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					                                          Enhancing the bilateral S&T Partnership with Ukraine
                                            Project funded by the European Commission under the International Cooperation activity of the
                                            Capacities Programme of the 7th European Framework Programme for RTD (FP7).

Deliverable Title D 2.1 - Inventory of National, bilateral, and Community Rules and Regulations for S&T cooperation (Updated in 2011)

Deliverable Lead: ZSI - Centre for Social Innovation
Related Work-     WP2 – Instruments for enhanced future cooperation in S&T
Related Task:     Task 2.1 - Inventory of existing instruments, rules and regulations Title of T
Author(s):        Desiree Pecarz, Kristina Pia Hofer (ZSI), All partners
Due submission
                  and update
                  end of 2011
Project Number    FP7-222712
Start date of
Duration:         36 months

Introduction and content
The present updated document represents an inventory of the current instruments, rules and regulations on bilateral (Member States and Ukraine) and Community (EU and Ukraine) level.
While producing this deliverable ZSI has carried out a revision of the information previously collected by NIP within Task 1.1 so as to find out more information and precise data sources.
The present document is split into following chapters:
1) Introduction to D 2.1
2) Policy background: The Bilateral Policy Agreements between the EU and Ukraine
3) Bilateral S&T agreements: The Intergovernmental Bilateral S&T agreements with EU MS + Turkey and the Agreements between (national) institiutions of EU-MS + Turkey and Ukraine
4) EU programs for RTD cooperation
5) EU MS Programs and funding instruments
6) Programs of international organisations
Policy background:
The Bilateral Policy Agreements between the EU and Ukraine

                                                                                                                                Forms of cooperation               Funding instrument / Terms   Connected      On-line source of           Additional or general
No.    Type and Name of agreements             Purpose/Principle of agreement              Areas of Cooperation
                                                                                                                            (Implemementing Instruments)                   of funding           programs          document                     information

                                                                                                                            – the exchange of scientific and
                                                                                                                                   technical information;
                                             General provision of a framework for                                                  – joint RTD activities,
                                                 political dialogue; formulation of                                          – training activities and mobility
                                                common objectives: harmonious                                            programmes for scientists, researchers                                                              
       Partnership and Cooperation               economic relations, sustainable                                               and technicians engaged in                                          reements/prepareCreateTre
                                                                                         civil scientific research and
 1     Agreement with Ukraine, 1994         development, co-operation in a number                                                    RTD in both sides.                                                     doclib/docs/2003/october/ atiesWorkspace/treatiesGe
          (came into force: 1998)            of areas, support to Ukraine's efforts                                        Where such co-operation takes the                                                    tradoc_111612.pdf
                                               towards democracy; creation of an                                          form of activities involving education                                                                          ect=true&treatyId=217
                                              institutional framework for pursuing                                                    and/or training, it
                                                             these goals.                                                 should be carried out in accordance
                                                                                                                            with the provisions of Article 59.

       Protocol to the Partnership and Since the Partnership and Cooperation
                                         Agreement was signed before the                                                                                                                          
          Cooperation Agreement                                                                                                                                                                                                
                                        enlargement of the European Union,                                                                                                                                  agreements/prepareCreat
         establishing a partnership                                                                                                                                                                                                      reements/prepareCreateTre
                                        on 1 January 1995, this Protocol was                                                                                                                                eTreatiesWorkspace/treat
 2         between the European                                                                                                                                                                                                          atiesWorkspace/treatiesGe
                                        necessary to include Austria, Finland                                                                                                                     
       Communities and their Member                                                                                                                                                                                             
                                        and Sweden (the three new Member                                                                                                                                    0&redirect=true&treatyId=
        States, of the one Part, and                                                                                                                                                                                                        ect=true&treatyId=220
                                           States) in the Partnership and                                                                                                                                               220
         Ukraine, of the other part           Cooperation Agreement.

                                             It sets out the criteria allowing Ukraine
                                              to participate in all current and future
                                               programmes of the Union opened to
                                                   the participation of Ukraine in
                                            accordance with the relevant provisions
                                                   adopting those programmes.
       Protocol to the Partnership and           Remarks The specific terms and
      Cooperation Agreement between         conditions regarding the participation of
       the European Communities and          Ukraine in each particular programme,
       their Member States, of the one        in particular the financial contribution                                                                                                            
        part, and Ukraine, of the other          payable, as well as reporting and                                                                                                                          agreements/downloadFile
 3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     atiesWorkspace/treatiesGe
      part, on a Framework Agreement              evaluation procedures, shall be                                                                                                                           .do?fullText=yes&treatyTr
      between the European Union and             determined by a Memorandum of                                                                                                                                     ansId=14502
      Ukraine on the general principles      Understanding between the European
      for the participation of Ukraine in        Commission, and the competent
              Union programmes                         authorities of Ukraine.

                                            Provisional application from the date of
                                              signature (Art. 10), on 22/10/2010

                                            This Protocol shall apply for the period
                                             for which the Agreement is in force.
                                                                                                              participation of Ukrainian entities in            Cooperative scientific
                                                                                                                              Community                andtechnological activities shall
                                                                                                             projects, in the areas of cooperative                        be
                                                                                                                     activities, anda reciprocal           subject to the availability of
                                                                               development (RTD) on the      participation of entities establishedin       funds and to the applicable
                                                                                basis of mutual benefit.                           the                    laws andregulations, policies
                                                                                  Areas of cooperation        Community in Ukrainian projects in               andprogrammes of the
                                                                              activities are:— environment         those areas; free access to,          Community andUkraine. As a
                                                                                  andclimate research,       andshared use of research facilities,          rule, each Party shall bear
                                                                                       including earth        including installations and sites for        the costs of discharging its
                                                                                         observation,                 monitoring, observation                responsibilities under this
                                        "The programme's overall aim is to
                                                                                — biomedical and health      andexperimentation, as well as data         Agreement, including costs of
                                         encourage, develop and facilitate
                                                                                          research,                           collections,                 participation in meetings of
                                          cooperative activities in fields of
                                                                                 — agriculture, forestry     relevant to the cooperative activities;    the Committee. When specific
     Agreement on cooperation in     common interest where the parties are                                                                                                                          http://eur- 
                                                                                 andfisheries research,        visits andexchanges of scientists,           scientific andtechnological
       S&T between the EC and          pursuing research and development                                                                                                               reements/prepareCreateTre
                                                                              — industrial and production               engineers, or other                          cooperative
4       Ukraine (into force from       activities in science and technology.                                                                                                            atiesWorkspace/treatiesGe
                                                                                        technologies,             appropriate personnel for the            forms benefit from financial
      11/02/2003 and renewed on            Cooperative activities shall be                                                                                                                   003:036:0032:0039:EN:P
                                                                                  — materials research               purposes of participating                support of the European
              8/11/2004)                 conducted on the basis of mutual                                                                                                                               DF                   ect=true&treatyId=223
                                                                                       andmetrology,        in seminars, symposia andworkshops            Community, either directly or
                                     benefit, timely exchange of information
                                                                                 — non-nuclear energy,                relevant to cooperation          indirectly through organisations
                                      and balanced realisation of economic
                                                                                     — transportation,       under this Agreement; exchange of           set up with the participation of
                                        and social benefits by the Parties."
                                                                                  — information society      information on practices, legislation,                the European
                                                                                        technologies,                         regulations                     Community, provided to
                                                                              — social sciences research,          andprogrammes relevant to               participants of Ukraine, any
                                                                               — science andtechnology                   cooperation under                               such
                                                                                            policy,        this Agreement; other activities as may            grants, financial or other
                                                                               — training andexchange of         be mutually determined by the                 contributions from the
                                                                                          scientists.            Parties in accordance with the                       European
                                                                                                                      applicable policies and             Community to participants of
                                                                                                            programmes of the Parties. Moerover:            Ukraine in support of their
                                                                                                                  Joint research projects shall             scientific andtechnological
                                                                                                                 proceedund er this Agreement            activities, shall be granted tax
      Agreement on renewing the
     Agreement on Cooperation in
        Science and Technology
         between the European        To pursue their cooperation in science
     Community and Ukraine; first and technology in the formal framework
     renewal came into force as of       established by the Agreement.
       8/11/2004: Latest renewal:         The Agreement renewing the
    16.11.2011 the Verkhovna Rada Agreement on cooperation in science                                                                                                             
    of Ukraine adopted the Law "On and technology between the European                                                                                                                      agreements/prepareCreat
    Ratification of the Agreement by     Community and Ukraine for an                                                                                                                                           
                                                                            resources, adequate access                                                                            
    Exchange of Notes on Renewal        additional period of five years is                                                                                                                                                reements/prepareCreateTre
                                                                                 to their respective                                                                                        0&redirect=true&treatyId=
5    of the Agreement on Scientific  approved on behalf of the Community                                                                                                                                                  atiesWorkspace/treatiesGe
                                                                             programmes and subject to                                                                                                225 and
    and Technological Cooperation (see no. 4). The Parties shall arrange                                                                                                                                         
                                                                                 appropriate levels                                                                               
         between the European          an environment for cooperation in                                                                                                                                                     ect=true&treatyId=225
     Community and Ukraine". The scientific and technological research to                                                                                                                    cle/news_left?art_id=290
          agreement renews the       strengthen working relationship in the
      Agreement on Scientific and        areas of common interest and
       Technological Cooperation      encourage use of the results for the
         between the European          economic and social benefit of the
    Community and Ukraine (July 4,                  Parties.
    2002 signed in Copenhagen) for
     an extra five-year period (see
                                                                                                                    Cooperation shall be implemented in
                                                                                                                              particular through:
                                                                                                                   - exchange of technical information by
       Agreement for Cooperation                                                                                      means of reports, visits, seminars,
                                       To maintain and intensify cooperation
     between the European Atomic                                                                                           technical meetings, etc.;                                    
                                           between the Parties in the areas                                                                                                                                          
       Energy Community and the                                                      of effective protection of       - exchange of personnel between              All costs deriving from        agreements/prepareCreat
                                          covered by their respective fusion                                                                                                                                                   reements/prepareCreateTre
    Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in                                              intellectual, industrial and   laboratories and/or bodies involved on      cooperation shall be borne by      eTreatiesWorkspace/treat
6                                       programmes in order to develop the                                                                                                                                                     atiesWorkspace/treatiesGe
      the field of controlled nuclear                                              commercial property rights          both sides, including for training      the parties, unless specifically
                                             scientific understanding and                                                                                                                                             
          fusion; into force from                                                               (IPR).                             purposes;                               agreed                 0&redirect=true&treatyId=
                                        technological capability underlying a                                                                                                                                                     ect=true&treatyId=221
    13/11/2002 and to be renewed on                                                                                   - exchange of samples, materials,                                                       221
                                                 fusion power system.
                 13/11/2012                                                                                             instruments and apparatus for
                                                                                                                            experimental purposes;
                                                                                                                   - balanced participation in joint studies
                                                                                                                                and activities.

                                                                                                                Cooperation shall be implemented in
                                                                                                                          particular through:
                                                                                                               - exchange of technical information by
        Agreement for Cooperation                                                                                 means of reports, visits, seminars,
                                                                                      Intended to establish
                                         It aims to encourage and contribute to                                        technical meetings, etc.;                                        
      between the European Atomic                                                   cooperation in the use of                                                 All costs deriving from                                
                                            the improvement of nuclear safety,                                    - exchange of personnel between                                                 agreements/prepareCreat
        Energy Community and the                                                   nuclear energy for peaceful                                            cooperation shall be borne by                                        reements/prepareCreateTre
                                        including the definition and application                               laboratories and/or bodies involved on                                             eTreatiesWorkspace/treat
7   Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in                                             purposes, conducted on the                                              the parties, the financing of                                       atiesWorkspace/treatiesGe
                                               of scientifically warranted and                                     both sides, including for training                                   
      the field of nuclear safety, into                                              basis of the principle of                                           industrial activities is excluded                            
                                        internationally accepted nuclear safety                                                purposes;                                                          0&redirect=true&treatyId=
     force from 13/11/2002 and to be                                                     mutual benefit.                                                       from this agreement                                                ect=true&treatyId=222
                                                          guidelines.                                             - exchange of samples, materials,                                                           222
          renewed on 13/11/2012                                                                                     instruments and apparatus for
                                                                                                                        experimental purposes;
                                                                                                               - balanced participation in joint studies
                                                                                                                            and activities.
                                                                              (a) nuclear safety (Article 4);
                                                                              (b) controlled nuclear fusion
                                                                                                                                                                Terms and conditions
                                                                                          (Article 5);
                                                                                                                                                            for co-operation in concrete
                                                                                 (c) nuclear research and
                                                                                                                                                             projects will be laid down in
                                                                               development in other areas
                                                                                          than those
                                                                                                                                                           arrangements, entered into by
                                                                                       foreseen under
                                                                                                                                                                   the Parties acting
                                                                                 subparagraph (a) and (b)
                                                                                                                                                               through their competent
                                                                                      above (Article 6);                  The co-operation shall be
                                                                                                                                                           institutions which will proceed
                                                                                            Article 6                     implemented in particular
                                                                                                                                                            according to their respective
                                                                                   Other areas of nuclear                           through:
                                                                                                                                                              legislative and regulatory
                                                                               research and development           — exchange of technical information
                                              provide a framework for         1. Co-operation shall extend                  by means of reports,
       European Atomic Energy                                                                                                                             L 261/28 EN Official Journal of
                                     co-operation between the Parties in the      to nuclear research and         visits, seminars, technical meetings,
                                                                                                                                                          the European Union 22.9.2006                                         
     Community (EURATOM) and the             peaceful uses of nuclear                   development                                    etc,                                                         
                                                                                                                                                                5. Such implementing                                                     reements/prepareCreateTre
     Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine energy with a view to strengthening the activities of mutual interest to      — exchange of personnel between                                                            agreements/downloadFile
8                                                                                                                                                          arrangements may, inter alia,                                                 atiesWorkspace/treatiesGe
                   for                          overall co-operation               the Parties other than                laboratories and/or bodies                                                           .do?fullText=yes&treatyTr
      Co-operation in the Peaceful    relationship between the Community       those been provided for in         involved on both sides, including for                                                              ansId=10181
                                                                                                                                                                 financing provisions,                                                      ect=true&treatyId=5521
        Uses of Nuclear Energy               and Ukraine on the basis              Articles 4 and 5 of this                   training purposes,
                                                                                                                                                            assignment of management
                                        of mutual benefit and reciprocity                 Agreement                — exchange of samples, materials,
                                                                               above, as agreed between                 instruments and apparatus
                                                                                                                                                             and detailed provisions on
                                                                              the Parties, in so far as they            for experimental purposes,
                                                                                                                                                            dissemination of information
                                                                                              are                   — balanced participation in joint
                                                                                   covered by respective                    studies and activities.
                                                                                                                                                             intellectual property rights.
                                                                               research and development
                                                                                                                                                             6. Costs resulting from co-
                                                                                                                                                             operation activities shall be
                                                                               undertaken by the Parties.
                                                                               2. On the Community side,
                                                                                                                                                           by the Party that incurs them,
                                                                             the co-operation may include
                                                                                                                                                            unless otherwise specifically
                                                                                                                                                                agreed by the Parties.
                                                                             particular the following areas:
                                                                                (a) applications of nuclear

