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Clark Cages Clark Cage Dryer by jennyyingdi


									                 CONTENTS                                                                                                          ,r
                      TABLE DES MATIERES
                                                                                                                   JULY/JUILLET 1995
ARTICLE                                                                      DEONTOLOGIE VETERINAIRE .................................. 410
Effects of various vaccination protocols on passive and                  NEWS * NOUVELLES
active immunity to Pasteurella haemolytica and                           Jackie Barlow, Hele'ne Petitclerc................................. 416
Haemophilus somnus in beef calves
Joyce Van Donkersgoed, Cheryl Guenther,                                  VETERINARY MEDICAL IMAGING
Brock N. Evans, Andy A. Potter, Richard J. Harland ...... 424            IMAGERIE EN MEDECINE VETtRINAIRE
                                                                         Critical thinking: Radiographic misdiagnoses in horses
BRIEF COMMUNICATIONS                                                     Charles S. Farrow........................................ 442
Cecal impaction in a cow                                                 VETERINARY PRACTICE MANAGEMENT
Andre' Desrochers, Guy St-Jean................................... 430    GESTION D'UNE CLINIQUE VETERINAIRE
                                                                         Le personnel
Pseudocyst of the testis of a prepubertal horse                          Douglas C. Jack, Brent Matthew
                                                                                                      .................................. 449
Colin W. Palmer, David G. MacDonald,
Claire E. Card......................................... 432              BOOK REVIEWS * REVUES DE LIVRES
                                                                         Care and Management of Miniature Pet Pigs
Pyriform bovine spermatozoa and fertilization potential                  Reviewed by Pascal Dubreuil ...................................... 452
Sheldon J. Kawarsky, Robert B. Stubbings,
                                ............................... 434
Parvathi K. Basrur, W. Allan King                                        Unconventional Agents and Unclassified Viruses:
                                                                         Recent Advances in Biology and Epidemiology
Craniomandibular osteopathy in a Shetland sheepdog                       Reviewed by Lorne Jordan........................................ 453
Susan M. Taylor, Audrey Remedios, Sherry Myers ....... 437
                                                                         Surgical Complications and Wound Healing in the
Diffuse abdominal epithelioid mesothelioma in a cow                      Small Animal Practice
Christiane A. Girard, Andre' Ce'cyre
                                   .............................. 440    Reviewed by Craig W. Miller....................................... 454
              CORNER * TEST ECLAIR................................ 414
                QUIZ                                                     The In Practice Handbook Series: Poultry Practice
                                                                         Reviewed by Richard J. Julian..................................... 454
LE COIN DES PRATICIENS                                                   Textbook of Veterinary Diagnostic Radiology, 2nd ed.
Haemobartonella canis infection following                                Reviewed by Patricia M. Hogan ................................... 455
splenectomy and transfusion
Sally J. Lester, J. Barrie Hume, Brenda Phipps ............ 444          NOTICES * ANNONCES
                                                                         INDEX OF ADVERTISERS
CROSS-CANADA DISEASE REPORT                                                         ANNOUNCEURS..................................... 404
                                                                               DES INDEX
Yew poisoning in sheep                                                   BOOKS RECEIVED * LIVRES REQUS
                                                                                                     ....................... 436
                                    ........................ 446
Catherine A. Rae, Brian D. Binnington
                                                                         COMING EVENTS            *   tVCNEMENTS A VENIR ........... 456
Anaranthus retroflexus (redroot pigweed) poisoning
in lambs                                                                 CLASSIFIEDS * PETITES ANNONCES ..................... 457
Catherine A. Rae, Brian D. Binnington........................ 446
                                                                           "Instructions for authors" are available in Can Vet J 1995;
Potomac horse fever in eastern Ontario                                     36: 121-123/Les " Directives a l'intention des auteurs " sont
Janet Shapiro, Gary Thomson ...................................... 448     disponibles dans le Can Vet J 1995; 36: 47-49.
FEATURES * RUBRIQUES SPiCIALES                                           The Canadian Veterinary Journal
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR                                                    La Revue ve'te'rinaire canadienne
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                                                                         Ottawa, Ontario KIR 7K1
Evaluation of methods for the euthanasia of cattle in a                  Telephone: (613) 236-1162
foreign disease outbreak                                                 Fax: (613) 236-9681
T.J. Pittman......................................... 405
                                                                         X Canadian Veterinary Medical Association 1995
                                                                           L'Association canadienne des medecins veterinaires 1995
Evaluation of methods for the euthanasia of cattle in
a foreign disease outbreak - A reply                                     The Canadian Veterinary Journal is indexed or abstracted in:
Howard J. Scrimgeour, Hugh J. Baker  ......................... 405       La Revue ve'te'rinaire canadienne est indexee ou ses articles sont resumes
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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE * MOT DU PRESIDENT                                   Agriculture, Index Veterinarius, Quarterly Index, Science Citation Index,
                                                                         Small Animal Practice, Veterinary Bulletin, Veterinary Reference Service,
Enthusiasm is contagious/L'enthousiasme est contagieux                   Veterinary Update.
Donald MacDonald ........................ ................. 408
Can Vet J Volume 36, July 1995                                                                                                                   403
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Mother and child/Mere et enfant                                                     W.C.D. (Doug) Hare, Ottawa, Ontario
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                                                                                    Therese Lanthier, Saint-Hyacinthe (Quebec)
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Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.                                            Chairman, CVMA Editorial Committee/
Publication of an advertisement does not necessarily imply that the Canadian        Pre'sident du Comite' de redaction de l 'ACMV
Veterinary Medical Association agrees with or supports the claims therein.          M. Grant Maxie, Guelph, Ontario
Politique de la Redaction Tous les articles publies, y compris les editoriaux
et les lettres, representent l'opinion de l'auteur et non pas necessairement la
position de l'Association canadienne des medecins veterinaires.
La publication d'une annonce ne signifie pas necessairement que
l'Association canadienne des medecins veterinaires est d'accord avec son
contenu ou qu'elle l'appuie.

