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									How we examined the Student Body
Jack DeStefano     Zeena
Amy Krause         Nelly Levitsky
Jimmy Porretto     Heather
Jane Basin
•Victoria Beckham
•Breast augmentation
   Marilyn Monroe
   undergone plastic
    surgery in 1946,
    when she signed a
    contract with
    Twentieth Century-
    Fox Studios
   agent suggested
    Norma should
    become Marylin to
    boost her career
   After that Norma
    Jean Baker changed
    her name, dyed her
    hair and underwent
•Jenny Lee, 31 – an aspiring actress that
wanted to look like Barbie… literally
•Had over 30 different plastic procedures
•had Botox, cheek implants, three nose
jobs, three lip implants, two boob jobs,
three breast lifts and liposuction on her
arms, hips, thighs, stomach and knees
•, she's discovered she has body
dysmorphic disorder (BBD)
    since 2000, 48% increase in all cosmetic surgery
    Includes both surgical procedures and minimally invasive procedures
    In 2006 twice as many cosmetic procedures as opposed to reconstructive
    Between 2000 and 2006, number of tummy tucks rose 133%
    Botox injections were up 420%
    Breast augmentation rose up by 55%
    In 2006 nearly 11 million cosmetic
    procedures were performed in the
    US alone
    Surgeons made $11.4 billion
    More than 2/3 of patients in 2005
    made less than $60,000
•Women had 10.6 million cosmetic procedures

•91% of the total

• top 5 procedures for women:
  breast augmentation,
  liposuction, eyelid surgery
  breast reduction
•9% of the total
•Nearly 1 out of 10 cosmetic surgery patients are MEN!!!
•Top 5 Men had nearly 1.1 million cosmetic procedures
•procedures for men: liposuction, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, male breast
reduction, and hair transplantation
   Corset changed the shape of a woman.

     Very painful
     Unhealthy
     Pushes your
      organs and

    Unrealistic view of women
   More acceptable for women to wear less
    amounts of clothing

     Bathing Suits through the years
   Media increases body image problems in women
   Models are portrayed as skinny
   Clothing styles only fit certain types of people
          Is this an ideal body weight???
           All women are different;
      Most fall into one of four categories;
    Gynaeoid, Android, Thyroid or Lymphatic.

   Men may fall into either Android, Thyroid or
             Lymphatic categories.
Curvaceous hips with a tapered, small waist are the
prominent features for Gynaeoid women. They have
small to medium shoulders and the breasts vary in
size. The hips and thighs curve outwards and weight
gain occurs only below the waistline.
   Enhance your upper body with semi-fitted tops
   Tops should either be long or short and avoid
    falling near the hips
   Soft waistlines will help keep lines smooth
   Cowl necks, square necklines, and shoulder pads
    help broaden the shoulder area
   Handbags should fall above the hip area
Weight gain occurs over the entire body in Lymphatic
women, which gives them a 'cuddly baby doll
appearance'. It occurs very easily for Lymphatic women,
as the metabolic rate is very slow, accompanied by a
dysfunctional lymphatic system.
   Avoid fitted tops that will draw attention to
    your midsection
   Try a more tailored bottom that will flatter
    your legs
   Avoid wide belts instead try narrow belts that
    blend with clothing color
   V necks will slenderize your neck
   Longer tunics
   Avoid oversized or baggy clothing which will
    hide your delicate bone structure
   Do draw attention to your waist
   Avoid wearing things that are too fitted
characterized by relatively long limbs with fine,
narrow bones. They often become dancers and
models, and can be described as having a 'race-
horse' or 'greyhound' appearance.
   Dresses that are looser in the midsection like
    sheath dresses and shirt dresses
   Try a V neckline which will elgongate the neck
   Longer jackets with shorter skirts will
    lengthen the torso
   Avoid gathered or pleated fabric at the waist
characterized by broad shoulders, a large rib cage and
strong shapely muscular limbs. Android body types are
somewhat straight up and down with a narrow pelvis
and hips that do not curve outwards. The waistline is
not accentuated.
   Tops with high set in sleeves will narrow wide
   Pants with patch pockets will balance wider
   Flared skirts will balance the wide shoulders
   A low belt will help attract attention to the
    hips rather than shoulders
   Check company dress code
   Keep skirts no shorter than knee length
   Pants should be clean and pressed
   Button down shirts and V neckline sweaters
   Shoes should cover both your heal and toes
Media images
   She illustrates the
    many ways the male
    gaze exploits
    women and how a
    woman’s body can
    become a
    commodity for sale.
  From holiday Halloween
costumes to the bedside table
       SEX SELLS!
Body Piercings and Tattoos
   To remember a loved one
   Self expression
   Fashion
   Religion
   Military
   Tribute
   For fun
   Skin infections such as impetigo
   Dermatitis
   Flare ups of existing eczema
   Allergic reactions
   Thick scars called keloids
   Distress due to regret after the procedure
     one of the main problems after getting a tattoo
   Infections like hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS, and
   Infections can become severe and may need
    antibiotics and removal of the piercing.
   Piercing can be rejected, like the body rejects a
   Allergic reactions to the metal
   Permanent scars
   Risk of keloid formation - a large scar even from a
    small wound.
   Tattooing is a painful process
   Tattoos are expensive to remove
   If you want to have a tattoo removed there will always be a
   Trends come and go, but a badly chosen tattoo lasts forever
   Follow standard precautions to reduce risks of infections

When choosing a tattoo artist you should make
sure of the following:
 The tattoo parlor uses new sterile equipment
 The tattoo parlor should look clean, safe and professional
 The tattoo artist has credentials, a license and references
 Why you want to get pierced
 Where on your body will you have the piercing
 People can be judgmental about piercing and about
  your looks, and this can lessen your chances of
  getting a job (especially a conservative job)
 Rules at place of work or school
 Scarring
 If you play sport, can you keep the jewelry in while
  playing, or is there a danger it can get caught and
  tear? If you take the jewelry out for games, the hole
  could close.

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