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I can list tons of reasons why you need to backup your iPod music and videos or just everything. The final reason lead to this issue is because Apple iTunes effort to protect illegal music copy, so they block you from copying iPod music to iTunes and computer. You can only sync with your iTunes to get what on your iTunes. But your iPod music never gets back. For example:
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One day, your computer is crashed, and you lost all your music on iTunes, you have music on iPod but you want to get them to your iTunes. You lost all your music when sync with iTunes, because your regret wrong operation. You get a new computer; you want to transfer iPod music to new computer and iTunes. You iPod lost by accident, but you never have your entire music backup on your computer, you need to purchase them again. You want to transfer music from iPod to iPod.

… That’s enough; I believe you know how important and useful to backup your iPod. Then how to backup iPod? You first choice is iTunes, But Sync with iTunes is an easy way won’t cut it, because you music on iPod are from multiple sources. You can copy iPod music to iTunes, and transfer iTunes music to your computer, PC, laptop, Mac OS. Well, The iPod to computer Page has compiled a thorough list of iPod backup utilities that promise to keep your music safe and sound. Even better, these apps can transfer songs from your iPod back to your PC if, say, the hard drive on your system suffers a meltdown (which happened to me last year). Your music, you decision, Enjoy it~

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