Method For Updating A Multiplayer Game Session On A Mobile Device - Patent 8147327 by Patents-3


BACKGROUND The present invention relates generally to mobile gaming and, more particularly, to a method for updating a multiplayer game session on a mobile device. The widespread availability of mobile communication devices, such as cellular telephones, personal digital assistants, and laptop computers, has lead to increasing demand for mobile game applications. In the past, most mobile game applicationscomprised single player applications that were pre-installed or downloaded into the memory of the mobile device. Many mobile devices have limited capabilities, such as small displays and limited memory. Further, many mobile devices may connect overcommunication links characterized by limited bandwidth and intermittent connectivity. These limitations make it difficult to implement multi-player games on mobile devices.SUMMARY The present invention relates generally to multi-player games designed to be played on mobile devices. The multi-player game may comprise a plurality of game stages or game scenarios that can be stored as game data objects at a game data objectserver connected to a communication network. The game data can be downloaded one at a time to the mobile devices to update a game session on the mobile devices. Because the game applications are executed independently on each of the mobile devices, themobile devices do not have to remain connected to the network to continue playing the game. A mobile device involved in a multiplayer game may connect to the game server, download a game scenario, and disconnect while the scenario is played on themobile device. When a game update is required, the mobile device can reconnect to the game server to request a game update. One aspect of the present invention includes a method for updating a game session on a mobile device. The method comprises detecting a game event during a game session, sending an update request to a game data object server responsive to thegame event, receiving a game data object from t

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