MN_BB Providers By County by tangshuming


									              Broadband Providers by County
                                 October 1, 2011
COUNTY   PROVIDER                                  WEBSITE
Aitkin   AT&T Mobility LLC               
Aitkin   CenturyLink                     
Aitkin   Charter Communications, Inc.    
Aitkin   DISH Network Corporation        
Aitkin   Emily Cooperative Telephone Company
Aitkin   Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Aitkin   Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Aitkin   Johnson Telephone Co.           
Aitkin   SCI Broadband                   
Aitkin   Sprint                          
Aitkin   Verizon Wireless                
Aitkin   WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Anoka    AT&T Mobility LLC               
Anoka    CenturyLink                     
Anoka    CitEscape High Speed Internet   
Anoka    Clear                           
Anoka    Comcast                         
Anoka    DISH Network Corporation        
Anoka    Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Anoka    Genesis Wireless                
Anoka    Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Anoka    Sprint                          
Anoka    T-Mobile                        
Anoka    US Cable                        
Anoka    Verizon Wireless                
Anoka    WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Becker   Arvig Communication Systems     
Becker   AT&T Mobility LLC               
Becker   CenturyLink                     
Becker   DISH Network Corporation        
Becker   Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Becker   Lakesnet                        
Becker   Loretel Systems, Inc.           
Becker   Southern Cablevision            
Becker   Sprint                          
Becker   Verizon Wireless                
Becker   West Central Telephone Association

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Becker       WildBlue Communications, Inc. 
Beltrami     Arvig Communication Systems   
Beltrami     AT&T Mobility LLC             
Beltrami     CenturyLink                   
Beltrami     DISH Network Corporation      
Beltrami     Enterpoint Wireless           
Beltrami     Garden Valley Telephone Company
Beltrami     Hughes Network Systems, LLC   
Beltrami     Midcontinent Communications   
Beltrami     Paul Bunyan Telephone         
Beltrami     Sprint                        
Beltrami     Verizon Wireless              
Beltrami     Wikstrom Telephone Company    
Beltrami     WildBlue Communications, Inc. 
Benton       AirLinkBroadband              
Benton       AT&T Mobility LLC             
Benton       Benton Cooperative Telephone Company
Benton       CenturyLink                   
Benton       Charter Communications, Inc.  
Benton       CitEscape High Speed Internet 
Benton       Clearwire                     
Benton       DISH Network Corporation      
Benton       Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Benton       Hughes Network Systems, LLC   
Benton       Sprint                        
Benton       T-Mobile                      
Benton       US Cable                      
Benton       Verizon Wireless              
Benton       WildBlue Communications, Inc. 
Benton       Windstream                    
Big Stone    AT&T Mobility LLC             
Big Stone    CenturyLink                   
Big Stone    DISH Network Corporation      
Big Stone    Farmers Mutual Telephone Company
Big Stone    Federated Telephone Cooperative
Big Stone    Hughes Network Systems, LLC   
Big Stone    Info Link Wireless, Inc.      
Big Stone    Mediacom                      
Big Stone    Midcontinent Communications   
Big Stone    MVTV Wireless                 
Big Stone    Sprint                        
Big Stone    Valley Telephone              
Big Stone    Verizon Wireless              
Big Stone    WildBlue Communications, Inc. 
Blue Earth   AT&T Mobility LLC             
Blue Earth   BEVCOMM                       
Blue Earth   Charter Communications, Inc.  

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Blue Earth   Christensen Communications Company
Blue Earth   DISH Network Corporation        
Blue Earth   Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Blue Earth   Hickory Tech Corporation        
Blue Earth   Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Blue Earth   Jaguar Communications           
Blue Earth   Mediacom                        
Blue Earth   MVTV Wireless                   
Blue Earth   NU-Telecom                      
Blue Earth   Sleepy Eye Telephone Company    
Blue Earth   Sprint                          
Blue Earth   Starnet                         
Blue Earth   T-Mobile                        
Blue Earth   Verizon Wireless                
Blue Earth   WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Brown        Arvig Communication Systems     
Brown        AT&T Mobility LLC               
Brown        Christensen Communications Company
Brown        Comcast                         
Brown        DISH Network Corporation        
Brown        Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Brown        Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Brown        Mediacom                        
Brown        Minnesota Valley Telephone Company        N/A
Brown        MVTV Wireless                   
Brown        NU-Telecom                      
Brown        Sleepy Eye Telephone Company    
Brown        SpeedNet                        
Brown        Sprint                          
Brown        Verizon Wireless                
Brown        WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Carlton      AT&T Mobility LLC               
Carlton      CenturyLink                     
Carlton      DISH Network Corporation        
Carlton      Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Carlton      Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Carlton      Mediacom                        
Carlton      SCI Broadband                   
Carlton      Sprint                          
Carlton      T-Mobile                        
Carlton      Verizon Wireless                
Carlton      WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Carver       AT&T Mobility LLC               
Carver       Broadband Corp                  
Carver       CenturyLink                     
Carver       Charter Communications, Inc.    

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Carver     ChaskaNet                                 solutions
Carver     Clear                           
Carver     Comcast                         
Carver     DISH Network Corporation        
Carver     Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Carver     Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Carver     Mediacom                        
Carver     Sprint                          
Carver     TDS Telecom                     
Carver     T-Mobile                        
Carver     Verizon Wireless                
Carver     WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Cass       Arrowhead Communications Corporation
Cass       Arvig Communication Systems     
Cass       AT&T Mobility LLC               
Cass       CenturyLink                     
Cass       Charter Communications, Inc.    
Cass       Clear Choice Communications     
Cass       Clearwire                       
Cass       CTC Skywave                               WaveWirelessInternet
Cass       CTC Telcom                      
Cass       DISH Network Corporation        
Cass       Emily Cooperative Telephone Company
Cass       Enterpoint Wireless             
Cass       Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Cass       Johnson Telephone Co.           
Cass       Midcontinent Communications     
Cass       Paul Bunyan Telephone           
Cass       SCI Broadband                   
Cass       Southern Cablevision            
Cass       Sprint                          
Cass       TDS Telecom                     
Cass       T-Mobile                        
Cass       Verizon Wireless                
Cass       West Central Telephone Association
Cass       WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Chippewa   Arvig Communication Systems     
Chippewa   AT&T Mobility LLC               
Chippewa   CenturyLink                     
Chippewa   Charter Communications, Inc.    
Chippewa   DISH Network Corporation        
Chippewa   Federated Telephone Cooperative 
Chippewa   Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Chippewa   Hanson Communications                     N/A
Chippewa   Hughes Network Systems, LLC     

