The moon,Alien,UFO and Crop circles by baican


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									                   Xuefeng Corpus — Universe, Time, Space

           The moon, Alien and UFO
                                Deiform Celestial

     I have talked about something about the moon, alien and UFO, I emphasize

once again here.

     Designed and created for the lives on the Earth, the moon is a masterpiece

of Celestial beings. Besides the functions introduced in "the Greatest Creator

(40 Evidences Proving The Existence Of The Greatest Creator-The moon is the

guarantee of life on earth)", the moon has two other functions. One function is

used as a warehouse. The other is guarding the Earth.

      The moon is a metal body, which is hollow, storing many secrets

manufacturing the solar system and lives.

     UFOs, which people occasionally see, are from the moon and the

underground control base of Bermuda Triangle. The main function of UFO is to

monitor the Earth. The reason for the stationary face of the moon facing the

Earth is that there is a gate for UFO flying in and out in the other side of the

moon. The door should not be saw and knew by human being.
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         All the so-called aliens are robots from the moon and the underground

control base of Bermuda. Aliens have never been to Earth, also can not come to


         People launching satellite to explore the moon greatly disrupting the

management of the earth, the managers of earth have a headache on that.

Mankind is facing great risk. So-called good things are in great hidden danger.


Lifechanyuan's attitude to UFO and Alien (Digest)



     The real mystery is that the solar system, including the earth and the moon,

is created to serve humanity by angels in God's leadership according to the

Greatest Creator's plane. (Please refer to “Eight Relationships Between the

Greatest Creator and Human Being” for more information) And all lives on the

earth are also created. Most of angels left the earth after finishing their works,

with some staying to guard the earth. Those guardian angels mainly live in

underground bases, especially in Bermuda's underwater pyramid base in the

vicinity of 30 degrees north latitude. They often remotely control UFO out of

the moon to make observation of the Earth. There is a door in the side of the

moon back to the earth and the door can be opened. UFOs get in and out by it.

      Everything on the Earth is in wardship. Crop circles, not being used to
                  Xuefeng Corpus — Universe, Time, Space
reveal something to mankind, are temporary marks made by the guardian angels.

Humans can't understand the sign of crop circles, and can only make a guess.

     Some people seem to have extraordinary thinking and consciousness, such

as the invention of computer networks. In fact, the extraordinary thinking and

consciousness can't be owed to some persons, but the guardian angels of the

earth. People sometimes feel that them think and create by themselves. However,

the truth is that people only unconsciously follow the procedure, accept and

implement directives from advanced life.

   Humans! As long as following the Way of the Greatest Creator, everything

goes well with you. Otherwise, natural disasters and man-made calamities will

usually accompanied by you.


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    Follow the guide of the Greatest Creator will be beneficial to humanity,

               Blessed by God and Buddha, ideal will come true.

                           Come on, my dear friend!

               We are destined to be hand in hand in this lifetime
                    Seek Truth from Facts, and Tell Truth
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