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									Mentally Equipped To Find Jobs Faster
During the past three decades, the job market has fluctuated wildly due to the effects of four
official recession periods. Although millions have struggled to find jobs during these tough
times, every person who wanted a job eventually found one. Think about it and you will see this
is true. It just takes some people longer than others.

If you can mentally block out the uncertainties related to timing, and all the anxieties associated
with needing a job, you can see how getting a job is inevitable - when you create the right
mindset to do so. The million dollar question is not IF this will happen or WHEN, but WHAT
can you do to make the inevitable happen with greater ease and speed?

Wanting the answer to that question is why I chose a career in staffing. It took me two decades,
and the answer I discovered had very little do with a person's impressive credentials, customized
cover letter, updated resume, networking, or practiced interview skills. Those things helped, but
employers rely on behavioral interviewing to probe beneath your polished image and examine
your performance capabilities, and this provides a clue.

I discovered that people who found jobs faster were mentally equipped for success. They had the
mental skills to persevere and perform well, and this made them irresistible to employers. To
illustrate what I mean by mental skills, consider the analogy provided by two golfers as they
approach a shot over water to reach the green.

      As golfer number 1 approaches the shot, her mind is focused on imagining the ball sailing
       into the air and landing gently on the green next to the cup. She is already pre-planning to
       one-putt the green. Next, she adjusts her stance and grip, and then calibrates the power
       she needs behind the swing to achieve what she imagined. After watching the ball
       perform as she expected, she makes a mental note of what she could do better the next
       time, and then begins to envision her one-putt finish to the hole.

      As golfer number 2 approaches the same shot, her mind is imagining how her ball might
       accidentally land in the water. Next, she adjusts her stance and grip, and then calibrates
       the power she needs behind the swing to avoid the disaster she is imagining. Just before
       impact with the ball, she doubts her choice of club. After watching the ball plop into the
       water, just as she expected, she becomes frustrated while readying herself for the next
       shot. This time, she is determined to avoid the water, but watches as the ball briefly skips
       on the surface before it sinks out of sight. She throws her club to the ground saying,
       "Stupid water. Why do I even play this game?"

Both women are responsible for their attitude and performance, which are the by-products of
how they think. Clearly, golfer number 1 has the better mental skills to create ease and higher
performance levels for success. Golfer number 2 allowed her mind to think negatively about a
common hazard, thereby causing her bad attitude, increased strain, and poor performance. Her
weakened mental skills were an impediment to her success.

Job hunters who take longer to find jobs often do not realize their focus is on the hazards rather
than the desired results. They imagine the worst outcomes, doubt their capabilities and then stew
and complain when events do not go their way. The challenges they endure as a result contribute
to their emotional fatigue, which creates strain that jeopardizes performance, contributes to poor
impressions, and prolongs their unemployment. Then, they blame others for problems created by
their bad thinking habits, and they eventually stop looking.

Employers are rightly opposed to hiring people who demonstrate weak mental skills. If you
cannot perform well, your excellent occupational and job search skills are useless. This is similar
to how the best equipment makes no difference to a golfer's game if he or she is not mentally
equipped for success to begin with. If you want to find a job faster, and with greater ease, get the
right training to develop your mental skills.

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