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					Professional Insurance Agents of New Jersey Inc.                                               Jan. 21, 2008
New Jersey laws signed by Gov. Corzine
     Wrapping up the 2006-2007 legislative session,        throughout the country claims in which fires were
a number of bills that had passed both the Assembly        caused by terrorist acts. Absent this ability, the insured
and Senate were considered by Gov. Jon Corzine.            may turn down the offer of terrorism coverage that
     Here are summaries of some bills that he signed       companies must make under the Terrorism Risk Insur-
into law Jan. 13, 2008:                                    ance Act; however, there is no way for them to exclude
     Exemption from standard fire policy                   coverage for fire claims caused by terrorism.) PIANJ
provisions; hold harmless. S-2169 exempts                  successfully secured an amendment to the original bill
commercial-lines insurance policies for risks that         to provide that no person, including, but not limited to,
produce minimum annual premiums in excess of               an insurance producer, shall be liable in an action for
$10,000 from the requirement that they include the         damages on account of an applicant or insured purchas-
language of the standard fire insurance policy, which      ing a commercial-lines insurance policy that does not
provisions were developed in 1954. (Promoted under         include the provisions of the standard fire insurance
the banner of providing greater “flexibility” in           policy. Effective immediately.
insurance products, this bill means that affected fire-         Temporary disability benefits. A-3022 (P.L.2007,
coverage forms will need to be reviewed for possible       c.322), modifies the provisions for the payment of
exclusions and other nonstandard language. Beginning       temporary disability benefits by prohibiting the payment
with the events of Sept. 11, 2001, insurers sought the     of benefits to any person who was injured during the
ability to exempt from state standard fire policy laws     commission of a fourth-degree crime, or who has been
                                                                                                 (Continued on page 4.)
DOBI plants TREE for Garden State
     The New Jersey Department of Banking and              others. Companies can try to maximize the amount
Insurance adopted regulations authorizing the              of business they write at artificially high premiums;
establishment of a Territorial Rating Equalization         but, failure to write enough in areas with artificially
Exchange plan, effective Feb. 4, 2008. Details on          low rates can result in assignment of such risks
how the plan will work are left to be filled in by the     through the New Jersey Urban Zone Assigned
Plan of Operation, which must be submitted to the          Risk program.
DOBI within 60 days after TREE Governing Committee              Where we are now. PIANJ members can be
members are appointed.                                     excused if they’ve lost track of what is going on.
     In short, the plan is designed to maintain            The monumental task of unwinding the territorial-rating
affordability and availability in urban areas by           caps that have affected the state’s auto insurance market
“exchanging” funds in the background among insurers.       for decades is proceeding deliberately. After all, it’s
The exchange will make up for the acknowledged             been another decade since the 1998 Automobile
shortfall in the amount of premium that can be collected   Insurance Cost Reduction Act, which laid out a
in certain areas. PIANJ supported the TREE proposal        roadmap back to greater market normalcy.
as necessary to sustain competition in urban areas as           A new system needs to be in place by April 2009.
New Jersey transitions to a system with fewer artificial   That’s when New Jersey’s “take-all-comers” system
constraints on market activity.                            will expire, as well as the current UZAR and the state’s
     “The TREE program is designed to replace              territorial-rating caps. TREE is intended as an essential
the current intra-company subsidy with an industry-        part of that transition.
wide system,” the DOBI said in its adoption notice.             At first glance, the 2009 sunsets appear to abolish
Currently, artificially high rates paid by some risks      current limits on rating differentials among auto
a carrier writes subsidize artificially low rates for                                            (Continued on page 6.)

 PIA Reporter Jan. 21, 2008                                                                                          1
Resolve to Get Real Time in 2008
    Still aren’t working in real time? PIANJ supports      including: an overview of Real Time; Top 10 reasons to
the Get Real Time campaign and encourages you              Get Real Time/Download; What do I need to get
to check out your options in 2008.                         started?; and more. You also can read The Independent
    What is Get Real Time? Supporters of the               Agent’s Real Time Implementation Guide by
campaign advocate for the implementation of Real           logging on to PIANJ’s Web site and typing QS90521 in
Time and Download interface applications by                the Quick-Link box.
independent agents and companies. It’s designed                 Already using Real Time? PIANJ also offers tips
to make upgrading to real-time technologies easier.        and information for members who already are using
    Find out more about Real Time. By logging on           real-time technologies.
to, PIANJ                          Still have questions? Think PIA first. Call
members have access to numerous resources,                 PIA’s Industry Resource Center at (800) 424-4244.
