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					                                       It is now over one year since the English Schools' Table
                                       Tennis Association joined forces with Butterfly with the        LONDON CENTRAL SCHOOLS’ TABLE TENNIS
                                       aim of strengthening its commitment to the development                     ASSOCIATION
of schools' table tennis in England. In conjunction with the English Table Tennis Association
and Sportsmatch, two packages have been produced specifically aimed at schools and young
people who are learning to enjoy, play and develop participation skills in table tennis.

The Butterfly 'More Schools' Project was launched in January
2008. Over 1000 packs have now been distributed and
prompted positive response from Competition Managers,
School Sport Co-ordinators, Partnership Development
Managers and Teachers.                                                                                 A qualifying event for ESTTA Butterfly Jack Petchey Zone Team Championships

• "This is just what my staff have been asking for -
• "Great pack - loads of useful resources for Primaries and Secondaries"
• "Very positive - I like the ideas for 'alternative' table tennis tables"
                                                                                                                       Wed 7th December 2011
• "Excellent ideas on maximising space and equipment"
• "Very clear with great ideas for schools without table tennis tables"                                                         14:30 – 19:30
• "Excellent resource cards - easy to use - very structured"
• "A good starting point. Good templates for competition which together with the Butterfly                                 Ernest Bevin College
  Skills Programme provides testing but achievable goals"
                                                                                                                       Sports Hall, Beechcroft Road,
THE BUTTERFLY 'MORE SCHOOLS' PROJECT TOOLKIT is ‘FREE’ for schools to download from                                            Tooting Bec,
the ESTTA Website:                                                                                      London,
The Butterfly Skills Table Tennis Programme                                                                                     SW17 7DF

                                 Developed by the ETTA in conjunction with ESTTA the
                                 programme provides an exciting and progressive framework
                                 to deliver table tennis in schools, clubs and sports centres.
                                 With four skill levels to work towards, this truly is the 'must
                                 have' toolkit for all table tennis teachers and coaches. Further
                                 information and an order form can be found on the ETTA
                                 website and click on Butterfly Skills Table Tennis

These two great packages contain plenty of encouragement and challenge for young people             Closing date for entries: Wed 23rd November 2011
of all abilities, ample structure, ideas for the development of skills and for getting started in

             TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS                                                                               TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS

                                         RULES                                                                                        ENTRY FORM

1.   All players must be in FULL TIME education.                                             Name of School: _______________________ Borough_________________
2.   Four players per team to play in ranked order.                                          Address of School: _____________________________________________
3.   Eight events - Boys under 19, 16, 13 and 11, and Girls under 19, 16, 13, and 11. Ages   ______________________________________ Post Code:______________
     as at 1 September 2011.                                                                 Teacher in charge: _____________________________________________
4.   Suitable sportswear MUST be worn. NO WHITE CLOTHING. Tracksuit trousers not to          E-mail:         __________________________________________________
     be worn during play.
                                                                                             Mobile No:      ____________________________________ (for emergencies)
5.   Entries to the referee by the closing date. Late entries will not be accepted.
                                                                                             Signed:         _______________________________
     Name: Margot Fraser (ETTA Tournament Referee)
                                                                                                             (Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher)
     Address: 11 Bench Field, South Croydon
     Post Code: CR2 7HX                                                                      By entering I confirm that the school has read, understood and accepted the rules outlined opposite.

     Email:                                                             N.B. This form must be signed by the Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher
6.   All correspondence or requests for information re the competition should be
     addressed to the referee above.
7.   Players, or teachers in charge should report to control on time.                                1.   Please enter____________team/s in the Boys under 19 event
                                                                                                     2.   Please enter ____________team/s in the Girls under 19 event
8.   Late arrivals are liable to be scratched.
                                                                                                     3.   Please enter ____________team/s in the Boys under 16 event
9.   No entries will be accepted unless accompanied by the appropriate entry fee.
                                                                                                     4.   Please enter ____________team/s in the Girls under 16 event
10. Matches will be played best of 5 games 11 points up, changing service after every 2
                                                                                                     5.   Please enter __________ team/s in the Boys under 13 event
     points.                                                                                         6.   Please enter __________ team/s in the Girls under 13 event
11. By entering schools confirm they have ensured players, parents and guardians have                7.   Please enter __________ team/s in the Boys under 11 event
     given consent to appear in photographs taken during these events to be used in                  8.   Please enter __________ team/s in the Girls under 11 event
     publicity material, press releases and on the ETTA, ESTTA and JPF websites.
                                                                                             I enclose entry fee of £10 per team, totalling £ ____________
12. Winning teams will represent their school in the ESTTA Butterfly Jack Petchey Zone
     Finals at Redbridge Leisure Centre on Saturday 14 January 2012.                         Cheques and P.O's should be made payable to Ernest Bevin College
13. Tournament Organiser – Mark Smith, ESTTA London Central County Secretary –
                                                                                             Please return by the closing date of Wednesday 27th November 2011 to the referee                                                          Margot Fraser, 11 Bench Field, South Croydon, CR2 7HX

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