                                           Ukraine and the European Union
                                                                                                                                                          ENPI European Neighborhood
                                        agreed to enter into intensified political,
                                                                                                                                                            and Partnership Instrument;
                                                security, economic and
                                                                                                                                                          TACIS (till 2006), Tacis Nuclear
                                           cultural relations, including cross
                                                                                                                                                              Safety Programme (until
                                                border co-operation. Its                   The European
                                                                                                                                                           January 1, 2007), Instrument                                        
      ENP European Neighborhood            implementation will help fulfil the      Neighbourhood Policy opens                                                                             ENPI: National and
                                                                                                                                                               for Nuclear Safety Co-                       p/index_en.htm ;
9              Policy -                    provisions in the Partnership and         new partnership, economic                                                                              Regional Action
                                                                                                                                                           operation (INSC) (from 2007                           enp/funding_en.htm
          EU-UKR Action Plan                Cooperation Agreement (PCA)             integration and cooperation                                                                              Programmes
                                                                                                                                                           onwards), CBC Cross-Border                                                         p/welcome_en.htm
                                            as a valid basis for EU-Ukraine                 perspectives
                                                                                                                                                             Co-operation Programme;
                                         cooperation, and will encourage and
                                                                                                                                                            INOGATE Interstate Oil and
                                             support Ukraine’s objective of
                                                                                                                                                              Gas Transport to Europe
                                           further integration into European
                                            economic and social structures

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     GALILEO joint
                                                                                    science and technology,                                                                                         
                                                                                    industrial manufacturing,                                                                                  GALILEO        oc/General%20Clauses% GALILEO joint undertaking:
      Agreement between EC and           provides for co-operative activities on                                                                          call for tenders under FP7
                                                                                       service and market         call for tenders under FP7 (Theme 7 -                                       Programme,      20and%20Conditions%20
10    Ukraine on GALILEO and Air         satellite navigation in a wide range of                                                                        (Theme 7 - Transport including
                                                                                     development, as well as         Transport including Aeronautics)                                        GALILEO joint    for%20GJU%20Contracts ge.cfm?voce=m&idvoce=30
      Transportation (June 2005)                         sectors,                                                                                                 Aeronautics)
                                                                                   standardisation, frequency                                                                                 undertaking                .pdf               1&plugIn=1
                                                                                        and certification.                                                                                          
                                                                                                                                                       1) Regular Projects are all
                                                                                                                Grants for the so called Regular       funded by Governments of our
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Agreement was
                                                                                                            Projects or for Research Partnerships      Donor Countries
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       originally signed by
                                                                            Research and development            (STCU Partner Program, private         (
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Canada, Sweden, Ukraine,
                                                                                activities for peaceful       companies, industry organizations,       oads/).Funding Parties of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    and the United States of
                                                                             applications by Ukrainian,          academic and non-government           STCU projects include the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        America in 1993.
                                                                               Georgian, Uzbekistani,            organizations, and government         signatories to the STCU
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Subsequently, Sweden was
                                        To set up an intergovernmental       Azerbaijani, and Moldovan     agencies and programs from Canada,          agreement (Canada, European
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   replaced by the European
                                       organization with the status of a      scientists and engineers       European Union, and the USA may           Unio, Ukraiine, and the United
        Agreement to Establish a                                                                                                                                                                                              Union.
                                   diplomatic mission and dedicated to the     (Recipients), formerly      contract for research and development       States of America)
11   Science and Technology Center                                                                                                                                                  As of June 2009, the STCU
                                       prevention of the proliferation of  involved with development of     work with Azeri, Georgian, Moldovan,       2) STCU Partner Program (
        in Ukraine (STCU) - 1998                                                                                                                                                                                      employs over 4,400
                                    expertise related to weapons of mass weapons of mass destruction         Ukrainian and Uzbek scientists and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      scientists working on
                                              destruction (WMD)             and their means of delivery,    institutes.) The general objective is to   rcialcontrres/).Private
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  approximately 220 projects
                                                                               as part of the general          facilitate the integration of former    companies, industry
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  in the field (approx. 70% in
                                                                             process of conversion to a       Soviet weapons scientists into the       organizations, government
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ukraine, the remainder in
                                                                              civilian, market-oriented           global scientific re-search and      agencies and programs from
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Georgia, Azerbaijan, and
                                                                                     environment                   development community by            Canada, European Union, and
                                                                                                            encouraging peaceful and productive        the USA can apply for Partner
                                                                                                                 engagements in joint projects.        Status
1)   Intergovernmental Bilateral S&T agreements with EU MS + Turkey

                                                             Purpose/ Principle of
               Type and Name of agreements

                                                                    To promote
         Agreement on cultural, scientific, technical co-       cooperation in the
 1   operation between the Government of Ukraine and the       fields of education,
       Government of Republic of France (01.06.1996)          culture, science and

                                                      To directly support the
                                                         S&T relationships
     Agreement on S&T cooperation between the Cabinet
                                                        between Research
 2      of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of
                                                      Institutions, Academia,
               Austria, concluded june 6, 2003
                                                          High Education,
                                                            Industry etc.

      Agreement between the government of Urkaine and
 3    the government of the Hungarian Republic on S&T
                  cooperation, May 1995
      Agreement on Cooperation in the fields of Culture,
        Education and Science between Ukraine and
      Slovenia, 1997. Signature of the Work Program in
              S&T cooperation: June 12, 2002 -
       Agreement on Science and Technology between
     TUBITAK and the Ministry of Ukraine for Science and
      Technology (Signed: February 26, 1997, Executive
 5      Protocol: October 8, 2003); Agreement in S&T
      Cooperation signed by the Cabinet of Ministers of
       Ukraine and the Government of the Republic of
                    Turkey, June 7, 2006
        Agreement on S&T Cooperation signed by the
 6      Government of Ukraine and the Government of
           Slovakia 2002 (comes into force: 2004)
        Agreement on S&T Cooperation between the
        Government of Ukraine and the Governmen of
      Romania of March 1996 - (text of the last protocol -
            2007, with provisions for 2008-2009)
     Agreement on Cooperation in the fields of Education,
        Science and Culture between the Government of
      Ukraine and the Government of Lithuanian Republic
8      of August 1993, Agreement on Cooperation in the
     fields of Education and Science between the Ministry
     of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry
          of Education and Science of Lithuania, 2003

       Agreement on S&T Cooperation signed by the
9     Government of Ukraine and the Government of the
                Republic of Poland, 2002

     Agreement on S&T Cooperation between the Ministry
     of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry
       of Education and Science of Bulgaria, March 24,

     Agreement on Joint Action Programme for 2004-2006
11   between the Government of the Netherlands and the
                  Government of Ukraine

                                                            to improve and extend
     Agreement on S&T Cooperation concluded between               the ongoing
12    the Federal Republic of Germany and the USSR             cooperation in the
       (1986, come into force 1987, still being applied)     areas of science and
                                                            to foster the scientific-
      Joint Declaration of the German Federal Ministry of     technical relations
        Research and Technology the Ukranian State            between research
13     Committee for Science and Technologies on S&T          institutions, higher
                          cooperation                        education institutions
                        (10 June 1993)                      and enterprises in both

       Agreement between the Ministry of Education of       Research projects co-
14   Ukraine and the Department of Education of Ministry    funded and grants for
      of Flemish Union of Kingdom of Belgium (1998)          PhD and post-docs

     2)     Agreements between (national) institiutions of EU-MS + Turkey and Ukraine

                                                            Purpose/Principle of
                Type and Name of agreements

                                                               To encourage and
      Agreement on Science and Technology between            support cooperation in
     TUBITAK (Turkey) and NASU - Renewal of plan of         the field of science and
     scientific cooperation between NASU and TUBITAK          technology between
                          for the period                    their affiliated research

                                                            Joining of attempts of
                                                             NAS of Ukraine and
                                                               CNRS to finance
                                                            fundamental scientific
                                                             research. Target are
16        Agreement between NASU and CNRS (France)
                                                                joint projects of
                                                               common interest
                                                              coducted by NASU
                                                                   and French
      Agreement between The Royal Society (UK) and

     Agreement on Scientific Cooperation between Latvian
     Academy of Sciences and NASU

     Agreement on Cooperation between Estonian
     Academy of Sciences and NASU

     Agreement on Cooperation between Lithuanian
     Academy of Sciences and NASU

                                                              To carry out joint
   Agreement on Scientific Cooperation between              programmes, support
   German Research Foundation (DFG) and NASU               information exchange,
                                                            held the conferences

     Agreement on Scientific Cooperation between
     Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and NASU

     Agreement on Scientific Cooperation between Polish
     Academy of Arts and Sciences and NASU

24 Agreement on Scientific Cooperation between Polish
   Academy of Sciences and NASU
   Agreement on Scientific Cooperation between
25 Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and
     Agreement on Scientific Cooperation between Slovak
     Academy of Sciences and NASU

     Agreement on Scientific Cooperation between
     Hungarian Academy of Sciences and NASU

     Agreement on S&TCooperation between Romanian
     Academy of Sciences and NASU
                                                           To facilitate
                                                           cooperation between
                                                           Ukrainian and
   Agreement on Scientific Cooperation between
29 Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts and
                                                           researchers in the
                                                           areas specified
                                                           acccording to
                                                           additional protocols
     Agreement between NASU and the Serbian
     Academy of Sciences and Arts
ments with EU MS + Turkey
                                                     Forms of cooperation
                 Areas of Cooperation                                                        instrument
                                                 (Implemementing Instruments)

                  Physics, chemistry,
              mathematics, biotechnology,
                                               Joint Call for scientific projects within "Dnipro" (2001) on
                new materials, geology,
                                                 the framework of the Agreement           S&T cooperation
                medicine, humanitarian
                                                                                            with France
               sciences, astronomy, ICT

                                                Joint Call for scientific projects, joint
               Ecology, nanotechnologies,
                                                 events within the framework of the
                   biotechnologies, IT

                                                Joint research projects, exchange of
                Health, biotechnologies,
                                                     researchers, joint scientific
              ecology, agriculture, material
                                                  conferences and workshops, &T
                                                        information exchange
               Mathematics, physics, new        Joint Call for scientific projects, joint
               materials, biotechnologies,        events, scientific exchange, joint
              archeology, nuclear physics,         scientific workshops within the
                         biology                    framework of the Agreement

                    Nanotechnologies,         Joint research programs in the fields
                nanoelectronics, molecular     of common interest, staff exchange
             biology, pharmacology, virology,       programs, Joint Research
             IT, genetic engineering, organic Laboratory, training programs in the
                and non-organic chemistry            areas of mutual interest

