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									          2 BHK Apartment for Rent in Gurgaon
     BPTP Amstoria, a residential project located in Sector-102
     Gurgaon, is a place like no other. Spread over 200 acres of
     open green area with luxurious villas and country floors. A
     water body is situated in the middle of this project which
     gives a amazing look to this place. Streets and roads are so
     wide, and planned very well with the connectivity of main
     road. All the inside roads are lined ith canopie trees and
     full greenery , which gives refreshment and pleasant smell
     all the time that refreshes the mind. BPTP Amstoria Gurgaon is like a dream home launched by BPTP
     group. Sizes of freehold plots start from 500 square yard with two side open horizontal plots.

     BPTP Amstoria housing project is spread over 200 acres of land which duly a planned township,
     clustered with large parks. It is located on 150 meter wide road (proposed Nothern Periphery) having
     planned Diplomatic Enclave in Dwarka. In case you are making instalments on timely basis then 5%
     rebate is being offered on all the instalments. The distance from T3-IGI Airport is just few minutes away
     and Delhi via proposed Northern Periphery Road. This project is approved by bank i.e. PNB Bank so it is
     now easy to book your flat by availing home loan on this project.

     BPTP Amstoria is the project which is giving full luxurious lifestyle. The residential town which is fully
     built up and cohesive. 2 BHK Apartment for Rent in Gurgaon is comrised of designed marvel with full
     greenery and natural light lavishness, this is considered as the dream lifestyle because of the amenities
     which are being offered with each floor by BPTP Amstoria. Here is layout plans of ths housing project:

1.   4 bedrooms set+Utility: Covering area is 250 sq. yds.
2.   4 bedrooms set+Utility: Covering area is 495 sq. yds.
3.   6 bedrooms set+Utility: Covering area is 1109 sq. yds.
4.   3 bedrooms set: Covering area is 250 sq. yds.
5.   3 bedrooms set: Covering area is 303 sq. yds.

     Basic selling price is Rs. Rs. 44, 000/- per square yard and you can avail a rebate of Rs. 1000/- per square
     yard as innaugration discount. Club membership charge is Rs. 2 lacs per family. 10% of the total amount
     is to be paid at the time of booking and rest amount in instalments as set in constuction link plan and
     flexi payment plan by BPTP Amstoria.

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