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					                        THE TICKET: CATCH A RIDE TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM
                                                                                                             VOLUME 1 ISSUE 6
      Tax Free Week-               CHOCTAW ASSET BUILDING
       ends are a great
        way to save on                       Protect Yourself Against Credit Card Fraud
        back to school
     clothes and shoes!!
                                Speaking from experience,             number that is listed on          has stolen your mail or
       Oklahoma Tax             dealing with the aftermath of         the back of your card to          has had it redirected.
      Free Weekend is           credit card fraud is a pain.          verify the request for           Review your charges and
       August 6th-8th           There is all the phone calls,         information.                      report suspicious or un-
                                canceling your accounts and          Be cautious shopping              authorized charges im-
      Texas Tax Free            going without your cards              with unknown Web sites.           mediately.
       Weekend is               until the new ones come in,           Use Web sites like Biz-          Make a copy of the front
     August 20th-22nd           the police report, and then if or the Better            and back of all of your
                                the fraudster is caught, there        Business Bureau to                cards. Keep the copy in
                                is the court dates and testify-       evaluate the Web site.            a safe place that you can
                                ing. All can be time consum-         Don’t forget to get your          get to easily, such as a
                                ing, inconvenient, and                card back from the cash-          fire safe lock box. This
                                costly. As the saying goes,           ier. It is easy to get dis-       way you will have the
Cabbie Summer Tour Stops
                                an ounce of prevention is             tracted and just walk             account numbers and the
                                worth a pound of cure. Be-            away or drive off without         phone numbers you will
   Aug 6 Pocola Casino
          Pocola Casino Too
                                low you will find a list of           getting your card back.           need to report your cards
                                some things you can do to            Shield your card. Cam-            stolen or to report
   Aug 7 Poteau Casino
          Wilburton Casino      protect yourself.                     era phones are every-             fraudulent charges.
   Aug 18 Idabel Casino         Beware of “phishing” e-             where these days. With           Get help if you need it
           Idabel Casino Too         mails. These e-mails             just a discreet click of a        from resources like the
   Aug 27 Atoka Casino              will look like they are          button a thief could have         Identity Theft Resource
                                     from your bank or credit         a picture of your credit          Center at
                                     card issuer. They will           card numbers.           
CAB Financial Ed Class               ask you to enter your           Know when your state-
                                     credit card number for           ment should arrive.
   Aug 7 Poteau Choctaw             verification. Don’t do it.       Missing statements could
    Community Center Call            Instead call the 800             indicate that someone
    (866)933-2260 to Register

Little Dixie CAA Homebuyer                          Quick Fixes For Your Credit Scores
Education Workshop              Bad credit scores can really          off installment loans.           Ask for a “goodwill ad-
                                hurt your finances in the long       Use your cards lightly.           justment” If you’ve been
   Aug 7 Antlers Call (580)    run. Car loans, mortgages,            You can typically in-             a good customer, your
    298-2921 to Register        and credit cards will cost you        crease your credit score          creditor may erase that
                                significantly more than if you        by only using 30% or              one late payment from
Ki Bois Homebuyer
                                had a good score. A score             less of your available            your record.
Education Workshop
                                below 620 can make obtain-            credit limit.
                                ing loans and credit cards           Check your limits. Your
   Aug 7 Stigler Call (800)
                                with reasonable terms diffi-          scores could be artifi-
    299-4479 to Register
                                cult if not impossible. If you        cially depressed if your
REI Entrepreneurship 101        are one of the 30 million peo-        credit report shows a
                                ple in the US with credit             lower limit than you
    Aug 17 McAlester           scores below 620, here are            really have.                  For more information about
                                some tips to help raise your         Use an old card. The          the Choctaw Asset Building
    Aug 19 Sapulpa
                                score.                                older your credit history,    Program, call Dawn Hix or
    Aug 31 Pauls Valley
Call Barbara Rackley or Lori     Pay down your credit                the better. But if you        Janie Joplin at 866-933-2260.
Smith at (800) 658-2823 for          cards. Paying down your          stop using your oldest
Registration Information.            credit cards will have a         card, the issuer may stop
                                     bigger effect on your            updating those accounts
                                     credit score than paying         at the credit bureaus.

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