt in
Indeed, the success of an online business or Internet marketing greatly depends on the opt in list.
It is where the online businesses could come up with newsletters that would allow them to promote
their products at the same time create the need for it. In turn, it will generate more income and
make more money.

As they say, money is in the list that’s why most businesses consider opt in list as valuable as

How To Build A List Of Eager subscribers

Every online business provides great service to generate satisfaction among their customers. As
each and every customer receives satisfaction over their products or the services they get, there is
a great chance that they will become a return customer and buy again. Better yet, they will
recommend you to other people that could generate more business for you and your site.

As more traffic is driven to your site, you can entice many of them to subscribe to your mailing list
or opt-in list. This is a list where in website visitors agree to be sent promotional materials such as
newsletters, catalogs and such that could keep them updated about your site or the niche of your
site. These promotional materials are sent via e-mail to the members of the list in different time

When using e-mail as the media of your marketing and advertisements, you eliminate the need for
high costs. Email is free and if you can manage to make your own promotional advertisements you
can also save a bundle there. With an opt-in subscribers list, you are pretty sure that what you are
sending out is received, viewed and read by the subscribers and not simply being deleted. They
have signed up for service and have consented in receiving it.

This means that there are constant reminders to your subscribers about all your products, new
products and services as well as any promotions and special deals you are having. There is also
the chance that they can be forwarded to other potential customers as they tell their friends and
families about you and your site.

Of course you should be also aware that a subscriber may unsubscribe when they feel that they
are not getting what they want or expected. Make sure that they are satisfied with your opt-in
marketing strategies and keep them excited in receiving your newsletters and catalogs. Here are
some tips that can help you build a list of eager subscribers.

Make your promotional materials interesting and fun. Try to use a little creativity but not too over
artsy. Build around what your product or service is about. For example; if you are selling car parts,
put some pictures of what is new in the auto parts world, a new wing door possibly that can fit any
car and make it look like a Lamborghini.

Try to research what people are looking for, these way, you stay one step ahead of them all the
time and you will be their bearer of new tidings. They will be eager to receive what you are
sending them because they new you always have fresh and new things to share with them.

Write good articles that can be very informational but light at the same time. If your subscribers
enjoy your articles, they will go to your site by clicking the links that you will be putting on your
newsletter to read some more. You can provide articles that can connect to many people. Be
diverse in your articles. Put something humorous, then put something informational, then put
something that has both.

Are you wary about this because you don’t like writing? No problem, there are many professional
and experienced article writers that can do the job for you for minimal fees. They know what they
are doing and can provide the need that you have for your newsletters, the money that you pay for
your articles are going to be met by the many sign-ups and the potential profit from the sales that
you will get.

Create and send an E-book to your customers about anything that is related to your business or
site. Use your knowledge and expertise in the field you have chosen to help other people who are
similarly interested. Offer this e-book for free. You can write about anything informational and
helpful to your subscribers. For example; you can do manuals and guides in so many things. This
e-book could be used as a reference for many people.

Share this e-book with everyone, even other sites; just make sure that they don’t change the links
in the e-book that will lead people to your site. If you want, you can always get some people to
write it for you just like your articles. Your investment once again will be covered by the great
marketing this will generate.

Add e-coupons in your newsletters that will help them avail to special discounts. Put a control
number in your e-coupon so that they can only be used once. When people get discounts that can
be found in your newsletters, they will be eager to receive your newsletter in anticipation of what
you are promoting next.

If your subscribers can get benefits from your newsletters, they will be very eager to receive them.
Just don’t flood your mailing list with mails so that you don’t annoy your subscribers.

How To Grab Your Readers Attention With Your Subject
The race for supremacy in the internet based businesses has been really heating up and many
sites have been put up to help others to get ahead for a small fee. But there are also ways in
which you don’t have to pay so much to make yourself a good list of loyal followers. Having a
satisfied web traffic and visitors allows you to put up a foundation wherein you can build an opt-in
list and make it grow from there.

An opt-in list allows you to provide newsletters to your subscribers with their consent. When
people sign up, they know that they will be receiving updates and news from your site and the
industry your represent via an e-mail. But that doesn’t mean that all of those who subscribe read
them at all. Many lists have been built due to an attachment with free software or for a promotional
discount and such. Some are not really interested in receiving e-mails from companies and just
treat them as waste of cyberspace and delete or trash them without so mush as opening the e-
mail and scanning them.

You can change all that. While forwarding an email message is relatively after producing your
newsletter. Getting people to open them is not as easy. You don’t want to waste all the time and
effort used in making the newsletters, you want people to read them and have their interests
piqued. Interested enough to go to your website and look around and most especially purchased
and acquire your products or services.

One of the numerous ways you can tempt or persuade your subscriber is by providing a well
thought out and well written subject. The subject of an email is what is often referred to when a
person or a recipient of an email decides whether he or she wants to open or read an e-mail. The
subject could easily be regarded as one of the most important aspect of your promotional e-mail.