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Chippewa     Info Link Wireless, Inc.         
Chippewa     Mediacom                         
Chippewa     MVTV Wireless                    
Chippewa     Sprint                           
Chippewa     T-Mobile                         
Chippewa     Verizon Wireless                 
Chippewa     WildBlue Communications, Inc.    
Chisago      AT&T Mobility LLC                
Chisago      CenturyLink                      
Chisago      Charter Communications, Inc.     
Chisago      DISH Network Corporation         
Chisago      Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Chisago      Genesis Wireless                 
Chisago      Hughes Network Systems, LLC      
Chisago      Sprint                           
Chisago      T-Mobile                         
Chisago      US Cable                         
Chisago      Verizon Wireless                 
Chisago      WildBlue Communications, Inc.    
Chisago      Windstream                       
Clay         702 Communications               
Clay         Arvig Communication Systems      
Clay         AT&T Mobility LLC                
Clay         Barnesville Municipal Telephone            elephone.html
Clay         Cable ONE                        
Clay         CenturyLink                      
Clay         DISH Network Corporation         
Clay         Felton Telephone Company         
Clay         Hughes Network Systems, LLC      
Clay         IdeaOne Telecom                  
Clay         Loretel Systems, Inc.            
Clay         Midcontinent Communications      
Clay         Red River Rural Telephone Association
Clay         RRT Ag Wireless                  
Clay         Southern Cablevision             
Clay         Sprint                           
Clay         Verizon Wireless                 
Clay         WildBlue Communications, Inc.    
Clearwater   Arvig Communication Systems      
Clearwater   AT&T Mobility LLC                
Clearwater   DISH Network Corporation         
Clearwater   Garden Valley Telephone Company  
Clearwater   Hughes Network Systems, LLC      
Clearwater   Paul Bunyan Telephone            
Clearwater   Sprint                           
Clearwater   Verizon Wireless                 

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Clearwater   WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Cook         AT&T Mobility LLC               
Cook         CenturyLink                     
Cook         DISH Network Corporation        
Cook         Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Cook         Sprint                          
Cook         Verizon Wireless                
Cook         WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Cottonwood   Arvig Communication Systems     
Cottonwood   AT&T Mobility LLC               
Cottonwood   CenturyLink                     
Cottonwood   DISH Network Corporation        
Cottonwood   Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Cottonwood   Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Cottonwood   Mediacom                        
Cottonwood   MVTV Wireless                   
Cottonwood   NU-Telecom                      
Cottonwood   SpeedNet                        
Cottonwood   Sprint                          
Cottonwood   Starnet                         
Cottonwood   Verizon Wireless                
Cottonwood   WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Cottonwood   Windomnnet                      
Crow Wing    AT&T Mobility LLC               
Crow Wing    CenturyLink                     
Crow Wing    Charter Communications, Inc.    
Crow Wing    Clearwire                       
Crow Wing    Crosslake Communications        
Crow Wing    CTC Skywave                               WaveWirelessInternet
Crow Wing    CTC Telcom                      
Crow Wing    DISH Network Corporation        
Crow Wing    Emily Cooperative Telephone Company
Crow Wing    Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Crow Wing    Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Crow Wing    SCI Broadband                   
Crow Wing    Sprint                          
Crow Wing    TDS Telecom                     
Crow Wing    T-Mobile                        
Crow Wing    Verizon Wireless                
Crow Wing    WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Dakota       AT&T Mobility LLC               
Dakota       BEVCOMM                         
Dakota       CenturyLink                     
Dakota       Charter Communications, Inc.    
Dakota       Clear                           
Dakota       Comcast                         

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Dakota      DISH Network Corporation        
Dakota      Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Dakota      FTTH Communications             
Dakota      Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Dakota      Integra Telecom                 
Dakota      Jaguar Communications           
Dakota      Mediacom                        
Dakota      NorthfieldWiFi                  
Dakota      Sprint                          
Dakota      T-Mobile                        
Dakota      Verizon Wireless                
Dakota      WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Dodge       AT&T Mobility LLC               
Dodge       Charter Communications, Inc.    
Dodge       DISH Network Corporation        
Dodge       Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Dodge       Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Dodge       Jaguar Communications           
Dodge       KM Telecom                      
Dodge       Mediacom                        
Dodge       Pine Island Telephone Company   
Dodge       SpeedNet                        
Dodge       Sprint                          
Dodge       T-Mobile                        
Dodge       Verizon Wireless                
Dodge       WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Douglas     Arvig Communication Systems     
Douglas     AT&T Mobility LLC               
Douglas     CenturyLink                     
Douglas     Charter Communications, Inc.    
Douglas     DISH Network Corporation        
Douglas     Federated Telephone Cooperative 
Douglas     Gardonville Telephone           
Douglas     Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Douglas     Info Link Wireless, Inc.        
Douglas     Park Region Telephone           
Douglas     Runestone Telephone Company     
Douglas     Sprint                          
Douglas     Verizon Wireless                
Douglas     WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Douglas     Wisper Wireless                 
Faribault   AT&T Mobility LLC               
Faribault   BEVCOMM                         
Faribault   DISH Network Corporation        
Faribault   Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Faribault   Hughes Network Systems, LLC     

