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					                   Travel To Bangladesh
Bangladesh is a South Asian small country. It’s total area is around
52000 square miles. Yes, this is a very small country. But, Almighty
God has given unlimited beauty to this country. 60% aria of this country
is plain land. 17% is forest and rest of all are hills and mountains.
Bangladesh is called a land of rivers. Thousands of Rivers are
everywhere in the country. In satalite image, it’s looks like, the whole
country is covered by a net. The longest river is padma. It comes from
India. In India this river is called the Ganga. The widest rever is called
the Meghna.
The largest Mangrove Forest Sundarban is in Bangladesh. The wildest
animal, Royal Bengal Tiger is the national anymal of Bangladesh, live in
Sundarban. Another beautiful animal is Chitra Deer also lives in
Without Sundarban, there are another forests in Bangladesh. In
Khagrachari, Bandarban, Sylhet there are many hilly forests with
amazing wild lives.
The Bay of Bengal borders Bangladesh from the South. The longest sea-
beach in the world is in Cox’s Bazar. There are thousands of resorts,
hotels and motels in Cox’s Bazar. Tourists are very much safe here and
feel comfortable.
There is another sea-beach in Bangladesh. The spaciality of this beach
is, you can see both Sunrise and Sunset from this beach. In the morning,
the sun looks like rising from the sea. And at evening it’s looks like the
sun is sinking into the Sea.
Bangladeshi people are verymuch peasefull. But, they have a brave
history. In 1952, when It was a part of Pakistan, that time the
government of Pakistan wanted to make the Pakistani language Urdu, as
the only national language of Pakistan. But, 56% people of hole Pakistan
speake Bangla. That time Bangladeshi people make a great movement,
then Pakistani police killed 10 to 15 people by firing in a movement.
But, movement didn’t stoped but increased. As a result, Pakistan
government agreed to keep Bangla as one of the National Language.
But, after 18 years, there was a National Election held in Pakistan. The
Bangldeshi leader Shekh Mujibur Rahman and his party won 167 sits,
where total Pakistan had 300 sits. So, Mr. Mujib’s party won with clear
majority. But, Pakistany army government was not agree to handover
the power to any Bangali nationalist. So, there was another non-voilance
non-cooperative movement was started against Pakistani government in
Bangladesh. At 25 March 1971, millions of Pakistani solders started
brutal killing all over the Bangladesh. That time Mr. Mujib declared the
freedom and requested to the Bangali people for start the freedom fight.
After 9 months of violant war, 16th December 1971, Bangladesh won
the fight and 93000 Pakistani solders surrenered. A new country was
Make a tour in Bangladesh, meet with the brave nation and see the God
gifted beauty.

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