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					It was eons ago when a young but suave Alexander McQueen displayed his Graduate Collection way
back in 1994. So impressed by his work was Isabella Blow, then highly renowned fashion editor, that
she bought the entire collection and put McQueen on the road to international fame and glory.

 Britain since then has never been the same, with fashion schools attracting bright students from all
over the world. They are taught all nuances in fashion, ranging from the outdated to the newly existing
ones. Reminiscent of how creatively McQueen mixed his hats and caps, they have remained an
integral part of the curriculum since NFL Hats

  Even now, every time a designer puts up a show, hat and caps remains a regular feature. "They just
do not seem to go out of fashion. The apprentices are so obsessed with them, that in every creation
conceptualized they look for room to bring these in. They find a way to make it work too", says a
leading instructor at the London College of Fashion.

 Though they may go and work with Galliano at Dior, McQueen at Givenchy, Phoebe Philo and Stella
McCartney, their fondness for the Pink cap never subsides. Even the Titans cannot help but put on a
wry smile. They know these timeless fashion pieces will dominate for many decades to come and any
attempt made to divert attention from them will be a fruitless pursuit, an effort in vain. Either the
students make the hats and caps themselves, or they buy hats online and put them through alterations.

 Skirt suits are reconfigured and morphed into overcoats. Extra sleeves get fitted into suits as lapels.
Jackets get attached with waistcoats at the back. The designers seem to break all rules, but defy when
told to let go off hat and caps.

 Lady Gaga seems to have added more fuel to the already blazing fashion inferno. Her pink cap with
her izarre?apparels seems to inspire creations. "The hats seem to inspire them do better with every
attempt. You give them enough space to create their own versions of headwear or they buy hats online
and do it the way they want" says the London College instructor.

 For now it seems the hats and caps are here to stay. Neither are they going anywhere, nor do the
designers intend to relinquish their use. Carrying on with what lex?demonstrated back in 94? there
seems to be no shortage in accommodating these slip-ons.

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