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									 Red Chariot Calling cards
Calling Card is used to make calls at a very economical rate. They are great
“money savers” as we have cash cards in India.

Prepaid Calling cards is a service provided by various telecom companies
that sell their service in advance. When you buy a prepaid calling card from
website such as, you are paying for long distance
connection time in advance. When you make calls using the phone card, the
card's value is deducted based on connection fee, duration of connection,
surcharges and any maintenance charges associated with the phone card.
    Red Chariot Calling Card Solution

   Red Chariot Calling cards involve pre-paid credit in which the card is
    purchased with a specific balance, from which the cost of calls made is
    deducted. Pre-paid Calling cards are disposable. When the balance is
    exhausted you simply buy a new card. Cards purchased online can
    often be refilled. The other main type of card involves a card with a
    special pin number printed on it that allows one to charge calls to a
    land-line telephone account.
   Red Chariot Calling cards have gone one step ahead in reducing the
    costs and increasing convenience by introducing calling accounts.
    Calling accounts eliminate the need for printing of a physical card;
    accounts are available only in electronic form. Calling accounts can be
    purchased over the Internet using credit cards and are instantly
    delivered to the customer via email. This email contains the PIN and
    instructions for using the service.
   Calling cards validity expires within 90 days
Red Chariot Calling Cards

   Red Chariot Calling Card is a global long distance calling service.
    We provide two different kinds of calling options: (i) Pin Dialing
    (wherein you will be provided with a pin number through your email),
   (ii) Rechargeable Pin less Cards (wherein you can register up to 3
    phone numbers and use your phone cards without remembering the
    pin) . Not only this, you can make a call from any phone, even your
    mobile phones by dialing the toll free number, as specified in the
    service guide.
   We offer you most competitive rates and there are no hidden
    charges also.
   We provide you with unparallel call quality.
   We provide you with a safe and secure payment gateway which is
    absolutely hassle free.
   We offer different payment options as well as online account
   Our customer support service runs 24/7 to help you anytime.
   For more information about the various features of the cards and the
    rates log on to our website

We will basically be targeting the NRI’s and the people staying abroad
  from Bangladesh,
      Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri lanka.

There are 2 types of calling cards which we are offering presently:
RC India: This is a good quality card which provide the cheaper rates for
  long distance calling as compared to standard rates. The rates vary
  from country to country where the customer will call.
RC Global: This card is for valuable customers for whom quality is a
  priority as the voice is crystal clear when the customer uses this card
  however this one is little expensive.

   Buying a calling card is a very easy and simple process. The first step
    in buying in calling card is to know how to search for a calling card.
    There are 2 ways you can search for a calling card. One way to find a
    calling card is to click our "Rate Finder" tab that you can find on left
    Panel of the Home page. If you know which country you want to call to,
    a quick way to find a card would be to use our "Calling From" and "To
    Country". The second step in buying a calling card is to find the best
    card you are looking. Whether you are looking for a calling card that
    has the most minutes, the cheapest rates or a card with no connection
    fees we have made it easy for you to find the card you are looking for.
    When you find the card you want, click on Card Name in the rates
    page or on the card info. It will show the details of the selected card.
    First you have to choose the denomination of card, then quantity and at
    last Click on the Buy Now button will add the card to the shopping cart.
    Inside the shopping cart you can modify the quantities of cards you
    buy, remove or add a cart, or check out, you are done.
    PIN less dialing

   If you are calling from a registered phone number, you will not be
    prompted for a PIN. This feature helps you to get directly connected to
    your destination number without dialing the PIN number.
   This feature allows you to skip entering your PIN when placing calls on
    registered lines.

   ACCESS NUM: Local Access are numbers in your local telephone
    area that you can dial as a local call to access RC. If you have
    unlimited long distance calling with your local telephone company or
    unlimited long distance with your cell phone provider, you can save
    two cents per minute by dialing this number instead of the toll free
    access number. RC has several Local Access numbers across the
    United States.
Red Chariot

   If you are a new customer, then click on Sign up.
   Fill in the required information and click on create account; the next
    screen will show up as (Congratulations your account is now set up).
   If you are an existing customer and forgot your password, then click
    on forgot password.

   Log in and then click "Update Account" located on left panel of
    Home page. On change password field you can enter new password
    and then re enter the same password on confirm password field.
    Finally click on Update Account Button.

   Click on My Account from the home page of RC. Log into your
    account. Click on Recharge and follow the instructions
   Dial your toll free or Easy access number. Press *1 when prompted
    to "enter the number you wish to reach" (you do not lose minutes
    while recharging).
   Select Option 1 - Recharge.
   Enter the dollar amount you wish to recharge in whole dollar
    amounts. For example, for $50, enter 50.
   MAXIMUM RECHARGE AMOUNT:           $100

NOTE: Recharges are applied immediately.

      Calling Card: Telecommunication credit cards with an AuthCode
       (Pin Number) for using a long distance carrier when the customer is
       away from their home or office.
       Carrier: A telecommunications provider which owns switch
       Country Code: Two or three digit codes used for International calls
       outside of the North American Numbering Plan area codes. Dial:
       011 + country code + city code + local phone number) (e.g. "011 +
       91 + 22 + 123- 4567" 91 = India, 22 = Bombay)
       Local Access: Local Loop. The connection from a subscriber to the
       Central Office, The portion of a circuit connecting the LEC's CO
       with the customer's premise equipment across the local network.
       Switch: A device (like a DMS-250 or a PBX) that responds to
       originator signals and dynamically connects the caller to the desired
       communication destination.
Calling Cards Billing and Balance

   Money/ Bal Left on the card: Balance is normally given each time
    you call the access number and enter your PIN.
    Please note that some cards charge money when you check your
    balance however with RC calling cards there are no charges and you
    customer can check the call history by signing on the website as well.

   How to Know if customer is running out of minutes on a prepaid
    cards: Customers are notified how many minutes are remaining at the
    beginning of each call. In general they will be interrupted during their
    conversation when they are down to the last two or three minutes.

   Cards Accepted: Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover

International credit cards are not acceptable at this point of time.
Account expiration

   Non-rechargeable accounts expire 90 days from first use.
    Rechargeable accounts expire 150 days from 1st use or last recharge.
    As long as you recharge at least once every 150 days, your account
    will remain active.

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