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					Title: To be worthy for you

Genre: Romance

Rating: PG

Pairings: Chinen X OC X OC

Summary: Zihria, a 14 year old student, lives as Japanese. She also promised herself that she will
never love someone who is not Japanese, but what will happen if she accidentally like his
classmate who is a very smart person, and quiet, just as her dream boy? And what will happen if
her totally crush, Chinen Yuri, came to Philippines and love her? Will she forget her feelings for
him and focus on a mere Philippine boy she started to like?

Narrator and Zihria’s POV

        Z   ihria is a 14-year old student who is addicted to Japanese stuffs. Even she’s a Filipino,
            she doesn’t like watching Filipino movies, dramas and also she live as Japanese. She
always thinks that if she likes Japanese, why doesn’t she imitate their style of living? Such as go to
her appointment 1 hour to 30 minutes early, eating with the use of chopsticks, etc. Aside of their
cultures, she sings Japanese songs too. Every day, she’s always like that. Even in schools, she eats
using chopsticks. She always saying to herself, if I will love someone, I will sure that it is Japanese.
But she acquainted her classmate, quiet, very smart, rich just as her dream boy. She thought she
will never see a man like him, her dream boy. But it’s just what she thought. She really wants him
to be her best friend, but as the days past, whenever she asks her girl classmates crush, they only
answer the same two people, Keith John Santos, one of the smartest there and also him, Lenard

        I t’s actually doesn’t matter but when my classmates are talking to him, flirting him, why is
          it I am being jealous? Why I’m irritated with the girl who’s talking to him? Is it because I
cannot talk with him that long as they can? He’s my seatmate from first subject till the end, but I
can’t talk with him so long… I’m embarrassed… Me, the one who can be with the person she
likes to be with can be with so easily. But why is it he’s different? I almost make the very quiet
person my friend so noisy when she’s with me. I can be with to whom I like, but he’s different. I
can’t even talk to him whenever there’s nothing around. I’m being quiet whenever he’s around
and I can’t be with someone. What am I doing?

Chinen Yuri’s POV

        O     ur manager told us to have a vacation. So, I invited Yama-chan to be with me to
              have a vacation here in the Philippines. I’m so excited because it’s the first time for
me to go out to our country. When we came here, we already tour Philippines; I almost came to
the SM North EDSA, a public mall where I saw a girl with slight-shorted hair, about 14 years old,
with teary eye. I don’t know of what’s her problem, but I know she’s sad. I know she had a
problem, but that’s none of my business so I just stared at her until she went out of the mall
together with her friends. She’s pretty sad. But whenever her friends are looking at her she
became hyper, and cheerful. But I felt the sadness she hid in her. I really want to see her again.
She’s quite cheerful. She made her friends laugh. I told myself that before I will go back to
JAPAN, I will see her… itsuka.
Zihria’s POV

        N    ow, I’m being jealous again because he again, talked with someone and ignored
             me. But the fact that when I want to talk to him, it’s too hard, but he talked with my
friend, and he is the one who opened the topic! When I’m talking to him, I almost died of
thinking what topic I can open, but with my friend, I almost want to put his head together with
hers! He only talks to me if he’s borrowing someone, and my friend, she is making me friend with
benefit! I hate her! I decided to go to the market to buy new video tape for my collection and
past time. When I already bought ‘1 liter of tears’ video, I sat at the bench there, when someone
I don’t know approached me.

       “1 liter of tears? It’s a great drama. Even the book is great too.” A man told me. I nodded.
But when I look at him it seems that he’s familiar. He’s familiar, I think I saw him before, and I
can’t remember it.

        “You already watched it?” I asked him with English, as he talked to me with English, I think
he’s a kind of foreigner. “By the way, I’m Zihria.”

        “Yeah.” He answered. “I’m Chinen.” He answered.

        I raised my eyebrow and think again carefully. I think I already heard that name.
Chinen… Chinen… Then I stoop up. I was shocked. “Chinen? Are you Japanese? Like Chinen
Yuri?” He looked at me in amazement.

        “You know me?” he asked.

        “So you’re really… Chinen Yuri? Chinen of Hey Say Jump? Oh My Gosh!!!!! Eh?” I

        He admitted to be Chinen Yuri. My very sad moment became too happy. I was
overjoyed. I was in luck! We talked about so many things. I didn’t know this moment will going to
happen. I am talking to a Japanese famous singer and actor? He told me that he is there
together with Yamada but he is sleeping now in the hotel since he’s tired of touring. He also
asked where I am studying right now; of course I answered the name of my school. I asked his
number, fortunately he has a cellular phone here in Philippines, even he’s just touring here, still
he bought one. He gave me his number and his number in Japan. As if I can call him there, it’s a
long distance. He also got my number. I don’t know why but he’s so friendly to me the Chinen I
know is the one who don’t make friends so easily. But no matter it is, I still love this feeling of
talking to him. I even forgot that someone like Lenard Fayne existed in my life. Because Yuri
cannot be replaced by Lenard… even it takes forever.

