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Description: 1. Field of the Invention The current invention concerns fire-resistant structures, fire-resistant insulations and a method for fire-proofing and fire-protection of permanent or temporary structures or objects. The fire-resistant structures comprise essentially of thefire-resistant insulation having a thermo-insulating capacities and thermo-insulating gradient wherein on the exterior side of the insulation, the insulation withstands temperatures of at least C. and up to C. and wherein onthe interior side, closest to the structures and objects to be fire-protected, the insulation provides a protective shield for the fire-protected structure or object assuring that the temperature at the fire-protected structure reaches optimally only thetemperature of about C. and does not exceed C. The fire-resistant insulation is a composite covering comprising several layers of materials having different fire-resistant and insulating properties, said layers placed over and/or attached to each other thereby cumulatively providingfire-resistant insulation for protection against fires reaching temperatures up to C. for extended period of time. The fire-resistant structures are either made or built of such insulation, comprise such insulation or are covered with suchinsulation. The fire-resistant composite covering can be a sheath or two sheaths connected together, or two circumferentially connected sheaths to form an inflatable cavity, a blanket or two blankets connected together or two connected blankets to form aninflatable cavity or a blanket and a sheath connected together to form an inflatable cavity. The fire-resistant composite covering may also be a tent or a tent-like structure made of a fire-resistant insulation permanently attached to or temporarilyplaced on or erected over the structure to be fire-protected. Fire-resistant insulations of the invention are suitable for fire-protection or fire-proofing