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									                           How My Chapter 13 Attorney Solved the problem

It’s difficult to plan for the large number of things which might happen in everyday life. So, when
needing a bankruptcy lawyer as being a option to take care of my debts, I didn’t know what to do or
where to turn.

For 18 years, I had created a stable position inside of a design and printing company with 2 yrs to go till
retirement once the business went under. The corporation went bankrupt but didn’t inform us on Friday
just before we left. It was a total surprise when I begun work Monday morning to find my co-workers
standing outside, the doors of the organization chained shut and one of the executives patiently
explaining that the organization was closed while giving away our final checks.

Unemployment checks didn’t cover my home loan repayments, aside from the credit cards together
with other bills. In the modern day job market, I discovered the skills I had wasn't as nice as those of a
new college graduate that learned from the best, top-of-the-line equipment. It took months to get a job
yet the pay wasn’t enough to pay the bills which escalated uncontrollably. I was in serious trouble, along
at the edge of losing the house and needed a Mesa Arizona attorney for bankruptcy that will take care
of the financial ruin that I was in.

In an attempt to learn more about bankruptcy online there was clearly a great deal of contrary info on a
bankruptcy attorney, what the difference was and what was the right plan to select, that I was left
confused. Finally I searched google to get a bankruptcy law firm in Mesa, Arizona and found Fife &

I was a very good risk for my bank and credit card companies. I had been a individual who always paid
my expenditures on-time and even, early. To be in the specific situation that I found myself in was
overwhelming to tell the truth. When I went to the attorney for bankruptcy in Mesa, my fears were

This Mesa AZ lawyer for bankruptcy could explain the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.
They guided me through the records and actions necessary. The best part of a bankruptcy lawyer was
that Fife & Cesta not just saved me money but also my home and valuables i had worked so desperately

This document was written by the Mesa attorney for bankruptcy at The Law Offices of Fife & Cesta
located at 1811 S. Alma School Road, Suite 270, Mesa, Arizona 85210. You can get in touch with the
bankruptcy lawyers by phone at 480-850-6541.

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