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Let`s talk about simple
The simple present expresses an action in the
present taking place once, never or several
            Affirmative sentences in the
                  present simple
I like football
You have two brothers
He studies at the UVM
She works in a big company      Third person

It prints in color
We help other people
You come to class everyday
They do exercise after school
Negative sentences in the present tense

   NOTE: For the gegative sentences in the present we need to use the Auxiliary
                                “Do and Does”
I do not like English
You do not eat seafood
He does not wake up at 7 am.
She does not play video games.                                    Third person

It does not work correctly
We do not study Law.
You do not play soccer
They do not read books
            Questions in present simple tense
NOTE: for questions in English we need to use the Auxiliary “Do   and Does”
                    There are 2 kind of questions:

                     Yes / no question

                    For example:

                    Do I bring my homework?
                    Do you want a hot dog?
                    Does he study with me?
person              Does she work in the phone company?
                    Does it finish at 2 pm?
                    Do we have sugar?
                    Do you work together?
                    Do they like pizza?
                                   Exercise on Questions I

                         Arrange the words below to make questions.
1- she / to collect / stickers –

2- they / to play / a game –

3- the cat / to sleep / in the cat's bed –

4- she / often / to dream –

5- he / to play / streetball –

6- you / to be / from Paris –

the pupils / to wear / school uniforms –

you / to go / to the cinema –

she / to have / friends –

he / to read / books –
                            Exercise on Negative Sentences

                                Make negative sentences.
1- I watch TV. –

2- We play football. –

3- It is boring. –

4- She cleans her room. –

5- You ride your bike every weekend. –

6- Sandy takes nice photos. –

7- They open the windows. –

8- He buys a new CD. –

9- I am late. –

10- She has a cat. –
                                 Exercise 1

1- I/ to collect stamps –

2- we / to play card games –

3- he / to read comics –

4- Chris / to sing in a band –

5- we / to have a hamster –

6- Andy and John / to like cola –

7- she / to be nice –

8- they / to help their parents –

9- the children / to speak English –

10- I / to buy a newspaper every Saturday -
           WH – questions or information questions

NOTE: we need to use the auxiliary Do or Does.

NOTE: also we need to use the wh question words: what, when, which, why, who, how,

 What do you eat for breakfast ?
 Where do they go after class ?
 When does Maria take the English class?
 Why does he cry?
 when do you go to the beach?
 Where does Mario go on vacation?
 What do you like?
 What do you drive?
                Exercise on Questions with Interrogatives
                              Ask for the bold part of the sentence.

Julia likes pop-music. –

Maria comes from Spain. –

They play in the garden. –

Rick rides his bike. –

I go to the cinema on Saturdays. –

We go to Mallorca because it is warm there.. –

Joe repairs his bike. –

Robin drives his car carefully. –

Peter runs with his dog every day. –

Eric goes to Italy for a holiday. -
               The Third person rule:

We add an “S” to the verbs in third person(he, she, it.)

Exeptions: verbs ending in: o, s, ch, sh, x add “es” for instance:

He goes to the park

She misses th school

She watches th news

He relaxes on the weekends

He wishes to passed th English course

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