                  Biology, biotechnology,    Joint research projects, exchange of
              environment, agriculture and         researchers, joint scientific
               food technologies, industrial  conferences and workshops, S&T
                technologies and materials           information exchange
             Biotechnologies, new materials,
                   food technologies, IT,    Joint Call for scientific projects within
                  automatization, medical      the framework of the Agreement
   Health, medical equipment,
   biotechnologies, agriculture,
  bioengineering, resources and
    energy saving, ecologically
 secure technologies, alternative
sources of energy, new materials Joint Call for scientific projects within
     and chemical substance,       the framework of the Agreement
   ecology and efficient nature
     management, IT and new
      industrial technologies,
nanophysics, nanoelectronis and
     Energy security, joint oil
                                  Joint research projects, exchange of
   production in the Carpathian
                                       researchers, joint scientific
  region, nanotechnologies and
                                    conferences and workshops, &T
  nanomaterials, Antarctic joint
                                          information exchange
     research, biotechnology
   Health, medical equipment,
biotechnologies, agriculture, new Joint Call for scientific projects to be
materials, ecology, nanophysics, fulfilled within the framework of the
         nanoelectronics,                       Agreement
                                                                                  Matra Programme
                                       Matra Projects Programme (MPP),
                                        Matra Small Embassy Projects
                                        Programme (KAP, Matra KNIP),
                                                                                  Programme of the
                                          Matra Small Local Activities
                                                                                  Dutch Ministry of
                                                                                   Foreign Affairs)

              in particular:                 a) exchange of information
* nuclear research and peaceful       b) organization and joint realization of
       uses of nuclear energy            symposia, conferences, training
         * energy technology                  activities and exhibitions
   * research and exploration of           c) exchange of delegations of
                  space               experts, scientists and other scientific-
    * biology and biotechnology                  technical employees
           * data processing          d) exchange of experts for scientific-
* information and documentation                   technical consulting
   * research and technologcial        e) coordination of research projects
    development in the areas of           f) joint activities in the areas of
  transportation, agriculture and       fundamental and applied research
              environment                  including mutual provision of
           * health research           research material, scientific devices
       * educational research                        and equipment
* individual projects in the areas    g) joint research and development of
 of civil engineering, mettallurgy,    new technological processes and of
        electronics, computer             methods for their application in
     architecture and chemistry                    proction processes
                                                a) exchange of information
                                         b) organization and joint realization of
                                            symposia, conferences, training
                                                 activities and exhibitions
                                              c) exchange of delegations of
                                         experts, scientists and other scientific-
                                                    technical employees
                                         d) exchange of experts for scientific-
                                                     technical consulting
                     not specified        e) coordination of research projects
                                             f) joint activities in the areas of
                                           fundamental and applied research
                                              including mutual provision od
                                          research material, scientific devices
                                                        and equipment
                                         g) joint research and development of
                                          new technological processes and of
                                             methods for their application in
                                                      proction processes

stitiutions of EU-MS + Turkey and Ukraine
                                               Forms of cooperation
                 Areas of Cooperatiopn                                                   instrument
                                           (Implemementing Instruments)
                                                                                Programme for
                                                                                Joint Research
                                                                               Projects within the
                                         Annual Call of joint Ukranian-Turkey
                                                                               Framework of the
                                                 scientific projects
                                                                              Agreement between
                                                                                 TUBITAK and

                                                                                     Europe of Research
                                          Joint Calls for PICS (International         and International
                                          Projects for Scientific Cooperation)       Cooperation Office -
                                                                           The Royal Society's
                                      Short-term individual grants            International

      All academic fields             Short-term individual grants
                                                                           exchange support

      All academic fields             Short-term individual grants
                                                                           exchange support

      All academic fields             Short-term individual grants
                                                                           exchange support

   All fields of fundamental                                          exchange support,
                                Joint research projects,       Short-
research. Including humanities,                                            The DFG
                                        term individual grants
  social sciences. Economics                                             International
                                  Joint research projects approved by        Researchers
      All academic fields
                                           bi-annual protocol              exchange support
                                                                           PAAS grants, self-
                                 Short-term individual grants, editorial
          Humanities                                                       funding from both
                                  Joint research projects approved by        Researchers
      All academic fields
                                           bi-annual protocol              exchange support

                                  Joint research projects approved by        Researchers
      All academic fields
                                           bi-annual protocol              exchange support

                                  Joint research projects approved by        Researchers
      All academic fields
                                           bi-annual protocol              exchange support

                                  Joint research projects approved by        Researchers
      All academic fields
                                           bi-annual protocol              exchange support

                                  Joint research projects approved by        Researchers
      All academic fields
                                           bi-annual protocol              exchange support

Humanities: history, culturology, Joint projects approved by protocol,     exchange support,
          linguistics                     joint editorial activity          self-funding from
                                                                                both sides

                                  Joint research projects approved by        Researchers
                                                protocol                   exchange support
  Online source of       Rules for application,      Additional or general
     document               financial rules              information

               Ministry of Education and
                        hia/Jahia/site/egide/lang/fr   Science of Ukraine,
                         ent.wxe?Abfrage=BgblAut ente/BgblAuth/BGBLA_20
                         h&Dokumentnummer=BG 04_III_135/COO_2026_10
                             BLA_2004_III_135            0_2_147460.html

                       akanlik_Uygulama%20Pro                d=553
                National Authority for
                       _up/1199891426Program          Scientific Research -
                          %20%20Ucraina.pdf          Romania

418032&hash=c6cf1c                                       BGBl. 1988 II 394
0768fc8eab0b92b and

                                                          M. Dirk Lapeire (00 32 2
                                                                 553 98 96)

  Online source of          Rules for application,         Additional or general
     document                  financial rules                 information


Current EU programmes
         Type and name of
No.                               Purpose, objectives, key priorities

                                  "to strengthen the scientific and
      FP7 Seventh Framework
                              technological base of European industry;
      Programme for research
 1                                  to encourage its international
         and technological
                             competitiveness, while promoting research
                                      that supports EU policies"

                                   worldwide cooperation and mobility
                               programme that aims to enhance quality in
                               higher education and promote intercultural
                              supports the modernisation of higher
                              education in the Partner Countries of
                            Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Western
3         TEMPUS
                             Balkans and the Mediterranean region,
                              mainly through university cooperation

    Jean Monnet Programme     supports university initiatives aimed at
4      under the Lifelong    creating teaching activities in European
      Learning Programme                   integration
      INSC Instrument for
         Nuclear Safety
    Cooperation (from 2007
    onward since it replaces   Instrument to support the promotion of a
    the Tacis Nuclear Safety     high level of nuclear safety, radiation
5         Programme)           protection and the application of efficient
                -                 and effective safeguards of nuclear
      funded though ENPI               material in third countries.
    European Neighborhood
        and Partnership

                               to improve the economic, social and
    ENPI CBC (Cross-Border-
                            environmental situation in the Programme
     Cooperation) Poland-
                             area, in the context of safe and secure
6       Belarus-Ukraine
                                         borders, through
                             increased contact between partners on
                                     both sides of the borders
                             The overall aim of the Programme is to
                            promote activities with the support of the
                            European Union which will lead to a more
                            intense and deeper social and economic
                             cooperation between regions of Ukraine
      Hungary-Slovakia-       and regions of Member States sharing
     Romania-Ukraine ENPI               common border.
7       Cross-border
    Cooperation Programme        With the assistance of European
          2007-2013              Neighbourhood and Partnership
                            Instrument (ENPI) funds it is attempted to
                              enhance the joint development of the
                              Programme area by stimulating cross-
                                       border partnerships.
                             The Joint Operational Programme
                             Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova
                             2007-2013 (hereinafter JOP RO-UA-MD)
                             is one of the EU’s new ENPI financing
                             instruments, which are going to be
                             implemented on the EU’s external borders
                             during the programme period 2007 –
                             2013. It aims at creating “bridges”
                             among the three countries involved, in
      Joint Operational      order to help the border areas overcome
    Programme Romania-       their similar development challenges, by
     Ukraine-Republic of     working together and finding common
     Moldova 2007-2013       solutions. Hence, instead of dividing, the
                             border will unite the areas concerned.
                             Through the JOP RO-UA-MD the people
                             in border areas will be encouraged to
                             further develop the border economy,
                             confront environmental challenges and
                             enhance their preparedness for emergency
                             situations. The program will also promote
                             greater interaction between people and
                             communities living in the border areas.
                             The EC funding for the JOP RO-UA-MD
                             is 126,72 M€ for the period 2007 to 2013.

     Black Sea Basin Joint
9   Operational Programme      The Black Sea Basin Joint Operational
           2007-2013          Programme 2007-2013 (hereafter Black
                                Sea JOP) is a programme under the
                               European Neighborhood & Partnership
                               Instrument (ENPI) of the EU. It aims to
                                   contribute to: “a stronger and
                                 sustainable economic and social
                             development of the regions of the Black
                                            Sea Basin”.
                                   international energy co-operation
                             programme between the European Union,
                               the littoral states of the Black & Caspian
                                Seas and their neighbouring countries,
                             which have agreed to work together toward
                                   achieving the following four major
      INOGATE Interstate Oil                    objectives:
       and Gas Transport to      1. Converging energy markets on the
                               basis of the principles of the EU internal
                                 energy market taking into account the
10                              particularities of the involved countries
       funded though ENPI
                                    2. Enhancing energy security by
     European Neighborhood
                                    addressing the issues of energy
         and Partnership        exports/imports, supply diversification,
            Instrument            energy transit and energy demand
                                    3. Supporting sustainable energy
                             development, including the development of
                              energy efficiency, renewable energy and
                                       demand side management
                                4. Attracting investment towards energy
                              projects of common and regional interest.

                                      The Nuclear Safety Co-operation
                                  Instrument (NSCI) finances measures to
                                   support a higher level of nuclear safety,
                                 radiation protection and the application of
                                     efficient and effective safeguards of
                                nuclear materials in third countries. Its aim
                                is to finance actions in the following priority

                                (i) improving nuclear safety, particularly in
                                       terms of regulatory framework or
                                     management of nuclear plant safety
                                       (design, operation, maintenance,
                                 decommissioning), (ii) the safe transport,
       Nuclear Safety Co-
                                    treatment and disposal of radioactive
11    operation Instrument
                                     waste, (iii) the remediation of former
                                  nuclear sites and the protection against
                                 ionising radiation given off by radioactive
                                  materials, (iv) emergency preparedness
                                (accident prevention as well as reaction in
                                the event of an accident), (v) promotion of
                                   international cooperation in the field of
                                                  nuclear safety.

                                    Nuclear safety and non-proliferation
                                 actions are implemented by EuropeAid,
                                with the collaboration of External Relations
                                DG, the Energy and Transport DG and the
                                  technical support of the Commission’s
                                          Joint Research Centre.
     South East Europe

                         The South East Europe Programme aims to
                         develop transnational partnerships on
                         matters of strategic importance, in order to
                         improve the territorial, economic and social
                         integration process and to contribute to
                         cohesion, stability and competitiveness of the
                         region. Helps to promote better integration
                         between the Member States, candidate and
                         potential candidate countries and
                         neighbouring countries.
                      CENTRAL EUROPE is a European Union
     Central Europe
13                    programme that
                      encourages cooperation among the countries
                      of Central Europe to improve innovation,
                      accessibility and the environment and to
                      enhance the competitiveness and
                      attractiveness of their cities and regions.
                      CENTRAL EUROPE invests €231 million to
                      provide funding to transnational cooperation
                      projects involving public and private
                      organisations from Austria, the Czech
                      Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland,
                      the Slovak Republic and Slovenia. The
                      programme is financed by the European
                      Regional Development Fund and runs from
                      2007 to 2013. Interested partnerships are
                      invited to propose their projects following
                      public calls for proposals, which will be
                      widely publicised.
Related sub-programmes or priority areas (if        Funding schemes, funding           Rules for application, financial
                   any)                                   instruments                              rules

                                                    Collaborative Projects,
                                                    networks of excellence,
                                                   coordination and support
                                                 actions, individual projetcs,
Cooperation, Ideas, People, Capacities, Nuclear                       
                                                support for training and career
                  Research                                                               cipate_en.html
                                                 develoment of researchers,
                                                  research for the benefit of
                                                 specific groups (in particular

                                                  financial support for institutions
                                                         and scholarships for
                                                        individuals. Funding is
                                                             available for:  
                                                     * European joint masters and      mus_mundus/programme/progr
     Action 1: Joint Programmes including            doctoral programmes (with               amme_guide_en.php
                  scholarships;                        scholarships): Action 1
Action 2: Partnerships with Third Country higher        - * Partnerships with non-
   education institutions and scholarships for       European higher education
                     mobility;                   institutions and scholarships for
    Action 3: Promotion of European higher             mobility of students and               participate_en.php
                    education                         academics: Action 2 - *
                                                   Projects to promote European
                                                      higher education systems         mus_mundus/programme/how_
                                                          worldwide: Action 3                   apply_en.php
                                                             Joint Projects based on
                                                             multilateral partnerships
                                                           between higher education
                                                        institutions in the EU and the
                                                            Partner Countries aim at
                                                           exchange knowledge and
                                                              practices between EU
                                                       universities and institutions in
                                                                                              Joint Projects and Structural
                                                           the Partner Countries and
                                                                                           Measures are implemented through
                                                            between Partner Country
                                                                                            regular calls for proposals, while
                                                          institutions as appropriate;
                                                                                              Accompanying Measures are
                                                         Structural Measures seek to
                                                                                           contracted through calls for tender
                                                       contribute to the development
                                                                                                or framework contracts.
                                                           and reform of educational
                                                          institutions and systems at
                                                         national level in the Partner
                                                           Countries; Accompanying
                                                               Measures comprise
                                                       dissemination and information
                                                          activities such as thematic
                                                            conferences, studies and
                                                              activities aiming at the
                                                      identification and exploitation of
                                                       good practices, consultation of
                                                                stakeholders, etc.