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                                                                                        Ciba-Geigy Animal Health..............................406, OBC
                                                                                                            Clark Cages Inc ...............................404
                                                                                        Deep Sea Harvesters.............................. 433
                                                                                        The lams Company.............................. 401
                                                                                        Ideal Instrument .............................. 460
                                                                                        IDEXX Laboratories Inc.                                       402

                                                                                        Interceptor Equipment Co       .                              459

Clark Cages
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                                         Clark Cage Dryer
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                                              Heavy-duty                                  IntetIonal Veterinary Seminars.......................... 429
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* Quiet &                                                                               Merck Agvet ..............................      IFC
  Warm                                                                                  Nature's Recipe Pet Foods...............................      447
* Sensibly                                                    _                         Nutramax Laboratories Inc.                                    407
  Priced                                                                                Pallser Animal Health Laboratories Ltd ................460
* Durable                                                                               Pottruff & Smith Insurance Brokers Inc .................460
* Attractive                                                                            Richmond Animal Hospital ..............................       460
* Easy To                                . Virtually maintenance-free                   Rhone Merbeux ..............................      IBC
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                                           safely                                       Sage-London Industries Inc .............................. 439
                                         * Space-saver design                                     CanadaoyoT tInc ........................... 412
                                                                                        Universal Medical Systems Inc .453
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                                                                                        Vita-Tech Canada Inc .460
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  polypropylene               Fow a tree
  plastic panels                            brochure and                                Wilson, Jack & Grant .460
  Easy-to-clean                                 etl                pr
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* 2' x 2' panels     Clark Cages Inc. E2xcmemencd                                       readers to give heir products and servie appropfiate considration. - Ed.
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                                             (215)                                      prendre connaissance de leurs services at produits. -NDLR
    custom sizes           I        ca. (213) 689-9324

404                                                                                                                       Can Vet J Volume 36, July 1995
                            CVMA ANNUAL REPORT
                          RAPPORT ANNUEL DE L'ACMV
President's report                                              Rapport de president
In the  past 12 months, the Canadian Veterinary Medical              u cours des douze demiers mois, I'Association canadienne
  Association (CVMA) has been totally dedicated to                   des medecins veterinaires (ACMV) s'est entierement
listening to its members and to acting on what it hears.        engagee   a ecouter ses membres et a reagir a leurs com-
This has been done principally through a major survey           mentaires. Nous avons reussi a faire cela surtout grace a
conducted in November by the firm Optima, which                 un sondage detaille entrepris par la firme Optima en novem-
has resulted in a significant realignment of the CVMA's         bre, qui nous a permis de redefinir les priorites de 1'ACMV
priorities and resources.                                       et de reaffecter les ressources.

Veterinarians have a say                                         Les medecins veterinaires disent leur mot
   The CVMA's Council committed itself to undertaking               Le Conseil a entrepris un sondage detaille aupres de
this comprehensive survey of more than 2500 Canadian               2500 medecins veterinaires du Canada, membres ou non
veterinarians (members and nonmembers) to                              de 1'ACMV, afm de s'assurer que l'Association reponde
ensure that the CVMA remains relevant to the                   i       aux besoins et aux aspirations de la profession veteri-
needs and aspirations of the veterinary pro-                                 naire. Le sondage, qui comprenait des groupes
fession. The survey, which consisted of focus                                de discussions et un questionnaire distribue
groups and a mail-out questionnaire, pro-                                    par courrier, a permit de recueillir de l'infor-
vided invaluable information. It was evident                                 mation inestimable. En examinant les resul-
from the findings that veterinarians want                                    tats, il est evident que les medecins veterinaires
the CVMA to focus its work on those key                         Lv           veulent que 1'ACMV concentre ses efforts sur les
areas that a national association can affect                   i             avantages cles que peut fournir une associa-
namely, the public's perception of the pro-                                  ntion nationale - notamment, l'image publique
fession, national issues relating to veterinary                              de la profession, les enjeux nationaux touchant
medicine, and animal welfare.                                                la medecine veterinaire et le bien-tre des ani-
Realigning priorities
   As a consequence of the Optima survey and after              Redefimir les priorites
consultations with the CVMA's committees and members,               En raison des resultats du sondage et apres avoir consulte
Council has narrowed its focus for the next several             les comites et les membres de I'ACMV, le Conseil a decide de
years to 3 key priorities: 1) the promotion of the public       concentrer ses efforts au cours des prochaines annees sur trois
profile of the profession, 2) leadership on national            priorites: la promotion de l'image publique de la profession,
issues, and 3) animal welfare advocacy.                         le r6le de chef de fil sur les enjeux nationaux et la defense du
                                                                bien-etre des animaux.
Reallocating resources
    To ensure that the CVMA provides dynamic leader-            Redistribution des ressources
ship on national issues, Council has modified its com-              Afin de s'assurer que 1'ACMV soit dynamique en ce qui
mittee structure. A National Issues Committee has been          concerne les enjeux nationaux, les membres du Conseil
established to provide coordinated leadership on all            ont restructure certains comites. Un comite sur les enjeux
matters affecting the veterinary profession. The com-           nationaux a ete cree pour coordonner les efforts sur toutes
mittee will be proactive and will ensure that the CVMA          les questions qui touchent la profession veterinaire. Le
is at the forefront of discussions on all matters related to    Comite sera proactif et fera en sorte que I'ACMV se retrouve
veterinary medicine. As a result of the creation of this        au premier plan de toutes les discussions touchant la
committee, the Practice, Public Health and Safety, and          medecine veterinaire. En raison de la creation de ce comite,
Membership Services committees have been wound                  les comites de la pratique, de la sante publique et des services
down.                                                           aux membres seront dissous.
   To address the key issue of the profession's public              En reponse au souhait presque unanime des repondants
image, which was almost unanimously identified by sur-          au sondage de promouvoir l'image publique de la profession,
vey respondents, the CVMA has launched a national               I'ACMV a lance une campagne nationale de relations
public relations campaign. Projects include a national          publiques. Les projets comprennent notamment une cam-
magazine advertising campaign and the distribution              pagne publicitaire nationale qui paraitra dans des perio-
of radio and television public service announcements.           diques et la distribution de messages d'interet public televises
   The campaign has 2 specific goals: 1) to enhance the         et radiophoniques. La campagne publicitaire visera deux
image of veterinarians as medical professionals, and            objectifs precis: promouvoir l'image des medecins veteri-
2) to encourage animal owners to make regular visits to         naires en tant que professionnels du domaine medical
their veterinarians. To accomplish this, Council has            et encourager les proprietaires d'animaux a consulter

