5 Good Reasons For Using Yahoogroups

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					5 Good Reasons For Using Yahoogroups To
Start Your Own Ezine

List servers and list serving software can be a TOTAL NIGHTMARE. Trust me, I know ...

If you are new to Internet Marketing, or just new to the way of web business, and there's all these other
things to learn and think about, there are five VERY good reasons to leave commercial list serving
software systems alone for now and simply use a Yahoogroup to do all the work for you.

1. EVERYBODY Knows ...

... what a Yahoogroup is, and even if they don't, they'll soon pick it up. By using Yahoogroups, you are
tapping into a long, long established institution that is globally known and trusted; this will make it much
easier to get people who don't really know you yet to subscribe to your ezine or newsletter.

2. Yahoogroups are very easy.

Even for absolute beginners, Yahoogroups are easy to set up and easy to manage. You don't have to
worry about the vagaries of AOL emails, double opt in procedures, anti-spam declarations,
unsubscription features or any of it, it's all taken care of for you. They also come with little sign up boxes
and buttons, and the admin interface, although not exactly intuitive, can soon be worked out by trial
and error.

3. Yahoogroups messages don't get caught in spam filters.

Spam filters are the SCOURGE of ezines and email delivery. When you send your messages via the
Yahoogroups delivery system, this is not a problem; as Yahoo is such a mega beast, it has its own
exceptions in mostly all spam filters known to mankind and your messages WILL at least reach their
intended recipients.

4. Yahoogroups have useful extra features.

You can do a lot with a Yahoogroup if you are willing to spent some time on it. Weblinks, an attractive
group page, bookmarks, file downloads and more are all available for the beginner web entrepreneur to
optimise and use, easily at that.

5. Yahoogroups are FREE.

Alright, so the group messages carry third party advertising, but that is a very small price to pay for
access to a system that can easily and very elegantly serve hundreds of thousands of messages, that is
reliable and steady and so well known. Other than that, there are no set up fees, no ongoing charges,
and it's there for you whenever you want it.

Once you are ready to do so, you can export your list and put it on your own personal commercial list
server systems, complete with technicians who take care of everything behind the scenes - until then,
and if you haven't done this before, to simply use Yahoogroups for ezine delivery is a really good way to
get started with your ezine and to build up your subscriber base.

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