   The Jean Monnet programme contains three
                 distinct key activities:
        * Support for University-level projects on
  European integration. These include university
  chairs, centres of excellence, course modules,
    information or research activities as well as
support for academic associations of professors
  and researchers in European integration. Jean             Calls for proposals -
   Monnet projects are selected on the basis of       Jean Monnet Programme: Jean
their academic merits and following a process of        Monnet European Modules,
       rigorous and independent peer review.              Jean Monnet Chairs, "Ad
   Support for six specific academic institutions         Personam" Jean Monnet
  pursuing an aim of European interest, such as        Chairs, Jean Monnet Centres
      the College of Europe and the European            of Excellence, Jean Monnet     an-monnet/doc609_en.htm
University Institute. These six institutions do not    Multilateral Research Groups,
   need to apply for funding as they have been             Support for professors,
       explicitly listed in the Lifelong Learning        researchers and research
Programme by the European Parliament and the           activities relating to European
                         Council.                                 integration;
 Support for European-wide associations active
  at European level in the field of education and
 training. These European associations must be
present in at least 12 EU Member States. There
   is a specific annual call for proposals for the
           selection of these associations.
 Specific contracts cover the following domains
                      of activity:
    * On-site assistance (OSA) aims to enhance
  the culture of safety at nuclear power plants in
 the NIS by improving operating conditions and
     through the surveillance of installations.
      * Design safety involves analysing major
 safety components of Soviet-designed reactors
     and formulating appropriate solutions for
    improving the nuclear safety features and
    * Off-Site Emergency Preparedness (OSEP)
refers to measures to protect the population and
    the environment in the event of a nuclear                           
   emergency following, or given a threat of, an                                          e/worldwide/nuclear-
    accidental release of radioactive material.             Call for Tenders      safety/documents/nuclear_safety_s
     * Support to regulatory authorities involves                                 trategy_2007_2013_indicative_pro
 transferring regulatory methodology, as well as                                      gramme_2007_2009_en.pdf
     developing an institutional and licensing
        framework for national regulators.
            * Nuclear waste/spent fuel and
      decommissioning aims to improve the
    management of radioactive waste and the
    decommissioning of potentially dangerous
                nuclear installations.
    * Safeguards and illicit trafficking prevention
 deals with the safeguards system improvement
    by introducing adequate accountancy and
    control of all nuclear materials, a key non-
                 proliferation issue.

  1. Increasing competitiveness of the border
 area: Better conditions for entrepreneurship;
   development and improving access to the            d/where/neighbourhood/regi
     2. Improving the quality of life: Natural                                     ork/procedures/implementation/
 environment protection in the borderland and
                  efficient and                              _poland-belarus-
                secure borders.                        ukraine_fact_sheet_en.pdf
       3. Networking and people-to-people
Priority 1: Promote economic and social
Measure 1.1 Harmonised development of
Measure 1.2 Create better conditions for SMEs
and business development
Priority 2: Enhance environmental quality
Measure 2.1 Environmental protection,
sustainable use and management of natural
resources                                          http://www.huskroua-   http://www.huskroua-
Measure 2.2 Emergency Preparedness        
Priority 3: Increase border efficiency
Measure 3.1 Improvement of border crossing
transport infrastructure and equipment at border
Priority 4: Support people to people cooperation
Measure 4.1 Institutional cooperation
Measure 4.2 Small scale “People to people”
Priority 1: Towards a more competitive
border economy.
1.1 Improving the productivity and
competitiveness of the region’s urban and
rural areas by working across borders
1.2 Cross-border initiatives in transport,
border infrastructure and energy
Priority 2: Environmental Challenges and
Emergency Preparedness.
2.1 Addressing strategic cross-border
environmental challenges including
emergency preparedness.
2.2 Water supply, sewerage and waste
management                                      1. Integrated projects with
Priority 3: People to People Co-operation.      different activities in two
3.1 Local and regional governance,              countries that jointly achieve a
support to civil society and local              certain objective having a cross
                                                border impact;
                                                2. Symmetrical projects with the
3.2 Educational, social and cultural
                                                same activities in all countries
exchanges                                       participating in the project;
                                                3. Single projects, implemented
                                                mainly or entirely in a single
                                                partner-country but having a
                                                cross-border impact.

                                                    1. Integrated projects with
                                                    different activities in several
                                                    countries that jointly achieve a
                                                    certain objective having a cross
                                                    border impact; 2. Symmetrical
                                                    projects with the same
Priority 1: Supporting cross border partnerships activities in all countries
for economic and social development based on participating in the project; 3.          MME_IMPLEMENTATION_PR
common resources                           Priority Single projects, implemented
2: Sharing resources and competencies for           mainly or entirely in a single
environmental protection and conservation           partner-country but having a
Priority 3: Supporting cultural and educational     cross-border impact.
networks for the establishment of a common
cultural environment in the Basin
       * Convergence of Energy Markets
               * Energy Security
          * Sustainable Development
            * Investment Attraction

                                                     The NSCI has a budget of
                                                    €524 million for 2007-2013.
                                                 The assistance is implemented
                                                     on the basis of multiannual
                                                         strategy papers and
                                                        multiannual indicative
                                                     programmes. The strategy
                                                     papers cover one or more
                                                                                      The entities which are eligible for
                                                    countries for a maximum of
                                                                                     funding are: partner countries and
                                                      seven years and contain
                                                                                       regions and their decentralised
                                                        multiannual indicative
                                                                                        bodies, public and parastatal
                                                 programmes specifying the key
                                                                                        bodies, public and parastatal
                                                      objectives and indicative
                                                                                      bodies, private companies, non-
                                                    financial allocations. On the
  Since 1 January 2007, it replaces the TACIS                                              state actors such as non-
                                                  basis of these documents, the
 Nuclear Safety Programme which had covered                                            governmental organisations or
                                                     Commission adopts action
     safety of nuclear installation in the New                                       professional associations, natural
                                                 programmes, usually on annual
Independent States (NIS), created as a result of                                    persons, the Joint Research Centre
                                                  basis. Certain measures may
        the break-up of the Soviet Union.                                               or EU agencies, international
                                                      be adopted although not
                                                                                          organisations and financial
                                                   included in the programming
                                                                                        institutions. In case of call for
                                                  documents: this is the case of
                                                                                       proposals and tenders: each of
                                                  special measures (adopted in
                                                                                          them will specify in related
                                                    an emergency) and support
                                                                                    documents the eligibility criteria for
                                                       measures (for example,
                                                                                          that specific call or tender.
                                                     technical or administrative
                                                     assistance). The indicative
                                                  programme 2007-2009 has a
                                                 budget of €217 million, equally
                                                   divided among: measures in
                                                  Russia, measures in Ukraine
                                                     and needs in the other NIS
INNOVATION                           AND
1.1: Develop technology and innovation
networks in specific fields
1.2: Develop the enabling environment for
innovative entrepreneurship
1.3: Enhance the framework conditions and
pave the way for innovation

2.1: Improve integrated water management
and flood risk prevention
2.2: Improve prevention of environmental
2.3: Promote cooperation in management
of natural assets and protected areas
2.4: Promote energy and resource

3.1: Improve co-ordination in promoting,
planning and operation for primary and
secondary transportation networks
3.2: Develop strategies to tackle the "digital
3.3: Improve framework conditions for multi-
modal platforms

                                                  The CENTRAL EUROPE
                                               programme finances territorial
                                               cooperation projects that add
                                               explicit value to the CENTRAL
                                                EUROPE cooperation area.
                                                  Whether or not a project
                                              generates transnational added
                                              value is the result of key factors
                                                 such as, among others, the
                                                    issue addressed, the
                                                  partnership involved, the
                                                degree of innovation and the
                                               visibility and impact of project
                                                    activities and results.

                                                More specifically projects
                                                  seeking funds from the
                                                   CENTRAL EUROPE        
                                               Programme should meet the             projects/applying-for-a-project/
                                                 following characteristics:

                                                   Transnational thematic
                                            focus: Projects should focus on
                                             issues that are relevant to the
                                             four programme priorities and
CENTRAL EUROPE provides funding for
                                             their areas of intervention and
cooperation projects covering four thematic
                                                that cannot be sufficiently
areas: PRIORITY 1: Facilitating innovation addressed by individual regions
across Central Europe                          or countries alone. Projects
PRIORITY 2: Improving accessibility to,       should also contribute to the
and within, Central Europe                   overall programme goals such
PRIORITY 3: Using our environment              as strengthening territorial
responsibly                                   cohesion and enhancing the
PRIORITY 4: Enhancing competitiveness          competitiveness of Central
and attractiveness of cities and regions                 Europe.
                                                 Transnational partnership:
              Projects                       Contacts

AQUATERRE; ASSPRO CEE 2007; BEE;         Ms Olena koval
BILAT-UKR; BIO CIRCLE; BS-ERA.NET; National Information Center
   COMPOSITUM; CTB; ENRI-EAST;             cooperation
EU4SEAS; EXTEND; FRIDA;HPH.COM;      Room 801, 180 Gorkiy
    INCONET EECA;ISTOK- ;OYUZ                 Street
    NANOBIOSENS; NANOINDENT;         Tel: +380-44-5290332
 NANOSMARTS; PAGALINNET;PESI ;       Fax: +380-44-5290332
 PSYCHCNVS; ROPACS; SCUBE-ICT;        URL: http://www.fp7-
       SHRINK SMART; STELE        
                                             Ms. Svitlana Shytikova
                                            National Tempus Office in
                                                ILID – Institute for
                                                 Innovations and          Development
      ating_countries/ukraine_en.php              9 Bastionna St.
                                                    01014 Kiev

                                            Tel/fax: +380 442 86 66 68
                                              Tel: +380 443 32 26 45
                                          EC - External Relations
                                            Mr. Jean-Paul Joulia
                                                 Head of Unit
                                            Tel: +
                                             Mr. Philippe Servais
                                            Tel: +
                                         Ukraine ENPI Cross-border
                                           Cooperation Programme
                                          Joint Technical Secretariat

                                              VÁTI Nonprofit Kft.
                                            Gellérthegy u. 30-32.
                                              H-1016 Budapest,
                                               E-mail address:
                                             Fax: +36 1 224 3291            in Ukraine:
                                         Address: Uzhgorod, 46, 8-go
                                         Bereznya street, office 125. /
                                         Ужгород, вул.8-го березня
                                                 46, офіс 125.
                                         Name of the contact person
                                                  and phone:
                                           Volodymyr Navrotskyy /
                                          Навроцький Володимир:
                                              +38 095 6422006
                                          Natalia Likholyot / Наталія
                                         Ліхольот: +38 050 9443422
                                     Joint Managing Authority
                                     Ministry of Development,
                                         Public Works and
                                           Directorate for
                                      International Territorial
                                        12 Libertatii Avenue
                                       040129 Bucharest 5
                                      Phone: +4 0372111313
                                       Fax: +40 372111309

                                       Contact person: Mrs.
                                     Daniela POPESCU, Head
                                             of Office

                                      Joint managing Authority
                                     (JMA) Ministry of Regional
                                     Development and Housing
                                     Directorate for International
                                       Territorial Cooperation
                                         12 Libertăţii Avenue
             http://blacksea-            040129 Bucharest 5        Ms. Sorina CANEA
                  ARCH                  Programme Manager
                                      Phone: +40 372 111 309,
                                          +40 749 196 143
                                        Fax: +40 372 111 456
                                          Mr. Kyriakos Morfis
                                              Team Leader
                                         INOGATE Technical
                                               Secretariat Kudriavska Str. 26/28 Kiev
        mme/inogate_projects                 04053, Ukraine
                                        Tel. +380-44-230-2754
                                        Fax +380-44-230-2753

                                       National Development
                                      Authority for International
                                      Cooperation Programmes

         http://www.southeast-             Wesselényi u. 20-22 1077 Budapest Hungary
                                         Brigitta MIKULAS
                                        Tel: +36 1 474 9218
                                        Fax: +36 1 474 9291
                                            CENTRAL EUROPE
                                         Joint Technical Secretariat
                                           Museumstrasse 3/A/III
                                                A-1070 Vienna
                                            Fax: +43 (0) 1 4000 -
                                        Email: info(at)
EU MS programmes and funding instruments

                    Funding         Type and name of    Purpose, objectives, key
No.   Country
                  organisation        programmes              priorities

                                                         Intensification of the
                                                        international scientific
                   OeAD is the      WTZ - Scientific
                                                       cooperation of Austrian
                 Austrian agency and Technological
                                                      scientists with scientists
                 for international   Cooperation -
                                                     from the partner countries
                   mobility and       Support of
 1    Austria                                            by financing mobility
                  cooperation in      mobility for
                                                            costs within the
                    education,       bilateral and
                                                       framework of bilateral,
                   science and        multilateral
                                                      trilateral and multilateral
                     research      research projects
                                                        scientific cooperation

                                                             "Le Fonds de la
                                                        Recherche Scientifique -
                                                        FNRS a pour mission de
                                                        développer la recherche
                                                        scientifique non orientée
                                                       dans le cadre d’initiatives
                                                           présentées par les
                                                        chercheurs. Il favorise la
                                                             production et le
                                                           développement des
                FNRS Fonds de la
                                                            connaissances en
 2    Belgium                           see E/F        soutenant, d’une part, les
                                                            chercheurs à titre
                                                       individuel et en finançant,
                                                             d’autre part, des
                                                             programmes de
                                                        recherche poursuivis au
                                                         sein des laboratoires et
                                                              services situés
                                                        principalement dans les
                                                             universités de la
                                                         Communauté française
                                                               de Belgique."
                                                "…to lay the groundwork
                                                 for ongoing cooperation
                Foundation                        between French teams
                Maison des   Diderot Fellowship and the institutes and
3   France
                Sciences de     Programme        research centers in CIS
             L'Homme, France                       countries with which
                                                 visiting researchers are

                Foundation                             It enables the FMSH to
                Maison des   Visiting Professor             invite scientific
4   France
                Sciences de       Program                personalities from all
             L'Homme, France                                  continents.

