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Description: This application is the National Stage of Application No. PCT/EP2008/059705, filed on Jul. 24, 2008, which claims benefit under 35U.S.C. .sctn.119(a)-(d) or (f) or 365(b) of EP Application No. 07113214.6, filed Jul. 26, 2007, the contents of which are incorporated herein by reference in their entirety. This invention relates to organic compounds and their use as pharmaceuticals, in particular for the treatment of inflammatory or obstructive airways diseases such as pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary fibrosis, liver fibrosis; cancer; musclediseases such as muscle atrophies and muscle dystrophies, and systemic skeletal disorders such as osteoporosis. In one aspect, the present invention provides a compound of formula I ##STR00002## in free or salt or solvate form, wherein R1 is aryl or heterocyclyl, R1 being optionally substituted by one or more groups R3 independently selected from: hydroxyl, carbonyl, aminocarbonyl, C.sub.1-C.sub.7 alkylaminocarbonyl, amino,C.sub.1-C.sub.7 alkylamino, C.sub.1-C.sub.7 alkylthio, sulfonylamino, carbonylamino, C.sub.1-C.sub.7 alkylcarbonylamino, halo, carboxy, C.sub.1-C.sub.7 alkoxy, benzyloxy, C.sub.1-C.sub.7 alkyloxycarbonyl, aminosulfonyl, C.sub.1-C.sub.7 alkyl, cyano,sulfonyl, sulfanyl, sulfoxide, aryl, heterocyclyl, carbonyloxy, amino C.sub.1-C.sub.7 alkyl, C.sub.1-C.sub.7 alkylamino-C.sub.1-C.sub.7 alkyl, and further aryl-C.sub.1-C.sub.7alkyl, heterocyclyl-C.sub.1-C.sub.7-alkyl, C.sub.4-C.sub.15-cycloalkenyl andC.sub.2-C.sub.8-cycloalkynyl; and when R3 includes two groups, such R3 groups may be joined together to form a ring which is fused to R1; wherein R3 is optionally substituted by one or more groups selected from hydroxyl, C.sub.1-C.sub.7 alkyl, aryl,amino, C.sub.1-C.sub.7 alkylamino, heterocyclyl, cyano, halo, sulfonyl, sulfanyl, sulfoxide, di(C.sub.1-C.sub.7) alkylamino, hydroxyl-C.sub.1-C.sub.7 alkyl, alkoxy, di-C.sub.1-C.sub.7 alkylamino-C.sub.1-C.sub.7 alkyl; R2 is aryl, heteroaryl,heteroaryl-aryl, heteroaryl-heteroc