416                                                                                           Can Vet J Volume 36, July 1995
    allocated   a sum   of $125000 for the first   year   of the   regulierement leurs medecins veterinaires. Afin d'y par-
    campaign.                                                      venir, les membres du Conseil ont alloue une somme de
                                                                   125000 $ pour la premiere annee de la campagne.
    Alliance with other professions
        The decision by the federal government not to make         Coalition avec d'autres associations
    changes to registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs)             La decision du gouvernement federal de ne pas modifier
    was a victory for the CVMA. The government had been            en profondeur les regimes enregistres d'epargne-retraite
    contemplating lowering the allowable contribution lim-         (REER) constitue une victoire pour I'ACMV. Le gouverne-
    its and even taxing retirement savings. To prevent this,       ment songeait a diminuer les limites permises et meme a
    the CVMA helped to establish a special alliance of 12 pro-     imposer les epargnes-retraites. Pour contrer cela, I'ACMV a
    fessional and business associations that fought to protect     participe a la formation d'une coalition regroupant 12 asso-
    their members by ensuring that the federal budget did          ciations de professionnels et de gens d'affaires dont l'objec-
    not target RRSPs. The alliance was one of the key bod-         tif commun consistait a proteger leurs membres en s'assurant
    ies that pressured the government on this issue.               que le gouvernement ne s'attaque pas aux REER La coalition
        The alliance, which included national associations rep-    a ete un des principaux groupes a exercer des pressions
    resenting doctors, lawyers, dentists, and pharmacists,         aupres du gouvernement a ce sujet.
    undertook a number of lobbying initiatives. It pre-                La coalition qui rassemble, entre autres, les associations
    sented ajoint brief to the House of Commons Standing           nationales des medecins, des avocats, des dentistes et des
    Committee on Finance. It also wrote to each member of          pharmaciens, a entrepris un certain nombre d'initiatives. Ses
    Parliament and met with senior government policy-              membres ont presente un document conjoint au comite
    makers.                                                        permanent sur les finances de la Chambre des communes. Ils
        The alliance is being maintained, so that participat-      ont egalement ecrit a tous les deputes et ont rencontre cer-
    ing associations can collectively address and protect          tains decisionnaires du gouvernement.
    the interests of their members in the upcoming pension             La coalition sera maintenue afin que les professionnels du
    reform process promised by the federal government.             Canada puissent etudier ensemble la reforme des pensions
                                                                   promise par le gouvernement federal.
    Government relations
       The CVMA has maintained close contact with the var-         Relations gouvernementales
    ious federal government departments that regulate vet-             L'ACMV a poursuivi sa collaboration avec les divers
    erinary medicine. Two issues have been of particular           ministeres du gouvemement federal qui regissent la medecine
    importance. The first is the threat to the health of our       veterinaire. Deux sujets ont particulierement attire notre
    national herd and the safety of our food supply resulting      attention. Il s'agit de la menace qui plane sur la sante du
    from the declining role of veterinarians within                cheptel canadien et la salubrite et la qualite de nos pro-
    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. The second is the            duits alimentaires comme suite a la reduction des respon-
    cost-sharing initiative of the government, which could         sabilites des medecins veterinaires travaillant pour Agriculture
    result in large animal practitioners paying hefty fees         et Agro-alimentaire Canada. Le second enjeux, le partage des
    to be accredited. The CVMA has corresponded with               depenses gouvernementales, pourrait entrainer l'imposi-
    the minister and the department on these issues.               tion de frais pour l'accreditation des medecins veterinaires
    Discussions are ongoing, and representatives of the            pour les grands animaux. L'ACMV a ecrit au ministre et
    CVMA are monitoring developments.                              au ministere a ce sujet. Les discussions se poursuivent et les
       The CVMA continues to be represented on key gov-            representants de I'ACMV en surveillent l'evolution.
    ernment committees dealing with animal health. These               L'ACMV maintient sa presence au sein de comites impor-
    include the Canadian Agri-Food Research Council, the           tants du gouvernement qui se penchent sur la sante animale.
    Expert Committee on Animal Health, and the Expert              Parmi ceux-ci, il y a le Conseil de recherches agricoles du
    Committee on Farm Animal Welfare and Behaviour.                Canada, le Comite d'experts sur l'hygiene veterinaire et le
    The CVMA has also been an active participant on ad hoc         Comite d'experts du bien-etre et du comportement des ani-
    working groups and committees on such issues as animal         maux de ferme. L'ACMV participe egalement a des discus-
    identification, the humane transport of animals, and the       sions de groupes et des comites speciaux qui traitent de
    transport of dangerous goods.                                  sujets tels l'identification des animaux, le transport sans
                                                                   cruaute des animaux et le transport de produits dangereux.
       Because of the CVMA's current favorable financial sit-      Finances
    uation, Council has decided to enter a fourth year of              Grace a la situation financiere actuelle de l'ACMV, les
    operations in 1996 without any increase in member-             membres du Conseil ont decide, pour une quatrieme annee
    ship dues. The CVMA's financial strategic plan nor-            consecutive, de ne pas hausser les frais de cotisation pour
    mally calls for a dues increase every 3 years. This favor-     1996. La situation financiere favorable decoule de l'aug-
    able financial situation is due to an increase in revenues     mentation des revenus generes par les activites de 1'ACNIV et
    from CVMA activities and tight controls on the expen-          du contr6le serre de ses depenses.
    diture side.                                                       A 175 $ par annee, les frais de cotisation de l'ACMV
       At $175 a year, CVMA annual membership dues are             sont maintenant moins eleves qu'un abonnement a un
    now less than the cost of a subscription to a large daily      grand quotidien. L'excellente situation financiere a per-
    newspaper. The current situation has made it possible for      mis a 1'ACMV d'allouer des ressources pour creer de nouvelles
    the CVMA to allocate resources to address its priorities       activites afin d'aborder ses priorites et surtout de financer sa
    and, in particular, to fund the national public relations      campagne nationale de relations publiques.
                                                                   Personnel  du bureau national

    National office personnel                                         La gestion efficace des affaires de I'ACMV depend en
       The effective management of the CVMA's affairs              grande partie des ressources humaines du bureau. Nous
    depends to a very significant extent on the human              avons la bonne fortune d'avoir des employes devoues, dotes
    resources at the head office. We are blessed with a most       d'un esprit de cooperation remarquable qui travaillent sous

    Can Vet J Volume 36, July 1995                                                                                             417
dedicated, hard-working, and interactive staff, under the 1'excellente direction du directeur general, monsieur Claude
very capable leadership of executive director Claude Paul Boivin. Au nom de tous les membres de 1'ACMV,
Paul Bomivn. On behalf of all CVMA members, I extend our j'aimerais sincerement remercier tout le personnel du
heartfelt thanks to the entire staff at 339 Booth Street. 339, rue Booth.
Closing remarks                                               Le mot de la fim
   My year as president of our national association has          Mon annee en tant que president de notre association
been extremely challenging and rewarding. I very much nationale a et tout un defi des plus valorisant. Je suis tres
appreciated the dedication and support of Council, com- reconnaissant du devouement et de l'appui des membres du
mittee members, and the other volunteers who make it Conseil, des comites et des autres benevoles qui permet-                 S
possible for this Association to remain relevant and tent a l'ACMV de demeurer pertinente et dynamique. J'ai et
dynamic. I was particularly impressed by the very energetic particulierement impressionne par I'action rapide des mem-
fashion with which Council responded to the opinions of bres du Conseil pour repondre aux attentes des medecins
Canadian veterinarians, so clearly expressed in the Optima veterinaires du Canada que ces derniers avaient clairement
survey. I commend Council for moving swiftly to clearly       exprimees dans le sondage. Je felicite les membres du
identify its goals and give itself the structure and means to Conseil de s'etre empresses d'identifier les objectifs de
attain them. I am confident that our association will be l'Association et de s'etre dotes de la structure et des moyens
stronger as a result.                                         pour les atteindre.