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Faribault   Jaguar Communications             
Faribault   Mediacom                          
Faribault   MVTV Wireless                     
Faribault   Sprint                            
Faribault   Starnet                           
Faribault   Verizon Wireless                  
Faribault   WildBlue Communications, Inc.     
Faribault   Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association
Fillmore    Ace Communications Group          
Fillmore    AT&T Mobility LLC                 
Fillmore    CenturyLink                       
Fillmore    DISH Network Corporation          
Fillmore    Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Fillmore    Hughes Network Systems, LLC       
Fillmore    Jaguar Communications             
Fillmore    Mabel Cooperative Telephone Company
Fillmore    Mediacom                          
Fillmore    SpeedNet                          
Fillmore    Spring Grove Communications       
Fillmore    Sprint                            
Fillmore    T-Mobile                          
Fillmore    Verizon Wireless                  
Fillmore    WildBlue Communications, Inc.     
Freeborn    AT&T Mobility LLC                 
Freeborn    BEVCOMM                           
Freeborn    CenturyLink                       
Freeborn    Charter Communications, Inc.      
Freeborn    DISH Network Corporation          
Freeborn    Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Freeborn    Hughes Network Systems, LLC       
Freeborn    Jaguar Communications             
Freeborn    Manchester-Hartland Telephone Company       N/A
Freeborn    Sprint                            
Freeborn    T-Mobile                          
Freeborn    Verizon Wireless                  
Freeborn    WildBlue Communications, Inc.     
Freeborn    Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association
Goodhue     AT&T Mobility LLC                 
Goodhue     BEVCOMM                           
Goodhue     CenturyLink                       
Goodhue     Charter Communications, Inc.      
Goodhue     DISH Network Corporation          
Goodhue     Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Goodhue     Hanson Communications                       N/A
Goodhue     Hughes Network Systems, LLC       
Goodhue     Jaguar Communications             
Goodhue     Mediacom                          

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Goodhue    NorthfieldWiFi                 
Goodhue    Pine Island Telephone Company  
Goodhue    Sleepy Eye Telephone Company   
Goodhue    SpeedNet                       
Goodhue    Sprint                         
Goodhue    T-Mobile                       
Goodhue    Verizon Wireless               
Goodhue    WildBlue Communications, Inc.  
Grant      AT&T Mobility LLC              
Grant      Bradco Wisp, Inc.              
Grant      DISH Network Corporation       
Grant      Federated Telephone Cooperative
Grant      Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Grant      Gardonville Telephone          
Grant      Hughes Network Systems, LLC    
Grant      Info Link Wireless, Inc.       
Grant      Park Region Telephone          
Grant      Runestone Telephone Company    
Grant      Sprint                         
Grant      Verizon Wireless               
Grant      WildBlue Communications, Inc.  
Hennepin   AT&T Mobility LLC              
Hennepin   Broadband Corp                 
Hennepin   CenturyLink                    
Hennepin   Charter Communications, Inc.   
Hennepin   CitEscape High Speed Internet  
Hennepin   Clear                          
Hennepin   Comcast                        
Hennepin   DISH Network Corporation       
Hennepin   Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Hennepin   Hughes Network Systems, LLC    
Hennepin   Mediacom                       
Hennepin   Sprint                         
Hennepin   T-Mobile                       
Hennepin   USI Wireless                   
Hennepin   Verizon Wireless               
Hennepin   WildBlue Communications, Inc.  
Hennepin   Windstream                     
Houston    Ace Communications Group       
Houston    CenturyLink                    
Houston    Charter Communications, Inc.   
Houston    DISH Network Corporation       
Houston    Hughes Network Systems, LLC    
Houston    Mabel Cooperative Telephone Company
Houston    Mediacom                       
Houston    Spring Grove Communications    
Houston    Sprint                         

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Houston   T-Mobile                        
Houston   Verizon Wireless                
Houston   WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Hubbard   Arvig Communication Systems     
Hubbard   AT&T Mobility LLC               
Hubbard   CenturyLink                     
Hubbard   Charter Communications, Inc.    
Hubbard   DISH Network Corporation        
Hubbard   Enterpoint Wireless             
Hubbard   Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Hubbard   Paul Bunyan Telephone           
Hubbard   Southern Cablevision            
Hubbard   Sprint                          
Hubbard   Verizon Wireless                
Hubbard   West Central Telephone Association
Hubbard   WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Isanti    AT&T Mobility LLC               
Isanti    CenturyLink                     
Isanti    CitEscape High Speed Internet   
Isanti    DISH Network Corporation        
Isanti    Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Isanti    Genesis Wireless                
Isanti    Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Isanti    Sprint                          
Isanti    T-Mobile                        
Isanti    US Cable                        
Isanti    Verizon Wireless                
Isanti    WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Isanti    Windstream                      
Itasca    Arvig Communication Systems     
Itasca    AT&T Mobility LLC               
Itasca    CenturyLink                     
Itasca    DISH Network Corporation        
Itasca    Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Itasca    Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Itasca    Johnson Telephone Co.           
Itasca    Mediacom                        
Itasca    Paul Bunyan Telephone           
Itasca    SCI Broadband                   
Itasca    Sprint                          
Itasca    Verizon Wireless                
Itasca    WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Jackson   AT&T Mobility LLC               
Jackson   CenturyLink                     
Jackson   DISH Network Corporation        
Jackson   Evertek, Inc.                   
Jackson   Frontier Communications of Minnesota

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Jackson     Hughes Network Systems, LLC         
Jackson     MVTV Wireless                       
Jackson     SpeedNet                            
Jackson     Sprint                              
Jackson     Starnet                             
Jackson     Verizon Wireless                    
Jackson     WildBlue Communications, Inc.       
Kanabec     AT&T Mobility LLC                   
Kanabec     Benton Cooperative Telephone Company
Kanabec     CenturyLink                         
Kanabec     DISH Network Corporation            
Kanabec     Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Kanabec     Genesis Wireless                    
Kanabec     Hughes Network Systems, LLC         
Kanabec     Sprint                              
Kanabec     T-Mobile                            
Kanabec     US Cable                            
Kanabec     Verizon Wireless                    
Kanabec     WildBlue Communications, Inc.       
Kanabec     Windstream                          
Kandiyohi   Arvig Communication Systems         
Kandiyohi   AT&T Mobility LLC                   
Kandiyohi   Broadband Corp                      
Kandiyohi   CenturyLink                         
Kandiyohi   Charter Communications, Inc.        
Kandiyohi   Clearwire                           
Kandiyohi   DISH Network Corporation            
Kandiyohi   Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Kandiyohi   Hanson Communications                         N/A
Kandiyohi   Hughes Network Systems, LLC         
Kandiyohi   Mediacom                            
Kandiyohi   MVTV Wireless                       
Kandiyohi   Sprint                              
Kandiyohi   TDS Telecom                         
Kandiyohi   T-Mobile                            
Kandiyohi   Verizon Wireless                    
Kandiyohi   WildBlue Communications, Inc.       
Kandiyohi   Windstream                          
Kandiyohi   Wisper Wireless                     
Kittson     AT&T Mobility LLC                   
Kittson     DISH Network Corporation            
Kittson     Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Kittson     Hughes Network Systems, LLC         
Kittson     InvisiMax, Inc.                     
Kittson     Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
Kittson     Verizon Wireless                    
Kittson     Wikstrom Telephone Company          

