March 2012 The Sandbagger OKANOGAN VALLEY GOLF CLUB Volume

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					                                   The Sandbagger
                                          OKANOGAN VALLEY GOLF CLUB
                Volume XXIII – No. 1                                                   March 2012

        Just when things were starting to look pretty        might be surprised. They’ll be set up out in front and
good, “WHAM”, winter’s back. You folks just must             we’ll have the barbeque going so at least come on up
not be living right. Most of our snow is gone now, but       for a free lunch and beverage.
just wait until this evening. The weatherman says we                  As most of you are aware, golf has seen quite a
can expect up to 5” by tomorrow afternoon. We still          decline over the past few years. Here in the Pacific
have a lot of ice remaining and heaven knows how             Northwest, play has been down between 8 and 10%
deep the frost is. I have tentatively set our clean-up       each year since 2008 and our club has not been
date for Saturday the 17th starting at 8:00 and if things    immune. There is now a nationwide push to get people
go as planned, we’ll try to open that afternoon. As          back into golf so over the next several months you’ll
usual, Mother Nature may have something to say about         be hearing a lot about Golf 2.0. It’s an incentive that’s
that so keep your eye on the webpage for updates.            not going to work without a little effort from all of us.
        I have updated our calendar with most of the         Their goal is to introduce the game to some 6 million
events that have been firmed up as of now so keep            new golfers by 2016, when golf will be an official
checking as you won’t want to be left out of anything        Olympic sport. By 2020 they hope to have 40 million
during the season. The pro-ams are all on there so if        golfers up from the 26 million we now have. It’s a
you’d like to try one, get a group together and let me       lofty goal but attainable if everyone does their part. As
know. We need to call in two weeks prior to secure a         I’ve said in the past, each one of us knows someone
tee time so give me enough notice. A couple have             who might have an interest in the game and all it will
already been spoken for so get busy now. As of right         take is for us to invite them up and give them a little
now I have the men’s opening day tournament                  encouragement. We all started at one time or another
scheduled for Sunday March 25th. If we have to change        from scratch and I’m sure someone was patient with
it due to Easter it will probably move to April 15th. I’ll   us. Let’s show them that same courtesy. The golf club
keep you posted. The ladies opening day breakfast and        is going to try a new “Never Played Before” program
scramble will be on Thursday April 5th starting at 8:00.     to see if we might get some new people into the game.
Even if you can’t play golf, plan on coming up and           Everything has not been totally worked out but
joining them for breakfast.                                  basically it will be lessons, rental clubs and so many
        Some of the new golf equipment is starting to        rounds of golf for a set price. I envision doing the
arrive and I’ll be getting the heat on in the clubhouse      lessons one night a week each week in April and will
sometime around the 1st. So if you have any interest in      more than likely open them up to any beginning
seeing what’s coming in, drop by and if my trucks in         golfers from the club as well. If the turnout goes as we
front, stop and check things out. Several of the             hope I may be calling on some of you for a little help.
companies have exciting new products and I’m sure            I’ll let you know a little more about it later in March,
you’ll want to be the first in your foursome to put them     but let any friends you know who might be interested
in your bag. We certainly wouldn’t want any of our           about it and have them give me a call. After that it’s up
opponents to get the jump on us. Our “Demo Day”,             to you to keep them interested.
with at least Ping and Adams, is scheduled for Tuesday                On a sad note, I got a call from Sharon, the lady
April 17th from 1:00 until 5:00. This is a great time to     who works for me in the shop, and her father passed
come out and try some of the newest equipment on the         away in California on Saturday. She’ll probably not be
market. There is absolutely no pressure to buy               back until the end of the month so keep her in your
anything, the idea is to allow you to see the changes        thoughts and prayers.
since you purchased the clubs you’re now using. You

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