Donald MacDonald                                             Donald MacDonald
President, CVMA                                              President de l'ACMV
  The CVMA committee reports and auditors' report                   Les rapports des comites et des verificateurs de
       will appear in the next issue of the CVJ.              I'ACMV paraitront dans le prochain numero de la RVC.

              Meet Dr. Clayton MacKay, first Canadian president of the AAHA
                        Rencontre avec le docteur Clayton MacKay,
                      premier Canadien elu d la presidence de l'AAHA
      r.   Clayton   A.   MacKay   is the                                   ......       e   docteur Clayton A. MacKay
     first Canadian to be elected                                                     est le     premier Canadien a etre
president of the American Animal                                                     6 lu president   de   I'American
Hospital Association (AAHA). He                                                      Animal Hospital       Association

has been an active member of the                                      w (A"          (AAHA). II est membre actif de la
veterinary profession in both                                                        profession veterinaire au Canada
Canada and the United States,                                                        et aux Etats-Unis et a et membre
serving on committees of the                                                         de certains comites de l'Asso-
Canadian and American veteri-                                                        ciation canadienne des medecins
nary medical associations. A past                                                    veterinaires (ACMV) et de
president of the Ontario                                                             l'American Veterinary Medical
Veterinary Medical Association,                                                      Association. Ancien president de
he is currently director of the                                                      l'Association des medecins veteri-
Ontario Veterinary College's                                                         naires de l'Ontario, il est actuelle-
Veterinary Teaching Hospital in                                                      ment directeur de l'h6pital
Guelph and codirector of the                                                         d'enseignement veterinaire de
MacKay Animal Clinic in Whitby,                                                      l'Ontario   Veterinary College
Ontario, where he began practis-                                                 Guelph et co-directeur du MacKay
ing   in 1970. Dr.    MacKay   was
                                                                                Animal Hospital de Whitby
recently interviewed by Claude                                                   (Ontario) oui il a debute sa car-
Paul Boivin, the executive direc-                                               riere en 1970. Le Dr MacKay a
tor of the Canadian Veterinary                                                  recemment accorde une entrevue
Medical Association (CVMA).                                  a Claude Paul Boivin, directeur general de l'Asso-
                                                             ciation canadienne des medecins veterinaires
How is the practice of veterinary medicine                   (ACMV).
changing, and is there a difference between what
is happening in the United States and in Canada?             Comment la profession de medecin veterinaire
   The major change in small animal veterinary               evolue-t-elle, et existe-t-iI une difference entre
medicine in North America has occurred in the deliv-         les changements observes aux Etats-Unis et au
ery style, which is much more sophisticated. There are       Canada?
more specialists, more species-oriented issues, and             Le plus important changement en medecine veteri-
more high-tech facilities. In traveling throughout most      naire pour petits animaux en Amerique du Nord se
of North America, I can say that there really is not a lot   situe au niveau de la livraison de services qui est beau-
of difference between veterinary medicine in the             coup plus perfectionnee qu'auparavant. I1 y a plus de
United States and in Canada. You would be hard-              specialistes, plus de preoccupations visant des especes
pressed to tell whether you were in a small animal           particulieres et plus d'installations a la fine-pointe de
clinic in downtown Los Angeles or downtown Toronto.          la technologie. Apres avoir voyage un peu partout en