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Kittson             WildBlue Communications, Inc.           
Koochiching         AT&T Mobility LLC                       
Koochiching         CenturyLink                             
Koochiching         DISH Network Corporation                
Koochiching         Frontier Communications of Minnesota    
Koochiching         Hughes Network Systems, LLC             
Koochiching         Midcontinent Communications             
Koochiching         Paul Bunyan Telephone                   
Koochiching         Verizon Wireless                        
Koochiching         WildBlue Communications, Inc.           
Lac qui Parle       AT&T Mobility LLC                       
Lac qui Parle       CenturyLink                             
Lac qui Parle       Charter Communications, Inc.            
Lac qui Parle       DISH Network Corporation                
Lac qui Parle       Farmers Mutual Telephone Company        
Lac qui Parle       Federated Telephone Cooperative         
Lac qui Parle       Frontier Communications of Minnesota    
Lac qui Parle       Hughes Network Systems, LLC             
Lac qui Parle       Info Link Wireless, Inc.                
Lac qui Parle       Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.
Lac qui Parle       Mediacom                                
Lac qui Parle       MVTV Wireless                           
Lac qui Parle       Sprint                                  
Lac qui Parle       Verizon Wireless                        
Lac qui Parle       WildBlue Communications, Inc.           
Lake                AT&T Mobility LLC                       
Lake                CenturyLink                             
Lake                DISH Network Corporation                
Lake                Frontier Communications of Minnesota    
Lake                Hughes Network Systems, LLC             
Lake                Mediacom                                
Lake                Midcontinent Communications             
Lake                Sprint                                  
Lake                T-Mobile                                
Lake                Verizon Wireless                        
Lake                WildBlue Communications, Inc.           
Lake of the Woods   AT&T Mobility LLC                       
Lake of the Woods   CenturyLink                             
Lake of the Woods   DISH Network Corporation                
Lake of the Woods   Garden Valley Telephone Company         
Lake of the Woods   Hughes Network Systems, LLC             
Lake of the Woods   Sjoberg's Inc.                          
Lake of the Woods   Verizon Wireless                        
Lake of the Woods   Wikstrom Telephone Company              
Lake of the Woods   WildBlue Communications, Inc.           
Le Sueur            AT&T Mobility LLC                       
Le Sueur            BEVCOMM                                 

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Le Sueur   CenturyLink                             
Le Sueur   Comcast                                 
Le Sueur   DISH Network Corporation                
Le Sueur   Frontier Communications of Minnesota    
Le Sueur   Hickory Tech Corporation                
Le Sueur   Hughes Network Systems, LLC             
Le Sueur   Jaguar Communications                   
Le Sueur   Lonsdale Telephone Company, Inc.        
Le Sueur   Mediacom                                
Le Sueur   Sprint                                  
Le Sueur   T-Mobile                                
Le Sueur   Verizon Wireless                        
Le Sueur   WildBlue Communications, Inc.           
Lincoln    AT&T Mobility LLC                       
Lincoln    DISH Network Corporation                
Lincoln    Frontier Communications of Minnesota    
Lincoln    Hughes Network Systems, LLC             
Lincoln    Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.
Lincoln    Mediacom                                
Lincoln    MVTV Wireless                           
Lincoln    NetPoint                                
Lincoln    Sioux Valley Wireless                   
Lincoln    Sprint                                  
Lincoln    Verizon Wireless                        
Lincoln    WildBlue Communications, Inc.           
Lincoln    Woodstock Telephone Company             
Lyon       Arvig Communication Systems             
Lyon       AT&T Mobility LLC                       
Lyon       CenturyLink                             
Lyon       Charter Communications, Inc.            
Lyon       DISH Network Corporation                
Lyon       Frontier Communications of Minnesota    
Lyon       Hughes Network Systems, LLC             
Lyon       Knology of the Plains, Inc.             
Lyon       Minnesota Valley Telephone Company                N/A
Lyon       MVTV Wireless                           
Lyon       NetPoint                                
Lyon       Sioux Valley Wireless                   
Lyon       Sprint                                  
Lyon       Verizon Wireless                        
Lyon       WildBlue Communications, Inc.           
Lyon       Woodstock Telephone Company             
Mahnomen   Arvig Communication Systems             
Mahnomen   AT&T Mobility LLC                       
Mahnomen   DISH Network Corporation                
Mahnomen   Garden Valley Telephone Company         
Mahnomen   Hughes Network Systems, LLC             

