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Item                                                Evidenced* Comments
Project Integration
Project Charter including definition of the
       Project objectives
       Project scope
       Roles & responsibilities
                                                                          Detail what exists at present and what
       Constraints                                 (Yes / Partial / No
                                                                          recommendations improvements can be made to
                                                    / Not Applicable)
       Dependencies                                                      improve the Project.
       Risk & Issue Management
       Resource Plan / Skills Matrix
       Quality Plan
       Project Schedule
Evidence of regular reporting of project progress
against baseline covering schedule, cost and
List of project deliverables and milestones.
Issue register for the whole project.
Risk register for the whole project.
Governance & steering committee – minutes of
meetings, regular attendance by stakeholders at
meetings, regular meetings held.

Scope Management
Detailed statement of project scope.
Documented variations to project scope including
formal assessments of impact of scope changes
on time and cost estimates.

Time Management
Project schedule / project plan.
Authorised baseline schedule.
Measurement, recording and reporting of project
progress against time.
Identification of variances and forecasting of
timeline impact resulting from changes.

Cost Management
Initial project budget.
Documented variations to project budget including
formal assessments of impact of scope and time
estimates on project costs.
Measurement, recording and reporting of project
progress against cost.

Quality Management
Quality standards required to be met by the
project team.

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Item                                                    Evidenced* Comments
Identified quality criteria and requirements.
Review of project deliverables against quality
Quality processes and process improvement.

Human Resources
Resource plan / skills matrix
Defined roles, authorities and responsibilities for
Defined and widely communicated project
structure chart and identified lines of reporting and
Evidence of staff development and training.

Communications Management
Communications plan for the whole project
identifying communication requirements for all
stakeholders throughout the organisation.
Project status and progress reports.
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