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Pants Having Body-shaping Function - Patent 8141176


1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to pants capable of shaping the body of a person wearing them. 2. Description of the Related Art Generally, women pay more attention when they buy clothes, and thus, various kinds of clothes have been developed to make women feel comfortable and to satisfy their own style and taste. Clothes for women perform not only basic functions ofclothing, but also satisfy women's desires for becoming more beautiful and attractive. Meanwhile, underwear that is mainly used to shape the body of a wearer changes the contour of the body, and fundamentally makes the appearance of the outwear look better. For example, a girdle pushes the hips of the wearer or tightens thethighs up by distributing subcutaneous fat of the wearer, and thus, makes the hips look slimmer when the wearer wears tight jeans, thereby improving the appearance and self-esteem of the wearer. However, since the conventional girdle hardly expands in order to compress the body, it is difficult to wear and take off the girdle, and the girdle may affect the blood circulation because the girdle tightens the hips or thighs of the wearer. In addition, the girdle may push the hips to some degree or tighten the thighs up to make them look thin, however, it cannot provide a shaping effect, that is, it makes skinny hips look bigger.SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides pants having a body shaping function, the pants including an elastic fabric fixed integrally therein for shaping the hips, and thus being capable of shaping the hips only by wearing the pants without the use ofconventional girdles, the pants pressing only the hips unlike conventional girdle so as not to affect blood circulation around belly, being easily wearable, and making the hips look more attractive if a pad is used. According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided pants having a body-shaping function, the pants including: an elastic fabric included in the pan

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