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									How to Deactivate a Facebook Account

Are you ready to Quit Facebook, but don't want to permanently remove your Facebook account?
"Deactivation" allows you to hide all your Facebook information as if you had quit the site, but you will
still be able to turn your account back on with all your friends and information if you wish.

Log into Facebook. In the upper right corner on your home page, click the down arrow. Then click
"Account Settings." On the left side of screen, click "Security." Scroll down the page and click "Deactivate

Arrive at the page that will ask you, "Are you sure you want to deactivate your account?" You will see a
group of your friends appear in very large photos, enticing you to remain. Confirm that you are sure by
clicking the appropriate button.

Check the box to describe why you are deactivating.

Fill in the text box to "explain further" (optional).

Check the box for "Email opt out." Doing this lets you opt out of receiving future emails from Facebook.
If you don't select this, your friends can still invite you to events, tag you in photos or ask you to join
groups. Opting out prevents them from sending emails and notifications anymore.

Press the "deactivate" button. Your account will now be "hidden" from other viewers on Facebook.
However, you will still have the option of re-activating your account at any time.

Deactivating an account is different from permanently deleting an account. To delete an account, you
must search for the option in the site's help center by typing in "delete account." Once deleted,
Facebook will wait 14 days before permanently removing your profile.

When you deactivate, all of the information on your profile is saved in case you wish to return.

You can also deactivate your account on your iPhone through Facebook apps.

Even if you deactivate your account, third-party applications or sites might be able to activate your
information. For example, if you turned over credit card information on Facebook to buy virtual gifts or
make other purchases, that information is retained by the site. The only way to permanently remove it is
by deleting your account.

When you deactivate, your posts on friends' walls remain. However, your name appears unclickable in
text. Photos, status updates and other information related to your page are taken down and your user
account is taken off Community pages.

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