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Mahnomen   Southern Cablevision                
Mahnomen   Sprint                              
Mahnomen   Verizon Wireless                    
Mahnomen   WildBlue Communications, Inc.       
Marshall   AT&T Mobility LLC                   
Marshall   DISH Network Corporation            
Marshall   Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Marshall   Garden Valley Telephone Company     
Marshall   Hughes Network Systems, LLC         
Marshall   InvisiMax, Inc.                     
Marshall   Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
Marshall   Sjoberg's Inc.                      
Marshall   Sprint                              
Marshall   Verizon Wireless                    
Marshall   Wikstrom Telephone Company          
Marshall   WildBlue Communications, Inc.       
Martin     AT&T Mobility LLC                   
Martin     BEVCOMM                             
Martin     DISH Network Corporation            
Martin     Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Martin     Granada Telephone Company           
Martin     Hughes Network Systems, LLC         
Martin     Midcontinent Communications         
Martin     MVTV Wireless                       
Martin     SpeedNet                            
Martin     Sprint                              
Martin     Starnet                             
Martin     Verizon Wireless                    
Martin     WildBlue Communications, Inc.       
McLeod     AT&T Mobility LLC                   
McLeod     Broadband Corp                      
McLeod     CenturyLink                         
McLeod     DISH Network Corporation            
McLeod     Frontier Communications of Minnesota
McLeod     Hughes Network Systems, LLC         
McLeod     Mediacom                            
McLeod     MVTV Wireless                       
McLeod     NU-Telecom                          
McLeod     Sprint                              
McLeod     TDS Telecom                         
McLeod     T-Mobile                            
McLeod     Verizon Wireless                    
McLeod     WildBlue Communications, Inc.       
McLeod     Winthrop Telephone                            N/A
Meeker     AT&T Mobility LLC                   
Meeker     Broadband Corp                      
Meeker     CenturyLink                         

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Meeker       Charter Communications, Inc.   
Meeker       CitEscape High Speed Internet  
Meeker       Clearwire                      
Meeker       DISH Network Corporation       
Meeker       Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Meeker       Hughes Network Systems, LLC    
Meeker       Mediacom                       
Meeker       Melrose Telephone Company      
Meeker       MVTV Wireless                  
Meeker       NU-Telecom                     
Meeker       Sprint                         
Meeker       TDS Telecom                    
Meeker       T-Mobile                       
Meeker       Verizon Wireless               
Meeker       WildBlue Communications, Inc.  
Meeker       Windstream                     
Mille Lacs   AT&T Mobility LLC              
Mille Lacs   Benton Cooperative Telephone Company
Mille Lacs   CenturyLink                    
Mille Lacs   CitEscape High Speed Internet  
Mille Lacs   DISH Network Corporation       
Mille Lacs   Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Mille Lacs   Genesis Wireless               
Mille Lacs   Hughes Network Systems, LLC    
Mille Lacs   Milaca Local Link              
Mille Lacs   SCI Broadband                  
Mille Lacs   Sprint                         
Mille Lacs   T-Mobile                       
Mille Lacs   US Cable                       
Mille Lacs   Verizon Wireless               
Mille Lacs   WildBlue Communications, Inc.  
Mille Lacs   Windstream                     
Morrison     AirLinkBroadband               
Morrison     AT&T Mobility LLC              
Morrison     Benton Cooperative Telephone Company
Morrison     CenturyLink                    
Morrison     Charter Communications, Inc.   
Morrison     Clearwire                      
Morrison     CTC Telcom                     
Morrison     DISH Network Corporation       
Morrison     Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Morrison     Hughes Network Systems, LLC    
Morrison     SCI Broadband                  
Morrison     Sprint                         
Morrison     Sytek Communications           
Morrison     T-Mobile                       
Morrison     US Cable                       

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Morrison   Verizon Wireless                
Morrison   WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Morrison   Wisper Wireless                 
Mower      Ace Communications Group        
Mower      AT&T Mobility LLC               
Mower      CenturyLink                     
Mower      Charter Communications, Inc.    
Mower      DISH Network Corporation        
Mower      Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Mower      Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Mower      Jaguar Communications           
Mower      KM Telecom                      
Mower      Mediacom                        
Mower      Sprint                          
Mower      T-Mobile                        
Mower      Verizon Wireless                
Mower      WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Murray     Arvig Communication Systems     
Murray     AT&T Mobility LLC               
Murray     CenturyLink                     
Murray     DISH Network Corporation        
Murray     Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Murray     Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Murray     Knology of the Plains, Inc.     
Murray     Mediacom                        
Murray     MVTV Wireless                   
Murray     Sioux Valley Wireless           
Murray     SpeedNet                        
Murray     Sprint                          
Murray     Verizon Wireless                
Murray     WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Murray     Woodstock Telephone Company     
Nicollet   Arvig Communication Systems     
Nicollet   AT&T Mobility LLC               
Nicollet   CenturyLink                     
Nicollet   Charter Communications, Inc.    
Nicollet   Comcast                         
Nicollet   DISH Network Corporation        
Nicollet   Hickory Tech Corporation        
Nicollet   Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Nicollet   Mediacom                        
Nicollet   MVTV Wireless                   
Nicollet   NU-Telecom                      
Nicollet   Sprint                          
Nicollet   T-Mobile                        
Nicollet   Verizon Wireless                
Nicollet   WildBlue Communications, Inc.   

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Nobles       AT&T Mobility LLC               
Nobles       CenturyLink                     
Nobles       DISH Network Corporation        
Nobles       Evertek, Inc.                   
Nobles       Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Nobles       Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Nobles       Knology of the Plains, Inc.     
Nobles       Mediacom                        
Nobles       MVTV Wireless                   
Nobles       Sioux Valley Wireless           
Nobles       SpeedNet                        
Nobles       Sprint                          
Nobles       Verizon Wireless                
Nobles       WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Norman       Arvig Communication Systems     
Norman       AT&T Mobility LLC               
Norman       DISH Network Corporation        
Norman       Felton Telephone Company        
Norman       Garden Valley Telephone Company 
Norman       HTC                             
Norman       Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Norman       Loretel Systems, Inc.           
Norman       Southern Cablevision            
Norman       Sprint                          
Norman       Verizon Wireless                
Norman       WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Olmsted      AT&T Mobility LLC               
Olmsted      CenturyLink                     
Olmsted      Charter Communications, Inc.    
Olmsted      DISH Network Corporation        
Olmsted      Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Olmsted      Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Olmsted      Jaguar Communications           
Olmsted      KM Telecom                      
Olmsted      Mediacom                        
Olmsted      Pine Island Telephone Company   
Olmsted      SpeedNet                        
Olmsted      Sprint                          
Olmsted      T-Mobile                        
Olmsted      Verizon Wireless                
Olmsted      WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Otter Tail   Arvig Communication Systems     
Otter Tail   AT&T Mobility LLC               
Otter Tail   Bradco Wisp, Inc.               
Otter Tail   CenturyLink                     
Otter Tail   Charter Communications, Inc.    
Otter Tail   DISH Network Corporation        