Your subject must be short and concise. They should provide a summary for the content of the e-
mail so that the recipient will have basic knowledge of the content. This is really vital in grabbing
the attention of your readers and subscribers. You want your subject to instantly grab the attention
of your subscriber and get them to be intrigued to open up your mail. Remember, it is not
necessarily true that a subscriber opens up subscribed mails.

A good subject must always be tickling the curiosity of your recipient. It must literally force the
recipient to open the mail. A certain emotion must be ignited and get them to open the mail. It is
essential to use specific words to get the reaction you need. Keep in mind that the recipient or
subscribers spends only a few seconds looking over each subject of the e-mails he receives. You
must grab your reader’s attention right away.

There are many forms you can use for your subject. You can provide a subject that says your e-
mail contains content that teaches them tips and methods on certain topics. An example of this is
using keywords and keyword phrases such as, “How to”, “tips”, “Guides to”, Methods in and others
like that.

You can also put your subject in a question form. These may include questions like, “Are you sick
and tired of your job?” Or “Is your boss always on your case?” Try to stay on the topic that pertains
to your site so that you’ll know that your subscribers have signed up because they are interested
in that topic. This form of subject is very effective because they reach out to your recipients
emotions. When they have read the question on your subject, their mind starts answering the
question already.

You can also use a subject that commands your reader. Statements such as “Act now and get this
once in a lifetime opportunity”, or “Double, triple and even quadruple what you are earning in one
year”. This type of subject deals with the benefits your company provides with your product and

You may also use breaking news as your subject to intrigue your subscriber. For example, if you
deal with car engine parts you can write in your subject, “Announcing the new engine that uses no
gasoline, It runs on water”. This creates curiosity with the reader and will lead them to open the
mail and read on.

Landing Pages, And Why You Need Them!

Landing pages are just web pages where visitors are directed to whenever they click a result in a
web search or whenever they click a web ad. For affiliate marketing, landing pages would refer to
the web page where you, as a merchant, would want your potential customer to be directed after
clicking your ad on your affiliate's website. Landing pages are, nothing really different from other
web pages in a particular website, especially if the website is an e-commerce site

If you want to get something more from your online business, and if you want to bring in a lot of
profits, you better create a special landing page for your web ads.

There are a variety of affiliate marketing programs today, but most of these programs let the
merchant pay the affiliate in a pay per click basis. Basically, all you have to do is sign up with the
program and submit your ad. The program owner would then distribute your ad to various
affiliates who would then place your ad on their websites. Whenever your ad is clicked, a visitor
would be directed to your landing page and you would have to pay the affiliate for his service.

As a seller, you earn in an affiliate program through conversions-that is whenever a visitor that is
directed to your site actually buys a product on your site. Without these conversions, you actually
earn nothing from the program.

Now, you sure won't get any conversion if you have posted an ad on your affiliate's site without an
actual landing page for the potential customer to be redirected into. It's just like advertising a
product without actually having a store to sell your product. Your advertisement may be enticing
enough to encourage people to purchase a product, but without the landing page, how will they
know how to purchase the product

It is therefore important to have landing pages for your ads because it is the only way for you to
earn something in an affiliate program.

Many people make the mistake of making their website's homepage as the landing page for their
ads. The same is true for those who make use of other pages like a "contact us" page or a
product page. Homepages are often designed to serve multiple users and contains a lot of links to
other pages or to other websites. If you want to be successful in an affiliate program, you don't
want your landing page to cater to the needs of various people, most of which may not be really
interested with your product.

When choosing a landing page, you must always have the customer directed into that page in
mind. Therefore, your landing page must be relevant to the keywords and the contents you placed
on your ad. It is important that the landing page can encourage your visitor to take action to
purchase your product or at least provide leads for possible customers.

If you get into an affiliate marketing program without actually having a landing page, you'll end up
paying too much without getting anything in return. So if you still don't have a landing page for
your ads, you should start creating one now.

Managing Your mailing list

I subscribe to quite a few different email lists. I receive newsletters, links to ezine sites, special
sales bulletins, articles on self improvement, and even regular updates on the progress of my
favorite science fiction pictures. I'm a big fan of information, and thanks to electronic mail, I can
receive loads of it on a daily basis.

It's great to open my inbox and find an insightful article that helps me put a current dilemma into
balanced perspective. It's also pretty nice to find that software I've had my eye on being sold at
half price to members of the company's mailing list. A well managed mailing list is a valuable
service that I'm happy to take advantage of.

On the other hand, I'm less than thrilled when I find a message about viagra from someone who
told me their newsletter was going to include some great business tips. I'm also not entirely
pleased to receive daily updates on the latest pre-launch hogwash from that guy who offered me
the email marketing course. And why, someone tell me, do so many people insist on sending me
the same articles by Corey Rudl or Yanik Silver? A poorly managed mailing list is a sad thing that
puts me somewhere between irritation and sympathy.

