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					Basic Information of Dual Enrollment
What is Dual Enrollment?

   1. Dual enrollment is a program where eligible high school students attend college classes and
      earn high school credit and college credit at the same time. The credits that students earn must
      be applicable toward high school graduation and acceptable toward an Associate or
      Baccalaureate degree.

What are the benefits of dual enrollment?

   1.   Saves parents and students money because tuition and lab fees are waived.
   2.   Shortens time to earn a college degree.
   3.   Offers challenging courses.
   4.   Gives students the opportunity to earn high school credit and college credit at the same time.
   5.   Awards students with college credit that is transferable to any Florida public college or

Who is eligible for Dual Enrollment?

   1.   Students who have an overall unweighted 3.0 grade point average.
   2.   Students that have appropriate scores for the SAT, ACT, CPT, or PERT exams.
   3.   Permission from a parent or guardian and your high school guidance counselor.
   4.   Students that understand the amount of work necessary to succeed in dual enrollment will be
        greater than in high school courses.
        Note: Student must maintain a 3.0 GPA in high school.

Do I have to pay for dual enrollment?

   1. Dual enrollment is free, in terms of tuition and fees.
   2. Private school students and home school students have to pay for books.

Test Score Information
Do I have to take a standardized test?

   1.   Yes. You must have taken the SAT, ACT, CPT, or PERT.
   2.   You must provide an official copy of your test scores.
   3.   Test score cannot be more than two years old.
   4.   If you do not have test scores from one of these exams you will not be able to register for class.

What scores must I have on the standardized tests?

   1. If you are planning to take English (composition) the required scores are:
      SAT = Reading 440
       ACT = Reading 18, Writing 17
       CPT = Reading 83, Writing 83
       PERT = Reading 104, Writing 99
    2. If you are planning to take College Algebra, the required scores are:
       SAT = Math 450
       ACT = Math 21
       CPT = Math 85
       PERT = 123
    3. If you are planning to take intermediate algebra the required scores are:
       SAT = 440
       ACT = 19 to 20
       CPT = 72 to 84
       PERT = 113 to 122

If I have already taken one of the standardized tests will the college accept a copy or does it have to
be the original scores?

    1. You will need the official copy of your test scores.

Dual Enrollment Course Information
What Courses can I take?

    1. Dual enrollment students that have college ready test scores can take Math and English as well
       as general education classes. College readiness is determined by the scores from the SAT, ACT,
       CPT and PERT.
    2. Students that are not college ready can take classes in areas such as the social sciences,
       business, etc.
    3. Students should concentrate on becoming college ready as soon as possible.
    4. Dual enrollment students cannot take remedial courses or courses that do not count as a college

Where can I take dual enrollment courses?

    1. Courses may be taken before, during or after school and also during summer.
    2. Courses can be at the college, online, or at your high school if available.

How many classes can I take per semester?

    1. Students may take up to 10 credit hours per fall and spring semesters.
    2. Students must meet with their guidance counselors or dual enrollment contact, to assure the
       student’s schedule meets their high school graduation requirements.
   3. Students with a lot of extracurricular activities need to think about the time commitment
      needed to be successful in dual enrollment. General rule, every hour spent in class is three
      hours spent studying.

Can I take classes over the summer?

   1. Students that are rising juniors and seniors can take summer courses at the college based upon
      receiving approval from their high school’s dual enrollment contact.
   2. Students can take a maximum of 2 classes per six week session.
   3. Keep in mind that summer courses consist of the same amount of work in half the time.

Can I take only dual enrollment classes?

   1. In your senior year, students that have been approved by their guidance counselor can be
      registered as early admissions. Early admission is when a student is taking only dual enrollment
      courses and is considered a full-time college student.

How does dual enrollment affect my grades?

   1. Dual enrollment is the start of your college transcript. The grades you earn in dual enrollment
      will follow you forever.
   2. These grades can affect your college admissions, Bright futures, and financial aid eligibility.
      Please be aware of your college GPA. Take dual enrollment courses seriously.
   3. Students that earn a grade below “C” or withdrawal from a course will be removed from the
      dual enrollment program.
   4. If a student’s high school GPA drops below 3.0, they will be removed from the dual enrollment

Dual Enrollment application
How do I apply for dual enrollment?

   1. You have to fill out a dual enrollment application which also includes the principle of
      participation. These forms are available in your guidance office. If you are homeschooled
      contact the dual enrollment office for a home school packet.
   2. All forms must be signed by you, your parent or guardian and the high school guidance
   3. You have to apply early. It is the students’ responsibility to know when the registration dates are
      and have all your paper work turned no later than two weeks before registration begins.
   4. Students who do not have all their paperwork (application, principles of participation, and test
      scores) will not be processed.

When Should I submit my application for dual enrollment?
    1. You must submit you application and a copy of official test scores to the dual enrollment office
       no later than 30 working days prior to the start of registration of the desired term of enrollment.

Dual Enrollment Registration Process
How do I register for class?

    1. The registration process starts with your high school’s dual enrollment contact. The students are
       responsible for knowing the dates to meet with their high school’s dual enrollment contact to
       begin the process.
    2. The registration form has to be signed by you and your guidance counselor, then the paper work
       is submitted to SJR State’ s Dual Enrollment department where it is processed.
    3. On the designated dual enrollment registration date the student’s registration form will be
       entered into SJR State’s computer system.
    4. Remember just because you select a particular section on your registration form does not mean
       you will be registered for that course. Majority of the time if you do not get the class selected it
       is because the section is closed, which means additional students cannot be added. Please be
       flexible and have a backup plan.

I had my registration turned in on time and did not get all my classes. What do I do?

    1. Dual enrollment registration forms must be turned in by a specific deadline. These deadlines are
       usually weeks ahead of the actual start of registration.
    2. By the end of deadline date the forms are sent to the dual enrollment office in Palatka, FL.
       where they are processed. The Dual Enrollment office serves 17 high schools as well as private
       and homeschool students, which is the reason that the deadline has to be earlier than the
       designated registration date.
    3. Regular (fee paying) students register before dual enrollment students. Unfortunately some
       courses fill up before dual enrollment students can register.
    4. In the college setting courses have limited seating capacities as a result classes fill up, which
       means just because you put a certain course on the registration form does not guarantee that
       you will get into that particular course.
    5. Always have a backup plan when selecting courses. Sometimes we will have to adjust on a
       student’s schedule several times before we can get them into a course. Please be patient and
       remember all college students experience class closures.

How do I order my transcripts.

    1. Transcripts can be ordered at under the student tab you will see
    2. Students can order up to 5 transcripts at one time and send them to 5 different recipients.
  3. It’s very important that you know when the college you are applying to is accepting applications
     and transcripts.
  4. If attending another college or university, please remember to order your SJR State transcript
     after high school graduation.

Dual Enrollment Student Responsibilities
  1. Students are responsible for completing the application process. (Application, Principles of
     Participation and a copy of official test scores.)
  2. Students are responsible for knowing the dates and deadlines for Dual Enrollment. (Registration,
     add/drop, and the withdrawal deadline for both the college site and the high school site
  3. Students are responsible for logging into their mysjrstate accounts and checking them regularly
     for important information and announcements.
  4. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner at all times.
  5. Students are responsible for providing updated information. (Test scores, address change, etc.)
  6. Students are responsible for knowing college and course policies.
  7. Students are responsible for ordering their college transcript once they have graduated high

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