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Otter Tail   Hughes Network Systems, LLC             
Otter Tail   Lakesnet                                
Otter Tail   Loretel Systems, Inc.                   
Otter Tail   Ottertail Telcom                        
Otter Tail   Park Region Telephone                   
Otter Tail   Red River Rural Telephone Association   
Otter Tail   Rothsay Telephone Company Inc.                    N/A
Otter Tail   RRT Ag Wireless                         
Otter Tail   Runestone Telephone Company             
Otter Tail   Southern Cablevision                    
Otter Tail   Sprint                                  
Otter Tail   Verizon Wireless                        
Otter Tail   West Central Telephone Association      
Otter Tail   WildBlue Communications, Inc.           
Pennington   AT&T Mobility LLC                       
Pennington   CenturyLink                             
Pennington   DISH Network Corporation                
Pennington   Garden Valley Telephone Company         
Pennington   Hughes Network Systems, LLC             
Pennington   InvisiMax, Inc.                         
Pennington   Sjoberg's Inc.                          
Pennington   Sprint                                  
Pennington   Verizon Wireless                        
Pennington   Wikstrom Telephone Company              
Pennington   WildBlue Communications, Inc.           
Pine         AT&T Mobility LLC                       
Pine         CenturyLink                             
Pine         DISH Network Corporation                
Pine         Frontier Communications of Minnesota    
Pine         Genesis Wireless                        
Pine         Hughes Network Systems, LLC             
Pine         Mediacom                                
Pine         SCI Broadband                           
Pine         Sprint                                  
Pine         US Cable                                
Pine         Verizon Wireless                        
Pine         WildBlue Communications, Inc.           
Pipestone    AT&T Mobility LLC                       
Pipestone    CenturyLink                             
Pipestone    DISH Network Corporation                
Pipestone    Frontier Communications of Minnesota    
Pipestone    Hughes Network Systems, LLC             
Pipestone    Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.
Pipestone    Knology of the Plains, Inc.             
Pipestone    Mediacom                                
Pipestone    Sioux Valley Wireless                   
Pipestone    Sprint                                  

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Pipestone   Verizon Wireless                
Pipestone   WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Pipestone   Woodstock Telephone Company     
Polk        AT&T Mobility LLC               
Polk        CenturyLink                     
Polk        DISH Network Corporation        
Polk        Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Polk        Garden Valley Telephone Company 
Polk        HTC                             
Polk        Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Polk        InvisiMax, Inc.                 
Polk        Midcontinent Communications     
Polk        Sprint                          
Polk        Verizon Wireless                
Polk        Wikstrom Telephone Company      
Polk        WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Pope        AT&T Mobility LLC               
Pope        CenturyLink                     
Pope        Charter Communications, Inc.    
Pope        DISH Network Corporation        
Pope        Federated Telephone Cooperative 
Pope        Hanson Communications                     N/A
Pope        Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Pope        Info Link Wireless, Inc.        
Pope        Mediacom                        
Pope        MVTV Wireless                   
Pope        Runestone Telephone Company     
Pope        Sprint                          
Pope        TDS Telecom                     
Pope        Verizon Wireless                
Pope        WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Pope        Wisper Wireless                 
Ramsey      AT&T Mobility LLC               
Ramsey      CenturyLink                     
Ramsey      Clear                           
Ramsey      Comcast                         
Ramsey      DISH Network Corporation        
Ramsey      Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Ramsey      Sprint                          
Ramsey      T-Mobile                        
Ramsey      Verizon Wireless                
Ramsey      WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Red Lake    AT&T Mobility LLC               
Red Lake    DISH Network Corporation        
Red Lake    Garden Valley Telephone Company 
Red Lake    HTC                             
Red Lake    Hughes Network Systems, LLC     

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Red Lake   Sprint                          
Red Lake   Verizon Wireless                
Red Lake   WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Redwood    Arvig Communication Systems     
Redwood    AT&T Mobility LLC               
Redwood    CenturyLink                     
Redwood    DISH Network Corporation        
Redwood    Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Redwood    Mediacom                        
Redwood    Minnesota Valley Telephone Company        N/A
Redwood    MVTV Wireless                   
Redwood    NU-Telecom                      
Redwood    Sleepy Eye Telephone Company    
Redwood    SpeedNet                        
Redwood    Sprint                          
Redwood    Verizon Wireless                
Redwood    WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Renville   Arvig Communication Systems     
Renville   AT&T Mobility LLC               
Renville   Broadband Corp                  
Renville   CenturyLink                     
Renville   DISH Network Corporation        
Renville   Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Renville   Hanson Communications                     N/A
Renville   Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Renville   Mediacom                        
Renville   Minnesota Valley Telephone Company        N/A
Renville   MVTV Wireless                   
Renville   NU-Telecom                      
Renville   Sheehan Gas                     
Renville   Sprint                          
Renville   TDS Telecom                     
Renville   T-Mobile                        
Renville   Verizon Wireless                
Renville   WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Rice       AT&T Mobility LLC               
Rice       BEVCOMM                         
Rice       CenturyLink                     
Rice       Charter Communications, Inc.    
Rice       DISH Network Corporation        
Rice       Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Rice       Hickory Tech Corporation        
Rice       Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Rice       Integra Telecom                 
Rice       Jaguar Communications           
Rice       Lonsdale Telephone Company, Inc.
Rice       Mediacom                        