PIANJ announces Lunch ‘n’ Learn topics for 2008
     Are you looking for a way for you and your staff      includes a live 15-minute Q&A session. Topics are
to stay updated on current insurance-related topics        updated regularly and courses are offered throughout
without leaving your office? Think PIA first. PIA          the year. Interested in participating in a course? Logon
offers its convenient Lunch ‘n’ Learn program.             to PIA’s Web site and type EC10057 in the Quick-Link
     This teleconference series is designed to help        box, or call (800) 424-4244.
members educate their staff at little cost in the              Lunch ‘n’ Learn programs: Feb. 11: Commercial
convenience of their own office. The series arms           Umbrella vs. Excess; Feb. 20: Risk Management for
insurance agency staff with valuable skills to become      the High Profile Personal Lines Account; April 1:
more productive, efficient and gain a mastery of timely    Writing Condominium Coverage; May 13:
insurance topics. Each program is less than an hour        Homeowners’ Policy Beyond the Basics: Subtleties,
and includes valuable documents to keep and share.         Nuances, etc.; May 29: D&O Insurance—What’s All
Conducted via operator-assisted conference calls, the      the Fuss?; June 17: Coinsurance and Valuation
seminars are open to an unlimited number of partici-       Clause; and Sept. 18: Collision Damage Waiver vs.
pants from each agency or company. Each session            Auto Insurance—Good, The Bad and The Really Ugly!

Address comments to:     PIANJ Industry Resource Center
PIANJ Reporter
Phone:                  New Jersey producer contracts
(800) 424-4244                The employment relationship           the importance of such agreements and
Fax: (888) 225-6935
Web site:                between agencies and their                         has created QuickSource document              producers has changed                                         No. QS29189 for your
Editorial staff:         considerably over the past                                    use. Through this
Jaye Czupryna,
 Sr. Publications Editor few decades. The one-                                        resource kit, you will find
Joseph D. Renzi          agency career is                                           important information that
 Publications Editor     gone; producers are                                      should be contained within
Kenneth Bessette
Mary E. Christiano       now far more mobile.                                    these types of agreements as
Melissa Cibelli          Their business relation-                                well as sample verbiage to
Dan Corbin
 CPCU, CIC, LUTC         ships with clients also are                             assist you in drafting your own
Diane Fowler, CAE        more transportable. For these                           agency-specific agreements.
Matthew Guilbault, Esq. reasons, the need to document the                     To learn more, logon to
Athena Hoesten
Ellen Kiehl, Ph.D.       arrangement between an agency and and type QS29189 in the
Nick Marchetti           its producer in a written agreement has    Quick-Link box in the upper-right-hand
Finley Middleton         become more necessary than ever.           corner, or fax PIANJ’s Industry Resource
                            PIANJ technical staff understands       Center at (888) 225-6935.—Albright

2                                                                                         PIA Reporter Jan. 21, 2008
Association (Continued)
PIANJ launches effort to alleviate member information overload
     To simplify independent agents’ lives, PIANJ           services to our members when they need it most.”
has launched an effort to help PIA members minimize              PIANJ has been rising to the challenges indepen-
information overload. The association works continu-        dent agencies face for decades and has developed
ously to enhance and introduce benefits and services        literally hundreds of resources and services to help
to bolster members’ businesses, but realizes that           members and their employees. For this reason, PIA’s
promotion of each benefit results in adding to the over-    new slogan was developed to encourage members to
abundance of information and promotional materials          take full advantage of their association membership
agents must wade through every day. To alleviate this       and Think PIA first for all of their agency needs.
burden, PIANJ is encouraging members to Think PIA                Whether you are faced with a small, simple
first for all of their agency needs. The campaign helps     question or a complex issue that requires more
members and their employees to streamline their day-        extensive research, PIA is encouraging all members
to-day business opportunities by offering a single          and their employees, from the newest customer service
source for all of their informational and business needs.   representatives right up to the owners and principals,
     “With the amount of information insurance agents       to simply contact the association.
