T1 Internet Service with Its Various Types and Benefits

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					With the advancement of technology, everything has changed very fast. As the Internet has become the
inseparable part of our lives. Whenever we need to get any information we just log in to the internet
and get the required information. In short, we are fully dependent on the internet for our various things
whether it is buying and selling products or services, trading, banking transaction, online services or
even shopping of daily things or necessities. So to get connected with the world, there are various ways
available in the market to get the internet connection service. The most effective, reliable and fastest is
the T1 internet service.

T1 internet service is the fastest service which provides you the dedicated leased lines between the
subscriber and the ISP. Also the user can enjoy the full bandwidth. T1 line provides 24 digital signal voice
channels to deliver data. Each channel can transmit or receive 64 kilobits per second of data and the
whole 24 channels can transmit 1.544 Megabits per second in all the directions. So T1 line can give you
the usage of the whole bandwidth.

This connection is not only used in professional fields but is also famous among the household users.
This connection is not available at all the places of the world. Some companies are working to introduce
this connection in the whole world.

Types of T1 Service

There are following types of T1 internet service available in the market. One can select the particular
type according to their requirements.

• Full T1

• Fractional T1

• Integrated T1

• Point to Point T1

• Frame Relay Service

• Bonded T1

• Burstable T1

Benefits of T1 Line

There are several benefits for taking T1 internet service for your business. Some of the benefits of T1
internet connection are described as follows:

1.) Reliability - T1 internet service is the best for the users who demand high reliability and availability
for the whole 24 hours a week. T1 internet connection is the best option for those businesses that need
high reliability and if the connection break up then it will be repaired within few hours.

2.) Speed - T1 line provides you the fastest speed internet connection. T1 is among the fastest internet
connections available in the world. With such high speed you don't need to worry for downloading or
transferring of any file or any heavy data. T1 internet connection gives you such a high speed that you
can transmit 1.544 megabits of data in a second and also able to transmit voice data on the same time
just in few minutes. T1 line has a speed 60 times faster than the traditional modem internet speed.

3.) High Capacity - T1 line provides you the high capacity of transferring data. By using T1 internet
connection, one can send heavy data both voice and text data to multiple users at the same time and
from the same system. This feature proves the best and the most suitable for the small business
organizations where fastest speed internet connectivity is required.

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