                                                               Support to
                                                        internationalization for
                                                        French universities and
                                                        other higher education
             French Ministry of   EIFELL Excellence
6   France      Foreign and          Scholarship
                                                           Fields concerned:
             European Affairs        Programme
                                                         law/political science,
                                                      administration, engineering

                                                        To help contribute to the
                                                          emergence of higher
                                                         education and research
             French Ministry of                          programs from regional
                Foreign and                            scientific teams identified in
7   France   European Affairs     ARCUS Program       the frame of the cooperation
              and the French                               with certain strategic
                  regions                                  partners (emerging
                                                         countries, new Member
                                                          States and candidate
                The Embassy of                                To develop S&T exchanges
               France in Ukraine,                                  between research
                                         PHC "Dnipro"
8    France   in collaboration with                            laboratories to favour new
               the Ukrainian MES                                     collaborations.

                                                                 To help strengthen the
                                                                    development or
                                                                   implementation of
                The Embassy of
9    France                            Study scholarhips      cooperation between French
               France in Ukraine
                                                                  and Ukrainian higher
                                                              education establishments or
                                                                reasearch organisations.

                                      Short-term Scientific
                The Embassy of                                  Development of new or
10   France                            and Cooperation
               France in Ukraine                                 existing cooperation

                                                                  Develop long-term
               Ministry of Higher      Education and
                                                                partnerships between
11   France     Education and         Research Network
                                                                 French and Eastern
               Science, France            Program
                                                                European laboratories.
              Ministry of Higher                       Organisation of seminars,
12   France    Education and        ACCES Program     workshops and conferences
              Science, France                                 in France.

                                                   French scientists willing to
              Ministry of Higher
                                                   participate in workshops or
13   France    Education and       PARCECO Program
                                                   summer schools in an ECE
              Science, France
                                                          or NIS country

              Ministry of Higher
14   France    Education and                                     N/A
              Science, France
                                                         To facilitate the mobility of
                                                          students and scientists in
                                                                     order to:
                                                           - Increase the number of
                                                        teachers and scientists from
                                                            the Southern countries
                                                          - Strengthen the research
                                                        and academic skills of these
                 AUF (Agence
15   France    Universitaire de la   Mobility Programme
                                                          - Increase scientifical and
                                                             intellectual exchanges
                                                              - Favour mobility for
                                                          students and women and
                                                             promote France at the
                                                                international level
                                                               - Contribute to the
                                                        development and plurality of
                                                                  the universities

                                                         To facilitate research
                                      Gerda Henkel
                                                          projects which are
                                                          concerned with the
                                      Programme to
                                                         history of the young
                Gerda Henkel         support the next
                                                        scholar’s own country.
16   Germany     Foundation,           generation of
                                                           Furthermore, the
                  Germany              historians in
                                                      programme is intended to
                                        Russia, the
                                                         encourage research
                                     Ukraine, Moldova
                                                       making use of historical
                                       and Belarus
                                                           archive material.

                                                            The funding activities
                Gerda Henkel           Gerda Henkel        concentrate on German
17   Germany     Foundation,           Basic Funding      and foreign academics in
                  Germany               Programme           the fields of historical

               DAAD Deutscher                                   supporting of
                                 DAAD/OSI Joint
                Akademischer                              international cooperation
                                 Programme for
               Austauschdienst /                           in the sphere of higher
18   Germany                        Ukrainian
                   German                                 education and exchange
                                  graduates and
                  Academic                                    programs (in both
                                 young lecturers
               Exchange Service                                   directions)
               Alexander von       Programmes of
                 Humboldt        the Alexander von sponsoring postdoctoral
19   Germany
                Foundation,           Humboldt      scientists and scholars
                 Germany             Foundation

                                                     The goal of the DIW
                                                 Berlin Graduate Center is
                                                   to provide outstanding
                                                  young doctoral students,
               DIW German           DIW Berlin     from all over the world,
                Institute for    Graduate Center       with a research
20   Germany     Economic        of Economic and     environment and an
                 Research,       Social Research     institutional training
                 Germany                         structure that allows them
                                                       to develop their
                                                  exceptional talents in an
                                                   accordingly exemplary

                                    Scholarship     To provide access to
               Friedrich Ebert
                                 Programme of the    higher education to
21   Germany    Foundation,
                                  Friedrich Ebert economically challenged
                                    Foundation            students
                                                   Scholarship Programme
                 Friedrich                            is open to foreign
                                  Programme for
                 Naumann                                 students and
22   Germany                      Gifted Students
                Foundation,                       postgraduates at German
                 Germany                           universities if applicants
                                                   qualify according to our
                                                  scholarship requirements

                                                     The foundation aims at
                                                       the direct financial
                                                     support of universities
                                                      and research centers,
               Fritz Thyssen
                                                     preferably in Germany.
23   Germany    Foundation,           See E
                                                   The foundation especially
                                                   supports young scientists,
                                                    and seeks to encourage
                                                   international scientific and
                                                     academic cooperation.

                                                       The Alfred Toepfer
                                 Alfred Toepfer    Scholarship Programme
                                  Scholarship       has existed since 1996
               Alfred Toepfer
                                  Programme,         and was expanded in
25   Germany    Foundation,
                                     Herder        2005. It supports the final
                                 Scholaership        examinations phase in
                                  Prorgamme         studies at universities in
                                                    " One of the tasks of the
                                                     Max Planck Society as
                                                    stated in its statutes is to
                                                    promote junior scientists
                                                      and researchers. This
                                                     covers everything from
                                                       including students in
                                                      research plans at the
                                                        various Institutes to
                                                        supporting doctoral
                                                    candidates and granting
                                                    post-doctoral fellowships
                  MaxPlanck     Career support for
26   Germany                                        or time-limited contracts
               Society, Germany young scientists
                                                     to junior scientists and
                                                   researchers. In addition to
                                                    receiving financing from
                                                    the Max Planck Society,
                                                       young scientists and
                                                    researchers also receive
                                                        substantial financial
                                                       support from means
                                                    provided by third parties,
                                                      such as the Deutsche
                                                      or other foundations."

                                                       "Bremen International
                                                         Graduate School of
                                                           Social Sciences
                                                        (BIGSSS) integrates
                                                          excellent areas of
                                                      graduate education and
                                                     research at the University
                                                         of Bremen (UB) and
                BIGSSS Bremen
                                      BIGSSS          Jacobs University into a
27   Germany                         Fellowship      synergetic inter-university
                Graduate School
                                     Programme         institution designed to
               of Social Sciences
                                                     become an internationally
                                                        competitive model of
                                                         graduate education.
                                                           BIGSSS' guiding
                                                      principles are education
                                                        to excellence, quality
                                                      assurance, and effective
                                                     Die Heinrich Hertz-Stiftung
                  Heinrich Hertz                      fördert die Vergabe von
                 Foundation of the                           Stipendien für
                    Ministry for                    Forschungsaufenthalte von
               Innovation, Science,                   nordrhein-westfälischen
28   Germany      Research and      Grant Programme Wissenschaftlern/Wissensch
                Technology of the                    aftlerinnen im Ausland und
               County of Nordrhein-                       von ausländischen
                   Westfahlen,                      Wissenschaftlern/Wissensch
                    Germany                           aftlerinnen in Nordrhein-

                   IKY State                               Scholarships for
29   Greece       Scholarship                        postgraduate or postdoctoral
               Foundation, Greece                         studies in Greece

                                                       To support both Italian
                                                          PHD graduates for
                                                       continuing their studies
                                    Angelo Ricci       and researches abroad
30    Italy      Angelo Della
                                    mobility grant      as well as university
                 Riccia, Italy
                                                     Italian graduates to obtain
                                                         the PHD in a foreign
                                                      The foundation supports
                                                     and fosters post-graduate
                                                       scientific education and
                                                       on promoting research.
                                                             The objective
                                                      is:"spreading knowledge
                                                           on the results of
                     Giovanni         no specific
                                                          advanced scientific
31      Italy    Lorenzini Medical prorgammes - for
                                                          research, fostering
                     Science        activities see E
                                                        interest in the world of
                 Foundation, Italy
                                                        science, collaborating
                                                      with academia to ensure
                                                      the constant updating of
                                                         physicians and basic

                                                       Institution of High Culture
                                                        that is meant to perform
                                                       and support research and
                                                             scientific studies,
                                                               applications in
                    Ugo Bordoni        Ugo Bordoni
32      Italy                                            information technology,
                    Foundation       Foundation, Italy
                                                              electronics and
                                                          multimedia services in
                                                            general, in order to
                                                             promote scientific
                                                               progress and
                                                        technological innovation

                                                           "NIAS Fellows are
                 NIAS Netherlands                       selected from prominent
                     Institute for                       researchers and senior
                  Advanced Study                       scholars in the humanities
33   Netherlands                       Fellowship
                 in the Humanities                      and social sciences who
                      and Social                          have already made a
                       Sciences                         significant contribution to
                                                                their field."

                 NIAS Netherlands                         to stimulate research in
                     Institute for                      the humanities and social
                  Advanced Study                         sciences and to promote
34   Netherlands                       Fellowship
                 in the Humanities                          interdisciplinary co-
                      and Social                               operation in an
                       Sciences                             international setting
                                                         "The programme was
                                                          launched in 2006 to
                 NIAS Netherlands
                                                       promote interdisciplinary
                     Institute for
                                        Lorentz        research that bridges the
                  Advanced Study
35   Netherlands                      Fellowship            gap between the
                 in the Humanities
                                      Programme          humanities and/or the
                      and Social
                                                         social sciences on the
                                                       one hand and the natural
                                                        sciences on the other."

                 NIAS Netherlands
                     Institute for
                  Advanced Study     Visiting Grants
36   Netherlands
                 in the Humanities    Programme
                      and Social

                                                        " The fellowship aims at
                 NIAS Netherlands
                                                       promoting research in the
                     Institute for     Henry G.
                                                       field of national law in an
                  Advanced Study      Schermers
37   Netherlands                                       international context and
                 in the Humanities    Fellowship
                                                        will welcome one Dutch
                      and Social      Programme
                                                           and one non-Dutch
                                                          Scholar each year."

                                                              "The Willem F.
                                                       Duisenberg Fellowship is
                                                        an invitational fellowship
                                                          offered to researchers
                 NIAS Netherlands
                                                       from abroad who have an
                     Institute for
                                                        outstanding record in the
                  Advanced Study       Willem F.
38   Netherlands                                        field of applied monetary
                 in the Humanities    Duisenberg
                                                            economics, macro
                      and Social      Fellowship
                                                           economics or public
                       Sciences       Programme
                                                           finance. The Fellow
                                                         delivers a public lecture
                                                            at the University of
                                                        "This annual fellowship
                                                        hosts a fellow who may
                                                            be internationally
                 NIAS Netherlands                     renowned scientist, jurist,
                     Institute for                     journalist, writer or artist.
                  Advanced Study                          Spinoza Fellows will
39   Netherlands                       Fellowship
                 in the Humanities                         research a subject
                      and Social                        relating to international
                       Sciences                          peace, justice and law
                                                          and make his or her
                                                       research accessible to a
                                                            wider audience."

                                                       "The KB Fellowship is a
                                                      joint venture between the
                                                        Koninklijke Bibliotheek
                 NIAS Netherlands                     (KB) - National Library of
                     Institute for                      the Netherlands - and
                  Advanced Study      KB Fellowship    NIAS. It is awarded to a
40   Netherlands
                 in the Humanities     Programme         renowned non-Dutch
                      and Social                      scholar in the humanities
                       Sciences                          and offers sustained
                                                       access to the extensive
                                                       collections of the Royal

                 NIAS Netherlands                       "Each year the Rector
                     Institute for                     invites prominent senior
                                      Guest of the
                  Advanced Study                      scholars to spend three to
41   Netherlands                        Rector
                 in the Humanities                        four months at the
                      and Social                       Institute to accomplish a
                       Sciences                              specific task."

                                                       Research programmes are
                                                           strategic, targeted and
                                                            coordinated research
                                                       initiatives designed to bring
                   The Research         Research          forth new knowledge or
42     Noway
                  Council of Norway    Programmes     expertise about a designated
                                                       thematic area and promote
                                                               innovation and
                                                        commercialisation within a
                                                              designated field.