418                                                                                          Can Vet J Volume 36, July 1995
    What about pet superstores?                            Amerique du Nord, je puis affirme qu'il n'y a pas vraiment de
       My personal opinion is that pet superstores         difference entre la medecine veterinaire aux Etats-Unis et au
    have not had a significant impact. There has           Canada. II serait bien difficile de dire si vous etes dans une
    been a lot of discussion, but not a lot of change      clinique pour petits animaux du centre-ville de Los Angeles
    as far as the profession is concerned. If              ou de Toronto.
    anything, pet superstores have caused individ-
    ual practitioners to focus more on their practice      Mais que dire des a superanimaleries *>
    strengths, which is positive for us. To date, I am        Je crois que les < superanimaleries > n'ont pas eu d'impact
S   unaware of any practice disappearing because           important. II y a eu beaucoup de discussions, mais pas enor-
    of pet superstores.                                    mement de changements en ce qui concerne la profession.
                                                           L'arrivee des < superanimaleries > a peut-etre contraint les
    How can Canadian veterinarians adapt to                medecins veterinaires en pratique privee a se concentrer sur
    their ever-changing environment?                       leurs points forts ce qui est benefique pour nous. A cejour,je
       Canadian veterinarians have generally been          n'ai pas eu connaissance de la fermeture d'une clinique en
    doing a good job of adapting to change. This           raison de la venue des < superanimaleries >.
    has been done primarily through continuing
    education and by keeping up-to-date with what          Comment les m6decins v6t6rinaires du Canada
    our clientele is demanding. Having said that, I        peuvent-ils s'adapter leur environnement sans
    think we need to look at our delivery systems.         cease en 6volution?
    We really need to consider cooperation between             En general, les medecins veterinaires du Canada reagis-
    neighboring practitioners to build economical,         sent  bien aux changements. Ils ont reussis a le faire surtout
    central hospitals that will utilize specialists and    grace au perfectionnement professionnel et en demeurant a
    specialty interests, as well as address the 24-hour    l'ecoute des besoins de la clientele. Maintenant,je crois que
    care issue. The economics of reproducing the           nous devons nous pencher sur nos systemes de livraison.
    same veterinary practice on every corner    is   no    Nous devons songer a etablir une collaboration entre des
    longer viable. The public will not bear the ever-      cliniques voisines afin de construire des h6pitaux
    increasing costs of our inefficient delivery           economiques et centraux qui donneront acces a des specia-
    systems.                                               listes tout en repondant a la demande de services de
                                                           24 heures. Le fait d'offrir les memes services veterinaires
    What image does the public have of                     dans des cliniques a tous les deux coins de rue n'est plus
    veterinarians in this country?                         viable. Le public ne tolerera pas devoir payer la note toujours
       I think that Canadian veterinarians are prob-       croissante de notre inefficacite.
    ably on an even higher level of public opinion
    than veterinarians in some American states. I do       Quelle est l'image publique des medecins veterinaires
    not think that the average veterinarian is aware       de ce pays?
    of how well we are thought of by the public. At           A mon avis, les medecins veterinaires du Canada ont pro-
    times, we become a little paranoid that people         bablement une meilleure image publique que ceux de cer-
    do not completely understand the level of              tains etats americains. Je ne crois pas que le medecin veteri-
    sophistication of our education, but they like us      naire moyen sait a quel point nous sommes apprecies du
    a lot.                                                 public. Parfois, afflige d'une certaine paranoia, nous croyons
                                                           que les gens ne comprennent pas le niveau de perfection-
    What about fees are they
                          -             a   problem        nement atteint grace a notre education, mais en realite ils
    in the public's mind?                                  nous aiment beaucoup.
       No, I think that fees are an issue in the veteri-
    narian's mind. If you look at virtually every sur-     Les couts constituent-ils un problEme aux yeux
    vey that has ever been done on veterinary              du public?
    medicine, fees are usually way down the list of            Non, je pense que la question des cofits est toute dans la
    client concerns. If clients are properly educated      tete des medecins veterinaires. Si vousjetez un coup d'aeil a
    about the quality of care and then allowed to          la plupart des sondages effectues sur la medecine veterinaire,
    choose a format of service that fits their budget      les cofits sont une des dernieres preoccupations des clients.
    and their particular belief in animal care, the        Les cofits ne sont pas importants, si les clients sont bien ren-
    fee schedule is just not an issue.                     seignes sur la qualite des soins et peuvent ensuite choisir le
                                                           genre de service qui repond a leur budget et a leur croyance
    Could you tell us about the AAHA's                     quant au soin des animaux.
    efforts to enhance the image of veteri-
    narians?                                               Pouvez-vous nous donner une id6e sur les initia-
       The AAHA, over its history, has built its repu-     tives de I'AAHA pour am6liorer l'image des
    tation by first insisting on bricks and mortar         m6decins v6t6rinaires?
    that means appropriate physical facilities                Depuis toujours, I'AAHA a bati sa reputation en insistant
    through which small animal veterinary                  d'abord sur la qualite des installations dans lesquelles est pra-
    medicine can be practised. Secondly, the AAHA          tiquee la medecine veterinaire pour les petits animaux.
    has been the leader on a worldwide basis in con-       Ensuite, I'AAHA a assume le r6le de chef de fil quant au per-
    tinuing education for small animal veterinary          fectionnement professionnel en medecine veterinaire pour
    medicine. By keeping these 2 key components            petits animaux. En conservant ces deux composantes au pre-
    at the forefront of the small animal profession,       mier plan de la profession, I'AAHA a permis d'ameliorer
    the AAHA has allowed the image of veterinari-          l'image des medecins veterinaires. Lorsqu'un client entre
    ans to grow. When a client walks into a well-          dans une clinique disposant d'un personnel adequat et
    staffed and well-appointed veterinary facility,        construite probablement selon les normes de I'AAHA, ca
    which was most likely designed according to            donne une bonne impression de la profession. Nous devons

                                     Can Vet J Volume 36, July 1995                                                      419~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Can Vet J Volume 36, July 1995
AAHA standards, it leaves a very strong image of our                maintenant passer a la prochaine etape qui consiste
profession. Now we have to take the next step and                   a encourager les professionnels de s'assurer que les
encourage the profession to make sure that the prac-                soins administres sont aussi importants que l'endroit
tice of the actual "what we do" is as important as                  ou ils sont donnes.
where we do it.
                                                                    Quelles sont les priorites actuelles de
What are the current priorities of the AAHA?                        I'AAHA?
   The priorities of the AAHA do not differ in a lot of                Les priorites de l'AAHA ne different pas enorme-
ways from those of the CVMA. Member services and                    ment de celles de I'ACMV. Les services et l'appui aux              S
member support is our number one reason for exist-                  membres sont notre raison d'etre. Nous nous consi-
ing. We see ourselves as the voice of small animal                  derons comme la voix des praticiens pour petits ani-
practice in North America and, consequently, a                      maux de l'Amerique du Nord, et, en consequence,
priority for us is to keep abreast of the views of our              une de nos priorites consiste a demeurer a l'ecoute
members.                                                            de l'opinion de nos membres.
What are the key challenges facing a presi-                         Quels sont les d6fis pour le pr6sident d'un
dent of an organization as important as the                         organisme aussi important quo l'AAHA?
AAHA?                                                                  Les defis auxquels est confronte un president de
    The challenges of an AAHA president are proba-                  l'AAHA ne sont probablement pas differents de ceux
bly not a lot different than those of a CVMA                        d'un president de I'ACMV, ils ne sont que multiplies
president; they are simply magnified by the numbers                 en raison du plus grand nombre de membres. II faut
involved. A great deal of time has to be spent trying               consacrer beaucoup de temps pour comprendre les
to understand the issues. The principal rule for a                  enjeux. En regle generale, le president doit toujours
president is to listen, listen, and listen. Of course, we           etre a l'ecoute. Nous aimerions bien suir en dire plus,
would like to speak more, but we need to hear what                  mais nous devons ecouter ce que disent les membres
the members are saying, so that we can focus on the                 afin de s'attaquer aux problemes en esperant avoir
problems and, hopefully, be intuitive enough to gen-                suffisamment d'intuition pour pouvoir pousser genti-
tly keep nudging the ship in the direction of the                   ment la profession vers l'avenir. Nous ne pouvons
future. We cannot be protecting turf. I made it quite               etre protectionnistes; commeje l'ai deja dit, ma pre-
clear that the number one issue in my presidency is                 miere priorite en tant que president consiste a colla-
cooperation with all of the major players in the world              borer avec tous les grands organismes du domaine
in the small animal field. Obviously, as a Canadian, I              des petits animaux. Je considere 1'ACMV comme un
consider the CVMA as one of those major players,                    de ces organismes etje tiens a maintenir l'excellente
and I certainly intend to maintain the strong lines of              communication qui existe entre nos deux groupes.
communication between the 2 organizations.