Chinen’s POV

        I   am walking there in the market, I am about to buy something I can give to Yama-chan
           later when I saw that girl once again. She is gazing to the space. I felt she has problem.
Even I don’t want to interfere; my feet independently walk towards her. Then I saw a DVD tape
of 1 liter of tears. I think it’s my chance to talk to her. I’m not mistaken, she talked to me happily, I
didn’t know that she is a fan of mine, I’m really happy when she recognized me. But the thing is I
don’t know why I am happy! Meanwhile, we forgot the time that passed by so quickly.
Zihria’s POV

       T  he next day, I went to school early, of course with a very good mood. Especially I’m
          thinking about what happened yesterday. Lenard, still, even not talking to me, I feel
he sensed that I’m not the person who is with him always, even we’re not talking to each other,
he know me. I’m so happy today. I just ignored him during the whole class, even in group
meetings; I didn’t talk to him nor face him. It’s a happy day so why will I ruin my day right?

       During break time, my classmates called me; they said that a Japanese singer will
perform later so I’m very happy. Later, when the performance started, I saw Chinen and
Yamada. Many girls flailed as they saw them because they are too cute. I was shocked. I
couldn’t move. Yuri… Chinen Yuri came to our school together with Ryosuke… Yamada Ryosuke.
My tears suddenly fell. Now, I know what the meaning of joy is.

        Yuri smiled at me. After the concert, he went straight to our room, and introduced me to
Ryosuke. As expected, he is funny, and treated me well. When our teacher was about to come,
Yuri and Ryosuke waved goodbye. Yuri told me that he will contact me later. When I entered
the room, my eyes suddenly looked at Lenard’s eyes. He, too, is looking at me. I can’t forget
those eyes for the whole time. After class I packed my things and decided to go home together
with my friends. But when we were outside the school, a guy was smiling at me. It is Yuri. I asked
what he was doing there. He told me that Yama-chan and him went to the convenience store
near there and saw that our class was already finished so he and Yama-chan, who is seating at
the driver’s seat of their car, decided to pick me up. I waved goodbye to my friends and told
them that I will go with Yuri. That time we didn’t know that a pair of eyes is observing us.

Narrator’s POV

       “Can you tour us here?” Yuri asked Zihria.

       “If you want, then I’ll tour you here.” She answered with a smile. They decided to tour the
next day since it is Saturday. But when Zihria is sitting alone there in her chair, someone
approached her, it was Lenard.

       “Zihria,” he said, “We will have our meeting tomorrow. You’ll gon’na come, right? I need
your presence there. But if you’re not free, then—”

       “I’ll go. I’m free tomorrow. Promise, I’ll come.” She said without hesitation.

       “Then, see you tomorrow.” He waved goodbye.

        “Yes, “she faked a smile. ‘Sorry Yuri, I don’t know what I’m saying right now. I’m really
sorry, but I really want to be with him, just this once, okay?’ she decided to call Yuri. “Hello Yuri?
Yes… ***oh, I’m so sorry, I’m busy tomorrow, and so can we meet next time? Sunday, are you
free? *** Yes, I’m really sorry. Hmmh..*** Yeah… bye.” She hung the telephone. OKAY! Sorry Yuri. I
don’t want to do this to you but I can’t let this chance go, to be with him. She told herself.
Maybe this is the only chance.

Saturday… Lenard’s POV
       I  ’m waiting for her to come. At first, I just only want to beat her in academics. She’s
          smart and kind, that’s why that desire, to beat her, turns to admiration. They said, she
has a crush on me, yeah, they said, and that’s what I thought too. Before THAT Chinen Yuri
came. I’m so confident about her, but I never expect that that Yuri is the one she admired for a
long time, will ever become her friend. He’s smart, an actor, singer, rich… why will she look for
anyone beside him? The only thing I’m thinking is that I’m 14, like her. I’m her classmate… I’m
rich too… but beside that… I’m nothing compared to THAT CHINEN YURI. I never thought this
time will ever exist. Who will ever think that an idol like Yuri will ever become her friend right?
That’s why I’m very happy she approved to the meeting I’ve set. I know it’s for officers meeting
but since I’m the president and she’s the Vice President, then… it’s my chance. After a while,
she came, smiling at me. I smiled back.

       “Hello Zihria, I’m happy you came.” I said.

       “I’m happy, I have a chance to come, Mr. Fayne.” She answered.

       “Why so formal?”

        “Isn’t a meeting of officers? And you’re the president; I must be formal when I’m talking
to you. And isn’t it a formal meeting?”