and their employees receive every day, it’s hard to avoid        “Instead of wasting time and money seeking out
overload,” said Diane Fowler, CAE, executive director,      solutions on their own, members should encourage
PIANJ. “For this reason, beginning this month, we are       their own employees to contact PIA for any of their
asking members to remember three words: Think PIA           concerns,” said Fowler. “That’s what this new campaign
first. This phrase reminds members that no matter           is all about—need assistance with any aspect of your
what the need, PIA can likely help. Our association         insurance business? Think PIA first!”—Cibelli
is dedicated to providing valuable information and
Life settlements—what you should know
     Recently several PIA members have reported being       issues. More than half of U.S. states regulate life settle-
approached by parties that want to promote “life insur-     ments as well as viatical settlements. New Jersey
ance settlements” to their clients. What are these deals,   currently requires special licenses for those involved
how are they regulated, and who might consider them?        in either type of transaction. However, additional
PIA magazine will answer these questions in a special       provisions would be needed in order to regulate some
two-part feature beginning with the February issue.         of the newer practices fed by the growing market for
     Life settlements grew out of the “viatical             these policies.
settlement” trend, which arose in the 1980s in response          The number of life settlements is growing fast,
to the AIDS epidemic. Originally conceived as a way         spurred in part by a brisk demand for these life
for the terminally ill, especially AIDS patients, to tap    insurance policies and the cash flow their death benefits
their life insurance policies in order to pay for care,     are expected to pay. Demand has created a new, contro-
viatical settlements soon were tarnished by fraud.          versial trend, which is the practice of taking out a policy
They also faded due to better AIDS treatments that          primarily for future sale. This so-called “stranger-
now prolong life.                                           originated life insurance” is looked at by insurers and
     The idea of selling the right to collect death         many regulators as a perversion of the whole intent of
benefits from life insurance policies, however, did not     life insurance.
die. It expanded to include other policyholders who are          For life insurers, these arrangements definitely
not terminally ill. The conventional “life settlement”      threaten profits. Once a policy is sold to a life-settlement
involves a policyholder who may no longer need to           company, this new owner assumes the premium
keep a policy in force. Rather than take the cash           payments, virtually ensuring the policy will never lapse.
surrender value, this individual might get more for the     Thus, these policies become a block of business that will
policy by selling it in the secondary market provided       not conform to the original assumptions the carrier made
by life-settlement companies.                               about lapse rates. Further, if the policy was originated at
     For insurance professionals, these offers raise many                                          (Continued on page 5.)

 PIA Reporter Jan. 21, 2008                                                                                            3
New Jersey laws signed by Gov. Corzine                                    (Continued from page 1.)
fired for gross misconduct connected with the job. Prior     failure to appear notice or who has not satisfied
to this enactment, the Temporary Disability Benefits         outstanding parking fines or penalties. Under current
Law only prohibited payments for disabilities incurred       law, a judge or the commission may suspend the
during the commission of a crime of the first, second or     person’s driver’s license. Under the provisions of this
third degree. Effective immediately; applies to benefit      bill, a judge or the commission will be permitted to
claims filed on and after the enactment date.                suspend either the person’s motor vehicle registration
      Discrimination in employment. A-3451                   or driver’s license. In determining whether to suspend
(2 reprint), (P.L.2007, c.325), makes it illegal for an      the person’s driver’s license or the motor vehicle
employer, employment agency or labor organization to         registration, the judge and the commission shall take
discriminate on the basis of civil-union status, gender      into consideration the area where the person resides and
identity or expression. It also prohibits the imposition     whether or not the person has access to off-street
of conditions of employment that would violate a             parking. Effective on the first day of the sixth month
person’s religious beliefs. It contains provisions           after enactment.
allowing employers to impose some standards                       New Jersey Automobile Merit Rating Plan.
