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					Exploring Career Options in Accountancy
If you've always been good at math and have a penchant for juggling, crunching and stretching
numbers, then career options in accountancy may be the thing for you. Accountancy and finance
is one of the world's most lucrative areas to work in, offering numerous job opportunities for
people with the right credentials, educational background and a passion for ledgers, accounting
books and computer software for numbers.

The first and most common path in accountancy career options is to become a Certified Public
Accountant or CPA and open a public practice. These are the accountants who are mostly
responsible for giving financial and tax advice, providing external accounting services, auditing,
estate and financial planning, mergers and acquisitions. Aside from the CPA license, there are
other certifications that you might want to take in order to further qualify yourself as an

Another of the many career options in accountancy is to work as a private or industry accountant
for a company. Private accountants are responsible for all of a business' or a company's internal
financial affairs, including auditing, bookkeeping, budget reviews and financial analysis -
although usually, all of this work is delegated to several members of an accounting team. This is
beneficial if you want to rise to top executive positions, as a lot of CEOs and those in
supervisory positions have a background in financial management.

You might also want to become a tax accountant. For this, you'll need to be a certified Enrolled
Agent (EA). Tax accountants are the people who come up with company and personal income
tax statements, handle things like tax returns, deferrals and fraud, among others. In order to work
in this specialized area, you'll need to have a good grasp of economics and tax laws, so it will
help if you have some legal background or have taken units in corporate law.

Whether you choose to work for the government or in the private sector, you can be assured that
as an accountant, there will be many chances for you to move up the ladder, especially if you're
really earnest about the high quality of work you do. Be reminded that aside from work ethics,
accountants are required to have a strong sense of integrity and honesty, as financial data is
generally sensitive information which can cause plenty of damage to others if put in the wrong

So are you ready to consider various career options in accountancy and take the world of finance
and accounting by storm? If you do, it's time to roll up your sleeves and prepare to dive headfirst
into those ledgers and books!