  National management magazine                              Un periodique national sur la gestion
  cites CVMA initiative                                     cite I'ACMV en exemple
  In the February/March issue of a magazine for asso- Dans le numero de fevrier/mars d'un p6riodique destin6 aux
    ciation managers (Association 1995; 12 [21: 15-16),          dirigeants d'association (Association 1995; 12 121: 15-16), on
  the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association's (CVMA) donne le recent sondage aupres des membres de I'Association                a3
  recent membership survey is cited as an example of canadienne des medecins vet6rinaires (ACMV) comme                            a
  an effective method of anticipating the needs of exemple d'une methode efficace pour connaitre les besoins des
  members.                                                                                                                        Q
      The association management magazine                                      Le p6riodique de gestion d'association est pub-
  is published by the Canadian Society                                     \i6 par la Societe canadienne des directeurs d'asso-
  of Association Executives, also known as                                  ciations 6galement connu comme (( I'association des   .0
  Canada's "association of associations."               oti   Nr          \ associations du Canada )a. L'article est r6dig6 par
  The article is written by Jim Harris,                                      monsieur Jim Harris, co-auteur du livre a suc-
  the coauthor of the Financial Post's best-                   =           \ ces du Financial Post a The 100 Best Companies
  selling book The 100 Best Companies to                                       to Work for in Canada a .                          .a

  Work for in Canada.                                                   ,-, Monsieur Harris soutient que les associa-
      Harris points out that associations, like      -                          tions, tout comme les gens d'affaires, doivent
  businesses, must wake up to the fact that                                      reconnaitre qu'elles ne peuvent plus prendre
  they can no longer take their members/cus-          -               \~ 1 \ leurs membres/clients pour acquis. Elles doivent     a
  tomers for granted; rather, they must learn to \                                plutot apprendre a6couter. Selon lui, des
  listen. Well-administered surveys, says Harris,                           . sondages bien congus peuvent etre tres utiles
  can be most useful in identifying needs and
                                                          -            u-3--- pour identifier les besoins et les attentes des
      The article explains how the CVMA under-                             Dans I'article, on explique comment I'ACMV a
  took both qualitative and quantitative research           entrepris une etude qualitative et quantitative de ses membres pour
  to determine what veterinarians want their national d6terminer ce qu'ils attendent de leur association nationale (Can
  association to focus on (Can Vet J 1995; 36: 142-144). Vet J 1995; 36: 142-144). Dans la conclusion de l'article, I'auteur
  It concludes that as a result of the survey, the CVMA souligne qu'en raison des r6sultats du sondage, I'ACMV a red6fini
  realigned its priorities to zero in on what members have ses priorites af in de concentrer ses efforts sur ce qui est impor-
  identified as being of real importance to them.           tant aux yeux de ses membres.
  (by Claude Paul Boivin, Executive Director, CVMA)         (par Claude Paul Boivin, directeur general, ACMV)

420                                                                                             Can Vet J Volume 36, July 1995
    AGREEMENT ON MICROCHIP                                          ENTENTE SUR UNE NORME POUR
    STANDARD REACHED                                                 LES PUCES ELECTRONIQUES
     Asingle international microchip standard for                      'Organisation internationale de normalisation
     (1.animal identification has been tentatively                   L(ISO) a provisoirement choisi une norme interna-
    endorsed by the International Standards                         tionale pour les puces electroniques destinees a l'iden-
    Organization (ISO). Until the new standard is                   tification des animaux. Jusqu'a ce que la norme soit
S   formally adopted by ISO member countries and                    officiellement adoptee par les pays membres de l'ISO
    fully implemented which could take as long as                   et qu'elle soit pleinement en place, ce qui pourrait
    3 years the key stakeholders in Canada have                     prendrejusqu'a trois ans, les groupes interesses au
    jointly endorsed the FECAVA (Federation of                      Canada ont approuve la norme FECAVA (Federation
    European Companion Animal Veterinary                            des Associations Europeennes de Veterinaires pour
    Associations) standard.                                         Animaux de compagnie).
       The FECAVA standard (Can VetJ 1995; 36:                         Au cours d'une reunion en mai, la norme FECAVA
    16-17) was endorsed at a May meeting by the                     (Can VetJ 1995; 36: 16-17) a et approuvee par
    Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA),                 l'Association canadienne des medecins veterinaires,
    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Pet Indus-                Agriculture et Agro-alimentaire Canada, le Conseil
    tryjoint Advisory Council, the Canadian Kennel                  consultatif de l'industrie des animaux familiers, le
    Club, and the Canadian Federation of Humane                     Club canin canadien et la Federation canadienne des
    Societies.                                                      societes d'assistance aux animaux.
       Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada will imple-                     La norme sera en vigueur d'ici septembre 1995 pour
    ment the FECAVA standard by September 1995 to                   le programme d'importation de chiens d'Agriculture
    keep track of dogs entering the country.                        et Agro-alimentaire Canada.
       Currently, the only microchip available in Canada               Actuellement, la seule puce electronique disponible
    that conforms to the FECAVA standard is the one pro-            au Canada qui respecte la norme FECAVA est celle pro-
    duced by Destron/Fearing and distributed by Anitech             duite par Destron/Fearing et distribuee par Anitech
    Identification Systems Inc.                                     Identification Systems Inc.

    American Kennel Club helps                                 L'American Kennel Club aide a
    find Fido                                                  retrouver Fido
    The American Kennel Club (AKC)                                          'American Kennel Club (AKC)      a   devoil6   le pro-
       has announced plans to set up               4p KE            L,gramme de recuperation d'animaux le plus impor-
    the most encompassing animal recov-                             ''.   tant des Etats-Unis. Une base de donn6es, connue
    ery program in the United States. A                                   sous le nom (( AKC Companion Animal Recovery o,
    national    database     called    AKC                          C     sera mise en place pour retrouver des animaux de
    Companion Animal Recovery will be | <                         X compagnie perdus.
    set up to help locate lost pets.                              ; -L'A,L'AKC disposera d'un num6ro sans frais
        The AKC will provide a 24-hour-a-         '                       disponible 24 heures par jour et on pourra 6galement
    day toll-free phone number, and the             ,%°ePC                communiquer avec le syst6me par t6l6copieur ou
    system will also be accessible by fax                                 par courrier 6lectronique. Les personnes, les refuges
    or electronic mail. Individuals, animal shelters, and      et les organismes de controle des animaux qui trouvent un ani-
    animal control departments that find an animal             mal pourront appeler pour savoir si I'animal est inscrit au
    will be able to call to see if the animal is enrolled in   programme. La personne qui fera l'appel devra donner un
    the program. The caller will have to give an identi-       num6ro d'identification, soit d'un implant, d'un tatouage ou
    fication (ID) number from a microchip, tattoo, or          d'une autre forme d'identification permanente. Si I'animal est
    other form of permanent positive ID. If the ani-           inscrit, son propri6taire sera avis6 qu'il a 6t6 retrouv6.
    mal is enrolled, the pet's owner will be informed             Tous les animaux de compagnie              pas seulement les
    that it has been located.                                  chiens qui ont une identification quelconque peuvent etre
        All companion animals not just dogs with               inscrits. L'AKC collabore avec Schering-Plough Animal Health
    some form of positive ID may be enrolled. The              et leur programme de puces Destron intitul6 "( Home Again))
    AKC has joined forces with Schering-Plough Animal          qui n6cessite l'utilisation d'un lecteur pour d6coder le num6ro.
    Health and the company's Destron microchip pro-            La puce 6lectronique produite par Destron respecte la norme
    gram, Home Again, which uses a scanner to read             FECAVA (F6d6ration des Associations Europ6ennes de
    the ID number.                                             V6t6rinaires pour Animaux de compagnie).
        Judith V. Daniels, the AKC's new president,                Madame Judith V. Daniels, nouvelle pr6sidente de
    said, "We are very excited to introduce this service       I'AKC, affirme a Nous sommes tr6s heureux d'offrir se service
    to the public. Over the last few years we have             au public. Au cours des derni6res ann6es, nous avons eu con-
    seen the introduction of many identification pro-          naissance de la cr6ation de maintes programmes d'identifi-
    grams, but there has never been any central clear-         cation, mais il n'y a jamais eu d'organisme central pour traiter
    inghouse to process the information."                      l'information. >>
       For more information, contact: AKC Companion                Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements, commu-
    Animal Recovery, 5580 Centerview Drive,                    niquez avec I'AKC Companion Animal Recovery,
    Suite 250, Raleigh, North Carolina 27606-3394,             5580, Centreview Drive, Suite 250, Raleigh (North Carolina)
    USA; fax: (919) 233-1290.                                  27606-3394, Etats-Unis; t6lc. (919) 233-1290.