regarding dress or appearance; and provisions that           S-2331 (P.L.2007, c.282), amends the law creating the
balance the employer’s and employee’s rights with            New Jersey Merit Rating Plan to change the name of
respect to accommodation of religious observance.            the plan to the Motor Vehicle Violations Surcharge
Effective immediately on signature.                          System to make the terminology of the statute
      Wrongful death claims payments. S-68                   establishing the surcharge regime more closely reflect
(P.L.2007, c.261), clarifies that changes made in 2004       its character. The bill also will make it easier to pay
to the Probate Law affecting interstate decedents were       enough to lift the suspension on a driver’s license under
not intended to affect recovery in wrongful death            the new law. A driver failing to pay a surcharge under
actions. Effective immediately, but retroactive to the       the Surcharge System may, by paying at least 5 percent
date of the 2004 law.                                        of each outstanding surcharge assessment owed, remove
      “New Jersey False Claims Act.” S-360 (P.L.2007,        the driver’s suspension. Also, the new law will provide
c.265), authorizes a person to bring a civil action in       a longer period in which to pay. Currently, the Motor
New Jersey Superior Court against any other person           Vehicle Commission may authorize payment of
who knowingly causes the state to pay a false claim.         surcharges on an installment basis for a period not to
According to its statement, “this act is not intended to     exceed 12 months for assessments under $2,300, or
disrupt a good faith offer or a good faith counteroffer      24 months for assessments of $2,300 or more. The bill
made during contract or claims negotiation. The [bill]       premits installment payments for periods up to
also provides that acts occurring by mistake or as a         36 months, irrespective of the surcharge assessment.
result of mere negligence are not covered ... and            (However, some drivers may be given only 12 or 24
that the act shall not abrogate or modify any existing       months to pay.) Effective on the first day of the sixth
statutory or common law privileges or immunities.”           month after enactment.
Also, “This act shall be liberally construed to effectuate        Motor vehicle fines. S-2332 (1st reprint), permits
its remedial and deterrent purposes. If any provision        the court to waive certain unpaid portions of court-
of this act or its application to any particular person      imposed time payment orders for certain defendants
or circumstance is held invalid, that provision or its       and impose other requirements in lieu of the remaining
application is severable and does not affect the validity    unpaid amount. Specifically, for a defendant who is
of other provisions or applications of this act.”            indigent or is participating in a government-based
Effective 60 days after signature.                           income maintenance program, the court may waive
      Motor vehicle registration suspension. S-2326          an unpaid portion, up to $200, of any court-imposed
(1st reprint), (P.L.2007, c.280), provides a judge and       time-payment order, as a result of a conviction for a
the Motor Vehicle Commission with greater flexibility        motor vehicle traffic violation or a parking offense
when dealing with a person who failed to respond to a                                                (Continued on page 5.)

4                                                                                             PIA Reporter Jan. 21, 2008
State (Continued)
New Jersey laws signed by Gov. Corzine                                   (Continued from page 4.)
and, in lieu of the remaining unpaid amount, require         real estate sales and securities brokers and advisers.
the defendant to perform community service for a             (Amendment made to this bill in November 2007
period of time to be determined by the court, or             excluded these activities not only from this bill but
participate in any program authorized by law, or satisfy     also from the entire existing section of law regarding
any other aspect of a sentence imposed. The bill             commission payment to sales representatives.)
excludes persons convicted of driving while intoxicated      Effective immediately.
or refusing to take a breathalyzer test from being                “Pay to Play” law. S-3025 (P.L.2007, c.304),
eligible for the waiver. Effective on the first day of       clarifies that certain political contribution disclosures
the sixth month after enactment.                             that must be made in connection with accepting public
     Commission payments (excludes insurance                 contracts apply only to for-profit business entities, not
sales). S-2733 (1st reprint), (P.L.2007, c.289), imposes     to not-for-profit entities. Effective immediately.
treble damages on principals who fail to pay commis-              Additional laws. See more of the insurance-related
sions to sales representatives within 30 days of the time    bills that recently were signed into law, by logging onto
the payment is due, or within 30 days of the termination     PIANJ’s Web site and typing QS29002 in the Quick-
of the sales representative. However, these provisions       Link box.—Kiehl
do not apply to insurance carriers and insurance agents,

      For up-to-date industry news and association information,
      Think PIA first. Logon to the PIANJ Web site,

Association (Continued)
Life settlements—what you should know (Continued from page 3.)
the instigation of a life-settlement company, it is likely   address issues raised by life settlements. However,
the policyholder was targeted due to a shortened life        the two models differ sharply in their approach,
expectancy. The life-settlement companies “underwrite”       leaving in doubt what steps (if any) will be taken by
their targets and often aim for a situation where the        each state legislature.
