Alarm System Interaction With A Movable Barrier Operator Method And Apparatus - PDF by Patents-45


This invention relates generally to movable barrier operators and more particularly to communications therewith.BACKGROUND Movable barrier operators of various kinds are known in the art. Such movable barrier operators often work in conjunction with a corresponding movable barrier such as a single panel or segmented garage door, a rolling shutter, a pivoting,swinging, or sliding gate or arm barrier, and so forth. In particular, the movable barrier operator typically responds to user inputs (often as input via a remotely located user interface) to effect selective movement of a corresponding movable barrier(for example, to transition the movable barrier back and forth between a closed and an opened position). Some movable barrier operators have additional functionality. For example, some movable barrier operators are able to control the illuminationstate of one or more light sources. Alarm systems, including but not limited to intrusion detection alarm systems, are also known in the art. Such systems often serve to monitor one or more intrusion detectors and to respond to a detected intrusion with a corresponding action. Exemplary actions include sounding an audible alarm, illuminating or flashing one or more light sources, automatically sourcing a page, telephone call, or the like to notify one or more predetermined parties of the detected intrusion, and so forth. In many cases, a building or residence having an alarm system will also have one or more movable barrier operators. There have been some prior efforts to effect communications and/or cooperation as between such elements. For example, the X10standard has been employed to effect relatively simplistic communications (such as indicating a present status of a movable barrier to an alarm system or to permit an alarm system controller to also control activation of a movable barrier operator). To date, such proposals are relatively simple and do not permit or facilitate much potential depth or capacity wit

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