    Can Vet J Volume 36, July 1995                                                                                            421
Artificial dog abdomen                                     Un gros vendeur pour l'OVC:
a big seller for OVC                                       son abdomen artificiel de
      n   artificial dog abdomen developed by              chien
   Lthe Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) is                 U n abdomen artificiel de chien cr6e par l'Ontario
an international sellout.
    The fabric and foam rubber device, called                 Veterinary College (OVC) est un gros vendeur
DASIE (dog abdominal surrogate for instruc-                international.
tional exercises) was invented 5 years ago as                  II y a cinq ans, I'appareil fait de tissu et de caoutchouc     S
a teaching tool. It is now being used by vet-              mousse appele DASIE (dog abdominal surrogate for
erinary students in not only Canada but also               instructional exercises) a et invente comme outil educa-
the United States, Britain, Israel, and                    tionnel. En plus de servir aux eudiants veterinaires du
Australia, and the demand keeps growing.                   Canada, il est maintenant utilise aux Etats-Unis, en
    In fact, sales are so strong - doubling                Angleterre, en Israel et en Australie, et la demande ne
each year - that the OVC is now looking for                cesse de croitre.
a manufacturer to take over the production                     En fait, les ventes sont si elevees - elles doublent a
and marketing of the device.                               chaque ann6e - que l'OVC est a la recherche d'un manu-
    Dr. David Holmberg, a clinical studies                 facturier pour s'occuper de la production et de la mise sur
professor at the OVC and the inventor of the               le marche de l'appareil.
DASIE, says the artificial abdomen is popular                  Le docteur David Holmberg, professeur d'etudes clini-
because it provides students with basic surgi-             ques de l'OVC et createur de l'appareil, soutient que
cal training. "Students need to learn certain              l'abdomen artificiel est populaire car il permet aux etu-
psychomotor skills, how to use drapes and                  diants d'acquerir une formation de base en chirurgie.
instruments. If they use animals, they focus                < Les etudiants doivent apprendre a maitriser certaines
on the animal's well-being and not the                     habiletes psychomotrices et a utiliser certains champs et
skills."                                                   instruments. S'ils apprennent sur des animaux, ils se con-
    Holmberg says using the device is more                 centrent sur le bien-etre des animaux et non sur les
feasible than practising on canine cadavers.               habiletes. » Le docteur Holmberg affirme que l'utilisation
    The cost of the DASIE is about $15, and                de l'appareil est plus pratique que de travailler avec des
proceeds from its sale go to a fund dedicated              cadavres de chiens.
to developing nonanimal models for teach-                      L'appareil cofite environ 15 $ et les revenus generes
ing surgery. Other artificial components                   seront investis dans la creation d'autres modeles pour
have also been created at the OVC to teach                 l'enseignement de la chirurgie. L'OVC a egalement
taking blood samples from the neck and cas-                invente d'autres appareils pour enseigner le prelevement
trating cats.                                              sanguin au niveau du cou et la sterilisation des chats.
    For more information, call Dr. Holmberg                    Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements, commu-
at the University of Guelph, (519) 824-4120,               niquez avec le Dr Holmberg de l'Universite de Guelph en
ext. 6523.                                                 composant le (519) 824-4120, poste 6523.

  CONTROL                                                  OFFRE DE BONS CONSEILS
      The Canadian Standards                                                 L'Association canadienne de normalisa-
  Association (CSA) has published an         Infection                   tion (Canadian Standards Association -
  infection control handbook for             IO
  practitioners in office-based health                     Rio L infections destine manuel de contr6le des
                                                               _R_L- CSA) a publie un aux praticiens travaillant
  care and allied services, including        A Now i      b..k           en soins de sante et en services connexes, y
  veterinarians and kennel operators.        f     CSi I                 compris les medecins veterinaires et les
      The CSA says the publication is                                    dirigeants de chenils.
  the first of its kind in North                       EI Kio-*              La CSA soutient qu'il s'agit du premier
  America. Written for readers with              __                      document du genre produit en Amerique du
  or without a technical background,           8                         Nord. Redige pour les personnes avec ou sans
  it discusses how infections are      V                                 connaissances techniques, il contient des ren-
  caused and spread, and then out-                              t-       seignements sur les causes et la propagation
  lines procedures for precautionary                                     des infections et sur les mesures preventives
  action; cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing;                       tel le nettoyage, la desinfection et la sterilisa-
  handling biomedical wastes; repackaging and              tion; la manipulation des dechets biomedicaux, le reem-
  storing supplies; and reprocessing reusable              ballage et l'entreposage du materiel; et le retraitement
  instruments and equipment.                               des instruments et de l'equipement reutilisables.
      The handbook focuses on using resources                  Le manuel traite surtout de l'usage optimal des
  effectively and eliminating inappropriate and            ressources et de l'elimination de la mauvaise utilisation
  wasteful methods. It contains numerous illus-            de celles-ci et du gaspillage.
  trations and a glossary.                                     Le Handbook ofInfection Control in Office-Based Health
      The Handbook on Infection Control in Office-         Care and Allied Services (PLUS 1112) est vendu au prix de
  Based Health Care and Allied Services                    35 $ plus 4 $ de frais de manutention (la TPS ne
  (PLUS 1112) costs $35 plus $4 shipping (GST              s'applique qu'aux frais de manutention). Pour en obtenir
  applies to shipping charges only). To obtain a           un exemplaire, communiquez avec le bureau de la CSA
  copy, contact your regional CSA office.                  de votre region.

