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					           Mid-term exam review
1) Mexico City: Aztec Empire lived in Tenochtitlan
   present day Mexico City)-surrounded by water
2) Montezuma: Leader of the Aztecs
3) Maya Empire: human sacrifice, empire possibly
   destroyed by hurricane, disease, invading tribe
4) Cortes: Spanish Conquistador
5) Mansa Musa: Leader of African Empire of Mali
6) Sahara Desert: located in N. Africa~
7) Salt/Gold trade: main trade items of N. African
8) Islam Religion: Dominant religion in N. Africa and
   Middle East (Muhammad= founder)
9) Renaissance: re-birth of art and learning
10)     Medici Family: rich banking family of
   Florence, Italy.
11)     Printing press: Johann Gutenberg, people will
   want to read and help stop a reliance on the
   Catholic Church.
12)     Queen Elizabeth: Golden Era~parents=
   Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
13)     Niccolo Machiavelli: Wrote book-The Prince-
   about getting into power and staying there
14)     Michealangelo: Greatest work-The Statue of
   David and The Sistine Chapel
15)     Florence: main city of the Renaissance
16)     Jesuits: Priests who tried to convert people
   to Catholicism
17)     Protestant Reformation: main cause was the
   Sale of Indulgences
18)     Roman Catholic Church: Pope most
   important, church centered in the Vatican
   (Rome), priest can not marry, important in the
   middle ages
19)     King Henry VIII: 6 wives, wanted a divorce
   from 1st wife, pope said no…so he started his own
   church (Anglican).
20)     John Calvin: predestination= it is determined
   at birth if you are going to heaven
21)     Japan: Archipelago- group of islands, culture
   most influenced by China, many earthquakes,
   tsunamis, hurricanes
22)     Samurai: soldiers in Japanese Feudalism “one
   who serves others”
23)     Charlemagne: Leader from present day
24)     Middle Ages: Feudalism, Crusades, Roman
   Catholic Church most important (500-1400 A.D.)
25)     Aztec Empire- human sacrifices/ had gold
   that the Spanish wanted

***Martin Luther: wrote 95 Theses at Church of
Wittenburg in protest of the sale of indulgences***

26)   Mecca: Holy city of Islam
27)   Five Pillars of Islam: religious duties
28)   Quran: Holy Book of Islam
29)      Ka’aba: giant black marble cube that Muslims
   pray to
30)      Muslim culture: women wear veils,
   calligraphy, into astronomy and science
31)      Muhammad: founder of Islam
32)      Kiev: Important city of Russia
33)      Justinian Law: Byzantine Empire code of law
34)      Vikings: Slavs and Vikings group to
 form Russia
35)      Eastern Orthodox Church: Patriarch,
   priests can marry, Greek language, do not believe
   in icons
36)      China: big impact on Japan, ruling families
   called Dynasties
37)      Marco Polo: famous explorer and trader in
38)      Mongols: use of horses, will create the largest
   empire in World History, ruthless rulers
39)      Pax Mongolica: period of peace
40)      Silk Road: most famous of trade routes
   between Asia and Middle East
41)      Genghis Khan: most ruthless of Mongol
42)      Shogun: supreme general in emperor’s army
43)      Saladin: Muslim leader who will win back
44)      Craft guilds: way to learn a skill in the
   Middle Ages
45)       Bubonic Plague: killed almost half the people
   in Europe, begins in Asia and is spread by rats and
   fleas, “Black Death”…skin would turn black, high
   fever, swollen lymph nodes
46)       Crusades: purpose= win back Jerusalem,
   Pope Urban II
47)       100 years War: England and France (France
   wins), war actually lasted 116 years. Joan of Arc is
   burned at the stake.
48)       Abraham: patriarch of Judaism
49)       Hinduism: India, two main beliefs=
   reincarnation (come back for a second life), caste
   system (born and stuck in same social class for
50)       Siddhartha Guatama: Buddha
51)       Christianity- life of Jesus Christ
52)       Tigris and Euphrates Rivers: Iraq, cradle of
   civilization, Mesopotamia
53)       Mediterranean Sea: Middle East, Asia,
   Africa all come together
54)       Great Wall of China: built to keep out the

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