                                                      Independent projects is the
                                                           council's key funding
                                                      instrument for independent,
                                                        researcher-initiated basic
                   The Research        Independent          research that is not
43     Noway
                  Council of Norway      projects     associated with any specific
                                                         research programme or
                                                         infrastructure measure.
                                                       Independent projects may
                                                       also be initiated by users.
                                                            The measures comprise
                                                           basic funding to research
                                                           institutes and other R&D
                                    Infrastructural and   groups, funding to Centres
                 The Research
44   Noway                              institutional     of Excellence and Centres
                Council of Norway
                                         measures             for Research-based
                                                          Innovation, and funding for
                                                              scientific equipment,

                                                           These measures comprise
                                                              strategic initiatives to
                                                             establish ties between
                                                          participants in the innovation
                 The Research          Networking            system, introduction of
45   Noway
                Council of Norway      measures               measures to promote
                                                             national activities and
                                                           meeting places, as well as
                                                            international networking

                                                          "The purpose of the Fund
                                                                 is to promote
                                                            development of closer
                                                            cooperation among V4
                                                             countries (and other
                IVF International                           countries) through the
46   Slovakia                         Scholarship
                 Visegrad Fund                                support of common
                                                            cultural, scientific and
                                                             educational projects,
                                                           youth exchanges, cross-
                                                              border projects and
                                                             tourism promotion."
                                                          "The purpose of the Fund
                                                                 is to promote
                                                            development of closer
                                                            cooperation among V4
                                     Scholarship             countries (and other
                IVF International   Programme for           countries) through the
47   Slovakia
                 Visegrad Fund        Ukrainian               support of common
                                       Students             cultural, scientific and
                                                             educational projects,
                                                           youth exchanges, cross-
                                                              border projects and
                                                             tourism promotion."
                                                           "The Visby Program -
                                                        Swedish Institute's Baltic
                                                          Sea Region Exchange
                                                          Program - is a mobility
                                                         program that comprises
                                                          Sweden and its closest
                                                          neighbors in the east:
                      SI Swedish                        Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,
48    Sweden                            Visby Programme
                       Institute                         Poland, Russia, Ukraine
                                                         and Belarus. The aim of
                                                         the program is to create
                                                            more extensive joint
                                                          collaboration between
                                                          Sweden and the other
                                                           program countries on
                                                        education and research."

                                                      SCOPES was initiated by
                                                      the Swiss National Fonds
                                   SCOPES Eastern
                                                      (SNF) and the Bureau for
                         SNF                              Development and
                   Schweizerischer                     Cooperation (DEZA). Its
49   Switzerland                        Funding
                    Nationalfonds,                      purpose is to support
                     Switzerland                        scientific cooperation
                                                         between Swiss and
                                   Short-Term Visits"
                                                          Eastern European
                                                           research teams.

                   British Ecological   BES Grants and
50      UK          Society, United        Awards

                                                          "Research Programmes
                                                             deliver strategically
                                                           directed environmental
                    NERC National                           research, training and
                                        NERC research
51      UK          Environmental                             related knowledge
                   Research Council                        exchange. It is aimed at
                                                           the science challenges
                                                          and priorities identified of
                                                              the 21st Century."
                                                         "We support the
                                                    management and delivery
                                                          of training and
           NERC National
                                    NERC            development for the next
52   UK    Environmental
                                  Fellowships              generation of
          Research Council
                                                    environmental scientists
                                                      tied to the delivery of
                                                        themed research."

          Foundation, UK -
              NOTE: the                                 "Our grant-making
             organization                           reflects the Foundation's
                                "Research and
          allocates funds to                          aim of bringing about
53   UK                          innovation for
               non-UK                               improvements in society
                                beneficial social
          organizations only                          through research and
                when                                  practical experiment."
          collaborating with
           UK-based orgs

                                  Chevening         To support the mobility and
54   Uk   British Council, UK     Scholarship        networking skills of young
                                  Programme                 graduates

                                                      The Fellowships aim to
                                                      strengthen and deepen
                                                    democratic awareness and
                                  John Smith        good governance through a
55   Uk   British Council, UK     Fellowship        study programme in the UK
                                  Programme          and placements that show
                                                    the workings of democratic
                                                    organisations and their role
                                                    within a democratic society.
                                                        Improvement and
                                                       sustainability of the
                              Small Environmental environmental policy and
                                Projects Scheme,      practice of Ukraine,
                                 British Council,  promoting the consideration
56   Uk   British Council, UK DEFRA Department of environmental issues in
                              for the Environment, wider non-environmental
                                 Food and Rural        projects and policy,
                                      Affairs           strengthening the
                                                  environmental NGO network
                                                         within Ukraine.

     Related sub-programmes (if     Funding schemes, funding
                                                                             Home page
                any)                      instruments

                                  Support of mobility for bilateral
                                    and multilateral research

     rémunération temporaire ou
      permanente de chercheurs
       individuels, financement    Long- and short term support
       d’équipes de recherche,      for individual reseaerchers,
      allocation de bourses et de       equipment subsidies, 
          crédits favorisant les  academic exchange subsidies,
        échanges scientifiques,           prizes and awards
            attribution de prix
                                      Mobility grants     

                              The funding lasts from one to
                               three months. They are only
                                    open to experienced
                                researchers and holders of
                                    doctoral degrees (or               http://www.msh-
                                   equivalent) working in
                              institutions of higher learning                  /
                                and research. Candidates
                              must be under 65 years of age
                                 at the time of their stay in
                              10 to 36 months grants according
                               to the study project for graduate
                              students applying for a masters or
  Hubert Curien Partnership
                                PhD Degree in France or PhD
(PHC) and ECO-NET: These
                              students willing to spend one year
 are exchange programmes
                                          in France.
 between French and foreign
                                 From 1100 to 1400€/month.
    research laboratories.
                                May include intensive summer
                                      courses in French.

                                3-years projects for 500000€

     EIFELL Excellence
Scholarship Programme and
                              Grants to support the mobility of
   ECO-NET: These are
  exchange programmes
between French and foreign
   research laboratories.

                               Master (2nd year): 10-months
                              PhD under co-supervision: 18-             http://ambafrance-
                                      months grants     
                              1 month = 767€ (incl. Additional      ?article1404#BoursesAmb
                               services like social coverage,
                                university fees, laptop, …)

                             Grants for phD students, Post-Doc
                              students and young researchers
                                         (under 35).                  http://ambafrance-
                                20-months satys (grant = 1/2
                                        month saty).             ?article1404#BoursesRech
                              1 month: 1060€ (incl. additional

                              2 to 3 years projects for projects
                               with a common research topic.
                                 Co-funding from the foreign
                                   partner recommended.           http://www.enseignementsup-
                                 The funding covers French
                             partners travel expenses (but no el-d-offres-du-programme-peco-
                              accomodation), foreign partners'               nei.html
                               hosting (only accomodation) in
                                 France and PhD grants (18
                             months max/student: 940€/month)
                                Funding is provided for travel
                              expenses and accomodation, and
                                   exceptionnaly for fees.

                                Funding is provided for travel
                              expenses and accomodation, and
                                   exceptionnaly for fees.

                              Some foreign students, depending
                              on their nationality and their status             services-
  Support to merit, urgent
                               can benefit from grants from the         formulaires_831/espace-
  support (National Urgent
                               Ministry of Higher Education and         etudiants_12793/etudier-
Support Fund), student loans,
                              Science: mobility grant, grants on france_12794/financer-projet-
   accomodation support
                              social criteria, financial support for bourses_12805/index.html#som
                                        doctoral studies.                       maire_1
          Student grants, grants for
        researchers, project funding.
        Are eligible (except for certain
       calls): the University of Kharkiv,
N/A       the technical University of
      Donetsk, the Civil Engineering and
           Architecture University of
      Dnipropetrovsk and the Economy
      and Commerce university of Kiev

       Preferably, the programme’s
       participants should cooperate
        with German historians who
      specialise in Eastern European
       studies, who will assume the
       role of mentors and maintain
          regular contact with the
            scholarship holders.

       Research projects, Research
            scholarships, PhD
        scholarships, Limited travel
           and material grants,
       Conferences, Publishing aid,

        Grants for MA/MSc-, PhD
      candidates and Post Docs plus
         travel fees and language
  Programmes and Prizes
     open for Ukrainian
 applicants: Alexander von
 Humboldt Professorship,
 Bessel Research Award,
  Feodor Lynen Research
Fellowship for Experienced
   Researchers, Feodor
Lynen Research Fellowship
      for Postdoctoral         Grants for Post-Docs and
 Researchers, Helmholtz-       established researchers,
Humboldt Research Award,                Awards
Humboldt Research Award,
    Humboldt Research
Fellowship for Experienced
  Researchers, Humboldt
  Research Fellowship for
Postdoctoral Researchers,
 Kovalevskaja Award, Max
 Planck Research Award,
    Reimar Lüst Award.

                                 Grants for students at the
                             Graduate Center; There are no
                                tuition fees. In the first year
    Empirical Industrial     each doctoral student receives
Economics; Social Policy     a scholarship of 1000 Euro per
   Options in an Age of         month. After the successful
     Demographic and         completion of the first year, i.e.
    Economic Change;           the successful passing of all
Microeconomic Analysis of        examinations, the doctoral
       Public Policy;          students are assigned to the 00298.en/about_us/diw_berlin/d
Environmental Policy for a                research                       iw_berlin.html
Sustainable Development;        departments of DIW Berlin.
 Infrastructure Policy and   Research positions are offered
Benchmarking Models for        depending on the volume of
 Efficient Service Supply;    research projects under work.
                                Also, doctoral students are
                             encouraged to raise funds from
                               external sources. DIW Berlin
                                offers assistance and help.

                             Grants for undergratduate and
                                  graduate students                       m
                               Grants for undergratduate and
                                    graduate students

Support programmes open
to Ukrainian application (in
cooperation with a German
   institution): Support of
   Projetcs, Conferences,                                        http://www.fritz-thyssen-
                                          see E
Stipends, Travel Subsidies,                                    
 International Programmes
(THESEUS, Guest Stipend
    Programme "Ancient
  Books/Ancient Maps" at

    Fields are: European
    studies in the fields of
   cultural studies and the
 humanities, but also in the Grants for students at German          http://www.toepfer-
fine arts and the performing   and Austrian universities
      arts, architecture,
   agricultural and forestry
  inter alia: Minerva     International Max Planck
Programme for female    Research Schools, Grants for
       scientists               PhD students

                          Grants for PhD/Post Doc
                                     Grants for students

    THYESPA Programme,
IASON Research-Educational
  Programme of the Aristotle
 University of Thessaloniki for     Foreign student grants
   the support and revival of
 Greek studies in Universities
  of the Black See Countries

 Fields of Research are;:
Nuclear and sub-nuclear as
                                  Mobility grants for young
    well as Atomic and
                                          physicists                      dellariccia/
  Molecular Mechanics,
     Spase ratiations
      The Foundation is
  particularly interested in
  specific research on: the
 pharmacological control of
plasma lipids, a recognised
         risk factor in
 prostaglandins, a family of                                       http://www.lorenzinifoundation.o
                                     not clearly specified
    short-life compounds                                                          rg/
       whose extremely
   differentiated activities
affect the cells, organs, and
   systems of the human
 body; women's health and

                                Information not available online

                                     financial stipends for
                                  distinguished researchers                    wships/

                                 financial stipends for research
                                   in the medical or biological
                                sciences; Fellowships awarded
                                    to foreign scholars usually
                                carry a NIAS stipend, although
                                some Fellows are able to cover
                                   the costs of their stay, or at
                                  least part thereof, from other
     financial stipends for
 researchers whose projects
  cross the boundaries of the
humanities, the social sciences
   and the natural sciences

 mobility grant for all Central-,
 East-European and African

    Stipend for scholars-in-

   Stipend for distinguished
         researchers                            wships/
                              Stipend for distinguished
                                    researchers                       wships/

                              Stipend for distinguished
                                    researchers                       wships/

                              Stipend for distinguished
                                    researchers             wships/guest_of_the_rector/

Basic research programmes,
Action-oriented programmes,                     
  User-directed innovation         Project funding        n/Article/Research+programme
 programmes, Large-scale                                          s/1189044333481

                                   Project funding        n/Article/Independent+projects/
     Infrastructure funding

Funding of networking activities   n/Article/Networking+measures/


                              project funding, individual
                             grants, grants for short-term           ion/Scholarships-and-
                                         visits                exchanges/The-Visby-Program/

                               Conference grants, joint
                            research projects, institutional
                              partnerships, preparatory
                              grants, valorisation grants

   Educational Grants,
                           Educational grants, meeting
Meetings Grants, Research
                          grants, research grants, policy http://www.britishecologicalsoci
  Grants, Policy Grants,
                           grants, honours awards and       
  Honours Awards and

                              Funding of joint research
                                 Funding for post-docs    

                              Grants for research (usually
                              carried out in universities or
                                  independent research         http://www.nuffieldfoundation.or
"Law in Society", "Children
                               institutes) and for practical   g/go/grantprogrammes/page_37
and Families", "Open Door"
                              developments or innovation                    1.html
                                (often in voluntary sector

                                   Awards for students

                                   Awards for students
          Current funding possibilities (calls
                for proposals and call for
              Expressions of Interest) for
                 environmental projetcs:            aine-science-seps.htm

