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									Name of Lesson                       Florida Wildlife
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Sunshine State Standards Addressed   SC.3.L.15.1: Classify animals into major
                                     groups (mammals, birds, reptiles,
                                     amphibians, fish, arthropods,
                                     vertebrates and invertebrates, those
                                     having live births and those which lay
                                     eggs) according to their physical
                                     characteristics and behaviors.

                                     SC.3.L.17.1: Describe how animals and
                                     plants respond to changing seasons.

Net-S Standards Addressed               1. Creativity and Innovation
                                        2. Communication and
                                        3. Research and Information
                                        5. Digital Citizenship
                                        6. Technology Operations and

Analyze Learners                         3rd Grade
                                         18 Students (6 groups of 3)
                                         11 boys, 7 girls
                                         6 Hispanic, 2 Asian, 5 Caucasian,
                                          5 African American
                                         4 ESOL Students
                                         Previous Knowledge: Information
                                          on mammals, amphibians, birds,
                                          vertebrates and invertebrates
                                          and characteristics of each. How
                                          to use internet for research,
                                          create a presentation on
                                          Photostory and save, create and
                                          label files on computer.
State Objectives                          Given an animal, the student
                                           shall be able to describe its
                                           habitat, with 100% accuracy.
                                          Given an animal, the student
                                           shall be able to determine its
                                           diet, using at least three out of
                                           the major characteristics.
                                          Student shall be able to design a
                                           one minute Photostory with at
                                           least 2 pictures per each of the
                                           four animals per group.
                                          Given internet resources, the
                                           student shall be able to research
                                           and distinguish between credible
                                           and non-credible sources for
                                           their project, maximum of one
                                           non-credible source.

Select instructional methods, media   Materials:
and material                             6 Computers with Internet
                                         Microsoft software; Photostory
                                         Activity Sheet
                                         List of Animals in Florida
Utilize media and material            Materials:
                                         Have the computers with ready
                                           access to the class wiki for
                                           research options and working
                                         Create and label a file for each of
                                           the 6 groups, where their
                                           projects can be saved.
                                         The activity sheet has space for
                                           each of the groups to fill in
                                           information about each of the
                                           four animals’ diet and habitat.
                                         The list of animals should be
                                       easily seen by all groups and to
                                       prevent doubling have each team
                                       write their number next to the
                                       animals they choose.
Require learner participation   Day 1- In the beginning, explain to the
                                students how technology will be used in
                                this lesson.
                                -Students will be researching the diet
                                and habitats of animals in Florida.
                                     Brainstorm with the students
                                       about their current knowledge of
                                       animals and their diet and
                                     Divide the students into 6 groups
                                       of 3 and have them choose 4
                                       animals to research.
                                     Use the information provided on
                                       the class wiki and students’ own
                                       choices to research animals.
                                Day 2- Have each group create a 1
                                minute Photostory, with at least 2
                                pictures of each of the 4 animals.
                                     Students must narrate each of
                                       the 4 pages with information
                                       about each animal in the
                                     Once the students have finished
                                       their project, they will save it in
                                       the appropriate file.
                                     The students will share their
                                       Photostory with the class.

Evaluate and Revise             Points Possible for Project- 75 points
                                    Completion of research-20
                                    Correct research-15
                                    Completion of Photostory-20
 All components of Photostory
 4 animals, 2 pictures, and
 narration or text
 Students have correctly
 distinguished what diet each
 animal eats-20
 Students have correctly
  described and named habitats for
  each animal.
 Students used credible websites
  or resources for research.
 If students have not completed
  the tasks or unable to give
  correct answers then they may
  be required to complete
  additional handouts for
  homework in order to facilitate
 Additional time with the teacher
  may be warranted, if the student
  or teacher feels it is necessary,
  and then it will occur.
 Revise lesson based on students’
  activity and feedback.

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