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Lifechanyuan-Chanyuan Corpus-The Greatest Creator

VIEWS: 12 PAGES: 295

There is a supernatural soul in the universe—the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator is the supreme leader of the universe, the master of all gods, the cradle of LIFE, the birthplace of wisdom, the creator of the universe and LIFE, the driving force of the universe, the energy center of the universe, the sweet spring in the desert, and the beacon in the dense fog. The Greatest Creator is the ancestor of Buddha, Allah, Grand Brahma. Tao that governs everything and every phenomenon in the universe is evolving according to the order of the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator has eight characteristics: only, amorphous, neutrality, mysterious, impartial, merciful, supremely powerful, and wise. The Way of the Greatest Creator has eight connotations: (1). The universe is the product of the Greatest Creator; (2). Everything comes into being as a result of creation; (3). Everything operates in the consciousness—the Way of the Greatest Creator. (4). Exhibit one’s nature and act in accordance with the law of nature. (5). Revere and emulate the Greatest Creator; (6). Reality is the portraiture of the respective free consciousness of different LIFE forms; (7). Happiness, joyfulness, freedom and blessing are the theme of LIFE. (8). Everything is a game. Here are 40 Evidences Proving the Existence of the Greatest Creator.

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