 Rules for application, financial rules   Projects        Contact details

                                                      Mag. Sonya Balti, MSc
                                                          ICM – Centre for
                                                     International Cooperation
                                                              & Mobility
                                                             1010 Wien,
                                                        Ebendorferstraße 7
                                                        T +43 1 53408-445
                                                        F +43 1 53408-499

                                                         rue d’Egmont 5
                                                       B - 1000 Bruxelles                       tél. +32 2 504 92 11
                                                      fax +32 2 504 92 92
                                                     Marie-Christine Fraselle
                                                                       Fondation Maison des
                                                                       sciences de l'homme

                                                                        54 boulevard Raspail
                                                                        75270 Paris cedex 06
                                                                       Tél : +33 1 49 54 20 00
            http://www.msh-                                            Fax : +33 1 42 22 35 09                                   Diderot Admission
               fellowships/                                           Officer: Mme Annamaria
                                                                         Bosc e-mail contact
                                                                         available via contact
                                                                      form at: http://www.msh-

                                                http://www.msh-         http://www.msh-
             http://www.msh-           ility/dea/statistiques- earch/mobility/dea/conta
                                                       dea/                 cts-dea/

                                                                        Égide - Programme Eiffel
                                           Statistics on participation  28 rue de la Grange-aux-
                                                  available at:                  Belles
                                         75010 Paris
                                          hia/Jahia/lang/en/accueil/a Tél. : + 33 1 40 40 59 30
                                          ppels/eiffel/resultats_et_st Télécopie : + 33 1 40 40 59
                                                    atistiques                      24

                                                                       Secrétariat général du
                                                                        Programme ARCUS
                                                                       Ministère des Affaires
                                                                    étrangères et européennes One working project with Direction des politiques de
         france_830/recherche-             Ukraine (and Russia) in    mobilité et d’attractivité
      sciences_1029/programmes-               "Supramolecular           Sous-Direction des
    cooperation_2609/programme-           chemistry, biotechnology, Échanges Scientifiques et
   arcus_11781/appel-projets-arcus-         nanotechnology and            de la Recherche
            2009_29345.html                    nanomaterials"       27, rue de la Convention -
                                                                             CS 91533
                                                                     75732 PARIS CEDEX 15
                                                                              Gestion PHC
                                                                        28 rue de la Grange-aux-
                                              els/phc/bddrecherche            75010 Paris                      
                                                                         Oksana Lando, Grants
                                                                         The French-Ukrainian
            http://ambafrance-                                         Center for Higher Education                               and Science Cooperation
             4#BoursesAmb                                                      (CFUCUS)

                                                                         Oksana Lando, Grants
                                                                         The French-Ukrainian
           http://ambafrance-                                          Center for Higher Education                                   and Science Cooperation
          2_-_notice_BCS.pdf                                                   (CFUCUS)

                                                                          Ministère de l'éducation
                                                                               nationale, de
                                                                       l'enseignement supérieur et
                                                                              de la recherche
                                                                          Direction des Relations
                                                                          Internationales et de la
                                                                        Sous-direction des affaires
                                                                              européennes et
  offres-du-programme-peco-nei.html                                            multilatérales
                                                                       Bureau Europe occidentale
                                                                                et orientale
                                                                        Mme Elisabeth LEGRAND
                                                                             75357 Paris sp 07
                                            Ministère de l'éducation
                                                  nationale, de
                                         l'enseignement supérieur et
                                                 de la recherche
                                            Direction des Relations
                                            Internationales et de la
    http://www.enseignementsup-                   Coopération       Sous-direction des affaires
  offres-du-programme-acces.html                 européennes et
                                         Bureau Europe occidentale
                                                   et orientale
                                             Mrs. Joelle NACASS

                                            Ministère de l'éducation
                                                 nationale, de
                                         l'enseignement supérieur et
                                                de la recherche
                                            Direction des Relations
                                            Internationales et de la
                                          Sous-direction des affaires
                                                européennes et
 offres-du-programme-parceco.html                multilatérales
                                         Bureau Europe occidentale
                                                  et orientale
                                          Mme Elisabeth LEGRAND
                                               75357 Paris sp 07

                                                 Ministère de
                                         l'Enseignement supérieur et
                                               de la Recherche
    http://www.enseignementsup-                1 rue Descartes          75231 Paris cedex 05 -
bourses-sur-criteres-sociaux-et-aides-             FRANCE
                                          Standard du ministère :
                                         +33 (0) sup-
                                                                   Madame Christina Akrivou
                                                                      Chef de projet mobilité
                                                                   scientifique et universitaire
                                      « Renforcement de            ns/bourse-          l’excellence universitaire,
          mobilite/accueil.html          mobilite/selection-2009- partenariats, relation avec
                                            2010/accueil.html            les entreprises »
                                                                             Courriel :

                                                                     Gerda Henkel Stiftung
                                                                    Malkastenstr. 15 40211
       http://www.gerda-henkel-                                     Phone: +49 (0)211 93 65                                         24 - 0
           anguage=de#452                                           Fax: +49 (0)211 93 65 24
                                                                               - 44
                                                                       Email info@gerda-
                                                                     Gerda Henkel Stiftung
                                                                    Malkastenstr. 15 40211
                                                                    Phone: +49 (0)211 93 65
                                                                              24 - 0
                                                                    Fax: +49 (0)211 93 65 24
                                                                                - 44
                                                                       Email info@gerda-
                                                                          DAAD-IC Kiew
                                                                    pr. Peremohy 37, NTUU
                                                                           „KPI“, Korp. 6
                                                                    Tel./Fax: +380 44 241-76-
                                                                    Tel.: +380 44 241-87-16
                                          Alexander von Humboldt
                                           Foundation Jean-Paul-
        http://www.humboldt-                St. 12 D-53173 Bonn          Germany Tel.: (+49)
                                           0228-833-0 Fax: (+49)

                                           Prof. Dr. Georg Meran
                                           Dean of the Graduate
                                                DIW Berlin       Mohrenstraße 58
duate_center/tuition/finance/          10117 Berlin
                  ml                       Phone: +49.30.89789-

                                                 Email to

                                                  Abteilung      Studienförderung
       pendienprogramme/weite-            Godesberger Allee 149
             perspektiven                  53175 Bonn Lisette
                                           Klöppel: (0228) 883-
                                          Mohammad Shahpari

                                             Tel.: 0331.7019 349
Studienfoerderung/184c2274i125/inde        Fax: 0331.7019 222
                                          Stiftung für die Freiheit
                                              Karl-Marx-Str. 2
                                              14482 Potsdam

                                             Am Römerturm 3
                                               50667 Köln

                                         Phone: +49 (0)221 - 27
       http://www.fritz-thyssen-                  74 96-0            Fax:     +49 (0)221 - 27
                                             74 96-29 e-mail
                                           contact available via
                                              contact form at:

                                           Sibylle Schmietendorf
         http://www.toepfer-                Tel +40-33 402-10          schmietendorf(at)toepfer-
                                       Max Planck Society
                                        Hofgartenstr. 8
                                        80539 München
                                      Tel: +49 (89) 2108 - 0
                                      Fax: +49 (89) 2108 -

                                         Heather Haase
                                        Admissions Officer

                                       e-mail: admissions-

                                      Telephone: +49 (0) 421
                                            200 3956
                                                Contact to the foundation
                                                    available via e-mail
        http://www.heinrich-hertz-                   answering form at:            http://www.heinrich-hertz-

                                                 IKY State Scholarship
                                                Makri 1 and Dionisiou
                                               Areopagitou (Makrigianni)
                                                        117 42
                                                    Athens - Grece

                                                      Telephone             210-3726300
   eign-scholarships/welcome.html                        Fax
                                                  210-3221863, 210-


                                               Fondazione Angelo Della
                                                Riccia Casella Postale
                                                  38, 50123 Firenze
 The call 2009/2010 is open until 30th
           September 2009
                                           Fondazione Giovanni
                                           Via Andrea Appiani, 7
         not available online
                                             20121 Milan, Italy
                                          Tel. +39 02 29006267 -
                                          Fax. +39 02 29007018

                                          Ugo Bordoni Foundation
                                              Via Baldassarre
                                             Castiglione, n° 59
         not available online               00142 Rome (RM)
                                            Tel. +39 06 54801
                                           Fax +39 06 54804400

                                             Research Planning
                                              Meijboomlaan 1
                                           2242 PR Wassenaar   The Netherlands Head
         regular_fellowships/             of Research Planning &
                                           Communication: drs.
                                             Jos J.M. Hooghuis
                                             Research Planning
                                              Meijboomlaan 1
                                           2242 PR Wassenaar   The Netherlands Head
         golestan_fellowships/            of Research Planning &
                                           Communication: drs.
                                             Jos J.M. Hooghuis
                                              Research Planning
                                               Meijboomlaan 1
                                            2242 PR Wassenaar    The Netherlands Head
          lorentz_fellowships/             of Research Planning &
                                            Communication: drs.
                                              Jos J.M. Hooghuis
                                              Research Planning
                                               Meijboomlaan 1
                                            2242 PR Wassenaar    The Netherlands Head
            visiting_grants/               of Research Planning &
                                            Communication: drs.
                                              Jos J.M. Hooghuis
                                              Research Planning
                                               Meijboomlaan 1
                                            2242 PR Wassenaar
                                           The Netherlands Head
                                           of Research Planning &
                                            Communication: drs.
                                              Jos J.M. Hooghuis

                                             Research Planning
  Invitational fellowship - details not
                                              Meijboomlaan 1
            available online
                                            2242 PR Wassenaar
                                              The Netherlands
                                                                     Research Planning
                                                                      Meijboomlaan 1
                                                                   2242 PR Wassenaar
  Invitational fellowship - details not                           The Netherlands Head
            available online                                      of Research Planning &
                                                                   Communication: drs.
                                                                     Jos J.M. Hooghuis

  The KB Fellowship is an invitational                                     NIAS
    fellowship whose recipients are                                  Research Planning
 selected by a Committee chaired by                                   Meijboomlaan 1
the Rector of NIAS and the Director of                              2242 PR Wassenaar
  Collections and Services of the KB.                                 The Netherlands

                                                                     Research Planning
  Invitational fellowship - details not
                                                                      Meijboomlaan 1
            available online
                                                                    2242 PR Wassenaar
                                                                      The Netherlands

                                      d=1187686098486&p=1           The Research Council of
                                      184150364113&pagena          Norway - P.O Box 2700 St.
                                                                   Hanshaugen N-0131 Oslo, me=ForskningsradetEn
                                                                  Norway Telephone: +47 22
    y+for+funding/1138785830985       gelsk%2FHovedsidemal        03 70 00 Telefax: +47 22 03
                                      &querystring=&configur             70 01 E-mail:

                                                                    The Research Council of
                                                                   Norway - P.O Box 2700 St.
                                                                   Hanshaugen N-0131 Oslo,
                                                                  Norway Telephone: +47 22
    y+for+funding/1138785830985                                   03 70 00 Telefax: +47 22 03
                                                                         70 01 E-mail:
                                           The Research Council of
                                          Norway - P.O Box 2700 St.
                                          Hanshaugen N-0131 Oslo,
                                         Norway Telephone: +47 22
    y+for+funding/1138785830985          03 70 00 Telefax: +47 22 03
                                                70 01 E-mail:

                                           The Research Council of
                                          Norway - P.O Box 2700 St.
                                          Hanshaugen N-0131 Oslo,
                                         Norway Telephone: +47 22
    y+for+funding/1138785830985          03 70 00 Telefax: +47 22 03
                                                70 01 E-mail:

                                          International Visegrad
                                             Kralovske Udolie
                                             81102 Bratislava,           Slovakia
               ps.html                   Phone: +421 2 59203811
                                          Fax: +421 2 59203805

                                          International Visegrad
                                             Kralovske Udolie
                                             81102 Bratislava,           Slovakia
               ps.html                   Phone: +421 2 59203811
                                          Fax: +421 2 59203805
                                              Swedish Institute
                                              Slottsbacken 10
                                                 Box 7434      SE-103 91 Stockholm,
holarships-and-exchanges/The-Visby-              SWEDEN
               Program/                        Phone: +46 (0)

                                            SNF Schweizerischer
                                           Wildhainweg 3, Postfach     8232, 3001 Bern | Tel.
 erung/osteuropa/Seiten/default.aspx          +41 31 308 22 22

                                                Grants Officer:
                                                Dominic Burton
                                               British Ecological
    Please accordingly add also the
                                           26 Blades Court, Putney,
  source of information for rules and
                                           London SW15 2NU, UK.
        regulation within the site:
                                              Tel: +44 (0)20 8871
                                              Fax: +44 (0)20 8871

                                             Natural Environment
                                              Research Council
                                             Polaris House, North
                                                 Star Avenue
                                              Swindon, SN2 1EU
                                              Tel: 01793 411500
                                             Fax: 01793 411501
                                             Natural Environment
                                              Research Council      Polaris House, North
on/fellowships/documents/fellowshipha            Star Avenue
              ndbook.pdf                      Swindon, SN2 1EU
                                              Tel: 01793 411500
                                             Fax: 01793 411501
                                           The Nuffield Foundation

                                              28 Bedford Square
                                                 WC1B 3JS
                                                020 7631 0566
                                                020 7323 4877


