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									                                                                                        T MORE V
       Pricing as at April 2012                                                                 A


                                                                                    t Va

       Credit card                                                                      lue!


                                                                                          OR              E
                                                                                               E VA L U

                        Credit card fees
                         Initiation fee                             R110,00
                         Monthly service fee:
                         Accelerate Credit cards
                         Principal card                               R44,00
                         Annual service fee: Blue and Achiever Credit cards
                         Principal card                             R182,00
                         Annual service fee: MyCard
                         Principal card                             R190,00
                         Annual service fee: Gold
                         Principal card                             R270,00
                         Annual service fee: Titanium
                         Principal card                             R355,00
                         Annual service fee: Platinum
                         Principal card                             R545,00
                         Annual service fee: World card
                         Principal card                            R2 220,00
                         Annual service fee: Garage card
                         Linked to credit card                      R120,00
                         Linked to current account                  R120,00
                         Stand-alone                                R200,00
                         Bundled Prestige linked to
                         current account                                 Free
                         MasterCard Blue Online – unembossed*
                         Monthly service fee                          R19,00
                         Annual memberships
                         MyCard loyalty fee                         R120,00
                         British Airways Executive Club             R270,00

OL01234 (111416)
                                                                                         T MORE V
       Pricing as at April 2012                                                                  A


                                                                                   t Va

       Credit card                                                                     lue!


                                                                                           OR              E
                                                                                                E VA L U

                                                              Base fee    Fee-based         Maximum
                                                                         transaction         total fee
                                                                           value fee
           Other fees
           Card replacement fee in South Africa                R98,00
           Emergency card replacement outside South Africa     R98,00
           Same-day replacement                               R370,00
           Delivery of credit card by courier (depending on
           distance and urgency)                              R170,00
           Retrieval of statement, first free thereafter
           (for each page)                                     R20,00
           Retrieval of one voucher – South Africa             R55,00
                                      – International         R222,00
           Late payment fee**                                 R135,00
           Honouring fee**                                    R120,00
           Arrears fee – 60 days                               R19,50
           Internal debit Order                                 R3,50
           External debit Order                                R12,00
           Cheque deposit fee Branch – per cheque              R15,00
           Cheque deposit fee ATM – per cheque                 R10,00
           Cash withdrawals
           Standard Bank ATM                                    R3,50        1,05%
           Personal cards                                       R3,50        1,05%
           Another bank’s ATM
           – local                                             R11,00        1,15%
           – international                                     R30,00        1,30%

OL01234 (111416)
                                                                                                                         T MORE V
       Pricing as at April 2012                                                                                                  A


                                                                                                                  t Va

       Credit card                                                                                                    lue!


                                                                                                                           OR              E
                                                                                                                                E VA L U

                                                                                              Base fee    Fee based             Maximum
                                                                                                         transaction             total fee
                                                                                                           value fee
            Over the counter (local and international)
              Personal and Corporate cards                                                     R30,00        1,15%
            Cash deposits – AutoBank or over the counter at a branch (one free, thereafter)
            Cash deposits – ATM                                                                 R4,00        1,15%
                          – Branch                                                             R10,00        1,15%
            Depositing a post-dated cheque                                                     R85,00
            Special clearance of cheques deposited                                               Free
            Electronic funds transfer (EFT) inwards                                           One free        R4,00
            Balance enquiries
            Standard Bank AutoBank/AutoPlus
            (including mini-statements)                                   One free, thereafter R1,00
            Over the counter at a branch                                  One free, thereafter R4,00
            Another bank’s ATM                                                                  R5,00
            Account payments
            Electronic account payment                                                          R4,00        1,15%
            Branch account payment                                                             R30,00
            Telephone and Internet banking                                                      R4,00        1,15%
            Inter-account transfers
            Standard Bank AutoBank                                                              R3,50
            Telephone and Internet banking                                                      R3,50
            Over the counter at a branch                                                       R30,00
            Provisional Statements
            AutoPlus                                                      One free, thereafter R4,00
            Over the counter at a branch                                One free, thereafter R15,00
            History Statements at a branch
            Two months                                                                         R15,00
            Four months                                                                        R20,00
            Six months                                                                         R25,00

OL01234 (111416)
                                                                                                              T MORE V
       Pricing as at April 2012                                                                                       A


                                                                                                          t Va

       Credit card                                                                                            lue!


                                                                                                                OR              E
                                                                                                                     E VA L U

                                                                                      Base fee
                            History Statements at an ATM
                            Two months                                                   R7,50
                            Four months                                                R10,00
                            Six months                                                 R12,00
                            Issuing of cheques
                            Bank cheque issued by branch                               R74,00
                            Internet Banking
                            Monthly subscription for each card                             Free
                            General transactions
                            *** Fuel transactions fee on a
                                Garage card                                              R3,85
                            International currency conversion fee                    2,5% of
                                                                                rand value of
                            Smart data online – for each
                            transaction                                                  R2,75
                        *   No new accounts will be opened for this product after
                            31 December 2009
                        ** Applicable to accounts opened or upgraded before 1 June 2007
                        *** Only applicable to stand alone Garage cards (this excludes Garage cards
                            linked to a Transactional account and/or Credit Card).

                        Contact details
                        If you have further questions, call us on 0861 201 000
                        or email us at cardqueries@standardbank.co.za
                        •	 For	more	information	on	Value	Choices,	
                           call 0861 825 832 or visit

OL01234 (111416)
                                                                                                                                     T MORE V
       Pricing as at April 2012                                                                                                              A


                                                                                                                               t Va

       Credit card                                                                                                                 lue!


