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					         4 Surprising And Not As Common
              Criminal Justice Careers
You will be surprised at just how many different careers are included when you get a criminal
justice degree. While some of these common criminal justice careers, like police officer or
lawyer, you have almost undoubtedly heard of, there are other, less common jobs within this
industry of which you may not be aware. If you are considering seeking a career in criminal
justice, consider these less common options when seeking the job that is the perfect fit for you.

1. Victim's Advocate

If the first thing you think of when you hear of a crime is the victim's well-being; you are well-
suited for a job in this niche field. A victim's advocate works directly with victims of crime and
helps them to deal with the ramifications of crimes. This can mean walking the victims through
the criminal proceedings that will take place once she press charges, checking in the victim from
time to time or arranging counseling to help this individual cope with the trauma she has

2. Fish and Game Warden

If you love the outdoors, you will find that this job in criminal justice is the perfect job to have.
Individuals who work in this capacity patrol forest and waterways to monitor hunters and fishers.
You will be ensuring that all of the rules and regulations about hunting and fishing are followed
so those who fish and hunt for fun don't harm the landscape or the animals that call those areas

3. Blood Spatter Analyst

Some crime scenes are rife with evidence, while others are nearly void of any indication of who
perpetrated the crime. Where evidence is sparse, being able to analyze blood spatters can give
investigators necessary information about what happened. Blood spatter experts, as the name
suggests, study the way in which blood splatters and use this knowledge to assist law
enforcement officials in piecing together exactly what happened at scenes of brutal crimes. You
will be responsible for analyzing murder scenes and will be called to testify in court since your
expertise will be invaluable in pursuing a conviction.

4. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent

When individuals seek to enter the United States, they must first pass through immigrations and
customs agents. These criminal justice workers process individuals who wish to gain entry into
the United States and seek to deny entry to those who pose a threat to national security. They
also commonly inspect the belongings of those who plan to enter the country to ensure that they
aren't attempting to smuggle any prohibited contraband into the country.
Whichever career in criminal justice you choose, you will have the ability to make sure laws get
followed, people are kept safe and order is kept. If you value the safety and security of the
community you call home, consider doing your part by selecting a career in this field.