I mean, someone obviously got my attention, and even convinced me to fill out a form to receive
more information. They got off to a great start, and who knows where things could have gone.

If they had offered some legitimate communication instead of a bunch of garbage, I may not have
unsubscribed from their list. In fact, if they had given me some quality info and worked to build a
relationship with me, I may well have become their next loyal customer.

Your opt-in mailing list is arguably the most important asset you have as a network marketer. It is
imperative that you manage this list in a professional, intelligent manner if you plan to build a
successful operation.

Here a few things to keep in mind when working your opt-in leads.

1. Give them what you offered. If you promote a newsletter that focuses on retail skiing equipment,
you are likely to agitate your readers by sending them adverts about big savings on fly fishing

2. Be clear about your mailing intervals up front, and make a good effort to maintain this schedule.
While additional mailings are sometimes appropriate, sending out "special" notices too often is
going to devalue your credibility.

3. Always offer your prospects the option of contacting you directly. Let them know on a regular
basis that you'd like to hear from them, and give them your personal email or phone number to
open up the lines of communication. People will respond much better to someone who is

4. Keep your "pitches" realistic and grounded. An honest recommendation about a product you
have used and benefited from is much better than the hyped up "best thing since sliced bread"
copy you find in your affiliate program's member area.

5. Be yourself! To build a proper relationship, you must be honest about who you are and what
you want. Don't worry about trying to impress your readers with rehashed "guru speak".
email marketing is a great way to build your business. If you apply sound judgement to the
management of your opt-in list, you will be rewarded with new relationships and return customers.

Multiple Streams of Income – 5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need it

I've become enamored with the word "multiple," especially when it pertains to business. I
especially like the idea of harnessing the power of the multiple to grow your business multiple
times over.

There are a lot of things that can be multiple in a business, but in this article I’m focusing on
multiple streams of income. In a nutshell, multiple streams of income means your business has
more then one way to make money. For instance, you sell products and you sell services. Those
are multiple streams of incomes. Why do you need them? Below are five reasons:

1. Make money while you sleep. This is a big one for those of us who sell our time (also known as
providing services). The biggest drawback to selling time is when you aren't working, you aren't
making money. So when you're on vacation, relaxing over the weekend or (gasp) sleeping, no
money is coming into the business. But let's say you create a product or two to sell in addition to
your services. Now you've just created a passive income stream (passive meaning it doesn't
require yours or anyone else's time). So if you are taking a nap or out walking the dogs, money
can still be coming into your business. (What a concept!)

2. Leverage your time. This is especially true with income streams that are passive. Basically
you're making money without it taking any of your time. Therefore, you can spend your time doing
something else and still enjoy money coming in from a passive income stream. This is a good way
to use your time wisely. (Rather than work for an hour, get paid for an hour, you can be paid
several times in several different ways during that same hour.)

3. Fill your pipeline. If all you sell is high-priced services, it can be difficult getting clients to hire
you. After all, clients need to trust you and trust they're getting a good deal for their money. If you
offer products or lower-priced services, you're giving those customers a chance to "try you out"
before plunking down several thousand dollars for a major project or consulting work. Because
your clients' initial investment is lower, you have a chance to lower their resistance to hiring you.

4. Catch a variety of clients. No matter what you offer, a part of your target market is not going to
be interested in hiring you. Why? Because they'd rather do it themselves. Or maybe they don't
have the money to hire you. Or maybe they do the same thing you do and would rather learn from
you to better their own skills. By offering a product or a class or a group option, you're widening
your net. Not only are you able to help more people, but you'll also be making more money doing

5. Diversify. The more income streams you have, the less devastating it will be to lose one. Not to
be negative, but things happen. Industries change. Economies change. People want different
things. If all you offer is services, and those services suddenly become obsolete, what happens to
your business? Or, a more likely scenario, what if you lose your biggest client? Or a couple big
clients at the same time? Sure, eventually you'll find other clients to make up the difference, but
what happens in the meantime? What if it takes a month or two or six? Your bills certainly won't
wait that long. But if you have other income streams, a dip in your services (or a dip in product
income) is no longer so scary because you'll still have money coming in.

Creativity Exercise -- Find time to create multiple income streams

Probably the hardest part of creating multiple income streams is a lack of time, especially when
your primary business is service based. So, now that you know how important it is, how are you
going to find the time to start doing it?

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

* Hire a virtual assistant (VA) or bookkeeper to take care of some tasks you have no business
doing anyway.
* Create systems in your business so you can complete business tasks faster and more efficiently.
* Raise your prices so you can take on fewer clients and make more money.
* Dedicate a Saturday or Sunday to working on your business. (Be careful with this one as you
could very quickly end up burning yourself out.)

Get a pen and paper and do some brainstorming to see how you can find more time to start
creating more income streams.

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