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					When parents and teens were asked       • Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause
what they liked most about the
event, they responded:
                                          of death for 15 to 20-year-olds.
                                        • In the United States, 14 teenagers are killed
                                          each day due to motor vehicle accidents
                                                                                                  Teen Car
“It helped open my child’s eyes as to     and 755 others are injured.
the possible actions and reactions      • From 2001-07, teens age 15 to 19 made
                                          up 18 percent of the total motor vehicle
of our vehicle.”
                                          crash patients hospitalized at Gundersen

                                          Lutheran. Of these, 71 percent of the
“Getting real-life experience in          motor vehicle crashes occurred because
a controlled environment.”                the driver lost control.


                                                                                                  Saturday, April 21
                                                                                                  OR Sunday April 22
                                                                                                  8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
                                                   A special thank you to Caribou Coffee,         Breakfast and lunch will be provided.
                                         the La Crosse Fire Department and Courtesy Corporation
                                                 for donating their services and products.        Gundersen Lutheran south parking lot
                                                   This event, class or activity is not           (see map on back), La Crosse Campus
                                              sponsored or endorsed by the School District
                                                 and is not printed at District expense

                                                        1900 South Avenue
                                                        La Crosse, WI 54601
                                                 (608) 782-7300 or (800) 362-9567
                                                             #11-1186 TRAUMA
If you were driving your vehicle and
suddenly lost control, would you
know what to do?
Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of
death for United States teenagers, accounting for
more than one in three deaths. Young people are at
a greater risk for traffic accidents due to one major
reason—lack of experience.

Gundersen Lutheran’s Division of Trauma is
committed to keeping teens safe by offering a Teen
Car Control Clinic. The clinic will not only teach
the fundamentals of vehicle control during the
classroom session, but it will also offer invaluable
behind-the-wheel exercises.

During the in-car portion of the clinic, instructors
will familiarize students with proper breaking
concepts, vehicle weight transfer and cornering, and
unexpected lane changes. The session is designed to
heighten students’ awareness and responsiveness to
real-world situations and boost confidence in their
                                                          the student. To ensure we can accommodate all who               need to pass a brief safety inspection. No visible
own skills.
                                                          want to attend, a $50 refundable deposit will be                leaks of any kind.
                                                          collected at registration and refunded after course           • The car must be legally registered, licensed
We require that a parent/guardian attend the
                                                          completion. Payment can be made by credit card or               and insured to participant or their
course with the teen (permit and licensed drivers
                                                          personal check. Your credit card will not be                    parent/legal guardian.
15 to 19 years).
                                                          charged/your check will not be cashed unless you              • No racecars or special-use vehicles. The use
                                                          cancel after April 13 or do not show up for the class.          of Nitrous Oxide will not be allowed.
This is a free clinic, but pre-registration is required
                                                                                                                        • Tires must have visible tread.
by April 13. Call (608) 775-2011 with the
                                                          You must use your own vehicle for the driving                 • The car and trunk must be cleaned of
participant’s name, age, address, phone number, and
                                                          portion of the course. Vehicle requirements                     all loose items.
the name of the parent who will be accompanying
                                                          include:                                                      • The battery and spare tire must be secure.
                                                             • Car must be in good mechanical condition and             • Have plenty of gas in the car for the day’s event.
                                                               safe in the opinion of the instructor. All cars will
                                                                                                                      Dress comfortably and according to the weather.
                                                                                                                      Closed toed shoes are required. Much of the
                                                                                                                      course is outdoors.
Pre-registration is required by April 13.
Call (608) 775-2011

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