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					                                LET’S GO GREEN!!!

                                    Lesson Plan

Form: 4(8)-C
Teacher: Irina Korenfeld
Topic: Planet Earth and Us
Coursebook: Challenges 4


CITIZENSHIP CONCEPTS: Informed decision-making, interdependence, rights
and responsibilities, values.

Students will be able to talk about environmental problems and their attitude
towards it using words and phrases in the target language.

•    to extend students’ vocabulary on ‘environmental’ issues;
•    to develop students’ environmental awareness through discussing
     environmental problems existing today and possible ways of their solution;
•     to encourage students to look at things in different ways (for/ against
•     to practise pair and group work;
•    to develop listening skills;
•    to develop reading and ‘critical thinking’ skills.

•    Textbook
•    Tape recorder
•    Hand-outs


   1. Students present their ‘for/against’ essays to the class and comment on

      each other’s pieces of writing.


Sasha’s essay was about cars. It was a good essay but I didn’t agree with her. I

think cars are great!
   2. Students are shown various pictures/ photos on ‘green matters’(Appendix 1)

      and are asked to name things in them. Their additional task is to define them

      and consider (if possible) their advantages/ disadvantages.


In this photo there’s a country house with some solar panels installed on its roof.

These panels are called so because they generate energy from the sun.

   3. Have students now listen to five people talking about how green are they and

      complete the task to it (Appendix 2 – tapescript + task). Before they listen

      ask them to predict words/things they’re going to hear.


Speaker 1 always tries to remember not to use plastic bags or recycle but she

always forgets, so she doesn’t do enough to help save the planet.

   4. At the next stage students work in groups to decide which of the speakers


   a) ultra-green        b) quite green             c) not very green

   Remind them of giving reasons!!!!

   * have students pay their attention to some new vocabulary from the Listening

   task, e.g. a flight for a short distance – a short-haul flight

   5. Ask students to compare themselves to the speakers relating to ‘Going

      Green’ Matters


   Personally, I’m not concerned with that all that ‘Save the Planet’ stuff because

   for me it doesn’t make any sense yet. So maybe I feel like the fourth speaker.

   6. Next students work in pairs to match celebrities with their ‘green’ actions

      (Appendix 3)
   7. As a final touch students report their own conclusions as to what we can do

      to help save the planet. If possible, they write their own ideas on the board.

      * Remind pupils of the ways of giving advice/ tips in English.


We should walk more and use cars less                  We shouldn’t drop litter

   8. In the end of the lesson ask students things that have been done in class

   9. After that students are explained their next task, i.e. SB ex.2 p.60, WB ex.1

      p.58, Ex.4,5 p.59
Appendix 1

             Appendix   2
‘Your turn’

Now, a lot of you enjoy the next section – ‘Your turn’. And a lot of you wrote to us
to tell us what you think about all the questions that we talked about in this series.
But now, let’s listen to ‘Your turn’ from podcast number six.
Tess: Now it’s time for Your Turn. Your Turn is when we go out in the street to
find out what people think. This time the question was ….. "How green are you?"
Ravi: Nice one. “How green are you?” – what do you do to help save the planet? Like
use public transport.
Tess: OK. Let’s hear what people said.
Voice 1: What do I do to help save the planet? Not enough. I hate to say it, but it’s
true, I mean, I always try to remember not to use plastic bags or recycle or
whatever but I always forget. I really have to try to do more.
Voice 2: Well, we recycle pretty much everything we can, you know, bottles, cans,
newspapers and all that but to be honest we don’t do much else.
Voice 3: I do as much as I can. You have to, you know? We all have to. I don’t take
short-haul flights anymore – I used to fly down to London quite a lot – and of
course I recycle and everything else I can.
Voice 4: I know I’m not going to make myself popular saying this but I don’t really
do very much. Look – there are factories all over the world putting out loads and
loads of pollution every single day and I don’t see how saving your old newspapers is
going to help apart from making people feel good about themselves.
Voice 5: I’ll tell you the greenest thing I do – I grow almost all my own vegetables.
I’ve really started thinking about where my food comes from and the food miles
and that – you know, like I won’t buy food that’s been flown here from Australia or
Tess: They make me feel a bit guilty. Some people do so much. I feel like the first
woman who said she didn’t do enough. I don’t think I do enough. I do recycle things
Ravi: Me too. It’s difficult though, isn’t it? Anyway, remember, listeners, that we’d
love to know what you think. How green are you? What do you do to help save the
planet? You can write and tell us at learnenglishpodcast@britishcouncil.org.

The task

Listen to five people talking about how green they are. Choose the correct answer,
a, b or c.

1 Speaker ‘1’ always tries to remember

   a) to buy recycling bins
   b) not to use plastic bags or recycle
   c) to collect plastic, paper and cardboard
2 Speaker ‘2’

   a) recycles bottles, cans, newspapers and all that
   b) recycles plastic, paper and cardboard
   c) recycles things and does much more

3 Speaker ‘3’

   a) continues flying to London
   b) doesn’t take short-haul flights anymore
   c) does nothing to help save the planet

4 Speaker ‘4’ thinks

   a) factories produce a lot of pollution
   b) he is really green
   c) newspapers will save the planet

5 Speaker ‘5’ is really worried about

a) what she thinks
b) what she buys
c) what she eats

Answer Keys
Task 1 – b; a; b; a; c
Task 2 – F; T; T; F; T
Appendix 3
Match these green celebrities with their actions. Explain your choice.

                                    This Hollywood comedy actress is famous for
                                    practising green living and running her own MTV
                                    show ‘Trippin’ that takes viewers on eco-
                                    adventures to endangered habitats worldwide. She
                                    also drives a hybrid car.

                                    This American actor has donated $1 million to the
                                    World Wildlife Fund to save wild tigers from
                                    extinction. He also maintains a blog on
                                    environmental issues and green living.

                                     This celebrity athlete has gone vegan since 2010
                                     and is asking his friends to consider joining him in

                                     This teen star has shown regular support to help
                                     provide clean water for developing countries. He
                                     also encourages his army of fans to adopt animals
                                     from shelters rather than buying them from pet

                                     This American actor and a happy father of six
                                     children has focused on worldwide efforts to
                                     build environmentally friendly buildings. He has
                                     already donated $5 million of his own money.

                                    This Spider-Man cutie has been a vegetarian for
                                    14 years. He has also officially banned all leather
                                    products from his house - now he makes everyone
                                    take off their leather belts and shoes and leave
                                    them by the door!

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