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Rice        NorthfieldWiFi                  
Rice        Sprint                          
Rice        T-Mobile                        
Rice        Verizon Wireless                
Rice        WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Rock        AT&T Mobility LLC               
Rock        CenturyLink                     
Rock        DISH Network Corporation        
Rock        Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Rock        Hills Telephone Company         
Rock        Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Rock        Knology of the Plains, Inc.     
Rock        Mediacom                        
Rock        Sioux Valley Wireless           
Rock        Sprint                          
Rock        Verizon Wireless                
Rock        WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Roseau      AT&T Mobility LLC               
Roseau      CenturyLink                     
Roseau      DISH Network Corporation        
Roseau      Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Roseau      Sjoberg's Inc.                  
Roseau      Verizon Wireless                
Roseau      Wikstrom Telephone Company      
Roseau      WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Scott       AT&T Mobility LLC               
Scott       BEVCOMM                         
Scott       Broadband Corp                  
Scott       CenturyLink                     
Scott       Charter Communications, Inc.    
Scott       Clear                           
Scott       Comcast                         
Scott       DISH Network Corporation        
Scott       Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Scott       Hughes Network Systems, LLC     
Scott       Integra Telecom                 
Scott       Jaguar Communications           
Scott       Lonsdale Telephone Company, Inc.
Scott       Mediacom                        
Scott       NorthfieldWiFi                  
Scott       Sprint                          
Scott       T-Mobile                        
Scott       Verizon Wireless                
Scott       WildBlue Communications, Inc.   
Sherburne   AirLinkBroadband                
Sherburne   AT&T Mobility LLC               
Sherburne   CenturyLink                     

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Sherburne   Charter Communications, Inc.   
Sherburne   CitEscape High Speed Internet  
Sherburne   Clearwire                      
Sherburne   DISH Network Corporation       
Sherburne   Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Sherburne   Genesis Wireless               
Sherburne   Hughes Network Systems, LLC    
Sherburne   Sprint                         
Sherburne   T-Mobile                       
Sherburne   US Cable                       
Sherburne   Verizon Wireless               
Sherburne   WildBlue Communications, Inc.  
Sherburne   Windstream                     
Sibley      Arvig Communication Systems    
Sibley      AT&T Mobility LLC              
Sibley      Broadband Corp                 
Sibley      CenturyLink                    
Sibley      DISH Network Corporation       
Sibley      Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Sibley      Hughes Network Systems, LLC    
Sibley      Mediacom                       
Sibley      MVTV Wireless                  
Sibley      NU-Telecom                     
Sibley      Sprint                         
Sibley      T-Mobile                       
Sibley      Verizon Wireless               
Sibley      WildBlue Communications, Inc.  
Sibley      Winthrop Telephone                       N/A
St. Louis   Arrowhead Communications Corporation
St. Louis   AT&T Mobility LLC              
St. Louis   CenturyLink                    
St. Louis   Charter Communications, Inc.   
St. Louis   Clearwire                      
St. Louis   DISH Network Corporation       
St. Louis   Frontier Communications of Minnesota
St. Louis   Hughes Network Systems, LLC    
St. Louis   Mediacom                       
St. Louis   Midcontinent Communications    
St. Louis   Paul Bunyan Telephone          
St. Louis   SCI Broadband                  
St. Louis   Sprint                         
St. Louis   T-Mobile                       
St. Louis   Verizon Wireless               
St. Louis   WildBlue Communications, Inc.  
Stearns     AirLinkBroadband               
Stearns     Albany Mutual Telephone Association
Stearns     AT&T Mobility LLC              

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Stearns   Benton Cooperative Telephone Company
Stearns   CenturyLink                    
Stearns   Charter Communications, Inc.   
Stearns   CitEscape High Speed Internet  
Stearns   Clearwire                      
Stearns   DISH Network Corporation       
Stearns   Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Stearns   Hughes Network Systems, LLC    
Stearns   Mainstreet Communications      
Stearns   Mediacom                       
Stearns   Melrose Telephone Company      
Stearns   MVTV Wireless                  
Stearns   Sprint                         
Stearns   Sytek Communications           
Stearns   TDS Telecom                    
Stearns   T-Mobile                       
Stearns   US Cable                       
Stearns   Verizon Wireless               
Stearns   WildBlue Communications, Inc.  
Stearns   Windstream                     
Stearns   Wisper Wireless                
Steele    AT&T Mobility LLC              
Steele    BEVCOMM                        
Steele    CenturyLink                    
Steele    Charter Communications, Inc.   
Steele    DISH Network Corporation       
Steele    Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Steele    Hickory Tech Corporation       
Steele    Hughes Network Systems, LLC    
Steele    Jaguar Communications          
Steele    Manchester-Hartland Telephone Company    N/A
Steele    Mediacom                       
Steele    NorthfieldWiFi                 
Steele    Sprint                         
Steele    T-Mobile                       
Steele    Verizon Wireless               
Steele    WildBlue Communications, Inc.  
Stevens   AT&T Mobility LLC              
Stevens   CenturyLink                    
Stevens   DISH Network Corporation       
Stevens   Federated Telephone Cooperative
Stevens   Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Stevens   HomeTown Solutions LLC                   N/A
Stevens   Hughes Network Systems, LLC    
Stevens   Info Link Wireless, Inc.       
Stevens   Mediacom                       
Stevens   MVTV Wireless                  

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Stevens    Runestone Telephone Company      
Stevens    Sprint                           
Stevens    Verizon Wireless                 
Stevens    WildBlue Communications, Inc.    
Swift      AT&T Mobility LLC                
Swift      CenturyLink                      
Swift      Charter Communications, Inc.     
Swift      DISH Network Corporation         
Swift      Farmers Mutual Telephone Company 
Swift      Federated Telephone Cooperative  
Swift      Hughes Network Systems, LLC      
Swift      Info Link Wireless, Inc.         
Swift      Mediacom                         
Swift      MVTV Wireless                    
Swift      Sprint                           
Swift      TDS Telecom                      
Swift      Verizon Wireless                 
Swift      WildBlue Communications, Inc.    
Todd       Arvig Communication Systems      
Todd       AT&T Mobility LLC                
Todd       CenturyLink                      
Todd       Charter Communications, Inc.     
Todd       Clear Choice Communications      
Todd       Clearwire                        
Todd       CTC Telcom                       
Todd       DISH Network Corporation         
Todd       Eagle Valley Telephone Company   
Todd       Gardonville Telephone            
Todd       Hughes Network Systems, LLC      
Todd       Mainstreet Communications        
Todd       Melrose Telephone Company        
Todd       Southern Cablevision             
Todd       Sprint                           
Todd       Sytek Communications             
Todd       Verizon Wireless                 
Todd       West Central Telephone Association
Todd       WildBlue Communications, Inc.    
Todd       Wisper Wireless                  
Traverse   AT&T Mobility LLC                
Traverse   CenturyLink                      
Traverse   DISH Network Corporation         
Traverse   Federated Telephone Cooperative  
Traverse   Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Traverse   Hughes Network Systems, LLC      
Traverse   Info Link Wireless, Inc.         
Traverse   Mediacom                         
Traverse   Red River Rural Telephone Association