422                                                                                          Can Vet J Volume 36, July 1995
    REPORT ON rbST MADE PUBLIC                             PUBLICATION D'UN RAPPORT
    A    griculture and Agri-Food Canada has               SUR LStB
         released a report on the potential impacts of
    recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST).                  A griculture et Agro-alimentaire Canada a publie un rap-
       The report was written by a task force of con-      ,EXport sur les consequences possibles d'utilisation de
                                                            l'hormone somatotrope bovine (StB).
    sumer, producer, manufacturer, dairy industry,
                                                                          Le rapport a ete redige par un groupe de
    and government representatives. The                          rtravail compose de representants des consom-
    task force was created in September                                mateurs, des producteurs, des manufacturiers,
S   1994 (Can VetJ 1995; 36: 15) in                                    de l'industrie laitiere et du gouvernement. Le
    response to recommendations made
    by the Standing Committee on                             vp4
                                                                         groupe     de travail
                                                                                               ete cree
                                                                                                 a      en   septembre 1994
                                                                           (Can VetJ 1995; 36: 15) a la suite de la recom-
    Agriculture and Agri-Food.                                X 7,        mandation du comite permanent de I'agricul-
       The report looks at the costs and                                  ture et de l'agro-alimentaire.
    benefits of rbST to Canada's dairy                                        Le rapport traite des cofits et des avantages
    industry, and also discusses human                      de l'utilisation de la StB pour l'industrie laitiere et egale-
    and animal health issues, animal genetics, and          ment des questions touchant la sante des humains et des
    reactions from consumers in the United States. It       animaux, la genetique des animaux et la reaction des con-
    was prepared independently of the health and
                                                            sommateurs des Etats-Unis. II a ete ecrit independamment
    safety review of the product that is currently          de l'evaluation du produit a laquelle s'adonne Sante
    being conducted by Health Canada. The health            Canada. Le ministere de la Sante, responsable de l'appro-
    department, which is responsible for approving          bation des medicaments veterinaires, n'a pas encore pris de
    veterinary drugs, has not yet made a decision           decision quant a la StB.
    about licensing rbST.                                      Pour obtenir un exemplaire du rapport, composez le
       To obtain a copy of the report, call (613)           (613) 941-1148.

    *   Dr. Carmen Fuentealba is                dean of the New York State                 Hovingh (SmithKline Beecham
        the 1995 winner of the Atlantic         College of Veterinary Medicine at          Food Animal Research Award
        Veterinary College's Carl J.            Cornell University in Ithaca. Dr.          and gold paper presentation
        Norden Distinguished Teacher            Loew holds a PhD in physiology             prize); Kim McBurney (silver
        Award.                                  and pharmacology from the                  paper presentation prize); and
                                                University of Saskatchewan.                John Underhay (bronze paper
                                            *   En septembre, le docteur                   presentation prize).
                                                Franklin M. Loew, doyen du                 Lors de la troisieme journee
                                                Tufts University School of                 annuelle des etudes superieures
                                                Veterinary Medicine de North               et de la recherche du Atlantique
                                                Grafton (Massachussetts),                  Veterinary College, les personnes
                                                deviendra le doyen du New York             suivantes ont ete honorees:
                                                State College of Veterinary                Rosemary McIver (prix de
                                                Medicine de Cornell University             reconnaissance pour son appui
                                                situe a Ithaca. Le Dr Loew a               et son devouement envers
                                                obtenu un doctorat en physiolo-            l'Association des dipl6mes de
                                                gie et en pharmacologie de                 l'Universite de I'Ile-du-Prince-
                                                I'Universite de la Saskatchewan.           Edouard); la docteure Glenda
                                                                                           Wright (prix d'excellence
                                                                                           en recherche de SmithKline
                                            *   At the Atlantic Veterinary                 Beecham); Trevor Jain (prix
        Dr./la docteure Carmen Fuentealba
                                                College's Third Annual Graduate            de recherche sur les animaux
    *   Pour 1995, la docteure                  Studies and Research Day in                de compagnie de SmithKline
        Carmen Fuentealba est
                                                February, the following were               Beecham); le docteur Ernest
        recipiendaire du prix Carl J.           honored: Rosemary McIver                   Hovingh (prix de recherche sur
        Norden Distinguished Teacher            (Appreciation Award for contin-            les animaux de production de
        Award du Atlantic Veterinary            ued support and commitment to              SmithKline Beecham et le pre-
                                                the University of Prince Edward            mier prix pour la presenta-
        College.                                Island Graduate Students'                  tion d'une recherche); Kim
                                                Association); Dr. Glenda                   McBurney (deuxieme prix pour
    *   In September, Dr. Franklin M.           Wright (SmithKline Beecham                 la presentation d'une recherche);
        Loew, dean of the Tufts                 Research Excellence Award);                et John Underhay (troisieme
        University School of Veterinary         Trevor Jain (SmithKline                    prix pour la presentation d'une
        Medicine in North Grafton,              Beecham Companion Animal                   recherche).
        Massachusetts, will become              Research Award); Dr. Ernest

    Can Vet J Volume 36, July 1995                                                                                      423
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                                                Books Received/Livres requs
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   Canadian Veterinary Journal is able to inform readers of   Revue veterinaire canadienne est en mesure de tenir ses
   new publications that are now available to veterinary      lecteurs au courant des nouvelles publications rendues
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World Veterinary Congress 1995.                The program includes basic and intermediate-      the H6tel Intercontinental in Geneva,
September 3-9, 1995, at the Pacifico           level scientific lectures for veterinarians       Switzerland. Contact: Secretariat du Congres,
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Advancing the Veterinary Profession in a       plus hands-on laboratory courses. Contact:        tel.: (41 22) 776 53 14; fax: (41 22) 776 22 55.
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7th International Conference on Human-         the Guild Hall in Winchester. Contact             (Will be followed by a symposium entitled
Animal Interactions. September 6-9, 1995,      Congress Secretary, British Veterinary            Cell Biology of Embryogenesis on January
in Geneva, Switzerland. Theme: Animals,        Association, 7 Mansfield Street, London,          10.) Deadline for receipt of abstracts is
Health and Quality of Life. Includes the       England WIM OAT; tel.: 0171-636-6541;             August 15, 1995. Contact: Carl Johnson,
Delta Society (USA) 14th Annual Confer-        fax: 0171-436-2970.                               International Embryo Transfer Society,
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