                                                                                                                                       OR              E
                                                                                                                                            E VA L U

       Standard Bank Credit and Garage
       cards pricing
       Your Standard Bank Credit card is an easy, safe and convenient way to pay for goods and services. It also comes with a range of special offers
       and discounts that are exclusive to you, as a Standard Bank Credit cardholder. Your card also provides you with exceptional value, including
       the following:
       •	 Local	and	international	acceptance	with	30	million	merchants	worldwide.
       •	 Your	credit	card	can	be	linked	to	your	current	or	savings	account	for	easy	and	convenient	management	of	your	money	using	any	of	our	
          electronic channels.
       •	 A	budget	facility	where	you	can	spend	R200	or	more	and	repay	the	amount	you	spend	over	periods	of	between	6	and	60	months.
       •	 A	single	credit	limit	that	you	may	use	as	you	choose,	since	you	can	link	additional	cards	and	a	Garage	card	to	your	credit	card.	You	are	in	
          total control.
       •	 Get	up	to	55	days’	interest-free	credit	if	the	full	outstanding	balance	is	paid	by	the	due	date	each	month.
       •	 A	repayment	option	to	meet	your	needs.	You	may	choose	to	repay	the	minimum	amount,	which	is	as	low	as	3%	(10%	for	Accelerate	and	
          MasterCard unembossed) of the outstanding balance, or R25, (R100 for Accelerate and MasterCard unembossed) whichever is greater.
       •	 Value	Choices	brings	you	a	range	of	special	offers,	discounts	and	promotions	exclusive	to	you	as	a	Standard	Bank	personal	credit	
          cardholder. There is no joining fee, no hidden costs, no points to earn or redeem. You simply need to pay with your credit card to enjoy
          the benefits.
       •	 You	can	safely	pay	for	goods	and	services	over	the	Internet	by	registering	with	MasterCard	secure	code.

       Your credit card also brings you the following free benefits, among others:
       •	 Free	Internet,	telephone	and	cellphone	banking	when	you	link	your	Internet	profile	to	your	credit	card.	
       •	 Free	and	convenient	automatic	payment	order	(APO),	a	payment	option	that	helps	you	to	manage	your	account	without	hassles.
       •	 Free	basic	travel	insurance	when	you	pay	for	travel	tickets	with	your	Standard	Bank	Credit	card.***
       •	 No	point-of-sale	transaction	fees	when	you	swipe	your	card	at	a	merchant.	
       •	 Free	electronic	statements	sent	directly	to	your	email	account.
       •	 Free	secondary	cards,	which	are	convenient	for	the	main	cardholder’s	spouse,	partner	or	children.
       •	 Free	lost	card	protection,	protecting	you	against	fraudulent	transactions	on	your	stolen	or	lost	card	provided	that	it	is	reported	to	us.
       •	 Free	budget	facility.
       •	 Free	account	limit	changes.
       •	 Free	ATM	balance	enquiries	if	you	choose	to	display	your	balance	on	screen.
       •	 Plus	you	also	get	one	of	the	following	free	each	month.
           – Cash deposit at AutoBank or over the counter at a branch.
           – Balance enquiry at an AutoBank, AutoPlus or over the counter at a branch.
           – Retrieval of statement at an AutoBank, AutoPlus or over the counter at a branch.
           – ATM provisional statement at an AutoPlus or over the counter at a branch.

OL01234 (111416)
                                                                                                                                      T MORE V
       Pricing as at April 2012                                                                                                               A


                                                                                                                                  t Va

       Credit card                                                                                                                    lue!


                                                                                                                                        OR              E
                                                                                                                                             E VA L U

       Added safety and security
       Our	chip	and	PIN	credit	cards	help	protect	you	from	fraudulent	transactions.	These	smart	cards	include	an	electronic	chip	(rather	like	your	
       cellphone’s	SIM	card).	Your	chip	and	PIN	card	can	be	used	only	if	the	cardholder’s	secret	personal	identity	number	(PIN)	
       is entered during the transaction at a merchant.

       How to save money with your credit card
       Read through our pricing guide and you will see that you can cut costs by using our self-service channels, including ATMs, Cellphone,
       Internet and Telephone banking rather than a branch. If you make several cash deposits a month, think about consolidating them into one.
       Consider swiping your credit card for purchases instead of drawing cash, as the transaction is free and you also get up to 55 days’ interest-
       free credit.

       How to calculate your costs
       Transaction fees have two parts – one fixed and one variable. For instance, the fee for a cash withdrawal from an AutoBank machine costs
       R3,50 plus 1,05%. What this means is, if you withdraw R500, the fee is R3,50 plus 1,05% of R500, which totals R8,75 (R3,50 + R5,25).
             Terms and conditions apply.

       This brochure is not a comprehensive list of our prices. For further information, please contact your branch.
       Prices	include	VAT	and	are	subject	to	change.
       Our products and services, and the terms under which they are offered, may change.
       We will inform you within a reasonable time of these changes.
       It is in your interest to read your contract carefully.
       If you have any questions or need more information contact your branch.
       Standard Bank subscribes to the Code of Banking Practice.
       Please ask your branch for details.

     Authorised financial services and registered credit
     provider (NCRCP15)                                                                        Standard Bank supports the
     The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (Reg. No. 1962/000738/06).                    Ombudsman for Banking Services
     SBSA 111416 – 3/12                                                                       Sharecall number 0860 800 900

OL01234 (111416)

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