Motorola Preparing an Alternative to the Future Galaxy S III by marysunny2012


									Consumers are expecting the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, but it
seems that the manufacturers are not resting on its laurels waiting for
the next flagship smartphone the South Korean company.

The LG has announced it will launch a smartphone up to what is expected
of the Samsung Galaxy S III. If the information is correct, not only the
LG, but Motorola is also expected to spice up the competition with a
version of the RAZR with HD screen, as the site PocketNow said.

The site reported that besides the RAZR Maxx, there is the possibility
that Motorola launched a third version of the flagship device. A photo
available at Picasa reveals information through the EXIF ??data of an
alleged Motorola RAZR HD (in case the U.S. model RAZR Droid HD), which
obviously makes us suppose that this device will screen resolution of at
least 720p.

No reference in the EXIF ??data still on the software code-named
Vanquish, number 4.0.3 7.7.1Q_56 1160, with the first numeral referring
to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich, who has come running on the device
in question. In the photo, it seems that Motorola should bring a 13mp
camera, which comes with new features and quality that is welcome.

Now, we can only know about the movements of Sony, which must not let
this fight cheaply grown up and can bring a device with dual-core
processor from Qualcomm, Snapdragon acclaimed S4. 2012 promises a fight
and both who live will see!

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