company underwriting is more favorable to the policy-             In the absence of any clear regulatory guidance,
holder than their own estimates.                             PIANJ members can get an overview of the life-
     A new practice called nonrecourse premium               settlement trend from a new QuickSource document,
financing has arisen to enable senior citizens to afford     Life settlements—proceed with care. To access your
premiums when they take out policies earmarked for           copy, logon to PIANJ’s Web site and type QS90543 in
future sale. This practice, too, is controversial. It can    the Quick-Link box. Or fax the PIA Industry Resource
be part of an arrangement entered into with the intent of    Center at (888) 225-6935 and request QuickSource
evading state insurable-interest laws. It also can involve   document number QS90543.
high interest rates and fees. The money often comes               This document discusses the type of policyholder
from the very investors who hope to benefit when the         who may want to consider a life settlement; getting
policy is sold, usually after the two-year contestability    competitive bids; factors that influence the amount
period has been satisfied.                                   offered; tax considerations; caveats involving
     In 2007, both the National Association of Insurance     “legitimate” versus “illegitimate” practices; and much
Commissioners and the National Conference of                 more.—Kiehl
Insurance Legislators adopted model legislation to

 PIA Reporter Jan. 21, 2008                                                                                           5
State (Continued)
DOBI plants TREE for Garden State                                    (Continued from page 1.)
insurance rating territories. But, the 1998 legislation has        According to the DOBI, “[The statute] did not
a caveat: When insurers file new territorial rates, the       prohibit all subsidization; it prohibited unfair subsidiza-
DOBI cannot approve rates that will be “significantly         tion. The Department believes that the TREE program is
disproportionate” to rates in effect at the time of the       a fair equalization of risk between urban, suburban and
1998 law. So, TREE is designed to retain a certain            rural areas that meets the requirement of both statutory
degree of artificial flattening in the territorial rates that provisions” [emphasis added].
consumers pay—while providing a behind-the-scenes                  How TREE will work. The DOBI explains its
transfer of premiums among insurers.                          decision to develop a TREE program this way:
     Years ago, legislators addressed affordability issues “The current territorial rating caps give carriers an
in New Jersey’s auto insurance system by prohibiting          incentive to reduce writings in capped territories since
insurers from charging rates in any territory greater         they lose money there. The TREE mechanism eliminates
than 1.35 times the insurer’s statewide average rate.         this disincentive by giving the same equalization
New Jersey’s current territorial map also was drawn           amount to each policy written by every company in
in the 1940s. Now, as a result of the reform law, the         a TREE territory.
state is moving toward adopting a new territorial map              “So, for example,” the DOBI adoption notice
system and a different solution to the remaining              continues, “in TREE territory A, Company X’s approved
affordability problem.                                        indicated rate for a policy is $1,200 and Company Y’s
     The Territorial Rating Advisory Commission has           rate for the same coverage is $1,500. Assume that the
been working on this project. It came up with two rate TREE equalization amount for TREE territory A is
map alternatives, one with a TREE plan, and one with- $300. An insured would pay Company X $900 and
out. According to the DOBI, “the maximum territorial would pay Company Y $1,200. Each company would
differential on the map with the TREE territories is          collect the $300 from the TREE and receive the full
1.57, which the Department finds is not substantially         amount of its approved rate and thus should not have
disproportionate to the 1.35 differential in place in         a disincentive to write in TREE territories. ... No insurer
1998. The maximum territorial differential on the other will be required to lose money on each policy they write
map, however, is 2.18, which the Department finds is          in TREE territories, as is currently the case”
substantially disproportionate to the 1.35 differential” [emphasis added].
[emphasis added].                                                  Themes in insurers’ comments. Apparently, many
     The “TREE territories” will be those territories         insurers were critical of the TREE proposal in their
in which the operation of a rating cap, even after the        regulatory comments. Some themes in their critiques
sunset of the 1.35 limitation, means that an insurer          include: the market has become so competitive there is
cannot charge an actuarially appropriate rate. Areas          no need for TREE; the Basic and Special auto policies
and dollar amounts to be included in TREE will be             are a sufficient approach; the DOBI should wait and see
established by the Plan of Operation.                         whether TREE is needed; insurers worry about unfair
     No unfair subsidy. Complicating the issue of             advantage accruing to any “urban specialist” writer in
developing an equitable plan, the mandate that new            the market; and legal challenges could be mounted to
territorial rates not be “substantially disproportionate” TREE on various grounds.