       “Yeah, but you must not be formal.”

       “Okay, can I call you Fayne, or Lenard? By the way, where are the others?”

      “Lenard is fine. They just buy something. Oh, they’re here.” He stated. “Let’s now start the

After the meeting…

       “”Gonna go home?” I asked her.

       “Yeah. You?”

       “I’ll walk around first. Want to come with me?”

       “I’d love too.”

Zihria’s POV

                e went to the park. He treated me foods and drinks.

                “Thanks,” I said. “What happened to you and you asked me to walk around?”

       “Is it not a good idea? Did not enjoy?”

         “That’s not what I mean, it’s just that we were not close, and you even not talk to me a
lot.” I asked.

       “It’s just that,” he started, “Ahhmm… How will I say it, I…? I like you.” I was dumbfounded.
He, Lenard the one I like, likes me too? Is it possible? Or I’m just dreaming.
       “I don’t need your answer right now, but I will wait. But can you give a chance to know
you better?”Those words I kept thinking till my meeting with Ryosuke and Yuri. I’m with Yuri and
Ryosuke but I can’t forget what he said to me.

        “Ahhmmm… Zihria,” Yuri said.


        “We will go back to Japan next week. So, I wish you will be there, when we’ll go.”

        “Go back?” To where? Japan? Next week?” I repeated. He nodded.

      After that meeting, for the whole week I’ve been dating with Lenard, Yuri can’t erase in
my mind, until Sunday, the time he will leave.

         “So Zihria, It’s not that I want to interfere nor rushing you to say you like me too, but by
any chance do you have any special feelings for Chinen Yuri?” Lenard asked me. I looked at
her. I repeated that question to my mind, I remembered what Yuri told me.

        ‘We will go back to Japan next week… Sunday… wish you will be there… 12:00 noon.’

        “What time is it?” I asked Lenard.

       “11:15.” He answered. I ran, Lenard too, ran next to me. The airport is near where we
were. So we just ran. Inside the airport, I saw Yuri, waiting for me. He smiled.
       “Zihria,” he said.

         “Yuri, I know I don’t have the rights to say this. We just met a month ago. But I really like
you.” My tears fell. “It’s almost a year and a half since I saw you at the Internet. But from that
time, I admired you. Not because your riches, nor your fame, nor your talent but I liked you very
much for an unknown reason. But when I met my classmate Lenard, I never thought I would fell
for a Philippine boy like him as I promised myself not to like Filipinos, but the more I imagine that
you’re a star and I am just a mere Filipina, who likes you a lot, not rich, not talented, 14-year old. I
know I’m not worthy for you. And I thought I will choose Lenard over you but that is what I
thought. I never forget about you. From the first time you saw and approached me, is the
happiest moment in my entire life. But I know it’s just my imagination that you would fell for me
too. Especially when I saw my schoolmates and classmates how they liked you. They don’t know
you, but still, they liked you. So I decided to focus on Lenard but I can’t just be quiet here, while
watching you go back to your own country, even I like Lenard, I like you 1000 times more than I
like him. At first, I thought it was just a fandom, but it turns to be an infatuation then into a deep
admiration that trapped me into your world. I love you… I probably love you… I think that is
what I can call to this deep admiration I feel for you. This affection, charity or whatever you like
to call what this thing is. Now I have the guts to say it. I don’t care what will happen what will you
say but I love you. The most important is I said this. Now I’m worthy for you but I’ll do my very best
to be one. Someday we will see each other again, and I will sure that I am not the 14-year old
girl that loved you. I’ll prove to you how I can do my best just to be worthy for you. I really love
you.” He smiled at me and dried my tears using his handkerchief.
       “That’s not the first time I saw you.” He said, and then entered in the plane with Ryosuke.
Lenard looked at me then hugged me.

       After ten years, I became an English Teacher and decided to teach in Japan. While I’m
walking in the Sakura trees, I looked into the sky and searched for a bench for me to sit at. A
minute past, I felt that someone wrapped his arms into my body and touched my lips.

        “I’ve been waiting for you for ten years; sometimes I thought that I will never see you
again. But now, here you are and became a professional, as you promised. I really missed you.
From the first time I saw you at the mall together with your friends, that didn’t notice how sad you
are, how tears from your eyes almost fell, but still you were making them happy by letting them
see how happy you are even you don’t. I’d almost hired for a body guard to look for you always
instead of me. Don’t worry from the time I saw you, I started to love you, Zihria.” A man smiled at
me as I smiled back while my tears were falling. “I still love you, which never changed.”

      “I love you more than you love me. Will I wait for ten years if I did not love you? I have
many beautiful co-stars. But I chose to wait for you, the only girl I loved, my First and Last love.”
He answered back to me.

                                                The End

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