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PV inverter technology


This document will tell you about the PV inverter technology.

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									Japan New Energy Agency NEDO has announced that by industry, government, academia

set up a joint technical research organization 'next generation power electronics

R&D institutions' has successfully developed the world's smallest inverter. Its

size is only about twenty fifth compared with the general inverter which reduced to

about 500 cubic centimeters. This outcome may be used in electric cars and rail.

Inverter is a device which converts direct current into alternating current. the

inverter commonly used in home appliances and other fields due to it can improve

the efficiency of the motor rotation. The process of the solar power generated by

DC access to the AC power line is the indispensable device of inverter.

The development of the inverter used the silicon-carbon compounds as the

semiconductor component material instead of silicon which made the power conversion

efficiency enhanced to achieve the miniaturization. In the experiment, the inverter

successful continuous drive output power of 15 kW motor which is equivalent to 15

times more than the home air conditioning.

The omnik solar inverter is a highly reliable DC-AC PV inverter. Because MPPT and voltage management
are handled separately for each module by the power optimizers, the solar inverter is only responsible
for DC to AC inversion. Consequently, it is a less complicated, more reliable solar PV inverter. The fixed
string voltage ensures operation at the highest efficiency at all times (98% maximum efficiency),
independently of string length and temperature.

Omnik New Energy, world professional solar inverter manufacturer, supplies you high efficiency, high
stability and high reliability solar inverter from 1.5kW to 20kW with max. conversion efficiency up to

Omniksol-2.0k-TL photon test ranking world No.1.

Full range of certification such as VDE, CE, G83/1, G59/2, ENEL2010, VDE0126-1-1, RD1663, C10/C11,
AS4777 and etc.
Many solar PV experts advised in on the new assessment this anniversary at PV America in San Jose,
Calif. and was there to abduction some of their thoughts on video. Check
out advantage of the show, with annotation from industry CEOs, administrator and more, here.

Today's preliminary determination by the Department of Commerce imposing low tariffs on imported
solar cells and modules, is a relatively positive outcome for the U.S. solar industry and its 100,000
employees. However, tariffs large or small will hurt American jobs and prolong our world's reliance on
fossil fuels. Fortunately, this decision will not significantly raise solar prices in the United States as
SolarWorld has sought.

This decision clearly demonstrates that the Commerce Department did not find the Chinese government
engaged in massive subsidization, as SolarWorld and CASM claim.

There is more work to be done to protect the future of solar industry and power in America. There will
be another decision in May when the Commerce Department announces anti-dumping duties. A recent
study by the Brattle Group confirmed that placing artificially high tariffs on solar panels would severely
undermine the US solar industry, resulting in the loss of up to 60,000 US jobs by 2014.

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