to 1998 rates is limited by another mandate prohibiting            In the end, the DOBI rebutted all criticisms of its
“unfair inter-territorial subsidization among territories proposal and adopted it virtually unchanged. Watch your
with significant differences in driving environments or PIANJ publications for more in the continuing saga of
other underwriting factors.”                                  New Jersey’s auto insurance reform.—Kiehl
      PIANJ CEO Conference, Grow Your Top Line, will be held Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2008, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Forsgate
  Country Club, Monroe Township. The panelists include: Michael Beck, Exceptional Leadership Inc.; David
  Schuppler, David Schuppler & Associates; and Kevin Shulman, Shulman & Associates. The panel will discuss
  how to find good sales people; how to get prospects and turn them into customers; and how simple software can
  help. For more information, or to register, logon to PIANJ’s Web site and type GT10012 in the Quick-Link box.

6                                                                                               PIA Reporter Jan. 21, 2008
President signs seven-year TRIA extension
     President George W. Bush presented the industry          began submitting forms and rules filings to state
with reason for a happy new year, as he signed                insurance departments that revise its terrorism programs
H.R. 2761—The Terrorism Risk Insurance Program                in response to the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program
Reauthorization Act of 2007. This legislation ensures a       Reauthorization Act of 2007. For more information,
seven-year extension of the TRIA.                             see here:
     TRIA’s 2005 extension was set to expire at the end       &task=view&id=2738.
of December 2007, a possibility PIA decried.                       PIA applauded the action. PIA National Execu-
     This enacted legislation extends the current             tive Vice President & CEO Leonard Brevik said,
program through 2014 and adds coverage of domestic            “Extending TRIA for a full seven years provides the
terrorist events to the program. It modifies the definition   kind of certainty that the insurance marketplace needs.
of terrorism by striking language that has limited the        We commend lawmakers for realizing that there is an
program to events caused by terrorists: “acting on            ongoing need for a more permanent solution to insuring
behalf of any foreign person or foreign interest.”            against terrorist attacks.”
All other material provisions of the previous law                  Interested in more on TRIPRA? Think PIA first.
remain unchanged.                                             Watch your PIA publications for upcoming news on
     The Insurance Services Office Inc. already has           state ISO form approvals.—Albright

Travelers to pay $6 million, ending inquiry on brokers’ fees
     Travelers Cos. reached an agreement with attorneys       ownership of the company’s retail personal lines
general from several states to pay $6 million to resolve      insurance business.
an investigation into fees it paid to brokers. Travelers           • Hartford Financial Services Group unveiled its
also expects to settle a lawsuit by shareholders who          new Quickbooks Silver Certified product to help monitor
said the company should have disclosed the fees, the          cash flow issues associated with workers’ compensation
company said. Terms of Travelers’ agreement with the          payments for policyholders. XactPAY Web helps manage
nine states and the District of Columbia are subject to       premium payments for small- and midsize-business
court approval.                                               employees by automating premium calculation and
     • PIA National announced that sponsorship of its         payment when businesses run payroll.
award-winning agent branding program, Local Agents                 • Progressive Corp. said profit fell 41 percent as
Serving Main Street AmericaSM, has reached 50 insur-          lower prices for auto coverage reduced premium
ance carriers. The branding program is an advertising         revenue. Net income dropped to $236.1 million, or
and promotional campaign available at no additional           34 cents a share, from $400.9 million, or 53 cents, in
cost to all PIA-member agencies throughout the nation.        the same period a year earlier.
The program currently consists of 21 print advertise-              • Safeco now offers identity-recovery coverage in
ments with 251 variations that PIA members can run in         most states where it writes business owner policies and
their local publications. For more information, see here:     BOP Access. Safeco’s identity-recovery coverage costs                           only $12 a year and is for instances where insureds incur
     • Commerce Bancorp Inc. completed the sale of            out-of-pocket expenses related to this kind of theft.
its insurance brokerage business, Commerce Insurance          In some circumstances, the coverage provides
Services. The sale, announced in early October 2007 in        reimbursement for wages or some credit-report-related
conjunction with TD Bank Financial Group’s pending            expenses. All Safeco policyholders, whether or not they
acquisition of Commerce, includes commercial                  have ID-recovery coverage, have access to an ID
property/casualty, employee benefits and various              Recovery Help line managed by Hartford Steam
specialty insurance lines. The terms of the acquisition       Boiler.—Czupryna
were not disclosed. Commerce Bancorp Inc. will retain
  PIA Reporter Jan. 21, 2008                                                                                         7
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