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Description: The present invention relates generally to product packaging. More particularly, it relates to a reconfigurable package for a product and a method for opening and reconfiguring a package, such as a package for gum or other confectioneryproducts.BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Packaging of confectionery products and other consumable products is important for marketing and display of the products. It is desirable to present an attractive and distinctive package with space for brand names, graphics and text. Packagingmust also serve practical needs such as keeping the products from being damaged during shipping, keeping the products fresh, and in some cases providing a reusable and reclosable container, for example, when not all of the products are likely to beconsumed at one time. Confectionery products such as gum and mints are often packaged in "blister packs" in which individual pieces of the product are contained in separate sealed plastic packs or "blister cavities" spaced on a backing sheet. This type of packagingkeeps the products separate, fresh and sanitary and allows sharing one's gum with another person without touching the gum. A consumer removes a product by pressing on the pack and the product contained therein, rupturing the backing sheet and releasingthe product. One or more blister packs are typically placed within a paperboard sleeve to form a package. Desired branding, graphics and other indicia may be printed on the outside of the sleeve. These sleeves are typically open at one or both ends,allowing a consumer to slide a blister pack out of the sleeve for convenient access to the products. However, because of the open ends, the blister pack may fall out during transport or handling of the package. If more than one blister pack is includedin the sleeve, once one blister pack has been consumed and discarded, the remaining blister packs may be prone to fall out. Further, since the package may be placed in a consumer's pocket or purse, foreign m