                                             British Council Ukraine,
                                            4/12 Hryhoriya Skovorody         Street, Kyiv 04070, Ukraine
                                            Phone 380 (44) 490 5600

                                             British Council Ukraine,
                                            4/12 Hryhoriya Skovorody
                                           Street, Kyiv 04070, Ukraine

                                            Phone 380 (44) 490 5600
                                   or: The John
                                           Smith Memorial Trust Fund
                  p                                Tulip House
                                             70 Borough High Street
                                                     SE1 1XF
                                              During 2004–2007 32
                                               small projects were
                                            implemented20.04.2009         British Council Ukraine,
                                           http://www.britishcouncil.or 4/12 Hryhoriya Skovorody
                                            g/ukraine-science-seps- Street, Kyiv 04070, Ukraine      projects-2006.htm
                 dex.htm                   http://www.britishcouncil.or Phone 380 (44) 490 5600
Programmes of international organisations
                                Type and name of
 No.   Funding organisation                               Purpose, objectives, key priorities

                                                   WWAP monitors freshwater issues in order to
                                                     provide recommendations, develop case
                                                    studies, enhance assessment capacity at a
                                                   national level and inform the decision-making
                               WWAP World Water
  1         UNESCO                                 process. Its primary product, the World Water
                              Assesment Programme
                                                    Development Report (WWDR), is a periodic,
                                                  comprehensive review providing an authoritative
                                                    picture of the state of the world’s freshwater

                                                      The FRIEND programme is an international
                                                   collaborative study intended to develop, through
                                                     the mutual exchange of data, knowledge and
                              FRIEND Flow Regimes      techniques at a regional level and a better
                                from International    understanding of hydrological variability and
  2         UNESCO
                                Experimental and     similarity across time and space. The project
                                   Network Data      aims at advancing knowledge of hydrological
                                                   processes and flow regimes to improve methods
                                                      applicable in water resources planning and

                                                          The primary aims of IGCP are to facilitate
                                                        international collaboration amongst scientists
                                                     from around the world in research on geological
                                                     problems, particularly between those individuals
                                                           from more industrialized and those from
                                IGCP International     developing countries. Through long-term joint
  3         UNESCO                Geosciences             research efforts, meetings, field trips, and
                                   Programme            workshops, IGCP aims to promote the use of
                                                      geosciences in global issues including, but not
                                                      limited to, sustainable development, the health
                                                      and safety of humanity and the reduction of the
                                                           adverse effects of natural disasters and
                                                                     resource extraction.
                                   The Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB)
                                   proposes an interdisciplinary research agenda
                                     and capacity building aiming to improve the
                                    relationship of people with their environment
                                     globally. It targets the ecological, social and
               MAB Man and the
4   UNESCO                          economic dimensions of biodiversity loss and
             Biosphere Programme
                                      the reduction of this loss. It uses its World
                                   Network of Biosphere Reserves as vehicles for
                                    knowledge-sharing, research and monitoring,
                                       education and training, and participatory

                                           UNITWIN is the abbreviation for the
                                       UNIVERSITY TWINNING and networking
                                        scheme.The UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs
              UNITWIN/UNESCO            Programme aims at advancing research,
               Chair Programme      training and programme development in higher
                                     education by building university networks and
                                   encouraging inter-university cooperation through
                                         transfer of knowledge across borders.
                                                      A large scientific programme focused on the
                                                       Arctic and the Antarctic from March 2007 to
    World Meteorological                            March 2009 that involves over 200 projects, with
      Organisation and      IPY International Polar   thousands of scientists from over 60 nations
    International Council            Year            examining a wide range of physical, biological
         for Science                                and social research topics. IPY aims at building
                                                    interdisciplinary research cooperations in polar

                            NATO SPS Science for Offers grants to scientists in NATO, Partner and
7          NATO              Peace and Security  Mediterranean Dialogue countries to collaborate
                                Programme                   on priority research areas
                                                         To establish a large-scale, interdisciplinary
                                                            program of funded research aimed at
    NASA and the Russian                                  developing a better understanding of the
    Academy of Sciences                                     interactions between the ecosystem,
    are guiding the initial                            atmosphere, and human dynamics in northern
      development, but                                   Eurasia in support of international science
                                                        programs with particular relevance to Global
    multiple partners from      NEESPI Northern
                                                           climate change research interests and
8    other U.S. agencies,     Eurasian Earth Science
                                                          government agency funding priorities. To
        other Russian          Partnership Initiative
                                                      develop a comprehensive understanding of the
        ministries, the
                                                           Northern Eurasian terrestrial ecosystem
      European Union,                                    dynamics, biogeochemical cycles, surface
      Japan, China, the                                energy and water cycles, and human activities
           Ukraine                                         and how they interact with and alter the
                                                      biosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere of the

                                to develop mutally
                              beneficial cooperation
                                at a regional level    a. Human Ressoucres; B. Caapcity Building; C.
9    BSEC Cooperation          among all the BSEC         Reseacrh Infrastructures; D. Innovation, E.
                              Member States in the            Priority domains for Reseacrh; F.
                              sphere of science and
                                   The Central
                             European Initiative
                              (CEI) is a regional
                                  forum for co-
                                 operation and       1. Climate, Environment and Sustainable
                                   consultation      Energy
                            among and between        2. Enterprise Development including
                             its Member States.      Tourism
                            Member States of the     3. Human Resource Development
                               CEI are: Albania,     4. Information Society and Media
        CEI - Central          Austria, Belarus,     5. Intercultural Cooperation including
     European Innitiative          Bosnia and        Minorities
                                 Herzegovina,        6. Multimodal Transport
                                    Bulgaria,        7. Science and Technology
                             Croatia, the Czech      8. Sustainable Agriculture
                             Republic, Hungary,      9. Interrregional and Cross-Border
                               Italy, Macedonia,     Cooperation
                            Montenegro, Poland,
                               Serbia, Slovakia,
                            Slovenia and Ukraine

                        STCU - Science and
                        Technology Center in
                        Ukraine (STCU) is an
                        organization dedicated to
                        the prevention of the        Its mission is to implement the
                        proliferation of expertise
                                                     nonproliferation policies of the STCU
                        related to weapons of
                                                     Parties in an efficient, professional manner
                        mass destruction (WMD).
                        STCU is an                   by:
     STCU - Science and intergovernmental
                        organization with the            Facilitating research opportunities for
11   Technology Center
                        status of a diplomatic       former          weapons-of-mass-destruction
      in Ukraine (STCU) mission, established in      scientists that permanently redirects their
                        1993. The STCU was           talents to peaceful aims,
                        created and is governed         Assisting the protection and exploitation
                        by the Agreement to          of research results attained to benefit the
                        Establish a Science and
                                                     scientists creating them and the economies
                        Technology Center in
                                                     and societies of the Parties governing the
                        Ukraine originally signed
                        by Canada, Sweden,
                        Ukraine, and the United           Supporting the integration of the
                        States of America.           scientists into credible international,
                        Subsequently, Sweden         national and regional research efforts in the
                        was replaced by the          global scientific and business communities.
                        European Union.
Related sub-programmes (if        Funding schemes, funding                              Rules for application,
                                                                     home page
           any)                         instruments                                        financial rules

                                        Project funding
                                                                     r/wwap/             r/wwap/

 Northern European FRIEND                                       http://typo38.unesco.
                                  Funding for researchers and
           http://ne-                                           org/en/about-ihp/ihp-    not available online
                                            projects                                  partners/friend.html

                                                                g/science/en/ev.php- http://www.unesco.or
                                                                URL_ID=6304&URL_ g/science/earth/doc/ig
                                        Project funding
                                                                DO=DO_TOPIC&UR cp/2009GuidelinesPr

University twinning, funding of
                                URL_ID=41557&URL          not available online
                      Funding of joint research

                     ENVSEC Initiative; NATO-                 
NUC NATO-Ukraine    Ukraine Joint Working Group ce/nato_funded_activitie
  Commission       on Scientific and Environmental ence/index.html      s/nato_funded_activities
                             Cooperation                                          .htm
                   Project funding

http://www.bsec-   http://www.bsec-   http://www.bsec-

1. CEI Technical
Cooperation (TC) Projects       1. CEI Trust Fund (EBRD):
2. CEI Know-How Exchange        Technical Cooperation (TC);
Programme (KEP)                 Know-How Exchange
3. CEI Cooperation Activities   Programme (KEP), CEI
4. CEI Climate and              Summit Economic Forum.
Environment Projects            2. CEI Co-operation Fund
5. Partnerships in EU           3. CEI Climate Fund
Projects                        4. CEI Solidarity Fund
6. Networking: Projects


Research              Partner
Programme;      Technologies
and Institutes; Technology
Transfer;       Procurement
Opportunities;      Research
Grants; Commercialisation
and Patent Support; Training
(more informationon these
instruments can be found
                             Projects            Contact details

                                                   World Water
                                               Programme (WWAP)
                                               UNESCO - Division of
                       ICPDR International
                                                 Water Sciences
                       Commission for the
                                                   1, rue Miollis
                         Protection of the
                                               75015 Paris - France
                      Danube River; Danube
                      River Basin case study
                                                       Fax :
                                                 E-mail address:

                                                Global Secretariat of
                                                Mr Siegfried Demuth:
                                                    NE FRIEND
                              is/7400/         Henny A.J. van Lanen
                                              Wageningen University,
                                                  the Netherlands

                                             Ms Margarete Patzak,
                                                Deputy Secretary,
/Projects2009.pdf Projects with Ukranian participation: Projects Nr. 479, 486, 497, 510, 513, 514, 515, 521, 543
                                            Geoscience Programme
                         Ms Meriem Bouamrane,
                         EuroMAB Co-ordinator

 UNESCO Chairs in
  UNESCO Chair in
   Information and
   Technologies in
  Education (269),
established in 1995 at
   the International
     Science and
Technology University

  UNESCO Chair on          Ms Inga Nichanian,
 philosophy of human      UNITWIN Database
 communication (271),     and UNITWIN Portal
established in 1996 at
   the Kharkiv State      Ms Hassmik Tortian,
Technical University of Regional Coordinator
 Agriculture (Ukraine)    Eastern and Central
   UNESCO Chair in
Human Rights, Peace
    and Democracy,
     Tolerance and
 Understanding (272),
established in 1998 at
the National University
     of Kiev-Mohyla
  Academy (Ukraine)

  UNESCO Chair in
  Cryobiology (381),
established in 1998 at
the National Academy
  B-CILCAS, EBESA,            IPY International
    Students on Ice,         Programme Office
COMPASS, POLENET,           c/o British Antarctic
   EBA, CLPNH. AC                  Survey
    Squared, AMES,         High Cross, Madingley
 APICS, ICESTAR/IHY,                Road
   CAML, ClicOPEN          Cambridge CB3 OET
                            United Kingdom Tel:
     More details on       +44 (0) 1223 221 468
projects:http://www.ipy.o    Fax: +44 (0) 1223
rg/index.php?/ipy/conte            221270
    nt/projects/C100      email:

                            SPS Programme
                           Public Diplomacy
                          NATO Headquarters
                             Bd. Leopold III
 SFP Projects 981063,        1110 Brussels,
   981786, 981044,             BELGIUM
   981415, 981770,       Fax: +32 (0)2 707 4232
   977982, 980878,
   980881, 982823,       SPS Section Head: Dr.
   982831, 977984,        Deniz Yüksel-Beten
   977995, 983057
                           General questions
                             about the SPS
                          Programme may be
                                sent to
                              NEESPI Project
                           Dr. Mykola S. Zalogin
                               12A Bogdana
                             Hmelnitskogo Str.
                            Kyiv 01030, Ukraine
    Data Fusion Grid
                            Tel.: (+380-44) 280-
  Infrastructure; Heat,
 Mass and Momentum
  Transfer in katabatic
  Winds over Glaciers
                            NEESPI-Ukraine Chief
 and Ice Sheets; Land
    Cover Land Use
                             Prof. Vadim I. Lyalko
   Change Effects on
                              CASRE, 55-B Oles
 Surface Water Quality;
                             Gonchar St., 01601,
NELDA; Evaluation and
                                  Kiev, Ukraine
 Develoment of LDAS;
                              Tel: (+380-44) 486-
    Exacerbation of
Flooding Response Due
  to Land Cover/Land
 Use Change; Extreme
  Precipitation Events;
                           How to be involved ion
Comparative Studies on
  Carbon Dynamics in
                               NEESPI Project
    Disturbed Forset
                            Pavel Groisman, PhD
 Quantifying the Effects
                            National Climatic Data
of Land Use Change on
 Carbon Budgest in the
                             151 Patton Avenue,
                             Asheville, NC 28801,
                            Tel: 1-(828) 271-4347
                            Fax: 1-(828) 271-4328

Secretariat, Sakıp
Sabancı Caddesi,
Müşir Fuad Paşa
Yalısı, Eski Tersane
34460 Istanbul /
Turkey, Tel :+90 212
229 63 30-35,
Fax:+90 212 229 63
36, e-mail: info@bsec-
  Mr. Gianfranco
 CEI Science and
Technology Advisor

   Via Genova 9 //

tel. +39 040 7786730
 fax +39 040 360640
  email : g.cico@cei-
         web :
   are/contact/ and

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