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Traverse     RRT Ag Wireless                
Traverse     Runestone Telephone Company    
Traverse     Valley Telephone               
Traverse     Verizon Wireless               
Traverse     WildBlue Communications, Inc.  
Wabasha      AT&T Mobility LLC              
Wabasha      CenturyLink                    
Wabasha      DISH Network Corporation       
Wabasha      HBC                            
Wabasha      Hughes Network Systems, LLC    
Wabasha      Mediacom                       
Wabasha      Pine Island Telephone Company  
Wabasha      Sleepy Eye Telephone Company   
Wabasha      SpeedNet                       
Wabasha      Sprint                         
Wabasha      T-Mobile                       
Wabasha      US Cable                       
Wabasha      Verizon Wireless               
Wabasha      WildBlue Communications, Inc.  
Wadena       Arvig Communication Systems    
Wadena       AT&T Mobility LLC              
Wadena       CenturyLink                    
Wadena       Charter Communications, Inc.   
Wadena       Clear Choice Communications    
Wadena       DISH Network Corporation       
Wadena       Hughes Network Systems, LLC    
Wadena       SCI Broadband                  
Wadena       Sprint                         
Wadena       Verizon Wireless               
Wadena       West Central Telephone Association
Wadena       WildBlue Communications, Inc.  
Waseca       AT&T Mobility LLC              
Waseca       BEVCOMM                        
Waseca       CenturyLink                    
Waseca       DISH Network Corporation       
Waseca       Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Waseca       Hickory Tech Corporation       
Waseca       Hughes Network Systems, LLC    
Waseca       Jaguar Communications          
Waseca       Manchester-Hartland Telephone Company    N/A
Waseca       Mediacom                       
Waseca       NorthfieldWiFi                 
Waseca       Sprint                         
Waseca       T-Mobile                       
Waseca       Verizon Wireless               
Waseca       WildBlue Communications, Inc.  
Washington   AT&T Mobility LLC              

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Washington   CenturyLink                      
Washington   Clear                            
Washington   Comcast                          
Washington   DISH Network Corporation         
Washington   Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Washington   Genesis Wireless                 
Washington   Hughes Network Systems, LLC      
Washington   Sprint                           
Washington   T-Mobile                         
Washington   US Cable                         
Washington   Verizon Wireless                 
Washington   WildBlue Communications, Inc.    
Watonwan     Arvig Communication Systems      
Watonwan     AT&T Mobility LLC                
Watonwan     CenturyLink                      
Watonwan     Christensen Communications Company
Watonwan     Comcast                          
Watonwan     DISH Network Corporation         
Watonwan     Frontier Communications of Minnesota
Watonwan     Hughes Network Systems, LLC      
Watonwan     Mediacom                         
Watonwan     MVTV Wireless                    
Watonwan     Sleepy Eye Telephone Company     
Watonwan     SpeedNet                         
Watonwan     Sprint                           
Watonwan     Starnet                          
Watonwan     Verizon Wireless                 
Watonwan     WildBlue Communications, Inc.    
Wilkin       702 Communications               
Wilkin       AT&T Mobility LLC                
Wilkin       Bradco Wisp, Inc.                
Wilkin       CenturyLink                      
Wilkin       DISH Network Corporation         
Wilkin       Hughes Network Systems, LLC      
Wilkin       IdeaOne Telecom                  
Wilkin       Midcontinent Communications      
Wilkin       Red River Rural Telephone Association
Wilkin       Rothsay Telephone Company Inc.             N/A
Wilkin       RRT Ag Wireless                  
Wilkin       Runestone Telephone Company      
Wilkin       Sprint                           
Wilkin       Verizon Wireless                 
Wilkin       WildBlue Communications, Inc.    
Wilkin       Wolverton Telephone Company      
Winona       Ace Communications Group         
Winona       AT&T Mobility LLC                
Winona       CenturyLink                      

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Winona            Charter Communications, Inc.            
Winona            DISH Network Corporation                
Winona            HBC                                     
Winona            Hughes Network Systems, LLC             
Winona            Jaguar Communications                   
Winona            Mediacom                                
Winona            SpeedNet                                
Winona            Sprint                                  
Winona            T-Mobile                                
Winona            Verizon Wireless                        
Winona            WildBlue Communications, Inc.           
Wright            AT&T Mobility LLC                       
Wright            Broadband Corp                          
Wright            CenturyLink                             
Wright            Charter Communications, Inc.            
Wright            CitEscape High Speed Internet           
Wright            Comcast                                 
Wright            DISH Network Corporation                
Wright            Fibernet Monticello                     
Wright            Frontier Communications of Minnesota    
Wright            Hughes Network Systems, LLC             
Wright            Mediacom                                
Wright            MVTV Wireless                           
Wright            NU-Telecom                              
Wright            Sprint                                  
Wright            TDS Telecom                             
Wright            T-Mobile                                
Wright            US Cable                                
Wright            Verizon Wireless                        
Wright            WildBlue Communications, Inc.           
Wright            Windstream                              
Yellow Medicine   Arvig Communication Systems             
Yellow Medicine   AT&T Mobility LLC                       
Yellow Medicine   CenturyLink                             
Yellow Medicine   Charter Communications, Inc.            
Yellow Medicine   DISH Network Corporation                
Yellow Medicine   Frontier Communications of Minnesota    
Yellow Medicine   Hughes Network Systems, LLC             
Yellow Medicine   Info Link Wireless, Inc.                
Yellow Medicine   Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.
Yellow Medicine   Mediacom                                
Yellow Medicine   MVTV Wireless                           
Yellow Medicine   NetPoint                                
Yellow Medicine   Sprint                                  
Yellow Medicine   Verizon Wireless                        
Yellow Medicine   WildBlue Communications, Inc.           

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