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Life skills student parent contract


									                         Life Skills: Student and Parent Information and Contract

Dear Parents and Students in Life Skills:

Below is information to help you understand the content of this course. Life Skills is a LACES graduation
requirement. Please read it and review it with your student. Please sign and return the tear off at the
bottom. My e-mail is
 Focus of course: Skills to be successful in high school and be prepared for college and career. This is a
    writing intense course
 Every student has a syllabus. Please ask your son or daughter to show you their copy. Students are
    encouraged to purchase or create some kind of calendar/planner to help keep them organized. Besides
    due dates, dates when projects will be worked on should be marked in the planner. The syllabus and
    the 2 handouts for the term project are available on the school website:
 Textbooks:
    Home: the novel, Sindbad the Sailor and other Tales of the Arabian Nights by N.J. Dawood
         Purpose: to teach students how to be more successful with written communication. Students will
         learn the Claim – Support – Explain method of writing and how to annotate. This will prepare
         students for the analytical in class writing assignment. Text: When the Wall Came Down by
         Serge Schmenann. Purpose: To help students learn note taking and the writing process as it
         pertains to AP World History.
    In class: Learning for Earning: Banking Unit
 Projects and major assignments
    Time Management Poster Project due Meeting 3 Week 5
    Term Project – written research paper on a college or university, excluding UC and CSU campuses.
    Your son or daughter should not wait until the last minute to work on this assignment.
          Detailed Outline due Meeting 1 Week 10
          Written report due by the last meeting of Week 17. NO LATE PROJECTS
    Career Research project – in class assignment. Weeks 10 – 11
 Other key assignments
     Preparing for test on High School, UC and CSU requirements. Test is Meeting 3 Week 7
     Annotation of Sindbad’s 7 Voyages, due Mtg. 3 Week 10. Open book Essay Exam Mtg. 3
         Week 10. Book due Mtg. 1 Week 12. Practice AP World Essay DBQ writing Mtg.1 Wk. 15
     Preparing for Vocabulary Test. Word list distributed Mtg. 1 Week 13. Test is Mtg. 2 Wk. 16
     Students will be writing two college personal statements. (The second is included with Common
         Application.) due dates Mtg. 2 Wk. 8 and Mtg. 3 Wk 15.
     Additional major assignments include a business letter, résumé, and filling out the Common
         application. Students will register with College Board and should do SAT prep questions that they
         receive in their e-mail. Note: all students and 1 parent need an e-mail address to complete the
         college board registration process.
 Field trip to UC Irvine planned for Wednesday, April 25, 2011. I would appreciate 2 – 3 parents
    going as chaperones, along with the two school aides and myself. Please let me know if you can assist
    with the field trip.
 Students have homework and should be managing their time so that they can complete all assignments
    by the due date. With few exceptions, homework is not accepted late. Success in this class is linked to
    doing classwork and homework. Students should expect that they will average 3 hours of homework
    for Life Skills each week. This includes working on projects and weekly homework assignments.

I have read and understand the components of Life Skills. I will strive to always complete and turn in work
on time.
_______________________________________                ________________________________________
Student’s name (Print neatly)                           Parent’s name (print neatly)

_______________________________________                ________________________________________
Student’s signature                                    Parent’s signature
________________________                               _________________________________
date/period                                            Print clearly Parent e-mail
                                                       phone number

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