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					                  Design Mat: What You Ought to Consider
Every home owner’s dream is to maintain a clean home. In fact, even office facilities endeavor to keep
their interior spectacular but this is always easier said than done. In a household with kids for example,
they will always jump out of the house to play in the garden and come in hauling a lot of dirt. In
addition, guests will always come in from different environments carrying mud on their shoes and
sometimes, it might seem impolite to check everyone’s shoes. House mats are designed to deal with
this problem. A design mat can even serve many more purposes and improve your home or office
without much effort.
Versatility of House Mats

There are myriad uses of mats but they are mostly attached to the rooms where they are placed. Some
common ones include:

           1. Entrance mats; these serve the primary role of mats in preventing dust and mud particles
              from passing the threshold. Any visitor who notices a door mat obviously knows its uses
              and in the case of children, you can train them on the importance of wiping their shoes
              before entering.
           2. Kitchen mats; these are mostly non-slip design mats to prevent falls due to spillages
              which are common in the kitchen.
           3. Bathroom mats; these can either be on the door or inside the room and again, they help
              to prevent slips. Many accidents happen in the bath area and can easily be avoided using
              these mats. Other types help to avoid the cold and wet floor and are thus fluffy.
           4. Aesthetic mats; if you want to improve you house décor; you can invest in a design mat
              which is customized to blend with your furniture or even the walls. Some of these are
              also be made of exotic prints just to make your dining or living room classier.

There are other categories such as pet and kid mats but they all serve similar purposes.

Buying your Design Mat

Online shopping has made the process of comparing and matching of mats very easy. However, you
need to buy mats based on your needs and not just instinct. In addition, you need to buy from
established stores that make their mats in-house instead of going for cheap imports. While shopping,
consider the use of the mat because this will determine the color, material, size and design. For
example, a kitchen mat cannot have bright colors as it will get stained sooner or later. Likewise, bath
mats need these brighter colors to create an aspect of space and make your showering experience cozy.
It is also important to consider washing needs for any design mat you buy because some materials
require delicate care while others are hard to wear.

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Description: It is also important to consider washing needs for any design mat you buy because some materials require delica te care while others are hard to wear.